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My First GYMSHARK Review ! + Glutes Workout
Hello My Beautiful People! In this video I showed you my Gymshark review. I loved all the clothes but unfortunately one legging did not fit me well. But overall I give Gymshark a thumbs up because I was satisfied. If you enjoyed watching this video, give it a thumbs. If you did not.....Still give it a dumbs up ;) Freely subscribe to my fitness channel so you can stay alert and join my fitness journey, as I will make more videos for you guys ! ^___^ SONGS : Believer (Kaskade Remix) - Imagine Dragons, Kaskade Silence - Marshmello x Khalid x Slushii My Instagram: Irene_Fitlife
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My Top 3 Favorite Victoria Secret's Leggings!
Hello beautiful people! Here is an update of my fitness journey and fat loss overall. My next video will be meal prepping and a physique update so definitely stay tuned for that ! :) A little bit about me: Height: 4'10 From: NYC College student Hobbies: Photography and playing any sports, I'm open to play any sports even if I'm awful . Favorite animal: Puppies Social Medias: Instagram: Irene_Fitlife SnapChat: dejesusirene9 Gmail: [email protected] PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!
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HELLO EVERYONE !!! This is my welcoming intro that I kindly did for you guys. I'm excited and thrilled to share you my fitness journey and life. I will no longer be the girl from Instagram. I love to record my videos and YouTube will give me the opportunity to do so. PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANEL. I promise I will work hard to show you great content. Sincerely, Irene De Jesus _________________________________________________________________ Social Medias: IG: Irene_Fitlife SC: dejesusirene9 Help Share My Video: https://youtu.be/S7-Rijrr9Ko
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WELCOME BACK! What's My Goal For the SUMMER? Will I DO IT?
Hello ! First of all, thank you for checking out my video! This channel consist of fitness, workouts, daily life routine, physique update for the summer shredding, and so much more. So please subscribe to take this adventure together! _________________________________________________________________ Summer Shredding Info: Starting weight: 122lbs Goal Weight: Lean AF Calories intake: 1,500 Days of the challenge: March 17 to around mid June. Christian Guzman Channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aMqMN3tE-8 ________________________________________________________________ My Social Medias: Instagram: Irene_fitlife SnapChat: dejesusirene9 Thank you for watching! If you want to see more or want to support : Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE , and RING the BELL ;)
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Back Workouts !
Hello my beautiful people ! Today I recorded a back workout and I hope that you get to try it too! This types of workouts are well known and a lot of athletes use them ! I search them up in the internet myself to find different types of back workouts, and I find myself doing these workouts the most. I am working on writing my workout schedules and I will share it with you very soon so you can have an idead how my workouts are split. As a beginner I am aware that I need to put out better content so support me by liking my videos and subscribe to my channel this way I know who is engaged and I will work and out more videos and share with you my fitness journey etc... Thank you for watching ! Social Medias : Instagram : Irene_fitlife Snapchat: dejesusirene9 Gmail: [email protected]
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Trying BCAA for the first time & Getting comfortable recording
Intro for the summer shredding! I was supposed to record my chest workout but ended up not doing it…I’m getting out of my comfort Zone and not care if getting judged. Stay tuned for more upcoming videos which will consist of my workouts, food, challenges, vlogs, etc… Social Medias: Instagram: djshorty13 Snapchat: dejesusirene9
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