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kirby marx tribute
this is for marxthedestroyer lol XD cats
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megaman Lan tribute
tribute request by kirby kirby. song name- Ludwig von dubstep. yay!... its a Lan. I like Lan a bit, but I liek Raika and Chaud better. I like Raika the best of the three. Raika is totally adorable. ok I will just end here because I could go on and on about how Raika is more adorable thanLan
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Megaman voice impression
No it doesn't have to just be chocolate trumoo it can be any. IT WAS YOU WHO KILLED HIM! THE PROOF IS IN THE PANSIES
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elecman tribute
yes it are an elecman tribute. elecman are cute. YAY BAD GRAMMAR!!
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protoman tribute
I think theres a chicken hidden in there somewhere. oh well shouldn't matter too much. its a proto chicken. chickens are cute and should not be eaten. im a vegetarian so I don't eat meat like pretty much everybody else. this is a protoman video right here so enjoy. I do believe this is the longest description I ever made because I am lazy and don't type well. I used a really good song for this. protoman loves this song so I used it. NOW ITS PARTY TIME!!! was that a little to much? ok im done now
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megaman axl tribute
axl is so adorable!! lol XD ... not as much as zero....
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king dedede tribute
I could not find any way to hide some megaman stuff in here. how tragic to not have any megaman.
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Nicknaming paleo pals Fossil fighters frontier READ DESCRIPTION
OK so I haven't found all of them yet but when I do find them all and when I feel like it I might make an updated version of this. Hmmm no, Elric's nickname should have been mystery cute. I may change names in updated version
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nurarihyon no mago kappa tribute
song name: power of the zodiac
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Pokemon- Why they don't have ball capsules anymore
LOL that was so funny. That ball capsule was supposed to have a music note attached to it but it didn't show. Why the music note you ask? Because. The Pokemon is happy to say that.
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Rune factory 4: dating Leon (funny)
Yes with the name Leona on that game you can tell I'm obsessive! I love Raika from megaman better of course
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megaman exe tribute
yay! its a megaman!
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This funny twitching chicken is hilarious
It was kinda hard to pet Mr. Starburst and record at the same time
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Funny rune factory 4 thing comes after Bass jokes
Funny thing is Bass's Japanese name is Forte. That's another character from rune factory 4. My sister is still looking for Lest. ... Yes Bass is wearing a flower, why do you ask?
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Screaming water hose
My sister Kirby Kirby filmed this for the most part. I was at the start
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A day in the life of the Kirby twins!
Me and my sister, Kirby Kirby, are messing around on the trampoline again... If you hit me you get hurt! I'm legit rock hard! As if the pokemon move spiky shield was an ability and I have it
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the x and zero show
this is my first video. how do u like it? Kirby Kirby played x and I played zero
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More Pictures On My Wall
Some may be covering holes or cringey childhood drawings
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scary spore creature
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Otamamon being cute and funny Xp
Another digimon video. Look closely at that digimon's expression
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Digimon world data squad song after winning against Lucemon
I'm so tired. The battle took several hours out of my bed time
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Gravity falls x Megaman.exe cosplay mix
This was fun
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shiny pokemon
im classifying them like a pro. I actually lost count of how many shinies I have caught in my life time. its over 100, I know that. that's when I decided it was pointless to count them lol
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Funny story told by an emo voice in the dark
I'm hoping a certain friend who goes by the name Elec Girl, will comment this video. Such an interesting human she is
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Petting a giant caterpillar. Goal achieved
Is it poisonous????
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song name :electricity:
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I was so surprised when the Pokemon company reused team skull for sun and moon
IDK why my camera does this. Sorry the film is upsidedown. Btw upsidedown upsidedown is umopapisdn
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That's a lot of stupidity there
But what I'm saying is smart. Shocker! I'm usually the stupid one
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Some bully reported me!
Im never mean online! I'm usually never bullied though! This idiot was the one being mean to me so he should have been the one reported!!
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Trying to tell my friend something
Raika pic on the desktop background
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Digimon Logic
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Lan hikari tribute 2
song name :oblivion:
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digimon world ds pro
take in mind that i cant even trade until much later
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Why!? Because I'm bored!
Oh yeah. That chicken did have a turken baby
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