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How to solve the Jing's Pyraminx Tutorial
1.Corners 2.Edges 3.Bottom Corner 4.Bottem Edges 5.Centers Note! This is my own method. You may find this in-sufficient and maybe to confusing. But I tried my best to explain it as simple as possible.
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How to solve the Square One (No Algorithms) (Return back to Cube)
How to return the square one back to a cube.
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Lightake Unboxing - ShengShou, DianSheng, 2x2x3
I unbox two 3x3 puzzles and a 2x2x3 puzzle from Lightake. This video was actually filmed months ago and it was idle in my camcorder. Stay tuned for a Starminx unboxing and review coming up very soon! Thanks for watching! Subscribe for weekly twisty puzzle videos! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tianyu_Lu
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Keyboard Rubik's Cube
Here, I show my keyboard rubik's cube. This was done a few months ago with a dollar store rubik's cube.
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Professor's Pyraminx Review
Here, I show the turnings, sticker quality and placement, and the price of the prof pyraminx from www. mefferts.com. Available through the following store: www.mefferts.com (Last accessed May 14, 2011) Or if sold out, it's also available here: www.lightake.com (Last accessed May 14, 2011) www.youtube.com/SMdesilva915
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My Twisty Puzzle Collection (Feb. 4th, 2012)
I am missing the 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 because they all broke. 4x4: A demo video gone wrong. I was about to record a demo video when the cube fell out of my hands and exploded. 5x5: A nasty dis-assembly. My classmate was playing with it and he said one of the inner corners were twisted, so he took it apart. What did you know, it's now MISSING 3 PIECES! 6x6: Pop. 1/12 of the cube popped and I could not find one of the internal pieces. :(
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Crazy Tetrahedron Unboxing (Regular Version)
www.hknowstore.com Very cool puzzle I must say, although, it turning is tight and pretty stiff.
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How to fix pop on Lan Lan 2x2 (Internal Misalignment)
Personal message me to suggest a puzzle!
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Picasso Fountain Pen Gold Unboxing
A real 18K gold nib picasso fountain pen unboxing. I show the box and its feeling.
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Lan Lan 2x2x2 Assembly and Solve
Here, I assemble a Lan Lan 2x2 with spring structure.
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SmaZ Time Machine Mechanism
Here is what the mechanism of the SmaZ Time Machine look like! Thank you for watching! Subscribe for weekly twisty puzzle videos! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tianyu_Lu
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Rubik's Safe (International Spy Museum)
I got this awesome rubik's 5x5 safe from Washington's Intl. Spy Museum. Update: I apologize to everyone for not uploading a video in more than a month's time. I am extremely busy and have a very important exam coming up. Videos will be suspended until I am finished with my exam, closer to summer time. But the main reason why I haven't been too active lately is because I have more and more work to complete everyday. Excluding homework, other activities will still hold up time. I will be uploading a series of 7 videos in the fall to explain why that is. Another thing is that I have other interests other than cubing, so once in a while, I will be uploading some non-cubing related videos. To all current subscribers, please be kind if you are not interested in the non-cubing videos, they are guaranteed to be interesting, but if you do not enjoy them, feel free to not watch. Music related videos are going to be up non regularly. Otherwise, thanks for watching!
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Gear Shift Scramble and Solve
I solve the Gear Shift by Oskar van Deventer
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Planets Puzzle / Puzzle Q Review
Ebay auction link: http://cgi.ebay.ca/Rare-Black-Magic-Particle-Rubiks-Cube-Puzzle-/320671243589?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4aa97edd45#ht_1653wt_892
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Meffert's Ghost Cube Unboxing
Thanks for watching! Subscribe for weekly twisty puzzle videos! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tianyu_Lu
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Meffert's Mosaic Cube Unboxing
I'm BAD. This was recorded a month ago and I just had the motivation to upload this now after like 10 failed uploads.
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Tecsun Radio DR-910 in action!
The crisp quality of the radio really pays the $21.99 US off! You can watch it in HD in my channel tomorrow, as I will be recording one not from my webcam but my camcorder as it takes a longer time but excellent quality.
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DaYan ZhanChi Unboxing!
Here, I unbox the Dayan ZhanChi Color Cube. Out of the box: First, let me say the box was really cool. It is purple, and I love the color purple. It shows designs of the internal pieces, the edge, and the corner. What I expected was that the puzzle to be very bright like RedKB said. It was a little dull especially the blue. Also, there were sharp edges and corners which made the puzzle feel cheap. But it's absolutely not.
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MF8 Starminx I Unboxing and Review
The puzzle can be bought at http://www.cubezz.com/ along with many other high quality twisty puzzles. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for weekly twisty puzzle videos! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tianyu_Lu
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Tecsun DR-910 Unboxing
This is an unboxing of Tecsun DR-910 model radio. It costs $21.99 US, but a friend bought it for us in China.
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*AUCTION!* Custom Made Bandaged Mirror Blocks Cube
Bid here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110789088373#ht_742wt_1035 Old video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kb-i9OVFSeA
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Tuttminx Unboxing & Review!
