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Kirundi at SCOLA
http://www.scola.org With SCOLA Language Training Materials you can learn new languages like Kirundi from Burundi! Visit http://www.scola.org to sign up today!
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Traditional Uzbek Recipe
What better way to make the famous Uzbek dish Plov than from a traditional recipe from SCOLA? Watch Askar as he walks us through this recipe. Find more international recipes with Savoir-Vivre, coming soon to http://www.scola.org.
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Justice from France
Watch an interview with the French boy band, Justice on SCOLA World TV Online in French.
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Amazing dance from Laos with SCOLA!
http://www.scola.org These incredible Laos dancers were part of a Laos TV broadcast from SCOLA. See more amazing events from more than 120 countries through SCOLA! SCOLA also has nearly 1,200 pictures from Laos in their subscription service SCOLA People and Places. Learn more about Laos and many other countries with SCOLA. Follow us on Twitter! @scola Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/SCOLAtv Connect with us on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/scola
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Traditional Fish Curry from Indonesia
Get out your recipe cards - this is one for the books! Watch as our provider shows you how to make a traditional dish from Indonesia, Fish Curry. You can forget the takeout for tonight! Find more videos like this at http://www.scola.org
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Learn a Foreign Language with SCOLA
Do people have trouble understanding you when you speak a foreign language? Do you mispronounce words or mix up vocabulary? People across the globe suffer from language problems. Now, with SCOLA, you can practice your language skills and be sure that you are speaking correctly. Don't hide behind your silence. Speak confidently knowing SCOLA has helped.
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Uzbekistan's Climate
What's the weather in Uzbekistan like during July? Our provider Askar tells us all about it! Go to http://www.scola.org to find more videos from Uzbekistan.
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South African Middle Class
SCOLA shows you how the middle class is growing in Soweto, South Africa. Soweto is the township where Nelson Mandela launched his struggle, and today there are rising numbers of middle class Africans who are committed to staying in the area and helping boost the economy and future of the township. Find more videos from South Africa at http://www.scola.org
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SCOLA - Gambia Cultural Dance in Mandinka
http://www.scola.org Dance with SCOLA! These people in Gambia are celebrating a circumcision by dancing in the street and singing in Mandinka. You can access resources like this and much more with SCOLA, a non-profit organization that provides language training resources for more than 175 languages. Visit our website to learn more! Follow us on Twitter! @scola Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/SCOLAtv Connect with us on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/scola
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SCOLA-Welcome to Wuhu, China!
http://www.scola.org SCOLA is taking a tour of China...and you're invited! Join us as we explore different cities in this majestic country. Now we will explore Wuhu. WANT TO LEARN MANDARIN? Visit http://www.scola.org to start speaking Chinese today!
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History of the French Language
From where did the French language originate? How did it get where it was today? This Canape program interviews author Jean-Benoit Nadeau about his book "The Story of French." Want more French programs? Go to http://www.scola.org and sign up for World TV Online!
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German Apple Cake Recipe on SCOLA
Germany is the Country of the Month for March at SCOLA. Watch as our friend, Phyllis, teaches us how to make an easy German Apple Cake. Then go to our website at scola.org for more videos like this one. Mention promo code YT184. German Apple Cake Recipe Apfel Kuchen (Apple Cake) Ingredients: ½ cup (120 grams) soft butter ½ cup sugar 3 eggs ½ tsp. Vanilla 1 cup flour 3 large apples, peeled, cored and sliced or 4-5 cups other firm fruit Topping Ingredients: ¾ cup sugar 1 tbsp. flour 1 tbsp. butter Cinnamon Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. or 170 degrees C. Butter and flour an 8x10 inch pan. With an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar in a small mixing bowl. Add eggs one at a time. Mix in vanilla and then the flour. Spread the batter in the pan and top with the fruit. Mix the topping with your fingers and sprinkle over the fruit. Sprinkle with cinnamon as desired. Bake for one hour.
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Nepalese Food and Cuisine
Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Check out this video of a typical Nepalese dish. Here is what SCOLA provider Kalpana, from Nepal, had to say about the dish: "Dal (Pulse), Bhat (Rice), Tarkari (Vegetable) and Achar (Pickle) is the typical Nepalese food. It is like the national food of Nepal. Rice is generally cooked using a rice cooker in city and towns, but pressure cookers and normal pots are used in the village area. The pulse is cooked in a pressure cooker in cities and towns, but normal pots are used in the village. Vegetables are cut in small pieces and are cooked with fried onions, garlic, and oil. Then that is fried for a while and covered by another plate shaped utensil. Salt is estimated as per the taste. The Pickle is made generally of Tomato mixing with spices." Like what you see? Check out On The Street Videos for more international food and cuisine!
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Traditional Recipe for Turkish Meatballs
Let SCOLA help you with dinner tonight! We have a recipe for Turkish meatballs straight from Turkey! Like international cooking videos like this? Visit http://www.scola.org for more!
