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clothspin penny shooter
learn how to shoot pennies the old fasioned way
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Reasons Not To Drink / Get Drunk
pictures of reasons not to get drunk they prove the theory that alcohol is bad but will that stop them?????? no i think not
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how to cotton ball fire
um you take sum cotton cloth wrap it in string until it is spherical then you set it on ...idk sumthing and pour rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid on it dont make it drenched in it but make sure there is a good amount inside....hold it in one hand while u light it with a match lighter light saber or dragon in the other and then roll it around it will get hotter as the fluid burns out then just add more but blow it out first...other wise ur hand will catch fire like inna few of my other videos
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Mini crossbow
Saw a few videos on the tube here they were pretty bad ass I figured if give this whole mini crossbow thing a try and I'd like to think i did quite well.
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Isopropyl alcohal jet
This video is for the select few that enjoy playing with fire now although im an adult and im sure my audience is a bunch of 14 year olds I would like to advise not playing with fire you could burn your fingers on a hot lighter, have way to much fun and suffer a heart attack or even obtaim such an imense erection that you lose blood flow to your tiny pyromaniac brain and suffer a stroke. That being said always have fun and "get your dick out of the dirt numb nuts!"
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