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13. Cleaning my ♥♥♥Chihuahua♥♥♥  !!
Bico loves ♥♥♥ it when I make him clean an cuddle him !!! The music in this video does NOT belong to me !!!!
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35. HAIRCUT.wmv
Mijn hondje ben ik aan het scheren en knippen maar ze vindt het helemaal niet zo fijn maar ze is wel heel lief. My doggy gets a haircut, she do not like it at all, but she is very sweet !!
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30. You're my Honey Bunch Sugar Plum...wmv
You're my Honey Bunch, Sugar Plum, Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my sweetie pie, You're my cuppy cake, Gumdrops, Snoogums boogums, You're te apple of my eye, And I love you so and I want you to know, That I'll always be right here, And I love to sing, sweet songs to you Because you are so DEAR......
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61  Power Bank !!!
TP- Link 10400mAh Power Bank TL-PB10400 It is just an amazing Power Bank, now you can charge your Mobile Devices Anytime and Anywhere, it's that simple !!!!!!
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20. The Honey Bunch Sugar Plum Song !!
Bico is singing the Honey Bunch Sugar Plum Song !!!!!
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Maastricht 24 december 2010 flinke laag sneeuw gevallen !!! Liedje van Maastrichtse Angelina: Daan goon de lempkes oan !!
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5. Dog-Trolley  ❤  Honden-Trolley !!
Bico in his new Dog Trolley !! Bico in zijn nieuwe honden trolley, die ik op internet heb besteld bij www.hondenbenodigdheden.com
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83. WATCHDOG !!!.
BiBi is like a small watchdog, she watches all day long !!
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These funny photo-effects are make with these sites: http://funny.pho.to/ and http://funphotobox.com/
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Motor ritje door Maastricht !! Motorbike ride through Maastricht !!
Een ritje met de motor door Maastricht !! a Ride with the motorbike through Maastricht (Netherlands)!!
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34. Toshiba Camileo H20 (1080).wmv
Today filmed with my Toshiba Camileo H20 camcorder, the sun was lovely and my doggy enjoyed it.
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65. Pet-Stroller !!   Honden-Buggy !!.wmv
Bibi in her new pet stroller !! Toby her cousin is here for the holidays and he likes it very much to ride in the stroller, Bibi was a little afraid when I ride her with the stroller, she needs more time to used on it !! Bibi in haar nieuwe honden buggy !! Toby haar neefje is hier op vakantie en hij vond het prachtig om gereden te worden in de buggy, Bibi was een beetje bang toen ik met haar ging rijden in de buggy, zij heeft wat meer tijd nodig om eraan te wennen !! http://www.hondenbench.be/nl/home.htm
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53  Intelligence Game for Dogs !
Bico and Faith become a present from a good friend of mine, it is an Intelligence Game for dogs, hope you do enjoy them !!
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I just shot this video for FUN !! I had to throw with sweets to let Bibi walk!! As you can see my dog BiBi can not walk with these shoes on, it's even dangerous because she is not used to !! The song is from: Sandra & Andres: Storybook Children ! I'am not the owner of the song!!!
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Ter herinnering aan mijn liefste pap !!!
Ter herinnering aan mijn liefste pap die op 27 januari 2012 gestorven is !!! Dit liedje speelde bij zijn crematie, hij was een liefhebber van Indonesië !! In memory of Dad who died on januari 27 2012 !!! This song played at his funeral, he loved Indonesia!!! The song is from Anneke grönloh: Soerabaja. The song in this video does not belong to me !!!!
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75  ♥♥♥ Faith and Bico singing a Christmas Song ♥♥♥
My Yorkshire Terrier Faith and my Chihuahua Bico singing a Christmas song for you all, Merry Christmas everybody XXX
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a close-up from my lovely doggy BiBi !
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60. Yap dog basket !!!
Today 2015-02-05 it is Bico his 3th Birthday, I give him and his sister Faith a new dog basket from the Brand: Yap Rimini, they love it !!!!
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72.   Gaia ZOO Kerkrade !!
