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Purple Guy's Death (WARNING: BLOOD)
So this is literally the bloodiest picture I have ever drawn and I've drawn Tigerstar's death before... in detail... **ahem** So this is his death. I've seen plenty of pictures before. However, I thought I'd put a bit of a twist to it. Purple Guy, as he is dying, is remembering his life past. He remembers the event that set his psychopathic blood lust into motion. (middle, right) He remembers what the children looked like before he snapped their necks. (bottom) The children's spirits confront him and watch him as he dies. (top) Unlike PaPa, I didn't show the difference between the original picture I drew compared to the finished product. I forgot about it, expecially since it took 7.5 hours to draw and an extra 3.5 hours to convert to a format that YouTube would accept. Well, every time I finished recording a segment I'd convert it to Flash and then load it in Movie Maker. This is so most of the clips I made would already be done. However, the last few ones (like 19-23) weren't done. Then went the process of choosing/adding music that wouldn't be banned from Germany but would semi-fit the picture. In other words, here it is! The second picture I've ever drawn of Purple Guy! I don't like him, to make this clear. I feel sorry for him and kind of think the punishment is extreme. However, I still don't like him. Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Songs: Come Little Children (Hocus Pocus), Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Set it Off) PG death scene: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150304183109/freddy-fazbears-pizza/images/0/05/Tumblr_nkm9nf925W1qmaqmeo1_1280.jpg Puppet full body: http://i.ytimg.com/vi/SC2F3Km02iw/hqdefault.jpg Child death scene: http://31.media.tumblr.com/b68289c6ec3e14f8fe2a5ae3cde398cf/tumblr_inline_ns0m28jpRu1s0qrzj_500.gif Golden Freddy full: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-O-j4qeOai04/VTQ1kJ6CFHI/AAAAAAAAEXE/7pvDs7s1hpc/w506-h750/520c.png Golden Freddy head: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-MvRS5bY-X6c/VHyhGcg_TKI/AAAAAAAABmI/zH2Zs885TGs/w1024-h768/tumblr_nfvei0iTf41tibooio6_1280.jpg Springtrap torso: http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150304013031/freddy-fazbears-pizza/images/0/0b/Extra_Springtrap_2.png Plushtrap full body: http://orig13.deviantart.net/459e/f/2015/211/1/b/fnaf_4_plushtrap_full_body_original__by_gabrielgeoanca-d93f9fm.png Springtrap full body: http://orig15.deviantart.net/a5d8/f/2015/061/1/6/354140_screenshots_2015_03_03_00003_by_qunsmoke-d8k79ln.jpg Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own the songs or Five Nights at Freddy’s (Scott Cawthon does). I did, however, create the picture. Drawing time: 7.5 hours Editing: 3 hours Referencing: .25 hours I do not own the songs nor do I own FNaF. I did draw the picture, though!
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Corcodile with Horse Head
This is based off of a dream my mother had. A crocodile with the head of a horse with other crocs. She has the oddest dreams. Well, this didn't take me long. Then again, I'm still a rookie with photo-manipulation. Song: No Handlebars Photo-manipulator used: Photoshop Movie editing: Windows Live Movie Maker
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Flirty Springtrap
He was such a lady killer back in his day. Anyway, this is Springtrap being a flirty arse. After all, he's been trapped for ten-thirty years all by himself in a metal suit covered in felt and wires. Why not point a finger gun at the next person he wants to brutally murder? I've explained a lot in the video. However, if you have any questions about it, please ask! The ghost-people aren't their personifications. They are the kids that were brutally murdered by the douche who now owns the Springtrap suit. I made them in their 'FNaF 2' forms because that's how they appeared (for the most part) in FNaF 3... no spoilers. I'm sorry about the arms/chest. I didn't have a good full-body reference until AFTER I was done. So, anyway, look forward to more art! I don't much like most of the fan-base, but I love the theories, the story and the characters. This is not to mention the non-canon back-stories I thought up for Purple Guy and the kids! Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Song: Survive the Night Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own this song (MandoPony does) nor the plot or characters (Scott Cawthon does). However, I own the picture.
