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maine coon wants to be petted
so cute :) sitting on my computer chair and she's in front of my feet yahaaa my feet are on the chair pretty girly i know :P
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CAT FIGHT- maine coon vs. kitten - no the coonie is screaming that loud XD
The black kitten is (again, she grew up here) 4 days with us (vacation of owner) and our maine coon just plays with her many many times... i don`t know why she is screaming so loud that time above all she is stronger and bigger than the kitten XD. i think its pretty funny XD
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Maine Coon Kitten squeaking and purring
it's too cute :) ~~~READ~~~ here she was the 2. day with me, it was love at first sight ^^ many ppl ask how she sounds and how does she look now... so here's a vid where she was grown up :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhAAzi6MSXw check it out, still lovely, still cute, and an awesome purr :)
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Maine Coon Kitten vs Doberman (Round 1)
who is going to win?!
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sleepy Maine Coon Kitten
http://www.mainecoonkimberly.de.tl :)
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Maine Coon @ Laptop
omfg ^^
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jackenhund / ultra funny jacket-dog XD
Oh my gosh i cant stand this XDXDXD
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Maine Coon kitten in washbasin
always laying in it and drinking water from the tap totally cute!!!
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Doberman puppy attacks digicam
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funny Dobermann puppy
isn´t it cute?
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schoßhund / lapdog XD
this is my dobermann who thinks that she's a lapdog ^^ it's just too funny XD I'm sitting at my computer on the chair... and she's tired and wants to sleep XDXDXD
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dobermann shot down
love it :)
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Dobermann puppy does tricks
only 17 weeks old but she learns fast i think
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How to: Cat Head massage :3
Kimberly just relaxing on my lap receiving a nice head massage ^^
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Cute but fail ^^
I am SOOOOO sorry i didn't upload anything for so long! But i will change that now :) This is Kimmi... cute... but some cats... you know what i mean ;)
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Hide and seek in PURRfection
Where is da kitty cat ??? purr purr? who's there? :) Just a little petting the cat and some relaxing purrs :*
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Cute Maine Coon taking a nap
Sometimes after decades you find some cute stuff when you wipe away the dust ^^ In this one kimmi was sleeping on the couch... looking pretty funny ^^
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Micki meow for food
it is an old video but still funny XD
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Maine Coon opens the drawer... again ^^
finally caught the whole process on camera XD
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a dog a cat and bubbles
i love the way they look when they pay attention on the bubbles XD
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Sleepy cats :3
I found some old videos from like 8 years ago with my adorable old cat Micki and Kimberly when she was a tiny little kitten. I thought it should be on the channel too :3
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cry kelly clarkson cover
just tried it ^^
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Cat disappeared!!! I heard a noise....
Sometimes Kimberly opens the drawer and hides or sleeps behind my precious cosmopolitain magazines and stuff XD This time a heard a noise and saw a leg disappear in that drawer. I wish i caught that on camera, too...^^
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big spender cover
Just tried it for fun XD
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maine coon in plastic XD
wordless XD she's too busy^^
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worst swimming Dog - miserable ^^
My dog swimming in a lake... please send money for a swimming training. Thank you!
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broken hearted girl cover
first try i think i make a new one when im in better mood... hope its still not that bad
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carrie snowball fail
a part from a video i made in the snow... she fell so awesome on the butt XD
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i found 3 furrballs :)
I'm so happy that my cam lied next to me to get the pretty rare moment ^^ too cute :)
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cute starving cat meow
my 3 cats are always hungry XD i love the meows :)
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Evil Maine coon kitten playing
funny kitten playing under the couch :)
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lo que soy  demi lovato cover
I'm sorry for the spanish ^^ I'm german, so dont ne mad :)
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alone heart cover :P
holy crap XD friend of mine says its good but im not sure XD
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this is me demi lovato cover
i really do think that my neighbours hate me for beeing loud the whole day XD
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dog going crazy/hyper
i had to "punish" the dog because she did bad stuff on the street ^^ and then all calmed down except her! she was shaking cause of the adrenaline ^^(she pretty much sensitive i don't know XD) and i know how she behaves so i thought i could record the way we both try to get the adrenaline out of her body XD and it went pretty funny i guess ^^ these are her 5 minutes she gets all 2-3 days ^^
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Dobermann frightens cat by yawning
normally they like each other... you see the cat is relaxed till she thinks that the yawning of the dobi could be an attack... :) and NO she NEVER scratches with claws... so don't worry :) dobi still loves the 15 year old cat :)
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Dobermann attacking me
i saw a freakin' dobermann and wanted to run away and he attacked me!!!!!!!! ok i'm just kidding XD thought it would be funny XD but i had to laugh and could'nt be serious till the end XD and actually he's a she :)
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