Een dagje naar de Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade, zo prachtig mooi echt de moeite waard om te gaan kijken , zoveel moois !!!
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Rondritje Motor Zuid Limburg !!
Rondritje met de motor door Zuid-Limburg !! The music in this video does not belong to me !!!!!
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96. Happy Christmas !!.
Hello everybody, a very happy Christmas, may peace, love, health and happiness be with you on you way !!!! I am NOT the owner from this song in the video !!!!!
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18. Chihuahua's first Christmas !!
Bico the chihuahua his first Christmas !!!! Hi my dear YouTube-Friends, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New-Year XXX
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Today we went to the "Sint Pietersberg" in Maastricht Netherlands. It was beautiful weather, we have a nice walk and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings !!
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73.   Wereldtuin China  bij  Mondo Verde ZOO Landgraaf NL !!
Mondo Verde Zoo Landgraaf Nederland een kijkje in de wereldtuin van China !!
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4.  My first Bath !!
Bico goes for the first time in the Bath !!!! The song in this video does not belong to me !!!!!
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71. Buggy (Tom & Co)
The new Buggy from Faith and Bico !!
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BiBi likes it when I tickle her, when I stop with tickling she looks at me if she want to say please go on now !!! Bibi wordt graag gekieteld, als ik stop heft ze haar hoofdje omhoog alsof ze zeggen wil ga nou door met kietelen !!!
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Memories so precious !!!!!
Today July the 6th it was BiBi her Birthday, unfortunately she could not reach her 15th Birthday, my dear Bibi died februari 24 this year!! So I made this tribute for her, to let her know, I will never forget her, she will always live on in my memories and my heart as long as I live!! I miss her every day, she is always on my mind, she was a part of my life and living without her is very hard. She was my soulmate, we were so very close !! Her death gives me still a lot of grief it's so unreal !!! The song in this video does not belong to me !!!!!!
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THIS INFORMATION COMES FROM PETA: These gerbils nearly drowned at USGE because of a neglected, faulty watering system. There is breaking news about our investigation into U.S. Global Exotics (USGE), an international animal dealer, and I wanted you to be the first to know. During his seven months working undercover inside the company's Arlington, Texas, warehouse, PETA's investigator documented the daily and often fatal neglect and abuse of tens of thousands of animals. PETA shared with Arlington officials our concerns about cruelty to animals at USGE, and on December 15, 2009, in what was the largest animal seizure in history, more than 26,000 animals were confiscated from this hellish facility. Now, just months after we released a fraction of our findings from the investigation into USGE, the business has closed down, and the owner—who is wanted on federal charges filed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—is on the run. USGE had been a major player in the international exotic-pet trade as a multimillion-dollar business that imported and exported millions of animals for eventual resale at pet stores and pet store chains—including PETCO and PetSmart—all over the world. But since the December 2009 raid, not a single animal has been bought or sold by USGE, and the company's facility is empty and up for sale. USGE's license from the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been canceled. Coatis like this one were kept in a tiny, filthy birdcage, forced to live on wire so sharp that it injured their feet. A federal arrest warrant has been issued for Jasen Shaw, USGE's owner, who is under investigation for smuggling, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting—all of which are violations of the Lacey Act, a federal law designed to combat trafficking in illegal wildlife, among other things. In order to protect the legal integrity of the case, we have been unable to release our full investigative findings—until now. For the first time, we can share the never-before-seen investigation photos, videos, and case facts. The fact that USGE has gone out of business is a victory for the millions of animals who would have been captured in their native homes in the wild; shipped thousands of miles in cramped crates, pillowcases, boxes, bags, and bottles; and kept in horrific conditions at USGE. But there is still much more that we can do, together, to help the millions of other animals who are still suffering in the pet trade. Remind your friends and family members never to buy animals from pet stores (warehouses like USGE supply animals to distributors like Rainbow World Exotics and Sun Pet, Ltd., for sale in pet stores), and ask national chains PETCO and PetSmart to stop selling all animals now. You can do even more to help animals who are suffering in the cruel pet trade by making a special gift today. Thank you for your compassion for all animals. PETA
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Philips Bluetooth Speaker BT100B
Philips Bluetooth Speaker BT100B, you can listen music, you can call with it. When the music is playing and you get an incoming Phone Call, the music stops playing and your get a special Phone Sound so you know you have an incoming Phone Call, you can answer your Phone Call with the Phone Button and you can also stop your Phone call with the Phone Button, the music starts then playing again. I is a very great speaker, and for Phone Calls it is just fantastic !!!!!
