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Adorable: Baby's Reaction Hearing New Sounds with Help of Hearing Aid
The sweet moment a Georgia baby heard clearly for the very first time was caught and shared on Facebook by the 11-month-old girl’s ecstatic family. Scarlet Benjamin, who was born three months premature and contracted a serious bacterial infection while in the NICU, was fitted with hearing aids and finally tested them on Thursday. “We have spent the last 8 months going back and forth to Athens, Milledgeville, and Augusta to try to figure out where she was on the spectrum,” Carol Benjamin, Scarlet's mother, told Fox 5 Atlanta. “No one could get a good read on her scans.” According to Benjamin, her daughter had contracted necrotizing enterocolitis after birth, and the medication that she needed to treat the intestinal infection caused hearing loss. In the video posted to Facebook, baby Scarlet can be seen and heard erupting in laughter at the sound of her mother and big sister’s voices after being fitted with her hearing aids. “It’s been a long and emotional experience,” Benjamin wrote, in part, on Facebook. “She reacted to most sounds so we thought she could hear fairly well. After what I witness today, it was not as well as I thought. Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference!”
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Roomba Burglary
Body camera footage has emerged showing heavily armed police and a K-9 storming into an Oregon home looking for a suspected intruder that turned out to be just an Roomba. Sheriff's deputies in Washington County responded to a 911 call from a couple on Tuesday that said someone was in their bathroom and they could see shadows moving under the door. Authorities released audio of the 911 call and body camera footage from the officers on Wednesday. 'I think there's an intruder in the bathroom. The bathroom door is locked. We see a shadow moving around,' the 911 caller told the dispatcher. 'There are two people inside plus the intruder.' Multiple officers arrived at the scene just minutes later and surrounded the home. The body cam footage shows officers cautiously entering the home with their guns drawn before calling for K-9 backup when they reported hearing noises coming from the ensuite bathroom. 'Last chance. This is the police with a K-9. Come out now or you're going to get bit,' an officer could be heard yelling. The officers could be seen slowly inching towards the bedroom with their guns drawn and the K-9 leading the way. When they stormed the tiny bathroom just moments later, the officers discovered there was no intruder - just an automated robot vacuum cleaner going about its business. 'It is a robot vacuum cleaner,' an officer could be heard saying. 'There's the bad guy,' he added as the Roomba could be heard banging around. The Washington County Sheriff's Office also shared details of the incident on Facebook, saying Deputy Rogers went on to clear the call. 'As we entered the home we could hear 'rustling' in the bathroom. We made several announcements and the 'rustling' became more frequent,' Rogers said. 'We breached the bathroom door and encountered a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba Robotic Vacuum cleaner.' Officers also posted a photo of the Roomba on a Most Wanted poster saying the suspect had been captured. The homeowners have not been identified.
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Migrants Found Hidden Inside Bed Mattresses
THIS is the astonishing moment migrants were discovered hidden inside bed mattresses strapped to a van in a desperate bid to reach Europe. Shocking footage shows border officers slashing open plastic-wrapped beds strapped to a white vehicle at a check-point near Melilla on the north African coast and Morocco. One man, dressed in a black and white t-shirt with black jeans, is seen emerging looking dazed as white filling spills from the mattress. A second man in a blue Reebok t-shirt then comes out of a second mattress before walking around the corner and sitting down. Spanish senator Jon Inarritu shared the footage on Twitter, writing: "As long as there are no safe routes to request asylum, situations like this will continue to occur in the southern border of Europe." The two men, both believed to be sub-Saharan youths, were said to be in good health and did not require medical help. The driver of the vehicle allegedly fled into Morocco before authorities could make an arrest, the Mirror reported. This dramatic attempt to reach Europe from Africa comes days after Home Secretary Sajid Javid declared a "major incident" as the number of migrants trying to reach the English Channel over the Christmas period reached nearly 100. On Monday the Home Secretary announced that two Border Force boats had been redeployed from the Med to patrol the Channel. Mr Javid flew back from a safari getaway in South Africa where he had planned to spend New Year with his wife Laura and their four children. But as he arrived in the country, a group of suspected migrants from Iran in a black dinghy were picked up by the Border Force in Lydd-on-Sea. Mr Javid, who held talks with Whitehall chiefs on New Year's Eve, said the "major incident" remained a "very serious concern". Speaking after a meeting with senior officials from the National Crime Agency and Border Force, he said: "It's both about protecting human life but also about protecting our borders. "When it comes to human life, clearly I want to make sure that we are doing all we can to protect people. "We must remember that this is one of the most treacherous stretches of water that there is, 21 miles with people taking grave risk, really putting their lives into their own hands by taking this journey."
