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My intro!
This is my VERY FIRST intro!!!! Credits to CHOCO GAMING and Mango Pudding for helping me crop this. Intro name: San Holo - Light Instagram: joaquin_mindanao (face reveal!) Roblox: BulletNerf4563
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The Fight (Stickman Animation) Part 1
Hello dudes! This is the FIRST time I made this animation so it looks bad. So don't expect good stuff for the first time. This animation is about an assassination. I might make part 2 if I have time. Cya!
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Today is a very special day for Y'all. IT IS SHOUTOUT SUNDAYS! It's the day where every Sunday, I will be going to shout out someone's channel. But how do I get a a shoutout? Easy, just comment down below that you want to. If there are too many, I will have to choose randomly. SHOUTOUT TO MEGA RAYQUAZA 61!!!! ---- Roblox: BulletNerf4563 --- cya!
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I have an important announcement!
Please watch this video as I am going to announce a really important thing. Thanks for your continuous support and Cya!
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Introduction to my channel!
Hey guys! I know, I know. It's way to fast and the music...yeah. I'm too lazy to change em because I am rushing now. Thanks for viewing! ---- Follow my Musical.ly: majestic_joaquin Follow me in ROBLOX: BulletNerf4563 (It sounds stupid because I created that account at 8). ---- That's all for now! :D CYA!
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When and Why is ROBLOX shutting down soon.
Today I will be discussing when and why ROBLOX will shut down down. All of these things I have said in this video may or may not be true. This is based on my own understanding. But everything can't last forever. So I decided to make this video. Thanks once again for watching! ----------------------- Subscribe to CHOCO GAMING and Mango Pudding (XxEMERALDST∆RxX) for collaborating!!! P.S They are my friends and school mates IRL. Roblox: BulletNerf4563 Brawl Stars: Ferlando Brawl Stars Band (open for everyone): The Buds DISCLAIMER: CHOCO GAMING, Mango Pudding, TBNR-NICK (also my friend and school mate but he is not collaborating with me, sub to him to!) and I decided to make a YouTube group called, "The Buds". But don't search and sub to the channel yet because we are still working on it. Once again, thanks for watching! Cya!
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Critical Ops (Stickman Animation)
Hey guys! Another animation! Again, this animation is the second time so it looks bad. It's a short animation. This animation is related to a game called, "Critical Ops". Some scenes will be in here from the game so it is not copyright because I have said it.
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