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LPS MV-Piggyback
You can join my MEP of the same song too!Hope you liked the video! Please like and subscribe for more!You can also find me on social media: Instagram:LPSBritneyPhoenixX Snapchat: Jjoana888
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LPS MV Swalla
The whole project took me around 2 hours,so hope you like it! :)
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LPS: The Crayon Song Gets Ruined
Hope you enjoy the video.I know its not completely focused on the lps in some moments,but just get over it XD
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Alice Lps Contest 2018
I worked really hard on it,but i dont had time to tell the whole story!There is a lot going on after this.Anyways hope you enjoy the video as much as i enjoyed making it! Love you Alice! :)
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LPS MV-Despacito
Hope you like it! :)
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LPS MV IDOL ft Nicki Minaj
School starts after 16 days for me :( When it starts i need to focus on it and i guess i will post really rarely. :( So enjoy this video for now! :) Credit to: Nicki Minaj and BTS
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Lps MV - womanizer
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LPS K-pop MV-Fantastic baby
I didn't finish the video,because i have too many exams soon and have to study...Wish me luck...If i get an A in all im going to have a new telephone and a scholarship,which is really good for me.
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LPS Movie/MV Partners in crime
Hope you like it!I was kinda lazy to finish it XD
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LPS MV Slumber Party (Britney Spears ft Tinashe)
Hope you like the video!It take me so much time and its for Britney's birthday!Happy birthday Britney!Youre my true idol!Dont mind what the others say!You will always be my hero and inpriration!Love you!
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Lps-stop motion(i kissed a girl)
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Lps- Look What You Made Me Do- Music Video
Hope you like it!This is my first video with like aa story xd I know it sucks,but thats my first try! ;D
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Lps mv- Hymn for the weekend (lyrics)
I work hard on these! Hope you like it! :) Song: Coldplay ft Beyonce-Hymn for the weekend
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Nightcore - Liar  (Britney Spears)
If you enjoy the video please give a thumbs up and subscrube! :)
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LPS MV Fetish (for 450+ subs)
Thank you so much for 470 subscribers!I love you all! :)
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LPS MV God is a woman
Re-upload for third time duh.... Fixed everything.No black screen on some parts,no glitch.Finally!!! Hope you enjoy the video!I spent a lot of time making it and fixing it. Original song-Ariana Grande.
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LPS MV-Side to side (Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj)
Hope you like the video!If you enjoy it please give a thumbs up and subscribe!~Love
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LPS MV Friends(marshmello)
It took me a lot of time!Hope you like it!
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LPS MV Lovely(Billie Eilish)
I didn't spend so much time on this one,because idek what to even edit on a sad song ;D ,but i really hope you enjoy the video! Editor:Sony Vegas 15 Pro
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What's inside an lps head?
Its actually pretty sad that my dog bite my sister's lps...But i have really wondert what's inside a lps head...So there it is!R.I.P. Chihuahua.
Views: 974 LPSBritneyXO
Hope you enjoy the video.I made mv of this song,bc i actually felt weak after i spent so much time on a movie for Alice lps's contest and she didn't even notice me...She didn't like it.Idrk if i will ever make movies,because that made me think they r nothing.I actually thought you quitting my movie... Made with Sony Vegas 15 pro.
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LPS MV - Dope (BTS)
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Im so proud of you all!You did a wonderfull job!Keep editing this way!
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LPS DIY Hair(clay)
So i recommend polimer clay for this. First you sculpt the base and then you start rolling and putting tight pieces of clay on it to make it.Don't forget to microwave it for like a minute.
Views: 190 LPSBritneyXO
Lps mv - turn me on
Nicki Minaj and David Gueta! :D
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LPS: Silence MOVIE I Halloween special 2018
I really hope you enjoy te movie! I worked really hard and it took me so much time.There are some scenes that are cutted out,because it is getting too long and that can kinda confuse you on whats happening,so feel free to ask questions. Story: Six friends go on a trip,that one of them chose without telling the others where it will be.They went in the nearest restaurant and the seller told them that this place might be haunted by a misterious monster called "black shadow''.Later she gives them necklaces that give luck and help to survive.They continue their trip and arrive in the house.It seems like its actually doesn't look like in the pictures.They decide where to sleep.Two of the characters fall in love,without knowing the other boy has a crush on the same girl.Later they meet a german shepherd which tells them the whole story of the ''black shadow''.As the lover stays and watches the stars,the other guy appears and they start a fight for the girl they both have crush on.But the noice ends summoning the monster.They have to sepparate really quickly and go with their mentors.One of the group has luck,but the other doesn't...One of the mentors ends up killed while the rest are running.When the other group hears about this,the boyfriend goes on a saving mission for his girlfriend,but it is really dangerous.They all find eachother,but the savour is still in the woods dead,or alive.Soon the girlfriend has a mental breakdown,because of him...But is he actually okay?And will they all survive the night? 100 LIKES AND PART 2 IS COMING!
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Lights I LPS Horror movie
Hope you like it! I spent a lot of time on it.DONT WEAR HEADPHONES! Thanks for watching. IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY A HAUNTED LPS(The bird in the video) COMMENT BELLOW!
Views: 151 LPSBritneyXO
Lps GTA simulator part 1
Hope you like the video!