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Albino Hybrids
I decided to make some griffins. However, I didn't want to make them just any sort of griffins: I made them albino! Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Song: Starfall (Two Steps From Hell) Lion black bg: http://showmedesign.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/05-white-lion-and-broken-pons.jpg Lion grass bg: http://www.foroswebgratis.com/imagenes_foros/2/3/8/7/4/555364leon%20blanco.jpg Eagle chained foot: http://frametoframe.ca/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Bald-Eagle-back-Mountsberg-Raptor-Centre.jpg Eagle on branch: http://gallery.photo.net/photo/2333481-md.jpg Eagle flying: http://scienceandnatureforapie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Bald-Eagle-9453.jpg Two eagle heads: http://funnyasduck.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/funny-pictures-bald-eagle-straight-on.jpg BG used: http://www.virtualoceania.net/newzealand/photos/mountains/fiordland/065g.shtml 2nd BG: http://www.virtualoceania.net/newzealand/photos/mountains/fiordland/nz0110.shtml Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own this song
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Evolve Christmas Photo
Here's a little picture I made in photoshop. Technically, the idea was made by reactiveisland5 on the Evolve forums. I just put it together to look nice. Sorry I didn't get it in earlier. Iv'e been sick as a dog for the past few days! D: I've uploaded the photo to the thread I mentioned earlier. (It's in the description, just down there!) So if you want to take a look, go there. If you want to use it, just give me credit for creating it and I'll be happy. :) Merry Christmas! *Idea (reactiveisland5):* https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/t/idea-for-a-holiday-photo-for-evolve/79398 *Evolve Symbols:* http://i913.photobucket.com/albums/ac337/blazer_way_2009/evolvethumb_zps12327a69.jpg *Stockings:* http://preview.turbosquid.com/Preview/2014/07/05__09_05_30/thumbnail.pngfd8a63db-9347-4ae5-8483-cea1e61d060fOriginal.jpg *Fireplace:* http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/creepypasta/images/b/b8/Fireplace.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120718063641 *Markov Mine:* http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/718664200976809165/1C16CC901824FA05D57FA64D3AE514EF368AC81D/ *Assault Rifle and Lightening Gun:* http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/evolve/images/a/a2/1661835_279634842194950_1009745252_n.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140524040559 *Hank Orbital:* http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/evolve.gamepedia.com/thumb/2/29/Hank_orbital_barrage.jpg/400px-Hank_orbital_barrage.jpg?version=a52ce811860afa9111e8ef70d241afe9 *Shield Gun and Laser Cutter:* http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/evolve/images/8/86/1896735_283891978435903_496109161_n.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140524040309 *Daisy:* https://talk.turtlerockstudios.com/uploads/default/15825/6a505a273c2b8b19.jpg *Maggie Rifle:* http://img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20141127002647/evolve/images/5/58/Maggie_loadout_large_machine_pistol.jpg *Maggie Harpoon Trap:* https://cdn.discourse.org/turtlerock/uploads/default/original/3X/5/b/5b9059dd37f9d8680a65ba9aec632684dd59e4b7.jpg *Val Rifle and MedGun:* https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/d6/3e/51/d63e51396db428f192c217cf1d869a7c.jpg *Val Tranq:* http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/evolve/images/f/fe/Val_Tranquilizer_Gun.png/revision/latest?cb=20141102043017 *Hunter Figures:* https://cdn.discourse.org/turtlerock/uploads/default/original/3X/c/c/cc121ef195e6c9a8c66edbe11053764457d12133.jpg *Bones:* http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Bone-knife.jpg *Goliath Figure:* https://www.projecttriforce.com/images/products/secondary/ev_goliath-2.jpg *Zanta Claws Christmas Rap:* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Jof_X98IDM
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My Insane Printer
My printer is literally crazy. I have no clue what is wrong with it. Sorry if you think it's anti-climactic. :P I was just able to catch the tail-end of it. A few second prior, it was literally shoving papers out of it. I had to replace all the blank papers because it ejected them all unceremoniously.