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Zoo Director Throws his Magic Slipper to Protect Lioness
A zoo keeper sent a dominant male lion scampering away in fear - using just his slipper. In the highly amusing video, owner Oleg Zubkov breaks up a scrap between the pride of lions at his park in Ukraine. In the footage, filmed at Tagan safari park in the Crimea, the big cats are seen picking on one of the group's smaller females. Oleg notices the dominant male approaching the scrap and decides to intervene. He climbs out of his open safari vehicle and strides towards the group, apparently unconcerned for his own safety. The pride growl threateningly at the young female but the hospitality ends almost instantly after Oleg makes a surprise intervention. Standing right in the middle of the crowd of deadly beasts, he takes his slipper off and waves it around in the air. The females back off before he launches the shoe at the powerful-looking male. The leader of the pack, once so intimidating, scampers away in fear with its tail between its legs. Oleg picks up the slipper and once again launches it, this time at a female lion. 'They are being naughty and so here comes the magic slipper,' he says. 'This is a scary weapon,' he adds, addressing a group of tourists looking down from a viewing platform. Zubkov continues talking to the pride leader: 'Behave yourself! I will not treat you like a lion. I will spank you!' While he is dealing with the male, one of the other, smaller lions creeps off to take shelter behind the safari car, clearly terrified of the slipper.
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Rare Amateur Video Of Challenger Shuttle Tragedy
A new amateur video of the 1986 Challenger disaster has surfaced, more than 25 years after the space shuttle broke up mid-flight, killing all seven crew onboard. The footage, revealed on the New Scientist website, is believed to be only the second such video known to exist. It was shot by Bob Karman of Hicksville, New York, whose daughter now works for the magazine. He and his family were on holiday in Florida at the time, and witnessed the tragedy from Orlando airport. On Jan. 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after launching from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. It fell in pieces into the Atlantic Ocean. In Karman's home movie, it isn't immediately clear to onlookers that anything has gone wrong. "There it goes... They must be up there," one man can be heard to say, while others wonder what they are seeing and remark, "Look at the little tails coming down there." "After shooting the video, I had a sense that something went wrong but it wasn't until we were on the plane that the pilot confirmed the tragedy," Karman told New Scientist. He said he only recently realized the rarity of what he had captured and made a digital copy of the old VHS tape. Only one other amateur recording of the disaster has ever been made public before now, a four-minute recording discovered in a Florida basement in 2010. At the time, the Guardian described it as "the only amateur film in existence of the world's worst space disaster, recorded in an era before mobile phone cameras, when even home camcorders were rare."
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Ann Curry Crying At Saying Goodbye At NBC TODAY Show
Ann Curry is taking on a new challenge at NBC News, she announced Thursday morning. "TODAY is going to be my last morning as a regular co-host of TODAY," she said. "I will still be a part of the TODAY show family, but I'm going to have a new title and a new role." As TODAY Anchor at Large and National and International Correspondent for NBC News, Curry will lead a new team covering stories spanning the globe. She'll anchor prime-time specials and report for TODAY, Nightly News, Rock Center, Dateline and MSNBC, and will have a major presence across all digital properties. "We're going to go all over the world and all over this country at a time where this world needs clarity," she said. "After all these years I don't even know if I can sleep in anymore," she joked. Matt, Al and Natalie expressed their love. "You have the biggest heart in the business," Matt said. "You put that on display every single day for almost 20 years. Most importantly, you've made us better, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts." Over 15 years at NBC News, Ann has covered violence and ethnic cleansing in Sudan, interviewed the Dalai Lama, reported from Japan after 2011's devastating earthquake and tsunami and broke the news that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would release the two American hikers held hostage in that country for two years. She has earned seven Emmy Awards. "I know of only one journalist who in just a matter of years has travelled to Sudan six times, broken exclusive world news with top world leaders, and broadcast live from both the South Pole and Mount Kilimanjaro," said TODAY Executive Producer Jim Bell. "Ann has quite literally reached amazing heights in her career, and with this new role, she will continue her intrepid climb bringing viewers her signature brand of humanitarian reporting."
