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The Black Aryan of Washington Square
As @RickyShabazz from @NoYourCity is filming me filming, I stop to talk to this unusual character. http://NoYourCity.com Follow me on Twitter r☞ http://twitter.com/JoeyBoots
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Christians Can Be Very Angry and Aggressive When Proselytizing
This disciple of Jesus seems to think verbally assaulting innocent women is the way to heaven.
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Meet Lapourt - Mentally Ill - Homeless and Alone
This guy I spoke to tonight I stopped and spoke to after he greeted me walking down the sidewalk on E. 31st with a jolly, Hello sir, God bless you" as he held out a paper cup. I met both a tragic and very sweet man and I am better for having spoken to him.
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Convicted Killer Now Feeds Pigeons in The Park
Meet Larry the Homeless guy I met in Washington Square Park today.
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Times Square New Years Eve Booey Bomb Montage 2012
Booey-Bombing media outlets, Fox-5 NY, CNN, ABC-7 NY, and Fox News Network on New Years Eve in Times Square.
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Fox and Friends co-host Tucker Carlson Fly-Fishing in Central Park
I had no idea who he was until I tweeted his pic and asked my followers if any of them knew him, which I did because after I was filming I asked what he did and he said he was in media but wouldn't say more.
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4-Train Man Doing His Thing
Just another fun night on the 4-Train heading back to Brooklyn from Manhattan.
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Crazed Racist Verbally Assaults Train Passengers
I got my flip cam out fast on this one - what you miss right before I start shooting is this woman gets on the C-Train with me at Columbus Circle heading Uptown and seconds after she sits down this crazed maniac turns to her and starts screaming loudly about her having stole his dollar (which she didn't)......then I start videotaping.
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Union Square Trash and Their Loudmouth Drama Part 2 of 2
Watch Union Square trash behave like the animals they are here in pt 2.
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Curtis Sliwa Speaks about his history with Howard Stern
Curtis Sliwa, the Founder of The Guardian Angels, speaks with me about some of his history with Howard Stern and desire to go to Howard's Birthday Bash - he also shares his thoughts on the "Reverend" Al Sharpton.
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Trolling Street Preacher and Voodoo Priest
Troll lol lol lol lol
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Joey Boots Trolls Domestic Workers
Troll ol ol lo lo....
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Booey Bomb Montage - New Years Eve -  Times Square - 2013
I nailed CNN, then NYC's WABC-7 and then NYC's Fox-5 all in Times Square early New Years Eve morning.
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Nipples Getting Sprayed Down
Yet another interesting character in the city of Gotham.
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Gary "Bababooey" Dell'Abate and a classic Booey-Bomb on NYC's FOX-5 Good Day NY
Gary was co-hosting Good Day NY this morning with Greg Kelly and played a Booey-Bomb I did last year against NYC's Fox-5 reporter Robert Moses.
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Joey Boots Montage
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Civil Rights Activist Moira Johnston - I swear my camera shooting low was unintentional
For twenty years it has been legal in New York State for women to be topless - Moira Johnston is an East Village activist letting everyone know this fact......she was recently arrested by the NYPD for being topless but then released when they found out they could not charge her with anything. Obviously awareness needs to be promoted and Moira is doing it.
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Crazy God Guy Meets Joey Boots
Pay no attention to the man screaming about God coming down to cast his wrath upon this sinful city.
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Michael Jackson Impersonator on The Subway
Yes this is the same guy I had the run-in on fourty deuce who attacked me when I started telling him the Michael Jackson pedophile jokes......times have changed and we get along now.
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Big Hungry Raccoon Takes Over Bronx Bus Stop
I haven't seen any coons at the 4-train subway station in the Bedford Park section of The Bronx since the fall but now with all this early warm weather they have come out and are foraging for some vittles. .
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Man Struck by Downtown D-Train at 161st St./Yankee Stadium
Was switching from the Uptown D-Train to the 4-Train when I came across this commotion in the station. A man who appeared to be Hispanic in his 40's-50's was struck by a Downtown D-Train at 161st St./Yankee Stadium. The FDNY responded quickly and brought the man past me on a stretcher still alive as I saw his eyes open and his head move. *Media can use - if used online I ask that you hyperlink to my Twitter account @JoeyBoots and if televised please don't obscure my watermark.
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Joey Boots Booey Bombs Fox-5 - Occupy Wall Street
Ba Ba Ba Booey Bomb!
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I Meet The Dragon Master on the 4-Train
I run in to yet another unique character in this city of millions.
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Meet Jerard - A Sad Mess and Prime Candidate for an Early Death
I shoot video of those I find interesting here in NYC and Jerard here is one of those people.
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Someone Get This Woman To The E.R. STAT
I hope she made her way to the hospital to save it.
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I'm A Ghetto Paparazzi - Pimpin' Jersey City Style
I took a trip across the river from my usual stomping grounds of Manhattan to Jersey City and as soon as I rolled up at the Bed Bath and Beyond I saw this ghetto-fabulous character strolling through the parking lot and go in to the bank- I then staked out the bank to catch him on the way out and have a chat with him.
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Union Square Trash and Their Loudmouth Drama Part 1 of 2
Wanna see annoying and obnoxious people? Then watch this video and it's part 2 as well.
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STFU Dum Dum!
I came across this not-so-pleasant exchange between two men just across from Yankee Stadium today.