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"Lola (Call SCOLA)" by The SCOLA Boyz
The first single from The SCOLA Boyz is out! Listen to their hit song "Lola" now! GOTTA TALK TO LOLA? Call SCOLA at 712-566-2202 or visit http://www.scola.org for a free trial!
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Japanese Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan
This SCOLA clip shows a Japanese native who is a JICA volunteer living in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan. Watch her as she interacts with the people of Kyrgyzstan and learns more about their culture.
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Celebrating St. Martin's Day in Germany on SCOLA
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day this week at SCOLA but in Germany, our country of the month for March, they honor a different saint, St. Martin, in November to kick off the Christmas season. Watch as our friend, Phyllis, tells us more, then head over to scola.org to get your free trial and watch many more videos like this one! Mention promo code YT188.
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Coffee Ceremony from Ethiopia
http://www.scola.org This clip from SCOLA shows a coffee ceremony in Ethiopia. Listen as the people speak Amharic and see how this ritual is completed.
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Chinese Pork Hock
Wondering what to make for dinner? Check out www.scola.org for international recipes from around the world, just like this one from China for Pork Hock! Check us out on Facebook to learn more about China, our Country of the Month: www.facebook.com/scolatv Contact us today for your free trial: http://www.scola.org/Contactus.aspx
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Origin of the Chinese Dragon
Learn the Origin of the #Chinese #Dragon and so much more with SCOLA! Visit scola.org to start your free trial today!
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Welcome to Zaozhuang, China!
http://www.scola.org This Chinese adventure isn't over yet! Enjoy the peaceful tranquility, rich culture and fascinating history that comes with today's stop in Zaozhuang, China, also known as the Ancient Town. So sit back, relax and take a quick journey to this beautiful town in southern China.
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What is the Origin of Chinese-Mandarin language?
Do you know the origin of the Chinese-Mandarin language? Learn the culture and language of China today with the help of CYRTV & SCOLA! Visit scola.org to start your free trial today!
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Military Band Plays "Tequila"
This military band plays "Tequila" and "In the Navy" at the NATO Music Festival in Germany in 2011.
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Welcome to Shantou, China!
http://www.scola.org Next stop on the SCOLA Express is Shantou, China! Follow your friendly tour guide as he takes you around to see the spectacular wonders of Shantou! See the full-length video at http://www.scola.org. LEARN CHINESE: Call 712-566-2202 to start learning Chinese with SCOLA!
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Traditional Cameroon Recipe for Snails
Love to cook? Then you have to check out this traditional recipe for Cameroon for snails! See a preview here, and catch the rest of the video on Savoir-Vivre, coming soon to SCOLA.org!
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Weather in Germany
Germany has a continental climate and isn’t a very big country, so its temperature variations are due more to altitude than location. Germany’s altitude, however, goes from sea level in the north to 9,700 feet in the Alps in the south. Learn more about this country’s climate and what to wear when you visit with SCOLA provider Phyllis. Want to know more about the climate and geography of countries around the world? Check out Savoir-Vivre today with your free trial at www.scola.org!
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Luganda Word of the Month
Want to learn Luganda? Check out the word of the month from our provider in Uganda. For more Luganda language resources visit www.scola.org today for your free trial!
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Word of the Month: Learn How to Greet People in Burmese!
Learn how to greet people in Burmese with SCOLA provider Yin! Then, log on to our website to find over 1,100 additional Burmese resources!
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How to Cook a Traditional Moroccan Tagine Recipe with SCOLA
Need an easy recipe idea for dinner? Kamina shows us how to cook turkey and vegetables in a traditional Moroccan tagine. For more delicious recipe videos from our friends around the world, check out Savoir-Vivre, a new service coming soon to SCOLA. Visit our website at www.scola.org for your free trial today! Mention promo code YT164.
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Traditional Nigerian Recipe: Plantains and Gravy
Wondering what to make for dinner? Check out this traditional Nigerian recipe for plantains and gravy. All you need for this simple and delicious meal is a ripe plantain, crayfish, palm oil, fresh pepper, onion, sail, seasoning, an d tomatoes. Our Nigerian provider Mercy says "The aroma of the gravy will make one hungry, even when you are not!" Take a look as Mercy handles this meal with ease. Like what you see? Check out more international recipes on Savoir-Vivre..coming soon!
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Hilarious International Commercials
Watch these hilarious commercials from SCOLA World TV Online from other countries! Start learning a foreign language the fun way!
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Christmas Traditions from The Republic of Congo.
http://www.scola.org There are many different traditions for Christmas all around the world. This week we learn about traditions in The Republic of Congo.
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How to Cook Nigerian Cocoyam Pudding
Follow along as our provider Mercy shows us how to make a Nigerian Cocoyam Pudding. Cocoyam, or Okida as it is called in Ogbia language (a dialect of Ijaw), is a very rich meal. It can be boiled, fried, or roasted. In this video, SCOLA provider Mercy prepares Cocoyam Porridge. The ingredients you will need are cocoyam, crayfish, dry fish, salt, fresh pepper, palm oil, vegetables, onions and seasonings. Like what you see? Check out Savoir-Vivre (COMING SOON!) for more recipe from around the world!