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Quick Thinking Pedestrian Outwits Robbers in a car with some Nifty Changes of Direction
A quick-thinking pedestrian outwits a robber who pursuing him by car by swiftly changing direction and running away. CCTV footage, believed to have been captured in Argentina, shows a man walking down the street with a bag of shopping. A vehicle's headlights shine bright as it approaches the pedestrian and slows to a halt beside the man. Realising he is in danger, the man begins to race down the street away from the robbers. But the driver of the car accelerates at speed and reverses backwards, chasing the man ominously as he tries to escape. But the man outwits the robbers and suddenly changes direction and runs quickly away before the car has time to catch up. And as the car tries to follow, the man changes direction again to confuse the driver and manages to run down a side street away from the robbers.
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Incredibly Lucky Russian Driver Survives Horrible Crash
True, Russian dashboard cameras have afforded us hundreds and hundreds of spine-tingling accidents over the years, but we cannot honestly remember any as shocking as this one, and at the same time, ending on a happy note. Once again, the protagonist in this scene is driving a classic Lada / VAZ 2101 saloon. We're not sure if the driver attempted a foolish overtake of if he was trying to avoid something on the road, but he drove between two busses in his lane and lost control of the RWD sedan crashing side first into a large truck on the other lane, which sent him flying into one of the busses (with the camera). At this point, most viewers are likely be holding their breath and preparing to push the stop button to avoid any gory scenes. But wait, this isn't the case. As you will soon see, the driver jumps out of the windshield of what remained of his car all by himself! While not evident from this video, Russian news sites reported that there was a rear passenger in the Lada as well. The driver reportedly suffered a couple of broken ribs, but was soon released from the hospital, while the passenger in the rear seat only had a few bruises. No one else was hurt. If this isn't the definition of luck, we don't what is...
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Forklift Driver Causes an Entire Warehouse to Fall like Dominoes
This is the dramatic moment a forklift operator caused an entire warehouse of goods to fall like dominoes when he bumped into a shelving unit. The clip, filmed inside an unnamed distribution warehouse, captured the driver as he made his way down an aisle between two tall pallet racks. Two workers stood at the foot of the aisle checking boxes as he slowly travelled between the shelves, but disaster struck as he reached them. It is unclear where the clip, captured in July last year, was filmed, which company uses the warehouse, or the condition of the driver after the accident. But it has left viewers wondering how on earth it could have happened, and whether the driver survived such a catastrophe. The driver veered his forklift to the left as he came to a stop, slightly nudging the racks of boxes with the top of the vehicle. Seconds later, the entire unit collapsed, covering the driver and his forklift with dozens of cardboard boxes. A white product spilled from the packaging when it broke on impact, covering the floor of the warehouse. The forklift then appeared to be pushed to the other side of the aisle by force of the fall, causing the second pallet rack to fall in a similar way. Other shelves in the warehouse followed suit, falling from the back right of the clip until the entire right hand side of the building had fallen. At the end of the footage, the forklift was no longer visible under a pile of cardboard boxes and metal shelves as bewildered staff stared at the disaster. The left hand side of the warehouse was still standing, however, left undisturbed despite the domino effect elsewhere. It is unknown whether the forklift driver was injured or managed to keep his job after the catastrophe. Some viewers took to the internet to comment on the catastrophic scenes. One user said: 'Clean up on aisle 6... 7... 8...' Another said: 'Roll of paper towels, dust mop and pan, and as good as new to me.' A third suggested the problem must be with the unstable shelving, and not the worker. He said: 'If that's all it took to bring down 3/4 of the warehouse, then the problem lies in the shelving, not the worker.' Another simply commented: 'Lunch break.'
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People Help Overturned Car After Highway Accident
This car was traveling down the highway when a vehicle clipped its side and caused it to flip over. After the driver exited the car, he was quickly helped by a group of other drivers in flipping his car the right side up.
