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Silent Cry
We often tread blindly upon our Mother Earth who sustains us with her goodness Our wetlands are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Some of it occurs naturally but a great deal of it is due to drainage and clearing so the land can be used for housing and commercial development. Logging, mining, farming and other land use also contribute to the overall loss. The rainforest areas are also under great stress as every day more of it is being swept away to make room for human habitation. We continue to encroach on the wilderness, pushing it further and deeper into unknown territories with often fatal results. Our continued use of toxic contaminants further contributes to the stress of wildlife and the environment. How many people do you know who bother to read what is REALLY in the stuff they spray so lavishly on their lawns? Or on the farmers' fields? What about the use of plastic? Better not go there, that topic could fill a book! SO we close our eyes and throw the stuff into the landfills, or worse, leave it strewn about for wildlife to choke on or become entrapped in. We point to terrible things and wonder why they happened. We point and say, "It wasn't me". But, as children of the earth, we cannot just blindly walk away...we must open our eyes and take action. We must listen to those silent cries of the past injustices imposed upon the Earth and all her inhabitants. We must answer to the wilderness, the mountains and the rivers, the rocks and trees and to ourselves...and perhaps, most importantly, to those who will come after us. To feel the earth beneath your feet, to hear the wind, and smell the rain, these are privileges granted to you by Mother Earth. Tread softly and leave behind no sign of your passing in the living places of her children. This set created by Ganieda Morgan and Gordan Blazevic.
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Terrible quality...uploaded purely for learning how to do it. This is what I am blessed with every evening. (a bit grainy but it is a cheap 20yr old camera) - thousands of Crows going to their night roost about a block (as the crow flies) from me. In a few weeks, they will all be gone and the Ravens will appear.
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Brandon and Friend
My Grandson playing with a friend
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