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Extremely funny commercial - Trust condoms -
this video clip was pitched to my mother's international firm where she was heading a team finding ways of lowering HIV transmission. This was a contest to find a tv commercial that would get the public to become less shy about using protection when stigma had been among the most difficult obstacles to fight transmission of a sexual transmitted diseases. This in an area with the second to highest transmission rates of HIV in the world, Eastern Africa. The assignment for the film producers was, to create a commercial for public tv that would make the use of preservatives a 'cool' thing. What do you think? Does this clip, in your opinion, have a positive effect on someone to change his or her mind when before he or she was too afraid to pull one out because of the fear of being judged as dirty and sick?
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Innovative arm work out - funny
commercial for an innovative arm trainer - hilarious
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Kika Kindersendung Tiere vergleichen ihre Schwänze
eine Kindersendung, die man leicht falsch verstehen könnte.
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special effects spelling waterfall at Geneva Autosalon Automobile Convention 2007
Jeep had an amazing waterfall at the Geneva Auto convention this year 2007. It spelled letters, symbols and complicated patterns. Due to a lot of bypassers I had to keep the camera extended up into the air and caused a shakier picture at times.
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U2 concert Berlin September 25th 2015
U2 Konzert in Berlin am 25.09.2015 Ausschnitt: bullet in the sky, where the streets have no name, Pride, with or without you (part 1)
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2017 06 21 depeche mode enjoy the silence
Depeche Mode concert Frankfurt 20.06.2017 Enjoy the silence
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worst driver in the world
older person tries to do a 180° in a very narrow street in some Italian town. The traffic jam and turmoil that ensues including all the people around who try to get the person to let someone else take over, are hilarious. Too old and too proud to drive.
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Driving home
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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2017 06 20 Depeche Mode  Never Let Me Down Again
Depeche Mode concert Frankfurt Germany 2017 June 20 Never let me Down again
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2017 06 21 depeche mode Somebody & Walking in My Shoes
Depeche Mode concert Frankfurt Germany 2017 Never let me down again
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dp never let me down again 1
depeche mode concert Frankfurt Germany 2017 never let me down again
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2017 06 21 depeche mode heroes david bowie
Depeche Mode concert Frankfurt 2017 tribute David Bowie Heroes
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