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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Fertilizer Plant Explosion Near Waco, Texas
Video Shot By Derrick Hurtt The heart-stopping moment of the devastating explosion in West, Texas, was captured on video by a man close by, one of several videos displaying the sheer terror from the blast. The blast at a fertilizer plant at 7:50pm local time on Wednesday has left as many 15 people dead, hundreds injured and caused a nursing home to collapse, trapping residents inside. A resident in the small Texas town, Derrick Hurtt, had parked his car to observe the fire at the plant earlier in the night and was filming the structure as it was engulfed in flames. Suddenly, something sparked a massive blast, causing flames to shoot into the sky, rocking the family's car as the terrified father and his 12-year-old daughter Khloey tried to scramble to safety. 'Dad, I can't hear,' Khloey screamed out in agony after the explosion. 'Get out of here. Please get out of here. Daddy, please get out of here,' the child kept repeating in the terrifying audio. When the short YouTube clip began, the father was filming the large fire that was burning about 250-300 yards away at the plant. He sounds relatively calm as he observes the direction of the wind and its strength. For about 30 seconds, he captures the burning structure but is totally unaware for the danger that awaits. Suddenly a massive blast occurs and footage shows flames exploding into the sky and toward the direction of the family's car. Shaken by the explosion, the father scrambles to turn his car around and drive in the opposite direction. Khloey is heard pleading with the father to leave and get to safety. Speaking to the Today show this morning, Mr Hurtt described the scene of the explosion as 'horrific.' He told host Matt Lauer: 'There was probably double-digit people standing in front of me videoing that were closer than I was, and after the blast, they were nowhere to be seen.' Mr Hurtt added that the force of the blast lifted his truck off the ground, and sent him on top of his daughter. He said: 'Things just kind of went black for a moment.' He said that Khloey and his inner ears are 'a little sore,' but their full hearing has returned. Other West citizens took to the streets in the wake of the explosion, many unclear of what had actually happened.
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Jewish orphan finds new life with Indian savior
Tel Aviv, Israel (CNN) -- In a scene his parents would have been heartened to see, family and friends recently thronged around young Moshe Holtzberg as men in black suits and black hats took turns cutting locks of hair from the boy's head on a stage in a rented party tent outside Tel Aviv, Israel. The celebration marked Moshe's third birthday and in Hasidic Judaism tradition he received a haircut to symbolize his readiness to begin his religious education. Standing not 10 feet away and watching closely was Sandra Samuel, the Indian nanny who one year ago saved Moshe's life. Samuel was working as a nanny for Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg when the Jewish Chabad Center they ran in Mumbai, India, came under attack by terrorists. Samuel survived the attack and rescued Moshe who she found crying, standing between the bodies of his parents. Since that fateful day she has not left Moshe's side. Samuel accompanied him to Israel where, with her help, he is now being taken care of by his grandparents and extended family. A year on Sandra said the memories of Mumbai and Moshe's parents still haunt her. Holding back tears, she said, "I feel happy for the baby, but I am very sad, more than sad, I think." Jewish orphan finds new life The pain she feels remembering the horror of the attack is tempered by the great progress she has seen Moshe make since his arrival in Israel just days after his parents were killed. "He has adjusted very very well and is like a normal kid. He goes to school, he plays, he jumps. He has a lot of friends. His life is normal," she said. Moshe's paternal grandfather Rabbi Nachman Holtzberg said Samuel has been like a surrogate mother. "She knows everything about him, all the natural things because she has known (him) since he was a small child. Things are getting better and better." Holtzberg added that the entire family rallied together to help Moshe adapt to life without his parents and believes his son would be pleased. "I'm sure that my son would be here now and looking at how I take care of him. He would be happy." Samuel, a mother of two grown children, said she was trying to spend less time with Moshe so he could better adapt to his family and sees herself returning home to India within two years -- though she said she would stay in Israel for as long as Moshe needed her. Samuel said her message was simple: "To carry on life. Be strong and that's it. Put everything in God's hands."
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Building Hanging After Landslide Collapses in Istanbul
The earth underneath a building in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district was washed away early Tuesday as the retaining wall of a nearby construction site collapsed amid heavy rainfall, leaving the building hanging on a cliff. Police and firefighter units evacuated the four-story building and two adjacent buildings in Sütlüce neighborhood and cordoned off the area. The building collapsed on mid-Tuesday before a large crowd of onlookers, officials and television crews, which broadcast live the moment of collapse. Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan told reporters that the building was built illegally in 1994 and it had no construction license or occupancy permit and had problems with its foundation. It is unclear why authorities did not take action on the building to this date, but such instances are common in Istanbul and other cities throughout Turkey. Locals told several newspapers that they have warned construction officials of cracks in their buildings. Meanwhile, Turkish media outlets reported that the nearby construction site of a hotel belongs to renowned Turkish international footballer Arda Turan and his brother. Turan reportedly bought the land adjacent to the collapsed building for $4 million in 2017 in the area overlooking the Golden Horn, which has experienced rapid development in the last decade.
