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We are triggering a new era of collaborative culture. Follow the movement at www.babele.co THE VISION We have a dream. "Imagine you face a problem and you find out that someone in another part of the world has the same problem and already found a solution to it. Imagine you can learn from it and bring the answer to your community." The solutions are out there, people around the world are solving problems and coming up with innovative ideas. We have the resources. We just need a space where to collaborate, share our best practices, concretize the most effective solutions and make them available for use to everyone. We are working on an online platform devoted to the collective development of solutions, which is open for input from anyone. This project is called BABELE and it aims to introduce a new paradigm in the way projects are shaped and managed based on open source collaboration that aims to engage local communities and individuals in the design and implementation of sustainable development projects. The first step to get this plan real is to help both social enterprises and start-ups of any kind to produce more balanced, feasible and intelligent solutions through collective intelligence. THE PROBLEM Creating a project is never easy. Start-up founders often base their business on the wrong assumptions and the difficulty in validating those assumptions in advance can bring them to build products and services that nobody wants to buy. In addition to it, good planning is often neglected, because creating a comprehensive model plan is hard work. Furthermore it is never easy to find all the necessary competences and resources to rapidly implement, as well as to grow in scale and scope. OUR MISSION? "We aim to introduce a new paradigm in the way projects are shaped and managed based on open source collaboration that aims to engage local communities and individuals in the design and implementation of sustainable development projects". OUR CHALLENGE? We help start-uppers to: 1. Easily structure their ventures through a business canvas; 2. Validate all business assumption and co-create value with the online community; 3. Find competences and relevant information + meet partners; 4. Track and report all metrics from measured financial performance to the social impact; 5. Be fully prepared to participate to incubators and accelerator programs. IN THE LONG TERM We aim to stimulate both Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreneurship. In this period of global recession, an open innovation center will enable young entrepreneurs from all overthe world to believe in their ideas and make them real by tapping into our collective genius. A swarm can be smarter than anyone of us working alone. The transparency created within this system will act as a new market place for differentiating and customizing new products and services, attracting stakeholder that create added value previously unobtainable in the conception stage. Finally, as the organization will operate with a nonprofit logic, financial surpluses will be reinvested to continuously improve our service. We believe that this network could trigger a new era of collaborative culture. There are millions of others waiting to play their part: all that they need is the infrastructure to make it happen. Get involved: register your project and contribute with comments to the existing ones! www.babele.co
Startup Canvas - roadmap to structure the entrepreneur's mind
Time to get your startup off the ground? Awesome! What are the steps that you should follow in order to structure your thoughs and create a clear strategy for your business? Here is a roadmap we have develop to help you with this task: we tried to make it as complete as possible, but we believe there is margin for improvement, therefore we would welcome any feedback to improve it and make it a useful tool to support creative minds throughout the planet. Keep following us at www.babele.co Thank you!
Babele : The open innovation platform for Social Change!
We aim to introduce a new paradigm in the way projects are shaped and managed based on open source collaboration - engaging society stakeholders to contribute their time, knowledge and experience to the development of fully validated Social Enterprises. If you want to make your part, please learn to use the platform first! :-)
Babele.co :  the social innovation management platform
Babele is an innovation management platform dedicated to change makers, which combines open business modeling with peer-to-peer learning. It enables social innovation clusters to engage their networks and build a collaborative ecosystem to mentor and incubate impactful businesses.
Your Startup Plan - #5 The Solution
It's time to define your solution... what product or service are you building? What are the key features and how do they work? What's the technology behind? Other specifications? Learn how to unveil your product with this short video, and in case of early stage startup, discover how to get started without wasting money, time and resources! Join BABELE, Embrace Open Innovation and BUILD YOUR DREAM! www.babele.co
Your Startup Plan - #4 Unique Value Proposition
The value proposition is the key weapon used by the entrepreneur to solve the customer problem. It is a single, clear, compelling message that states why you are different and worth buying. It should talk to the customer and let him understand the major benefits that he is gonna derive after using your product! Enjoy the video and keep following on www.babele.co!
Babele   How to Create a Project in Babele
Discover in less than 2 minutes how to create your social business profile in Babele. Be Careful: your project needs to be validated, so it is fundamental to write the business model in a complete and way!