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Bird in the Closet
My sister found a bird in her closet. We were kind of surprised as there were no holes in her walls or ceilings. Her door was locked. Her window had a net on it to keep out bugs. We do have plenty of birds living in our roof, however. There's rarely a warm-season morning without birdsong! Mother wouldn't let us near the bird until she came up with a towel. That's not to mention my sister was too panicked to get near it and I will admit that I have a small fear of birds. Unfortunately, with a multitude of people in the room, the bird freaked out and flew too low. Gypsie jumped in the air and swatted it. Fortunately, Mother was able to save the bird and I was able to put the cat outside of the bedroom. When we released it outside, the bird was able to fly away. Find your home again Lost Bird! Editing time: 1.5 hours
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Cole and Cloe the First Redrawn
Last year, I made a horrendous excuse for a speedpaint. I've been thinking of redrawing it for a while and I finally got around to doing it. Now that I have a tablet, pictures are going to turn out way better. Also: Whoops, I uploaded it February 22nd, not June 14th. Anyway, this is Cole the Demon Fox and Cloe the First (Lilly) the Spirit Fox. Then there's Daffodil the little floppy eared bunny. Cloe goes by her spirit name Lilly. But since Cloe looks like Cole with the l and o switched, I kept it. You can't really see Daf, but that's because he's standing under Lilly's paws. A discarded scene from Watching the World Burn: Spirit. Spirit is the sixth book in the series. Song: Two Steps From Hell: Dragon Rider Recorder: BB Flashback Express Recorder Editing: Windows Movie Maker Drawing programs: Autobook on Samsung Tablet, Adobe Photoshop CC on my laptop Original Speedpaint: https://youtu.be/eNiGEjvucpA This picture, characters within, plot line of the story, and generally everything about this save for the music belongs to me. If you wish to use any of it, please ask. I won't bite!
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Happy 18, Ana!
My sister just turned 18 today. Guess it's time to sing happy birthday with some shirtless guys! My first uncut, unedited video. Yes this was recorded on a potato. This has my mom, bio dad, step dad, baby sister, middle sister (Ana!), and my sister's friend!
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Studying for Midterms
So I'm in psychology and this is what I'm doing. Midterms are right around the corner. This is only for the benefit of sleeping. Jotting down these notes and then speaking them aloud has helped me remember this along with paying attention in class. Playing this at low volume on repeat while I sleep will help me lock this into memory. I will put in the appropriate research links done in here for future reference. Honestly, this is more my sake, but more power to you if you want quick psychology facts in a prepubescent-sounding, droning woman's voice with whimpering in the background. If my dog can't see whom I speak with, then he gets upset and whines at the loudest volume he possibly can. Dogs, man.
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The Interview 2  Return of the Interview
This is my interview with Jim. :D Alright, so this took approximately two days. All information is in the video... except for me saying 'Windows Live Movie Maker' was the thing I used to edit this.
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(Originally uploaded February 8th, 2015) “I've waited almost twenty years to kill this bastard. No one is getting in my way!” ~King Mavarth, Watching the World Burn, Ashes “I in no way love [Mavarth], act like [Mavarth] and no way wish for [Mavarth’s] position as king.” ~Theodore, Watching the World Burn, Ashes “In order to assure the title that is so rightfully yours, you must first remove all signs of competition. There's no room for the weak-willed in my kingdom. There's only room for the strong, the ones willing to do whatever it takes to claim their prize.” ~Yzgar, Watching the World Burn, short story yet not completed “This is your plan? Unleash an evil so ancient it precedes mankind? A force so powerful it took out creatures that rival the dragons in both size and strength?” ~Bolgasmir, Watching the World Burn, Corrupted This is the quarrel between two brothers, two princes. It is not goaded by King Yzgar, but he didn’t stop them. Yzgar himself killed his fourteen siblings (well, thirteen as his eldest brother died defending him), his parents, one of his hired assassins, multiple people who were catching onto his villainous ways and multiple slaves in a sport known as slave fighting. Everyone regarded him as the greatest king in Barahamian history. He did indeed make the Barham Kingdom very wealthy, very well defended and very well loved by the other kingdoms/dwarven Cities. Mavarth and Theodore were his only sons, Mavarth being the older one. Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Songs: Awake and Alive, If Today Was Your Last Day Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I own neither of these songs. However, I own the picture, plot, characters and story.