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68. Ling and Fang enjoy their Bath !!
Ling and Fang my two Zebra Finch taking a Bath !!
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112.  Happy 14th Birthday BiBi !!!.wmv
Today 6 juli it is Bibi's 14th Birthday !!!!! The song in this video does not belong to me !!!!!!!!!
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71. 13th Birthday BiBi !!.wmv
Today 6 july 2010 is Bibi's 13th birthday !!! All congratulations for BiBi are very welcome ! Vandaag 6 juli 2010 is Bibi 13 jaar geworden !!! Alle felicitaties voor Bibi zijn van harte welkom ! Song: Happy Birthday from: New Kids On the Block !!
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79. ICE CREAM for BIBI.wmv
BiBi is eating a sugar-free ice cream and she loves it very much !!!!!
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66. Toothless Dog can not hold his tongue inside !!.wmv
Toby is the dog from my sister, Toby is staying with me for a time !! Toby has only one tooth and is 13 years old !! He can not hold his tongue inside his mouth !! Toby is het hondje van mijn zusje, Toby is op vakantie bij mij !! Hij heeft maar één tandje en is 13 jaar oud !! Hij kan zijn tong niet vasthouden in zijn mondje !!
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Bico my sweet 4 months old Chihuahua !!!
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105. BiBi Having a Shower !!
I needed to wash BiBi, but since she is older she hates the shower !! You can hear her cry, it is so heartbreaking !! Almost at the end of the video she jumps out of the shower and run away, that was really funny, LOL !!!
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8. Cute Chihuahua !!!
Cute Chihuahua Bico is chewing !!!!
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45. FUNNY PHOTO EFFECTS  (part 2).wmv
These photo effects are made with: http://fun.photobox.com/ The video I did make with Windows Movie Maker !
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89. WORLD ANIMAL DAY !!!!!.wmv
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61. Bibi gets a shower !!!.wmv
Bibi gets a shower today, she is always very afraid when I wash her, but after the shower she always runs very crazy over my bed, after all of this she was very tired !!
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70. Please stop the Fireworks !!!!
Please stop the Fireworks, It's almost New year. On the old and new year we animals go tro hell and are so afraid !! Please think of us and stop the Fireworks and please, spend your money on something useful out !! Thank you XxX
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14. Chihuahua eating a honey pigs ear !
Bico is enjoying his honey pigs ear!!
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Merry Christmas everybody !!
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♥ BiBi ♥ 2 years out of my Life, but never out of my ♥ Heart ♥
Bibi my dearest Yorkshire Terrier, today february 24 she is 2 years out of my life, but never out of my heart, I still miss her every day, for Always she will be ♥ my sweet little Angel in Heaven ♥ I will never forget her ♥ she will Always be a part of my life ♥ The song in this video does not belong to me !!!!!!
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18. BiBi is my name !!.mp4
Crazy Talk 5 movie !!
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116. The Sweetest Girl !!!.
Bibi my Yorkshire Terrier, she is 14 years old and I love her very very much !!
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15. HAVING FUN !!!
Bico is playing on the bed with his toy and we having a lot fun !!!
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58  ♥♥♥ Bico loves his Teddy Bear ♥♥♥
Bico loves his Teddy Bear The music in this video does not belong to me !!!!!!
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115.  WORLD ANIMAL DAY !!!!!
October the 4th it is World Animal Day !!!!!! We must love and take care for all the animals in the World !!!!
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