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Sounds of Sorrow  - original acoustic gusitar  - (needs lyrics/vocals)
I wrote this to express my sense of loss of when a close friend had to cut me off or risk losing her family's support (and her kids). It needs lyrics but I'm not the singer/songwriter type. The guitar is in an alternate tuning (D-modal aka DADGAD). I'm not showing the fingerings, I need to keep a few secrets.;-) 2018: Writing and releasing more music: https://soundcloud.com/user-228818482/tracks
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Ask Alexa about Mandela effect, she gets flustered
Want you want is in the first part. I can think sometimes there’s a human behind the keyboard. I asked her again later and he said that what if the name for the Mandela effect changed and we didn’t notice?
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Pregnant Dog Digging Nest
Tonka hours from delivery digging likes there's no tomorrow.
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Energy Usage from Furnace Fan
A little demonstration of how a malfunctioning furnace can cause unnecessary power use. Note: the water heater breaker was turned off as well. This house has all electric appliances.
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Sitar wound bass string demo
.026” wound vs similar size plain. Wound string is new. Plain string is a week old.
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Soulful improv Strumstick in a long hall #1 - "Kindness"
1992 Strumstick G-31 tuned alternate DCD with heavier strings. I simultaneously recorded with a usb condensor mic, however this audio is from the iphone which will be substituted at a later time for a higher quality version. I would like to thank @Christine_Stevens for sharing her "Minor Strumstick Chant" (which is amazing++) and the alternate tuning that allows minor scales to be used. By having both a normally tuned high string and the minor tuned 2nd string it gives me best of both worlds. I use the 2nd string for the "blue notes" and the 1rst string as rest notes and to resolve each phrase. I get a lot of comments that my music sounds like sitar, and that's not surprising since I both listen to and play one, however this is actually more like the ancient ancestor to the sitar, called the setar. Music starts at 0:30
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I'm going to watch it again!
GIR riding a flying piggy. Can be used as closing segment for a video clip.
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Pregnant Dog Eating Grass Like a Cow
Tonka's temperature is 98.7F this morning. Yesterday mornings was 100.1 which is normal for a dog. She seems to be showing signs of discomfort and being in early labor. I'm guessing that she's nauseated and trying to trigger vomiting. She gave birth the next day to 8 puppies.
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Destroying the Evidence
Using my microwave to destroy some data DVD's
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Fallout4 - Settlers unite to protest crowded conditions (funny glitch)
Weird bug. I set up a row of beds in Echo Lake Lumber and several times I found all of my settlers standing up on their beds. I have no idea how this happens.
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A Day at the Beach - Slideshow
One awesome photo slideshow of one very cute baby. My first video effort using Windows Movie Maker. Music: Fade Into You by Mazzy Star. Enjoy~~~
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Kitty Makeout Session
Short video of my two rescue cats, Guy Smiley and my newly arrived kitten Fekete, engaging in a mutual grooming session. This is the first time that they've done this that I know of. There's a problem with blue battery powered squeaker mouse toy near the end. Guy Smiley likes the treats however Fekete (the word "black" in Hungarian) doesn't care for them.
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Soulful improv strumstick in a long hall #2
1992 Strumstick G-31 tuned alternate DCD with heavier strings. I simultaneously recorded with a usb condensor mic, however this audio is from the iphone which will be substituted at a later time for a higher quality version.
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Left Behind and Still Moving (tapeworm edition)
I treated him with Bayer tapeworm hidden in a pill pocket and now he’s feeling much better. I can see all of the eggs that aren't visible to the naked eye (gross!) Sorry about the artifacts from the video stabilzation. I bought a tripod since.
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Improv DADGAD 12-string guitar - "Rehephanie’s Dream"
Going minor. No regrets (except not using a metronome) Used a thumbpick but took it off at 2:44. Remixed into shorter track: https://soundcloud.com/user-228818482/rehephanies-dream-1 More tracks: https://soundcloud.com/user-228818482/tracks
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Kitty make-out session
Guy and Fekete grooming each other
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Puppies moving inside mommy dog
Tonka close to whelping showing puppy movement.
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Stealth laundry room mining rig setup (part 1 of ??)
Has 220V outlet and plenty of room as long as I get an over-under washer dryer ($25/month to rent). Also has fiber optic which is rare in this area. The electric is submetered from building's commercial account so should be more affordable than residential rates. Edit: I was wondering on about what to do with the excess heat and thought about cutting a hole in the back wall so it get's sucked into the AC system, however, I have a dryer vent right there so why not just use that? I've already seen a quick-connect system for dryer hoses on another youtube howto video. BTW: the filter is just for fun. I'll put in a link the original version when I get a sec to find it;
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Crazy parrot on drugs!
Video of our parrot Samantha carrying on. :) (no she's not really on drugs)
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Kitty Love
My "boys" were happy to see me come home and greeted me in their own way. The are both stray cats that I've adopted.
