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Hed Kandi (Winter Chill 2002) - Continuous Bonus CD 1
#hedkandi #lounge #housemusic TRACKLIST 1. Whisper - Slovo 2. Magpie - Abraham 3. Another Try - Nova June 4. Standstill - Hard Kandy 5. Missing - Roy Camembert And His Orchestra 6. Naturally (Yearn Mix) - KimBlee 7. Night Night - Ive Mendes 8. I'm Sorry - Almadrava 9. Beautiful Crazy - Space Raiders 10. Count On You - Poloroid 11. The Girl Who Fell Through The Ice - Aim 12. Haze - Fingathing 13. Pablos Blues - Gare Du Nord (Removed since it was blocked worldwide but you can look it up :) ) 14. Sometimes Lonely - 39 Vybes 15. Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday) - Moby
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Hed Kandi (Beach House 1) - Continuous CD 1
TRACKLIST: Blue Six - Music And Wine (Original Funkaphonic Vocal) Factor 15 - Summer Love (Beach House Dub) PetalPusher - Surrender (Original Mix) Sven Van Hees - Tsunami (Inside My Soul) Nightsource - Just Right Presence - Future Love (Love From San Francisco Mix) Lovetronic - You Are Love (Jay Afrotronic Vocal) - ***Removed since it is blocked world wide *** Bayaka - Spanish Storm (At Jazz Mix) Mutiny ft Mary Joy - Bliss (MAW Main Mix) Clan Greco - Rotation (Eric Kupper Remix) Can 7 - Cruisin'
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Hed Kandi (Winter Chill) - Misty Blue
It's been such a long long tiiiiime
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Hed Kandi - Can I Get (Some Lovin')
Keep yo fellow man by yo siiiiiiiiide ;)
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Hed Kandi Winter Chill 3 (Continuous Bonus CD 2)
Rainy days and Mondays....always get me.....down TRACKLIST: Depeche Mode - When The Body Speaks Lamb - Gabriel Chris Coco - Only Love Cathi Ogden - Rainy Days And Mondays Amar - Sometimes It Snows In April The Dining Rooms - M. Dupont Fused - Twisted Night Traffic - Empty Beaches Afterlife - Deeper Into Places Sia - Blow It All Away Minty's Style - See The Light (Austral Mix) Kelli Ali - Sunlight In The Rain Emiliana Torrini - To Be Free Kosheen - Gone Mr Hermano - Leave Me On A High
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Hed Kandi (Virgin Atlantic) - Better With You
Only ;) #housemusic #lenno #hedkandi
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Hed Kandi Serve Chilled 2008 (Continuous Bonus CD 1)
Groove Armada - Paris Samantha James - Right Now Blu Mar Ten - Drive J Majik & Wickaman - Crazy World (Afterlife's Dancing At Sunset Mix) Natalia Clavier - Azul Rodney Hunter - Definition Part 2 Ft L'Enfant Tyrrell ft Nanar - As I Listen Blue States - Allies Neon Heights - Walked Out This Morning Jose Gonzalez - Killing For Love (Beatfanatic Remix) Ralph Myerz ft Pee Wee - My Darling Headstrong ft Kirsty Hawkshaw - Love Calls (Floris De Hann Mix)
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Hed Kandi (Acoustic) Continuous Bonus Mix 1
Lady - Modjo (Acoustic Version) Kimblee - Fade (Acoustic Mix) Fish Go Deep - Cure & the Cause (Acoustic Version) The Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (Lola Loungin' Mix) Basement Jaxx - Romeo (Acoustic Version) Cookin' on 3 Burners - This Girl (Acoustic Version ft Kylie) Jonas Blue - Perfect Strangers (Acoustic ft JP) Dan Harkna, Tieks - Sunshine (Acoustic Version Grace Grundy - Sexual Matt Johnson - My Way (Acoustic Live Lounge) Sigala - Easy Love (Acoustic Version) Matoma, Becky Hill - False Alarm (Mohito Campfire Remix) Jessie Ware - Running (Acoustic Version) Seinabo Sey - Younger (Acoustic Version) Eliza Doolittle - You And Me (Piano Version)
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Hed Kandi (Nu Cool) - Wanna Keep You Warm (In My Heart)
That I knew right from the staaaaaart ;)
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Hed Kandi (Stereo Sushi) - What Do You Want
What more do youuuu waaaaaant?