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Traditional Burmese Recipe- Mote Lone Yay Paw
Need to satisfy your sweet tooth? Mote Lone Yay Paw is a soft, sweet recipe from Myanmar. It is made out of palm sugar, rice, flour, and coconut. Find this full recipe and more on Savoir-Vivre at www.scola.org!
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So Sweet! A Traditional Nigerian Love Song
Rex, a friend of SCOLA, sings a traditional Nigerian Love Song in his language, Yoruba, to his wife back home. Find more videos like this one at http://www.scola.org!
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Kapana: A Traditional Namibian Dish
Kapana is a popular form of barbecued beef sold at markets in Namibia. Watch as vendors cook the meat for you, then add spices according to your own taste! Want to learn more about food and recipes from around the world? Visit www.scola.org today and access Savoir-Vivre for FREE!
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Learn How to Count in Mandarin Chinese | SCOLA
Interested in Mandarin Chinese language and culture? Watch SCOLA Channel Three, World TV Online, for programs like The New Practical Chinese Reader. Here the host uses both Mandarin and English to teach us how to count in Chinese. Visit our website at scola.org for your free trial today! Mention promo code YT183.
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A Traditional Recipe from the Philippines
Watch this video for an authentic recipe from the Philippines for Adobo with chicken. Why not make this traditional dish for dinner tonight? Find more international cooking shows at http://www.scola.org.
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Celebrate Independence with Uzbekistan
SCOLA can take you to Uzbekistan to celebrate their Independence Day! Only SCOLA has authentic resources from Uzbekistan and other countries from around the world to help you learn foreign languages and cultures. Visit http://www.scola.org for more.
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Learn Chinese Table Manners with SCOLA (Part 1)
Sometimes cultural differences can cause unexpected problems when travelling - like knowing the proper place to sit if you've been invited for dinner. Learn what to expect and how to respond if you're travelling to China by watching The New Practical Chinese Reader six days a week on SCOLA Channel Three, World TV Online. Visit SCOLA.org for your free trial today! Mention promo code YT152.
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SCOLA-Welcome to Zibo, China!
http://www.scola.org Only SCOLA is giving you an exclusive look into the charming country of China. We are showing difference provinces around this giant country and exposing their culture, history and scenery.
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Learn Chinese Table Manners with SCOLA (Part 2)
Sometimes cultural differences can cause unexpected problems when travelling - like knowing how food is properly served and taken if you've been invited for dinner. Learn what to expect and how to respond if you're travelling to China by watching The New Practical Chinese Reader six days a week on SCOLA Channel Three, World TV Online. Visit SCOLA.org for your free trial today! Mention promo code YT153.
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Music from Pakistan
Listen to this beautiful music from Pakistan from SCOLA World TV Online. Call 712-566-2202 to sign up today and watch international television from over 120 countries!
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SCOLA-Welcome to Shaoxing, China!
http://www.scola.org SCOLA is taking a tour of China...and you're invited! Join us as we explore different cities in this majestic country. Today, we look at the beautiful city of Shaoxing. WANT TO LEARN MANDARIN? Visit http://www.scola.org to start speaking Chinese today!
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Traditional Chinese Dance
http://www.scola.org This clip from a Chinese talk show has a beautiful dance performed in traditional clothing. Start learning Mandarin Chinese today with SCOLA World TV Online!
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TV from the Russian Republics
On SCOLA World TV Online you can find TV programs from tons of Russian Republics like Ossetia, Dagestan, Tatarstan and more! Sign up for SCOLA today at http://www.scola.org
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Weather in Myanmar
Summer is almost over and the rainy season will soon begin in Myanmar. Listen as SCOLA provide and local Yin discuss the weather and typical climate in her country! Want to learn more about weather and climates around the world? Check out Savoir-Vivre on www.scola.org!
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The Mystery of the Chinese Dragon
http:/www.scola.org Who doesn’t just love Chinese dragons? Watch this clip from SCOLA World TV Online and you can understand the mystery and magic behind these beautiful creatures. Want to learn more about China and Chinese culture? Call 712-566-2202 to sign up for SCOLA today!
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Legends and Myths: Longevity Village in Shanxi
Shouyang is a small county in Shanxi that has a long history and splendid culture. In Shouyang there have been legends going around about the God of Longevity, also called Old Man Star, a famous god in Chinese fable. Was he a real person or just a fictitious figure? Is Shouyang County his hometown? This program searches for answers and reveals the mysterious mask of this little county. Want to learn more about legends and myths from around the world? Check out Savoir-Vivre, coming soon to www.scola.org.
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China TV Fairy Lake Drama Series on SCOLA!
Learning Mandarin Chinese? SCOLA Channel Three, World TV Online broadcasts Chinese drama, educational, and children's programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Much of our broadcasting, like this Fairy Lake drama series, is archived for your personal use! Visit www.scola.org and see for yourself today! Mention promo code YT169.
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