Views: 326 LPSBritneyXO
This is re-shoot,because the previous music video of this song was with horrible quality and it was so dark!
Views: 1877 LPSBritneyXO
LPS MV Ready for it(Taylor Swift)
Music belongs to: TaylorSwiftVEVO
Views: 3202 LPSBritneyXO
Nightcore - Change your mind (Britney Spears)
Hope you like the music!
Views: 3418 LPSBritneyXO
Lps mv-bring me to life (for LPSKittyCheese)
I hope to like it!
Views: 130 LPSBritneyXO
LPS MV Bon Appetit
Well,this took me 2 days,each day like 2 hours spended for editing. :) Editor:Sony vegas 13
Views: 620 LPSBritneyXO
LPS: How to make fake blood (really easy)
You just need soap+any red paint(dont matter if it will be actylic or any other) You dont need food coloring or any other ingridient that you need to buy!So now fake blood isnt a problem for me!
Views: 872 LPSBritneyXO
LPS DIY Scary masks/the purge
Views: 317 LPSBritneyXO
LPS MV Plain Jane (Nicki Minaj)
Video uploaded for 2-nd time,not too much lag. The first video is with better quality,but lags. So why not post them both xd Im still trying to get rid of the lag,but Sony Vegas isnt handling this problem reall well...So after a few tries and a lot of time i actually removed some of it,but some parts are still messed up.Going to get another editor soon.Will try fixing everything tomorrow.Its 11pm here ;/
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LPS Babysitting goes wrong(skit)
Well,atleast i tried.I know it is boring,but nvm xd Expect more skits in the future xd
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LPS New dachshund!
Of course the first thing going here in the link to my friend's channel! GoldenLPS TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKC0kfguClr7VzzPBdeLcww Again thank you so much for dachshund 675!~Hope you enjoy your pets and make a video with them soon! ;)
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Happy 1-st Birthday Britney the cocker spaniel
I was getting emotional making the video.She isn't puppy anymore ;((( She grew up so fast!Time flies.
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Don't forget that everyone has their own opinion.You don't need to hate if you don't agree with something.Enjoy! :) ssss 10.Gone by mluvzlps 9.Crybaby Movie by musicgirl pro 8.Stepsisters by TytoVortexTV 7. Five Nights At Freddy's - The Bite Of '87 by JayJay LPS 6. Roza by ℓαíɳҽℒρѕ 5. Dead Meat by MilkTea 4. Simply Fabulous by LPShannah 3. Average by Fungroupproductions 2. Summertime Romance by LPShannah 1.Lps Popular by SophieGTV
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LPS MV Youth(Shawn Mendes ft Khalid)
Uploading this was a disaster...First my editor stopped working and i had to re-crack it and it actually took me 2-3 hours,because it didnt want to work...Then it was saying that my computer has no memory and it is full of memory,so re-install again...Good that i saved my project,because if it wasn't i would actually go crazy.Then i had a copyright problem and had to pitch it and now its here...Enjoy it...
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LPS MV Slave 4u
Original song by Britney Spears! I tried kinda diff editing in this vid.Also i was testing my camera,so hope you like the video!I putted a lot og effort. :)
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LPS Pro MEP 2U{Switching vocals}(SPARES NEEDED) 2018
In this mep im kinda picking up the people.If i give heart to your comment that means you're chosen one. Rules: 1.Make more than 1 video and then combine it.(i dont want everything to be in one shot) 2.Only G1,2 lps 3.If you put watermark put it on the right side of your video. 4.Be creative 5.Password is:JB4ever 6.If you use fake lps thats not a problem! 7.Theme is light. 8.Have fun! Due date is 1 week after i give you the part.Im serious about those things so sorry if i replace you with a spare. Fill out form: Camera: Editor: Password: Link to your best video(for more chance to get the part) Parts: 1.Mine(Because of the intro...I need to really think how to make it) 2.Lorissa LPS(+) 3.ღ kawaiiicatt ღ(-) 4.•exe lay•(+) 5.xRose Lps(+) 6.DogIsland LPSTM(+) 7.Purple Pets987(+) 8.Mine(-) 9.Lps Mauyii(+) 10.ečhø.(+) 11.Very Cherry's Beanie Boos(+) 12.LPS Pixi 1(+) 13.Galaxy Wolf Star(+) 14.lps bless(-)
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LPS OOAK Customs(Ebay)
The last one is swag af XD
Views: 435 LPSBritneyXO
Lps-Halloween special(BG Audio)
Happy Halloween to all lps fans!It is on bg audio because i dont speak English well.Sorry for this!
Views: 397 LPSBritneyXO
LPS - Awake (BTS-Jin) with lyrics
I will make all the solo songs from Wings!Next is Begin by Jungkook!Hope you like this video!If you enjoy it please subscribe to my channel! :)
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LPS MV Sweet Dreams(for  GoldenLps TV)
Hope you like it!Btw this isn't a permanent marker as you see,so no damages on the lps! You will receive them clean af :D *We're trading*
Views: 160 LPSBritneyXO
New lps + accessories lot!
Hope you like the video! You can also find me on social medias: Snapchat: Jjoana888 Instagram: Britphotolps
Views: 66 LPSBritneyXO

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