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Cows Chase Suspect into Custody
A woman accused of stealing a car in Florida had more than just the cops pursuing her. When she got out of the vehicle to flee the scene on foot, she found herself in a pasture in Seminole County, where a herd of cows joined the chase. Aerial footage from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office helicopter shows the driver of a stolen SUV crash into a stop sign, then get out and begin running. A passenger got out and ran into another pasture, while a second person stayed in the vehicle and was later arrested, CBS Orlando affiliate WKMG reports. The driver, identified as Jamie Young, ditched the car, but could't ditch the cops. Investigators watched her every move from the helicopter, including her romp around a field with about 20 cows. "Actually, a large group of cows is following her for a good visual," the chopper pilot tells the police officers pursuing Young on the ground. As the pilot tracked the woman and cows, he radioed the law enforcement officers below some details. "Looks like they may attack her," the pilot describes. "Keep going southeast. She's pretty far into the field now. If you see the large group of cows, they're literally following her and chasing her." The aerial footage shows the cattle in hot pursuit, as the bovine investigators took matters into their own hooves. At one point, a cow gets so close to Young, it looks like it might gore her, but then it backs off. The animals herd her across the field, where she appears to jump over a fence to escape them. The woman fled the field and hid in a bush, where officers caught her and put he "udder" arrest.
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Milwaukee Bus Driver Rescues Baby Wandering on Overpass
Newly released video shows the dramatic rescue of a baby wandering alone through the streets of Milwaukee with no shoes. A Milwaukee County Transit Service bus driver named Irena Ivic saw the infant walking alone, wearing a red onesie and a diaper in ”freezing temperatures” along her route on Dec. 22, according to a news release from the transit authority. Video of the rescue was released Thursday. A look of concern covers Ivic’s face in the video when she first sees the infant meandering along the sidewalk of the highway overpass near 4th and Mitchell streets. Ivic can be seen in the video stopping her bus, running across a street, picking the baby up and bringing him back into the bus. “I’m shaking,” one passenger can be heard saying in the video. Authorities have since learned that the baby is less than a year old, according to the release. Police said the boy’s mother, who may have been suffering from mental health issues, left the boy outside, and that the baby was placed with his father after the rescue, according to WITI. Neither the boy’s, nor his parents’ identities have been released by authorities. The boy Ivic rescued “is the ninth lost or missing child found by MCTS Drivers in recent years,” the release states. As the bus sat waiting for police and EMS responders to arrive, one passenger walked up to Ivic as she held the baby in the driver’s seat. The passenger can be seen in the video giving up her coat and wrapping the baby in it. When authorities arrived at the scene, the baby boy was fast asleep in Ivic’s arms and the passenger’s coat.
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Firetruck engulfed in Massive Flames  Waxahachie Texas Chemical Fire
WFAA HD Chopper 8 captured these images of a firetruck as it become engulfed in flames during a chemical manufacturing plant fire at the 1600 block of West 287 in Waxahachie, Monday. October 03 2011 A raging fire at a chemical plant south of Dallas is sending black smoke billowing into the sky. Bright orange flames and massive plumes of smoke can be seen Monday at the Magnablend Chemical Plant in Waxahachie about 30 miles south of Dallas. Authorities have advised area residents and schoolchildren to stay inside and keep doors and windows shut to avoid any dangerous gases. Images from local television stations show the fast-moving fire engulfing a fire truck at the scene as firefighters nearby battle the blaze. Magnablend's website says it is a chemical manufacturing, blending and packaging company. The website says it manufactures custom chemicals for industries ranging from oil fields to construction and industrial cleaning.
