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My Metallica collection. Artist Spotlight 1.
All my CD's, Vinyl and video of one of my favorite metal bands.
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Stephen King collection update 3
Five more books - IT, Firestarter, Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Four Past Midnight and Blaze.
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My Stephen King book collection.
A very brief overview of my Stephen King book collection so far. It's a work in progress and hope to add to it continually.
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My Iron Maiden collection. Artist Spotlight 6
All the Vinyl, CDs, Cassettes and Video of one of my favorite Metal bands.
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Artist Spotlight 12: My Ozzy Osbourne collection
All my CD's (and one cassette) from the madman Ozzy Osbourne.
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My Led Zeppelin collection. Artist Spotlight 3
CD's, vinyl, books and video from this legendary hard rock band.
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Homemade Iron Maiden "Box Set"
I reused a Trooper Beer box to put my Maiden CDs and have my own Box Set.
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Movie Novelization Collection
My Movie Novelization Collection, novels based on screenplays.
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My Testament collection. Artist Spotlight 4
All my CDs and DVDs for thrash metal legends Testament.
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Artist Spotlight 22: Amorphis
All my CDs from one of Finland's finest bands - Amoprhis.
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Artist Spotlight 15: My Scorpions collection
All my CD's, vinyl and DVDs from the German hard rockers The Scoprions.
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Artist Spotlight 24: Nightwish
All my CDs and DVDs of the most popular symphonic power metal band ever - Nightwish.
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My Dream Theater collection. Artist Spotlight 10
All my CD's of this great prog-metal band, Dream Theater.
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My Blue Öyster Cult collection. Artist Spotlight 19
Vinyl community video No 1. My Blue Öyster Cult Collection.
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Stephen King collection update 4
Gwendy's Button Box, IT soundtrack, Dreamcatcher and Carrie DVDs.
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My ABBA collection - Artist spotlight 32
All the Vinyl and CDs from the greatest pop band of all time - ABBA.
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My Patridge Family collection. Artist Spotlight 34
All my LPs and DVDs from TVs The Partridge Family.
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Metal & Hard Rock CDs: Letters "T-Z"
Metal and Hard Rock CDs letters T-Z.
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Vinyl Collection - Old Scool Hard Rock and Metal
All my Old School vinyl.
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Stephen King book collection update
4 more books for my collection: Night Shift, The Stand (revised and uncut edition) , Rose Madder and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. All of them bought as a lot on Ebay.
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Thread response: Bands that you were Late to the Party for.
Thread response to Darcy Six Strings Nine Lives. Bands that you were "Late to the party" for. Here's the original thread video: https://youtu.be/vkACcaiB5xQ
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Metal on Cassette collection
All of my heavy metal on cassette.
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Alessandro Safina en el Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado
Video tomado al final de su presentación cantando "O Sole Mio". Desafortunadamente no pude grabar toda la canción. Video take at the end of his presentation singing "O Sole Mio". Unfortunately I could not record the whole song.
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My Queen collection - Artist Spotlight 34
All my Queen CDs plus one LP and one DVD.
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In Pursuit of Par - TPC Sawgrass Edition Board Game (1988)
A brief overview and tutorial for In Pursuit of Par - Tournament Players Club Sawgrass Edition Board Game. A golf simulation board game from 1988.
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Soundtracks on Cassette collection.
Movie soundtracks on audio cassette tape.
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Metal & Hard Rock CDs: Letter "A"
All my metal and hard rock CDs - part 1 the letter "A". More from the letter "A". My AC/DC collection: https://youtu.be/I3E8lh353vs My Amorphis collection: https://youtu.be/FuiPNePpUs0 My Arch Enemy collection: https://youtu.be/65dUk6cj6Bw
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Artist Spotlight 17: My AC/DC collection
All my CDs, cassettes and DVDs of the hard-rockin' AC/DC
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Artist Spotlight 13: My RUSH collection
All my CD's (and one vinyl) from the best prog rock band ever - RUSH.
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My Jethro Tull collection, Part 1: CDs and Vinyl.
All my CDs and Vinyl from the legendary folk / prog / classic rock band Jethro Tull.
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My Kansas collection - Artist Spotlight 14
All my CD's (and one vinyl) from this American prog rock band - KANSAS.
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KISS Trivia Game in tin.
An overview and tutorial for the KISS Trivia Game in a tin.
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My ABBA collection - part 2 DVDs and Books.
All my DVDs and Books from the greatest pop band of all time - ABBA.
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Vinyl Movie Soundtrack Collection - Part 2
The rest of my collection of soundtracks on vinyl. From the letters S to X.
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Artist Spotlight 16: My Blackmore's Night collection
All my CD's and one DVD of Blackmore's Night.
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Lisa Zane - Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado
Lisa Zane at the Festival Alfonso Ortiz Tirado, Obregón, México. January 28, 2011. She was fantastic!
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My Black Sabbath collection. Artist spotlight 37
My collection from the most influential metal band of all time - Black Sabbath.
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My Linda Ronstadt collection. Artist Spotlight 33
My Linda Ronstadt collection.
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Beatles Monopoly plus collection update.
The Beatles Monopoly set plus more Beatles music.
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Artist Spotlight 25: Savatage
CDs, Vinyl and Cassettes from on of the best American metal bands - Savatage.
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Metal CD update, March 2019
All the latest Metal I've purchases. Doro, Kamelot, Blind Guardian, Judas Priest and Venom, Inc. Plus an Iron Maiden LP I had forgotten to show.
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My DIO collection - Artist Spotlight 7
All my CD's, Vinyl and DVDs of DIO fronted by the greatest metal singer of all time, Ronnie James Dio.
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My Stephen King movie collection
An overview of my movies based on Stephen King novels or written by King himself. He creado este vídeo con el Editor de vídeo de YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Stephen King collection update 5
All the Stephen King stuff since my last update. Sleeping Beauties book, Pennywise poster, Cavalier magazine, Cell Blu ray and The Mist on vinyl.
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Vinyl Collection - Modern Metal
All my modern metal vinyl.
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Artist Spotlight 23: Alice Cooper
All my CDs and cassettes from the King of Shock Rock - Alice Cooper.
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Progressive Rock CD and Vinyl collection - assorted bands
Some assorted bands that I have not yet shown in the Prog Rock genre.
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Rock & Metal DVD collection
All (or almost all) of the rock and metal DVDs that I have not shown in my individual Artist Spotlight videos.
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Metal & Hard Rock CDs: Letters "E-G"
Metal and Hard Rock CDs letters E-G.
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Artist Spotlight 30: Jethro Tull - Part 2: The DVDs.
All my DVDs from the legendary folk / prog / classic rock band Jethro Tull.
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