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NY Mets and Fans Pay Tribute To Boston Upon Hearing of 2nd Bomber Capture
NY Mets playing the Washington Nationals at Citi Field and then news comes across everyone's smart phones of the capture of the 2nd bomber - after a long 4 days since the Boston Marathon Bombings, the crowd breaks in to sporadic chants of 'USA-USA!" and then a bit later over the stadium public address system they play Sweet Caroline, the Red Sox Stadium song, to which the crowd proudly joins in.singing. *Media: anyone can use this for non-commercial purposes - I just ask that you not obscure my watermark for my twitter handle http://www.twitter.com/joeyboots
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I Watch Sean Hannity on Fox News For The Lies and Comedy
My head exploded when I saw this piece. Do these guys actually believe this shit they spew? Follow me on Twitter: http://Twitter.com/JoeyBoots Video Sources: http://youtube.com/WeAreChange.com http://WeAreChange.org http://youtube.com/RTAmerica http://twitter.com/LukeRudkowski http://youtube.com/USLawdotcom
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Banksy hits the Boogie Down Bronx
Was Downtown Manhattan when I saw the new Banksy on my instagram and people were giving the addy as Westchester Avenue in the South Bronx - got on a train and when I got there nothing but other photographers and fans milling about - then we got where it was at another McDonalds a little over a mile away - a guy with a car took me and a photographer from the London Times for $10.00 each haha - got to the spot on Boston Rd. at Seabury and there was a small crowd gathered taking photos - I gotta admit I was kinda excited as if I had been on a treasure hunt - then after being there about ten minutes they broke it down and loaded it in to a van and took off for another Mickey Dees - awesome surprise appearance by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz with some Bronx history.
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Booey-Bombing NYC's WABC-7 During Winter Storm Nemo - Feb 8, 2013
Bababooey Bababooey Howard Stern's Penis!
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It's Getting Warm Again and Wendell is Back
Wendell The Homeless Fashion Designer is back in action at NYC's Union Square.
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Howard Stern Gives Me Props
Yeah I know I wasn't looking exactly where I was aiming the camera - I fucked it up, but I am a very wise man.
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Roman Wants To Desecrate The 9-11 Memorial on 9-11
Who wants to be second in line after me to beat his ass should he pull such a stunt? The Fart Smeller: https://vimeo.com/30222294 and https://vimeo.com/28675587
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Dope Fiends and Drunks in a Battle Over a Dollar
I heard a saying once that God looks out for the drunk and stupid.- in this case I think he has his work cut out for him.
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Famous 1960's poster artist Bob Dara
I call him Park Bench Bobby for his penchant of sitting on the benches at NYC's Union Square and feeding the pigeons.
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Obama Rolls Deep and Heavy Through Greenwich Village
Obama passing my apartment as he leaves Sarah Jessica Parker and Ferris Bueller's fundraising dinner at their Townhouse a few blocks away.
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I Meet Wendell The Homeless Fashion Designer For The First Time.
Wendell is a former crackhead and is now a homeless fashionista.
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Vermin Supreme For President?
Vermin Supreme filming a campaign video in Union Square and I in good spirit Booey-Bomb it aka Enhance It.
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Scary Crazy People Walk Amongst Us
One day this guy is level and "sane" and the next he is completely crazy and threatening to be violent against assorted people, including myself, about Union Square.
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I Confront A Child Abuser
I confront the Cookie Monster a day after he was arrested for pushing a 2-year old after the child had his pic taken with the monster and his mother wasn't fast enough with the $2.00 :"tip".
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Creepy Dude Offers Me Handjob For Falafel
I'm across the street from Union Square in NYC and getting some chicken over rice with falafel when this weirdo approaches me out of the blue mumbling some creepiness.
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That's a lot of Cans
I am reminded of that episode from Seinfeld where Kramer and Newman take the postal truck full of deposit cans from NY to Michigan.
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Wendell The Homeless Fashion Designer is The King of Union Square
Wendell displays why he is King Of Union Square and special cameo by the Face Sitting For World Peace Guy, Roman Shusterman.
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Typical NYC Subway Ride - Please Make It Stop
I am all for entertainers in the subway stations doing their thing be it singing, dancing, playing instruments. I enjoy this and these people for the most part are sanctioned by the MTA. Then there are the subway train beggars who shout to get everyone's attention in the car, making their plea, of which many sound eerily the same as if a script, so I am thinking maybe there is a school on how to do this. Then there are the Mariachi bands, Jesus preachers, candy sellers, and bucket drummers to name a few. When I get on a subway I like to read as do many of my fellow straphangers. Many people are using the time to rest after a long day at work. I don't think I am alone in asking for stricter enforcement against this annoying behavior. Sure the tourists and transplanted hipsters love it but if you are subjected to it every day multiple times and have been for years, the constant assault is annoying to say the least especially now since the MTA just raised fares again this weekend.....and it's illegal.
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My Pal Wendall
I haven't seen Wendall in many weeks so here I am catching up with him at his regular spot, Union Square in NYC.
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Randy Jones of The Village People
I ran in to Randy Jones from The Village People last night and he has a message for both Howard Stern and his lovely co-host, Robin Quivers.
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Roman is on His Knees Worshipping Goddesses in Union Square
Roman is at it again, this time he is dropping to his knees in front of beautiful women and worshiping them.
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