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Frisco Using Wings
This is Frisco! He's using his wings! ...yeah So I'm sorry about that last part. I stopped recording and got everything set up before I realized I could do much better with the snow. This is literally my first real attempt at realistic feather wings in motion. I HATE feathers but I love wings. Sorry I'm late! I've been a bit spotty with the uploads. I'm not dead. I just... inspiration comes in spurts and honestly I'm feeling terrible about this. I should spend WAY more time on these but I don't know how! So, it's a learning process- still! Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Song: Dragon Rider (TSFH) Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own this song
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Children at Rest
Good ending. Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Songs: Good Ending Theme Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I own neither of these songs.I may own this picture, but I do not own FNaF or the storyline or this song nor do I intend to claim otherwise.
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Grease Wrench with Cart
OK so this is Grease Wrench and Candle Flicker. Grease Wrench is the gray earth pony and Candle Flicker is the orange unicorn. Grease Wrench dislikes unicorns; he's very independent and have spent years of hard labor learning what he knows while some unicorns study for a few months and do no physical labor. Being such a person, he dislikes Candle Flicker who is only trying to help. Flicker paid Wrench to fix a kid's cart. When he comes back the next day in ask when it will be finished and if he could help, Wrench immediately tries to chase him out of his work station saying that it will be done when it's done and Flicker is being impatient and annoying. (Sorry about Wrench's hooves; they're supposed to be orange) Artwork by: Venom Quill Drawing tool: Adobe Photoshop CC Recording: BB Flashback Express Video Editing: Windows Movie Maker Song: Rise Against, Archangle TV Show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic The songs and show that are played here and based off of are not mine nor do I claim they are mine. The artwork, however, and the characters belong to me.
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Ana's Ocean
Happy Birthday! I've decided to take my overwhelmingly amazingly extraordinarily superior Photoshop skills to make this for you! (Sorry about that last part; the recording file got corrupted.) Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Song: Pure Imagination Twin sea lions: http://matthewmeierphoto.photoshelter.com/image/I0000nV8T.JMOKrQ Twirl sea lion: http://www.oceanlight.com/stock-photo/california-sea-lion-underwater-image-27418-768599.jpg Ocean background: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/07/world-oceans-day-2013-june-8_n_3404822.html Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own this song
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Averie Portrait
This is Archon Averie, the leader of the capital of the all of the dumak Clans- Clan of the Dragon. She's a war-torn, fair leader who lost half of her face in defense of her Clan. In reality, it was just her protecting hunters from their enemy dwarves, only to be attacked by a dragon... which they later ate. Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Songs: If Today Was Your Last Day, This is War Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I own neither of these songs. However, I own the picture, plot, characters and story.
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Nerd Night Rough Final
This is my rough draft for my final in English 1302! The last interview will be done by the time finals actually appear. I'll be adding more footage and information as well. As I was concerned about length of class presentation, I cut it down to roughly 3 minutes just you get the just of it. Sorry that there is no works cited! That will be included in the final! :) Times: 0:00 Start 0:12 Nerd Night explanation/description 0:44 Video clip of strategy game 1:14 Snacks, set-up, background noise description 1:37 Interview with Jim 1:52 Interview with Royale 2:12 Interview 3 placeholder 2:27 Permission and Consent 2:45 Credits
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Cole and Cloe the First
Redrawn here: https://youtu.be/_S8Juw6Y8yg (Originally uploaded: February 22, 2015; replaced due to audio) This is Cole the Demon Fox, Lilly the Spirit Fox and Daffodil the Spirit Bunny. Spirits and demons normally take the shape of animals. Demons are, for the most part, a mash-up. Say, a tiger with horns, feet of a platypus and fire breath would be a demon. A shaggy black wolf or an African fish eagle would be spirits. Spirits and demons retain only the color of their eyes, physically, after death. So, yeah. I'm trying up new things! How do you like me keeping the references in the video and captioning what I'm doing/giving advice? Song: Strawberry Swing Drawing program: Photoshop Editing Program: Windows Live Movie Maker ALL CHARACTERS/ART/CREATURES/ETC. BELONG TO ME EXCEPT FOR THE MUSIC!
