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Head to http://funnypicturesofdrunkpeople.com for more fun and special offers! Binge drinking is simply wanting to drink in order to get drunk. No restrictions and self-destruction at the same time. An intoxicated drinker wastes money, act irresponsibly and exhibits risky behavior when drinking overly. He or she can even go so far as to challenge the authorities or emergency medical staff. There are many a country in the western hemisphere that faces a predicament in regard to binge drinking even though they have several levels of tolerance for it. US laws show that men who take in a minimal of five drinks and women who take in a minimal of four during an event are considered binge drinking. On the other hand, UK laws state that taking in a minimal of 11 is considered binge drinking, more than twice of that in the US. Such a problem has become so critical that the government is considering measures in order to counter it. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6062333 So with all of that said, without binge drinking we wouldn't have any great and funny pictures of drunk people to share with the world!
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Head to http://funnypicturesofdrunkpeople.com for more! For Complimentary RedBox Rentals head here http://tinyurl.com/complimentaryRedBox This is an old public service announcement letting you know that even in a galaxy far, far away aliens can also drink to much. No copyright or trademark infringement intended. With the new Star Wars movie coming out this summer we at http://funnypicturesofdrunkpeople.com would like say we are pleased to know that aliens are getting wasted high above in the heavens.