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I'm blue in fast and slow
this is a new series I'm starting, where i change the speed of a song to make it funny. Don't burn me for using Fred ;) I used audacity
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Runescape crocodile hunter 2
This is my entry for cavemanfilms contest. I worked a while on it. I would've uploaded it earlier, but this is a large file and it took half an hour to upload Happy birthday caveman!!! Caveman things used: Steven Arwin, Fire on a stick, RSPN
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Runescape RSMV Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
This took me a LONG time to make. Enjoy!!! you better enjoy it!!!!! Legal Crap | \/ Disclaimer: i do not own or claim to own any of the music or programs used to make this. Runescape is owned by JaGeX inc. The music is owned by Green Day. Camtasia is owned by TechSmith and is only licenced to me.
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Opening for a Future Series
Damn, this it the 6 time I had to upload and type this! I am planning to start a series called The Lost Retard I WILL FINISH TYPING THIS LATER
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I have no f***ing idea
i'm really bored, so i uploaded this
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Runescape machinema contest 2010: Ali Morrisane
This is my machinema Ali morrisain
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An odd battle
How do you like the opening? So, its lorddark280 vs jaydude135
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Runescape weight loss clinic
This video has the best editing I have ever made. Enjoy!!!
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The runescape jungle trailer
READ DESCRIPTION FIRST!!!!!! I need actors for the actual thing. to be in it, you need to match a few requirements; 1. Do you play, or know how to play runescape? 2. are you a member? 3. do you own full mime, and have the emotes? 4. do you own a tribal mask? 5. can you talk in game? 6. do you own a microphone, or any sound recording devise? 7. are you higher than level 40? Btw, caveman, do you want to collaboration our movies, where a scene is in common?
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