Your Startup Plan -  #1 Focus on the problem
Where all startups begin their journey? From the Validation of the PROBLEM of course! :-) This video is the first one of a series that will be integrated in the open innovation platform www.babele.co. The series will cover all the very important aspects to build your strategic plan... from the vision till the financials. Enjoy this first artwork and share your startup experience on babele! :-)
Interview with Babele.co founder - Emanuele Musa
What is Babele? Babele is an online platform helping entrepreneurs structure their ideas into a business model and validate the business strategy by receiving feedback from the community of mentors and from the crowd. It is therefore an online incubator based on a crowdsourcing approach to innovation. What is the vision behind Babele? In this period of global recession, in front of the impossibility to find work, millions of people are choosing the entrepreneurship path. We are assisting to a worldwide startup-boom, but according to Bloomberg, 8 entrepreneurs out of 10 fail within the first 18 month. We believe that if people could seamlessly connect with the right competences and resources, several entrepreneurs would avoid failing in such early stage. Open collaboration would enable people from all over the planet to help validating innovative solutions at the conception stage: before that time, money and resources might be wasted in the development of products or services that no-body wants. Sharing is the base of innovation. Only by enabling people to participate in the generation and improvement of new concepts, we can create bold new solutions to the challenges of our time. The crowd has an immense knowledge that can determine the success of the most diverse initiatives and we wish to contribute triggering this new era of collaborative culture. Can you give an example? Emanuele : During the last years we have seen the development of new collaborative platforms for CROWDFUNDING, people finance with small amounts innovative ideas, and because they are many, the crowd, the project can be launched. These platforms have prepared the ground for the next peer-to-peer revolution, where people do not only contribute with their money to a project, but also with their time, knowledge and experience. So do you have only people with ideas or also established entrepreneurs? Each entrepreneur on the platform sees the value added of crowdsourcing, it can be from the ones that are just testing a new idea, like Max Zielo, founder of BERLIN SHUTTLE, he wants to combine Car Sharing and Car Pooling by enabling Passengers and drivers to book seats in his cars which run daily between major cities in Germany. He created a questionnaire and distributed it to the members of the platform in order to better understand his market. We also have entrepreneurs who search for suppliers, for example Florian Tolkmitt, from Frankfurt is organizing a community market place for instant deliveries, we put him in touch with an open source software provider who is going to create the online platform for Florian. We also have more experienced entrepreneurs, for example, Shubhendu Sharma, he is already an Ashoka fellow, he developed a business in India that grows forests 10 times faster than normal, it is called Native Natural Urban forests, he is now searching for opportunities to develop this business also in Europe and asks for mentorship within Babele. Where are you now, and what’s next? We launched Babele Last year in September, and in less than one year we have gathered over 250 projects from 30 countries. We are currently working on a few functionalities that will make the entire project creation more collaborative. First of all, following the Lean startup Philosophy, we are developing the platform, so that each project team can describe the tests they want to run in order to reduce the risks of their business model. Second, as it’s known: if you cannot measure, you cannot manage. Therefore we are adding a framework where entrepreneurs report their key Performance Indicators, so that the community can follow and keep track of the evolution of the project: from the financial performance to the social impact. Thank you very much!
Babele.co - Get started now!
Quick Video Tutorial on How to Use the open innovation platform Babele.co Make your part. We are triggering a new era of open collaboration and we need everyone’s help to succeed. You have the opportunity to discover, spark, share, evaluate and develop new amazing ideas while collaborating with passionate and bright people. Be part of something bigger: bring your unique value to the innovations of tomorrow!