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Count Your Dead
What number did you reach? Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Song: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Song: Midnight Waltz Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own these songs but I own the characters, picture, plot, and books.
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Sides of a Coin
Purple Guy! Yes I've jumped into the fandom. I've also got a little back story! Hopefully I'll find the inspiration to jot it all down. This back story is a lot like Scourge's: it's pitiful, terribly sad and very realistic though it doesn't follow the same events. However, that does not excuse his crimes, just like Scourge's backstory doesn't justify what he did/tried to do. I'm just trying to put behind reason his awful behavior. Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Song: Awoken Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I do not own this song or the plot/characters (Scott Cawthon does). However, I own the picture.
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Cave Dragons
There are five Cave Dragons here, all of them coming from my imagination! :D Sorry about the Bull Dragon; I got a bit rushed near the end. **INFORMATION OF INDIVIDUAL DRAGONS** The Mud-stripe dragon lives solely in the Baraham Peninsula, in the mountains where the Dragon Clan (dumak/mountain elf capital Clan) and Fire City (Capital of the Dwarven Kingdom) live. They are shy, skittish creatures and often live alone or with a mate. Upon laying their eggs, they will hide them and then leave, never to return lest they bring more danger upon their eggs by dragging a predator back home. Babies are self-sufficient when born. They never stay with their litter mates; instead the run off to find food and shelter. Adult dragons are eight feet to the shoulder. Babies are hardly three feet tall. Hookhorn dragons live in the mountains in the southern side the Valley. They are hunted by those of the Leopard Clan (a dumak clan) and Coal City (a dwarven city) along with other natural tunnel predators. Hookhorns are not generally vicious, but will turn and fight more times than a Mud Stripe will. They stay with their young until the young are about three years old, at which point they abandon them. The young do not know they have been abandoned until the second day in which they scatter. Hookhorns are eight and half feet to the shoulder and babies are foot foot tall when born. Silver Dragons live at the far western tip of the Dragon Tail Mountain Range, near the Cub Clan (a dumak Clan) and Cinder City (a dwarven city). They live only to be seven and half feet tall and their young start out at two and half feet in height. However, they are incredibly fast. They tug their eggs into small crevices which can be hidden and then visit only to give food. If a predators comes about, they'll fake injury and lead it away from their nest. Thus most don't live past their second or third clutch. They stay with their children for up to six years. Short tooth dragons, which are hunted by both the Guppy Clan (a dumak Clan) and Smoke City (a dwarven city), live in water. In the northern area of the Valley, lots and lots of water congregates deep within the mountain due to snowfall and large amounts of water that get stuck and deep, wide dents that are almost constantly filled with melted snow, ice or fresh snowfall. So they spend most of their life in the water. They are the smallest Cave Dragon at seven feet, with their young being two and half feet tall. Their homes are much like a beavers; they dig a hole under the water and then make a cave of sorts in the wall above the water level at the mouth of the tunnel. Their burrows are not big, so parent dragons can fill the tunnel mouth almost completely with silt as to disguise the entrance. Parents stay with their young only up until the point in which they can swim well enough to survive on their own. However, a small-tooth dragon normally doesn't develop well enough to do evasive tricks until their early adulthood. This means that many young ones who haven't mastered stealth or speed are eaten early on. Bull Dragons are by far the largest at nine feet tall with young that are foot feet to the shoulder. They are heavy-set, strong and run in herds. There is one 'alpha male' and one 'alpha female' that lead the herd. However, males and females still mate and have young even if their not in charge. Those in charge move the herd and defend the herd. Due to the fact they live like this and are so very vicious and hard to kill from birth, many of the dwarves from Lava City and dumak from the Bull Clan rarely hunt them. All Cave Dragons can live up to five hundred years of age. The first few years are the fastest of their development as they learn how to use muscles strong from birth and either learn habits from their parents or develop their own skills. **END INFORMATION ON DRAGONS** So it took me a little while to make. Outside of the Bull Dragon, it's cool, right? ...right? Program used to draw: Adobe Photoshop CC Songs: Archangel, For Glory Program used to edit: Windows Movie Maker (Live) Program used to record: BB Flashback Express Recorder I own neither of these songs. However, I own the picture, plot, characters and story.
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