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Drawing young Will Smith
Hey, as you can see, I'm still here and I didn't stop my channel :3 my boyfriend was right, it can work! I've just got to believe in it :)) enjoy this drawing that I loooooooved to do, because I'm totally crazy about Will Smith and particulary about "Pursuit of happYness". I also, of course, LOVE the fresh prince of Bel Air ! this is so funny :') love u all xx Full picture here: http://hpics.li/15250f8 Approx. time : 1h30 Music: The fresh prince of Bel Air THEME SONG - Cloé
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Drawing Ron and Hermione
Hey :) I created a facebook page, make sure to like it ! :) enjoy the drawing, lovely subs xx http://www.facebook.com/CloeDraws approx. time : 1h each (2h) Full picture here : http://hpics.li/835ed8b Music : Harry Potter Soundtrack - Hedwig's theme - Cloé
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Drawing Jake Sully (Avatar)
Hey guys! as you can see this is a different version of video that I made... I thought my videos were too normal, and I wanted them to be different, original, cool.. interesting :) I hope you like it, and if you don't, please tell me and I'll see what I can do to make you enjoy my videos :) enjoy this video, have a beautiful and sweet day ! love you lovely subs xx Full picture here: http://ick.li/aY5AUF Approx. time : 2h Music: Avatar theme song The bioluminescence of the night - Cloé
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Drawing Bradley Cooper
Heyyyy! I hope you're doing well :) I'm on holidays so I decided to film a new video. In fact, I wanted to stop my channel but my boyfriend told me "you should go on making videos, your channel could work!" so.. here I am ! :) when I show the entire drawing, there's too much light, so click on the link below to see the drawing in high quality ! :) enjoy my drawing! have a good day xx Full picture here: http://ick.li/BzKkdL Approx. time : 2h Music: Your number and a guy like me Artist: Shannon McArthur - Cloé
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