Your Startup Plan - #2 Create your Vision
Let's continue with the Startup Adventure! What's the purpose of your product? Why does it exist? What motivates you? What makes it different than other similar products? Make the big decision about your vision upfront and all your future little decisions become much easier. Your vision should be brief too. A sentence should be enough to get the idea across. As an example, the vision for BABELE: Collaboration will change society. Enjoy this second artwork and share your startup experience on www.babele.co! :-)
BABELE - Create Together
We are building a collective intelligence platform to develop collaborative solutions to address the world social problems. This video is the support to our crowd-funding campaign: http://www.kisskissbankbank.com/babele-create-together Thank you :-)
Video Application for Startup Chile
Here is the first TEST VIDEO for our Startup Chile application! Please share your feedback: what could be improved? Would you add / remove anything? THANK YOU ALL... YOU ROCK! :D MaNu & RUX
Introduction to Babele.co
Give a sense to your free time: share ideas and feedback to Social Enterprises coming from 103 Countries. Read the project strategy and help the project team to validate key hypothesis and tackle core challenges to scale their impact. This and more at www.babele.co
Ouishare Pizza Bucharest 2015
Ouishare, Babele and Edge Ryders, together to create a movement for the collaborative economy in Bucharest. The first step? Get the community together, and start creating the fundamental trust needed to get any group of people to work together effectively... and we do it through PIZZA ;-) A special Thanks to the awesome guys of the NOD Maker space that have hosted the event, and hopefully many more will follow! ;-)
Babele Workshop on Social Business Modeling at Impact Hub Tokyo
Fantastic event on social innovation and impact modelling at the impact hub Tokyo. Thank you to the organisers and to the fantastic participants. www.babele.co
The online community for CBS' Social Business Model Mooc
Enjoy this short video Tutorial to learn how to use the CBS online community for social business modeling. The online platform will allow you to co-create your business model with your team and receive valuable feedback from a big community of social entrepreneurs. The tools is tailored to go hand-in-hand with the Coursera course. A link to your project on Babele is a valid form of documentation for your peer evaluation exam. Please watch this short video to discover how to use the platform and complete your course assignments. To join the online community, please open this link: https://babele.co/#!/project/2481/businessModel Get ready to change the world!
How to create a project in BABELE
Short explanation on how to create a project using the Babele plaform... we will keep improving the system till it will become the perfect tool to manage every startup out there :) Enjoy the platform ay www.babele.co More at
Babele for Impact Accelerator
1 minute video introducing the founders of Babele.co.
Crowdmentoring Promo Video
At Babele.co we ended the 2014 with an awesome CROWD-Mentoring Experience... And what the heck is this? We picked 3 of the most promising social projects that are working hard to make the world a better place and during 1 month we used the collective intelligence of our 40 mentor from 26 nationalities, to share ideas, give feedback and help these projects validate their strategy. We all worked hard to give a higher chances to these brave entrepreneur to make it happen, to be successful, and to achieve a meaningful impact. Here is the final video we made to gather some of the feedback... it was awesome, and we can't wait to get started soon with a new crowd-mentoring Adventure! Keep doing good, don't be afraid to help people that are working on ambitious projects, be ready to make your part! www.babele.co
SDSN IRP - Introductory Webinar
Here is the first webinar of the United Nation SDSN Investment Readiness program. This explains the program scope and format, and explains how participants will use the Babele platform to complete their assignments as well as interact with mentors, lecturers and investors.
Your Startup Plan - #3 Discover your Customer
Who are you creating your product or service for? It's Time to dig into your customer segments! This is by far the most important step in business modeling, as if you don't get this right, you can be pretty sure that your business is never gonna make it. As Steve Blank says: get out of the building and start learning, because only in this way you can really validate your plan A and shape it into a profitable business model! Enjoy the Video and complete your strategy on www.babele.co
How to use Babele for the next MOOC of Social Entrepreneurship held by CBS
It's happening again... CBS is back with the largest MOOC on Social Entrepreneurship! Learn the theory and then get your hands dirty: work in teams, create together sustainable business strategies and even get funding for them... through the CBS Social Entrepreneurship Start-up fund and the 7 days challenge! Exchange with other innovators and participants from over 40 countries... and enjoy a great moment of collaborative culture. Find the course community in www.Babele.co and get ready to change the world!
Welcome to Startershub
Discover Startershub: the entrepreneurs’ port of call for creating, discussing and sharing startup ideas.
HILLARY - Marketing Plan - Being seen and heard
Marketing Plan - Being seen and heard
Silverworkers Tutorial
Here a short Video on how to Use the Silverworkers online community! To log-in or create an account, please open the URL: www.babele.co/#!/pro/silverworkers We look forward to your great ideas into the platform!
Impact Booster - Entrepreneurs Onboarding in Babele
Video Tutorial for the Impact Booster program in Babele.co
2018 09 21 16 45 YIRP Introductory Webinar
The First Webinar to introduce the Investment Readiness program: a collaboration between Babele and the United Nations SDSN to support SDGs initiatives from all-over the world to become investment ready. For more info or if you wish to participate as a mentor, please write us an email at : [email protected]
How to add your project in Starters Hub
Watch this short video tutorial to discover how to easily add your project to the Starters Hub platform : the entrepreneurs’ port of call for creating, discussing and sharing startup ideas.