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I Believe I Can Fly
A song made up by a girl in my daughter's third grade class (of course Stephaniah had to add her theatrics) Words: I believe I can fly I got shot by the FBI All I wanted was chicken wings But they gave me Burger King
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Where is Your Phone???
My silly Stephaniah looks frantically anywhere and everywhere for my phone... which I am using to record her antics.
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My daughter has a great love for bunnies. One of her first stuffed animals was given to her when she was around 3 months old and has been with her ever since. A trip to the mall on day off last year introduced her to mechanical toys. She found a moving bunny that was blue. So we welcomed Blueberry into her new collection of bunnies.
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Do Not Try This at Home
Stephaniah makes a funny "how to" video about the uses of her new swing set.
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Becca sings "Peter Pan" by Kelsea Ballerini
Thanksgiving night my daughter and niece decided to put on their own little concert for us. Becca is 11 years old and is singing Kelsea Ballerini's song "Peter Pan".
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Rock Climbing
My daughter Stephaniah and a friend's cousin Madison wanted to go rock climbing. I think they did really well for their first time... well, Steph's first time that is. Madison told us that she had gone before then. At the time, Madison was 9 years old and Stephaniah was 7 years old. August 2016
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How to Make Galaxy Easter Eggs
*This is the first infirmative video I've made! I hope this helps someone do a very cool craft with thrir kids!* Boil your white eggs to the point of a hard boil (about 15 to 20 minutes in strong boiling water). Make sure your eggs are warm and dry before coloring. The more color you use, the darker the results. Use metallic markers or white paint pens to paint stars and spots. Remember to let eggs dry thoroughly before adding the stars and spots!
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Rock Climbing with Madison
The girls went rock climbing this summer. See the other rock climbing video for more details
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Becca holds Stephaniah hostage
My niece holds my daughter in the air. They are just playing. Stephaniah tends to be dramatic, but she really isn't hurt.
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Stephaniah sings Unbreakable
Stephaniah and her cousin Becca put on a concert in the living room Thanksgiving evening. Stephaniah is singing "Unbreakable" by Fireflight.
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