Very unique 32-sided puzzle.http://www.hknowstore.com/ or http://verypuzzle.com/ Features - 32 turning faces, which makes it the top of existing mass produced Rubik's cube like puzzles - Smooth turning quality - 43 sticker colors, you have plenties of choices to sticker the tutminx - Every external face is wholly molded, say goodbye to split edge syndrome - No hidden trap: unlike our first tuttminx, this tuttminx keeps its classical favor and doesn't fudge or jumble - Light weight: only 360g for this monster with 516(plastic) + 64(washer, screw) = 580 parts! Package content: 1. A classical tuttminx before stickering 2. A set of stickers, 43 colors
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Brainstring Advanced Puzzle Review
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Eitan's Star (DeFTI) Puzzle Unboxing
In this video I unbox a puzzle from hknowstore called the Eitan's Star. This is the second ever mass-produced icosahedron twisty puzzle, and currently the only icosahedron shaped twisty puzzle that is not discontinued. The first mass-produced twisty puzzle in icosahedron shape was the dogic, only to be discontinued by Uwe Meffert in 2010. There has been talks that I've got some insight into on the twistypuzzle forum about another mass-produced icosahedron but it's only the planning stages for now. This puzzle costed $99 USD with free shipping at http://www.hknowstore.com/ At first, the turning quality was mediocre as I was expecting the turning quality demonstrated in this video by the designer of the puzzle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_yGRN9lozs I will come out with a review video in about a few weeks. Thanks for watching! Subscribe for weekly twisty puzzle videos! Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tianyu_Lu
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Happy New Year 2013 w/CP24!!!
As an annual tradition, I record Toronto's Breaking News channel, CP24, on the final countdown to a new year, starting with the final countdown to the new decade, 2010.
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Face Turning, Edge Turning, and Corner Turning Prism
Hi Oskar! Here is a face turning, edge turning, and corner turning puzzle. Hope you like it. If you can make it, it would be very cool. I would definitely buy one for Christmas if it is designed by then. Thank you!
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How To Solve a Mirror Blocks Cube Completely Blindfolded
If you have a question, feel free to leave a comment or PM me.
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What happened to my Holey Megaminx
The thin thin thin corner snapped right off! Wow, this is so bad.
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SmaZ's Dino Cube Unboxing! (Hollow stikers + signature)
Thank you very much SmaZ! Can be bought with direct contact via the TP forum. Or get it commercially at: www.hknowstore.com or www.mefferts.com or www.iq-puzzles.com.hk This puzzle turns very smoothly out of the box with no lockups and loose and hanging pieces.
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Professor Pyraminx Disassembly & Reassembly Tutorial
This method is easier than Tony Fisher's method. The disassembly is extremely easy and the assembly just needs a bit of patience. Loosening the screws always help in everything.
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SmaZ's Time Machine
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JxIeIa0SPE&feature=plcp This puzzle can be bought directly from SmaZ on the Twisty Puzzles Forum. It is called the Time Machine because it is inspired by the Smart Alex, a very rare puzzle from the '80s - '90s, and Time Machine stands for playing with a puzzle back in time. One Week Later: The turning has improved drastically and the stickers are staying on there with ease. However, because all of the stickers are hollow, dust is gathering near the edges. But the dust is easy to clean off. I have attempted to solve it, but one face's numbers are all messed up. I would have to spend time on it in the summer. For me, I would say it is worth more than what I paid for. Thank you for watching!
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New Year 2011 with CP24
Another year is here and I promised to give every new year video as soon as possible. Sorry the battery pack was out.
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New Year's Eve Celebrations 2014 w/CP24
Following an annual tradition since 2010, we celebrate the beginning of 2014 by watching CP24. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tianyu_Lu
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Tangle Review
Very fun thing to fiddle around with.
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Oskar's Treasure Chest Unboxing!
I am very blissful today, and even more when this package came. :) I will have a review video coming up shortly and I will talk all about this puzzle. The history, now, and the future. Stay tuned by subscribing, and also, my next unboxing is also rated blissful according to my rankings. Nevermind.. The two puzzles that are rated blissful are very special to me, and I was literally saving up for both of these puzzles, and half way through, it was mass produced! Thank you to Uwe Meffert for making this possible. :D
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How to Solve the 2x3x3 Domino Puzzle
This is a reference to the guide of the 3x3x6 and 3x3x9 puzzles.
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WitEden 3x3x9 Unboxing!
Fill out my poll: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEl3Y3MwQVI2OTRSWDNRUVdXcVNRVFE6MQ&theme=0AX42CRMsmRFbUy1lZmFlYWE4Ni02MmQwLTQ0NWYtYWEyZC1kNmIxOWM2NjZkZjU&ifq Can be purchased here: http://www.mefferts.com/products/details.php?lang=en&category=13&id=504 I got this a few days ago, but I'm again experiencing uploading issues. This puzzle is amazing. It is the first time I've ever ordered a WitEden puzzle. They came out with so many crazy puzzles lately and I decided to try one out. It turns fantastic with corner-cutting ability and smooth turning. It is pre-lubed, stickered and comes with a box. Official Suppliers are: HK Nowstore, Mefferts, WitEden This puzzle may go on Lightake for around the same price and other shops like CubeDepot, SpeedCubeShop or iCubeMart. I highly doubt that there will be KO versions of this puzzle. The pieces are molded very precisely. Some corner pieces do seem the stalk is very thin and it will snap, but the quality is great and with proper care, it will be a fantastic puzzle. Thank you for reading! You're an awesome subscriber/person! :D
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Jade Cube and Jade Pyraminx Review
http://www.youtube.com/user/katsmom150901#p/u/115/0LIJeLWTOw0 www.jadeclub.org I show the turning, colors, texture on special Jade Club puzzles. (Entry to MillieEverett511's contest) btw I still can't sub to haribo
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Homer Simpson Head 2x2 Unboxing!!
Very unexpected but very cool!
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DianSheng 6x6 Misalignments and Trial
Very nice, review coming...
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Custom Made 3x3x9 Mirror Blocks Tower Demonstration in HD
This is what it looked like before the crazy scramble...
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Custom Made Fisher's Cube FAILED Project
Here, I show my failed fisher's cube custom cube.
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Custom Bandaged Mirror Blocks Cube
Auction Link: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110789088373#ht_742wt_1035
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Gear Shift Unboxing!!
This puzzle turns very smoothly, almost as if it was slipping.
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