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poor korea and russia ahaha i do not ship korchu or rochu There's also an extra part, that there isn't in the other meme videos, so wait for it, да?
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Japan Gets Italianized
aph japan is so adobs when he is italianized lol
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Never mess with italian food [Italy brothers]
a scene from a movie where an Italian guy moves to Norway and he is disappointed about Italian food they make there. I chose to put America because I'd have been funnier btw the movie is called Quo Vado and the actor is called Checco Zalone
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Descrizione stupida di Hetalia presa da Nonciclopedia
è la terza volta che carico questo video… cmq nonciclopedia esagera, quindi se non capite qualcosa è per quello. cmq speriamo che non me lo richiamino di nuovo…
Hetalia Cosplay Skit {sub ita}
China and Europeans [ YTP ]
aph china struggles to be continued
[APH Vine] Romano and Italian food
I tried to do a vine myself. the chef is Gino d'Acampo ad this is just something i found on youtube
Japan and China Tribute - World So Cold (Dark Hetalia)
Hi! Welcome to this video! Maybe there are some things that perhaps you will not understand about this tribute, so I'll explain them here: At the beginning, Japan says "Nothing but lies... I Always thought I'd make it but never knew I'd let it get so bad etc...'', I thought these lyrics would describe how much he changed himself and his relationship with his brothers after the Meiji era, and that he feels like it is his fault... Anyway, I hope you like it!!! P.S: sorry for eventual grammatical errors... and remember that I ship them as BROTHERS!
England's Training YTP
aph england with rocky balboa's soundtrack to be continued
1) I am uglier in real life 2) I am gonna upload a new video so dont go away pls 3) Aph Macau is beautiful, Macao Meraviglião (Amazing Macau in a mix of italian and portuguese whatevah)
Me Reacting to China from Chess!Talia  [ APH ]
fans have created these alternative universes of hetalia, where aph characters are cards or, like in chess!talia, chess pawn members, and china's design made my mind blow omg i seriously thought it was a girl lol anyway i do not own nothing except this video
What I Hate About Hetalia
APH. I do not own anything. THESE ARE MY OPINIONS At 2:47 I meant "though" And at 0:26 I meant "find" I AM JUST SO STUPID
APH - Speedpaint Liechtenstein
requested by Alirak Kara… i am preparing one goos @ss video, guys
My Hetalia Drawings On My School Diary!!!
Hi! Sorry for the bad quality... Anyway, I hope you like my drawings. Remember: during class, listen to the teacher and don't do like me!!! XD
I just love Hong Kong. Yo high five bro.
Playing the Hetalia Sims3
Japan is Friendzoned by Germany... poor JappoJappo... I couldnt make Russia and Italy because there was no space... btw China looks gross without his ponytail in this... Idk I was playing and I saw that Japan's wish was to flirt with Doitsu so...
[ APH ]  China is so old that he is becoming deaf
Our Poor Yao Wang can't understand what Hong Kong says... the original vine is "Toss me my Keys" I don't own neither the vine nor Hetalia I THOUGHT YOU SAID CHRISTMAS TREE !!
Hetalia Nightcore - Maji Kandou Hong Kong Night
Hi Hetalian friends! :D Since this song is already upbeat, I thought: "Why don't I transform it into a SUPER UPBEAT SONG?!" However, I hope you like it... I own only the images at 00:30 and 00:45 (I know, I wrote it wrong in the end of the video PS: I can draw better than this XD)
Hetalia NyoEngland speedpaint
aph nyo!talia nyo!england fem!england
Update Pls watch 'til the end guys
I am sorry i will try to make more videos guy ;-; I think i will cosplay as APH America!!! You can skip the NyoTalia dubbing part, of course
APH Spain Speedpaint
i am sorry if it sucks but I am tired and sleepy… i tried to draw the bull the best i could… requested by Artzy Martzy
China APH Aiyaa 4000 Years/Yonsennen sub ita
il mio primo video dedicato al mio personaggio preferito di Hetalia scusate x la qualità bassa Ps Questa è la canzone che lo ha reso il mio personaggio preferito :D
Lithuania and Poland Tribute - Let It Die  (APHetalia)
I chose this song because Lithuania loves Poland and he really cares for him, but at the same time he wants to forget him because he made him go through a lot of troubles ... I DO NOT OWN NOTHING I ship them as FRIENDS The song is Let It Die, by the Three Days Grace
Japan what the hell
Wow they are so majestic And I am playing with them instead of studying Latin LOL I AM SOstupid Aph bullshit
Germany Left the World Cup
I am not making fun of Germans or the German National Soccer Team, I am just picturing how APH Korea mocked APH Germany after he lost. sorry german people
My China voice acting APH
It's the 3rd time I upload it, I hope this time Yt wont censor it... I am sorry if I dont upload lately, it's because I have lots of homework... There is also an italian scene
nyofrance speedpaint aph
this video got copyrighted and i am uploading it again… sorry if i am not uploading many videos but i have lots of homework left...
little update and stupid things
I recorded this the other day but i update it today because i am lazy i'm gonna make aph animatics, speedpaints and comics so yeeeah. so yep this is how italian sounds like, guys.
Rome little Vlog
Today i went to the city centre with my dad… i hope you appreciate the beauty of my city… ps: i suck at recording things
Shinatty-Chan Scares Me  [APH / Hetalia]
i do not own anything. i do not own the mark Napisan hetalia china hetalia garbage
Hong Kong calls China old Man Hetalia Comic
China and Hong arguing normally... I didn't know what to do... stay tuned for other videos ;) the chinese phrase in the end should mean f*ck you, but I dont know if it's correct. I own the comic
Making Fun Of Germany And Japan {APHetalia}
I am sorry if I offended some of you... I was just playing, ok?
Only Italians will understand this video
This song is called "Cacao Meravigliao", that means "Fabulous Cocoa" in a mix of Italian and Portuguese. APH Macau's name is "Macao" in Italian, and it sounds like "Cacao", so I created "Macao Meravigliao": "Fabulous Macau" using Google Translator ^w^ I ONLY OWN THE VIDEO. THE OTHER THINGS ARE OWNED BY THEIR CREATORS.
China what the hell
I bought this action figure at the Romics, Rome's convention for Anime-Cartoons-Videogames And since its hair is magnetic it is attracted to my carillon wow I didnt know what to do lol Aph
Random video Hetalia
This is my beautiful poster of Hetalia and there is my friend YumeChan (and there is also another friend that you dont know) IDK what to do bye
《APH England Edit》
I made it with KineMaster, I reccomend it. Sorry if I havent uploaded any video in the last 4 MONTHS, but my computer started lagging every two seconds. Now that I downloaded this app, I will make videos more easily 👍 Art is not mine Hetalia is not mine Song is LAST MAN STANDING by HAMMERFALL.
Just a little question
Another question: i wanna do some speedpaints, what character do you want me to draw?
The Most Epic Hetalia Drawings Ever [read the description]
i only own the drawings. Sorry for my stupidity Of course this is IRONY (and clickbait)
My APH Human Characters For Two Stories I'll Make (read description)
I want to make two animatics about two different stories I am currently creating, both about China's past (well, duh). JenniferXiongPanda (or any other chinese person but JENNIFER IS DA BEST) pls tell me if I did something wrong thanks. Also, do you think Macau is an adult in 600 AD or is he a teen or something else? PLUS I'VE WRITTEN IT WRONG: I DIDN'T MEAN "200 BC", I MEANT "600 BC", IN YUE'S PART OF THE VIDEO.
Hong Kong speedpaint APHetalia
This is my first speedpaint, so if it is horrible forgive me pls I do not own the music or the program used