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Love Story Episode 1
I made these when I was 14, they're so funny to look back on now and see how immature my ideas were back then, but I have to hand it to myself, they are really comedic in parts.
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Woohoo? In the sims 4 Get together
Pelham and Dina just bought a dresser and... Ah the joys of 'Get together' ~The music doesn't belong to me, It's Careless Whisper by George Michael.~
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Love Story Episode 2
I was 14 when I made these videos but after losing confidence I hid them from public. Now looking back at them two years later I find them so funny, mainly because of how childish they were! As well as the random actually funny bits.
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Love Story Episode 3
When The prince gets shut outside by Daratrine, that was a complete accident as well as the practice boxing on the back of his head when waiting in the garden, but I worked with it. XD
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Sims 2 Their life, Damen, Julian and Mary-sue
I made this so very long ago, I'm keeping it around to remember my wonderful sims 2 characters, and memories. XD
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