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Hed Kandi (Beach House) - Kiss Kiss Kiss
Close yo eyes and open yo miiiiind, I wanna give youuu a big suhhpriseee baebehhh do you know how to kiss kiss kiss kisss kisss
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Hed Kandi (Beach Club) - U Got Me
Baebeeee you have GOT MEEE
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Hed Kandi (Deeper) - Continuous Bonus CD 1
#housemusic #hedkandi #deephouse Disc: 1 1. So Alive - The Rurals 2. Reality (Ra-Souls Classic Vocal Mix) - Star 3. Always (Original 12in Mix) - Lisa Shaw 4. Quiet Nights (Original Mix) - Andy Caldwell 5. Save The Day (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix) - Silent Poets 6. Only (Aquanote Original) - Aquanote 7. Sincere (Naked Music Mig's Petalpusher Vocal Remix) - MJ Cole 8. The Night (Goes On) (Dawn To Dusk Remix) - Limos 9. When I Fall In Love (Stryke's Blue Vocal Techsture) - A:Xus: When I Fall Remix Project 10. Always (One In Four Mix) - New Phunk Theory 11. Love Affair - Laid
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Hed Kandi (Nu Disco) - Friday Night
Is the tiiiime for me to work it baebehhhh
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Hed Kandi (Beach House) - Slow Love
Had enough of this love
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Hed Kandi (World Series Brazil) - Mojitos And Sunshine
One more! Mojito! Lessss go #hedkandi #brasil #worldcup
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Hed Kandi (The Mix: Spring) - Wiggle It
Jusssssssss a little bit ;)
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Hed Kandi (Nu Cool) - Bring The Love
I know you can show meeeeee
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Hed Kandi (Beach House) - I Want Your Love
To betta days, i'm so amazed ;)
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Hed Kandi (Disco Heaven 2009) - Continuous CD 1
TRACKLIST: Joey Negro & SBBand - Sitting On Top Of The World (Dj Meme Mix) Shena - Can't Stop The Rain (Sheriff & Hesso Extended Mix) The Mutha Funkaz ft Sheila Ford and Biblical Jones - Galaxy (Muthafunkaz Long Version Dj Neo ft Soraya - Groove With You Sosua and Mad - Who's Been Sleeping Under My Bed Jonni Black ft NJ - Thinking About You House Bros - Let The Music (House Music Bros Mix) Natsuyo ft Alexandra Prince - Rise Over Jay C ft Shena - The Music Romain Curtis ft Seamus Haji ft Awa - I've Been Looking (Seamus Haji remix)
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Hed Kandi (Beach House) - Giving You The Light
Cuz ya spread the light spread the liiiight
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Hed Kandi (Deep Disco) - First Kiss
I have one queshhhhh
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Hed Kandi (The Best Love...EVER) - Step With Me
Without you there's no reason to stayyyy ;)
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Hed Kandi (Acoustic) - Continuous Bonus Mix 2
Disc: 2 (All Acoustic) 1. Firestone - Kygo Feat. Conrad Sewell (Removed since it was blocked worldwide but you can look it up) 2. I Could Be the One - Avicii Vs. Nicky Romero 3. Fast Car - Jonas Blue Feat. Dakota 4. Waves - Mr. Probz 5. How Deep Is Your Love - Beth 6. Uninvited - Freemasons Feat. Bailey Tzuke 7. I Remember - Lovely Laura & Tyrrell 8. Days Go By - Dirty Vegas 9. Clarity - Foxes 10. Smile - Gorgon City Feat. Elderbrook 11. Don't Need No Money - Imani Williams 12. Some Kinda Rush - Booty Luv 13. Do You Mind - Kyla 14. Wicked Game - Peter and Kerry 15. Don't Be So Shy - Grace Grundy
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Hed Kandi (Nu Cool) - Little Girl
Lead you homeeee
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Hed Kandi (Virgin Atlantic) - City People
Werk it werk it werk it #housemusic #lounge #hedkandi
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Hed Kandi (Back To Love 2017) - Deepest Blue
Everytime I try to move closaaaaa
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Hed Kandi (Disco Heaven) - Watchu Lookin At
Neva though neva thought neva thought
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Hed Kandi (Swiss Casinos) - So Sweet
Sweet as honayyy ooo oooo yeah;)
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Hed Kandi (World Series Finlandia) - My Baby
You're mahhh----kinda crazy ;) SWEET
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Hed Kandi (Winter Chill 2003) - Continuous CD 1
Will this beeee myyy chiiiiaoolddd ? #hedkandi #lounge #housemusic TRACKLIST: Slovo - Killing Me dZihan & Kamian - Smile Mooi - Sway Late Night Alumni - Beautiful Goldfrapp - Forever Hubtone ft Zoe Johnston - Red Balloon Kinobe - Slowmotion Hard Kandy - Big Sand Lux - One Hundred Billion Stars Bliss - Breathe Kaskade - Let You Go Adani & Wolf - Onto The Light Pepe Deluxe - Lying Peacefully
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