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Haunting 12-string open tuning - "Quaalude in the Stairwell"
Part Mozart, with some blues and middle eastern influence. Modified DADFAD tuning (D/d,A/a,D/d,x/F#,A/f#,D/a) played in Lydian mode (major aug 4th). No audio processing except eq. I have since discovered that turning the high string to a minor 3rd interval, D/b, allows me to play the same lead higher up. Sticking to the pentatonic notes on the lead strings avoids notes not in scale. I removed the treble G string which allows me to bend notes. Free download! https://goo.gl/SEjcSm New tracks on weekly posted to SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-228818482/tracks Please like, follow, and repost! https://patreon.com/technophant https://www.instagram.com/technophant/ #yogamusic
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Round and round it goes, the cat toy chase
Original captions : "It looks like it's time lapse but it's not. He's a spaz!" Then I sped it up x2 and now it looks really crazy.
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Get your kitty licks here
Me and Fekete double teaming Mr Smiley. https://www.instagram.com/technophant/ #OnPatreon https://patreon.com/user?u=15787943
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Free-form improv guitar - "On the Outs"
Haven't played in months but still got it. DADGAD tuning. Vox amp. Thanks Lisa for filming it...
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(Almost) Arrested for Eating a Snow Cone after Church for Looking Wrong
Encounter with Austin AISD Police on Sunday, Sept 30, 2018 after going to the controversial Celebration Life Church in Austin Texas. Q&A: Q: You were ordered to leave, why didn't you comply? A: I wanted to but was unable. Because I must balance to stay on the knee walker (scoter), it is physically impossible to push off with one foot without having both hands on the handlebars. Since this scooter didn't have a basket there was no way I could have actually left with the snow cone still in my hand. It would have been reasonable for the officer to have given me a few minutes to finish it. Q: Why were you asked to leave? A: The reason stated was that I was bothering the two church members (1M/1F) who were operating the snow cone trailer. I was very confused because the interaction I had with them was quite pleasant and without any issues. They even went out of their way to make a sugar-free one for me. If somebody could fix the rotation, post it as an unlisted video, and email me, that would be greatly appreciated. #OnPatreon https://patreon.com/user?u=15787943 New original guitar music released weekly: https://soundcloud.com/user-228818482/tracks
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Cat toy jumping surprise
Fekete just learned this trick today. The first time he did it he surprised me. I've never seen a cat do something like this, more like something a dog would do.
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Peanut takes a bath
My 18 year old persian get a bath. I used my iPhone to record and Windows Live Movie Maker to edit. BTW: She doesn't have an eye infection. Stub-nosed cats can have problems with eye drainage from allergies.
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Horror show of clutter
A house of an outwardly obsessively neat person (NPD). This isn't a small apartment, actually it's the biggest one-bedroom I've ever seen - two level with garage. The last shot shows my belongings for which I was constantly harassed and evicted for (while couch surfing). Lesson learned. Living with a sociopath is not healthy! Please make a donation to the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill to help people like this and their families.
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GTA 5 mahem
GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 3GB CPU: AMD A10-5700 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics Memory: 12 GB RAM (11.9 GB RAM usable) Current resolution: 1920 x 1080, 60Hz Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Single Language
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Round and round it goes
It looks like it's time lapse but it's not. He's a spaz!
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Kitty Love (remix)
My "boys" were happy to see me come home and greeted me in their own way. The are both stray cats that I've adopted.
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Come join me GTA-V
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My cat's reaction to designing my Sim dog
He mostly loved it. Pawed more than this. Wanted to play.
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View from under shark
View from inside shark tube in Dallas World Aquarium
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Cat toy jumping surprise (short version)
Fekete just learned this trick today. The first time he did it he surprised me. I've never seen a cat do something like this, more like something a dog would do.
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Acoustic 12-string guitar - "Keeper 7"
Acoustic 12-string DADGAD capo session that is the basis for a new song call By My Side Took 6 minutes to record, 12 minutes to edit, and 4 hours to figure out how to put on youtube.
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Two cats (almost) french kissing!!!
These are my buddies, Mr. Smiley and Fekete (both male felis catus) doing their daily mutual grooming routine. I have yet to catch them intentionally licking each on the mouth. They always seem to just miss...
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😽Eat My Ass | cat butt licking
This was going on for a while b4 I got my phone out. I’m just the observer. This is natural behavior. Would’ve happened anyways if I wasn’t looking. 🎯🤮🤕😹
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Kitties tenderly licking their cares away
Guy Smiley and Fekete their daily mutual grooming session. (Bubble filter + royalty-free YT music) instagram @technophant
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Puppies swarm, 2 1/2 weeks
8 puppies trying to feed on Tonka
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Cat obsessively licking Elizabethan Collar
This was the tail end of a 15 minute session. It got to be so obsessive I just took it off. He still loves to lick though.. More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhnxUGHugh4.
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