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Workers Build New Train Tracks in Just 9 Hours
Chinese workers have demonstrated their incredible efficiency yet again. Around 1,500 workers spent just nine hours paving the railway for a new train station in Fujian Province, southern China. Seven trains and 23 diggers were used to assist the massive project, according to a supervisor. An aerial video released by Pear shows how the construction workers connected three major railroads - the Ganlong Railway, Ganruilong Railway and Zhanglong Railway - with the new Nanlong Railway. They also installed the traffic signals and a series of traffic monitoring equipment. The construction took place at the Nanlong Railway Station in the city of Longyan It began on January 19 and finished in the wee hours of January 20, said the report. The project was finished so quickly because the workers had been arranged into seven units to tackle different tasks simultaneously, said Zhan Daosong, a deputy manager at China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, the country's main railroad builder. The construction of the Nanlong Railway is ongoing and is expected to complete at the end of 2018. Measuring 246 kilometres (152 miles) in length, the railway is due to be a main transport link between south-east China and central China, The railway would be able to support trains which operate at a maximum speed of 200kmh (124 mph)
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Palestinians Throw Stones on Israeli Soldiers
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Horrifying: Moment Huge Avalanche Sweeps Through Popular Swiss Ski Resort
Terrifying footage shows the moment holidaymakers skied for their lives as an avalanche swept through a popular Swiss resort. A Frenchman, 34, whose job was to check to safety of the slopes, died overnight after being injured in the avalanche. Three others were rescued after being swept away as a torrent of snow swept through Plaine Morte, a glacier near the town of Crans-Montana. Footage captured by one of the skiers on their GoPro shows the moments shortly before the avalanche crashed down from the top of the mountains, as skiers desperately tried to avoid being crushed. Skiers are seen enjoying their time on the slopes just moments before the avalanches starts. The person filming the moments leading up to the avalanche appear in no rush as they put on their gloves before making their way down the hill. As they set off, a deep crash is heard in the background and the skier turns around, revealing a white cloud of snow hurtling towards them. The person speeds up down the hill and seems to encourage others to do the same. Steve Leger, a spokesman for the Valaid canton police department said: 'Unfortunately, overnight one of the four injured people died.' Nearly 250 rescue workers , medics, police officers and military personnel took part in the search, backed by eight helicopters and a dozen search dogs. Searches continued throughout the night but were halted on Wednesday morning. The cause of the avalanche remains unclear. Nearly half of the 920-yard long avalanche made a direct hit across the ski slope. Leger said one possible cause for the avalanche could have been triggered by the passage of a skier. One witness told the paper that four helicopters were on scene alongside dogs which were helping to search the area. The witness also claimed that four people had already been pulled from the snow-drift, but this was not confirmed by emergency services. Video taken by reporter Laure Lugon Zugravu shows stunned skiiers gathered around a section of slope that has been covered with snow. Rescue crews refused to say how many people could be buried because nobody in the disaster zone had been wearing avalanche detectors, making it impossible to know for sure. 'It could be 15 or it could be none,' one worker said. Soldiers posted to the slope in advance of a skiing World Cup event due to take place there in the coming weeks also joined in the search. Switzerland's Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research had put the risk of an avalanche in the area at level 2, which is relatively low on its 5-point scale. The avalanche comes ahead of a weekend women's World Cup event involving top skiers such as Switzerland's Lara Gut on the Mont Lachaux run at Crans-Montana. Authorities said the avalanche was not expected to affect the event, which begins with training runs on Thursday.
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Dramatic Moment 12 Boys and their Soccer Team Coach Found Alive in Cave
This is the dramatic moment 12 emaciated boys and their soccer team coach were found alive after becoming trapped in a flooded cave for more than a week in Thailand. The starved and frightened youngsters asked their rescuers 'what day is it?' as they were discovered huddled-up on a wedge of rocks waiting for help after being missing for nine days in the Thamg Luang cave in Chiang Rai. The boys, mostly seated and with baggy football shirts pulled over their knees, were found by two British rescue divers who reassured them that help was on its way. In the clip a diver, speaking with a British accent, urges the group to stay calm and says 'many, many people are coming... we are the first'. The trapped children's responses reveal they had no idea what day it was or how long they'd been missing. They asked the divers: 'What day is it? What day you come help me?' The rescuers replied: 'Monday. One week and Monday. You have been here 9 days. You are very strong, very strong. 'Navy Seals will come tomorrow with food, doctor and everything. Today you have a light? We will give you more lights.' Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osottanakorn confirmed the group had been found alive but claimed the operation was far from over. He said: 'We will bring food to them and a doctor who can dive. I am not sure they can eat as they have not eaten for a while.' Meanwhile family members of the missing rejoiced after hearing the news. They were pictured celebrating and hugging each other after the confirmation. Aisha Wiboonrungrueng, the mother of missing 11-year-old Chanin, said she would cook her son a Thai fried omelette, his favourite food, when he returns home. Their relief comes after a nine-day international search effort launched when the team went missing on June 23 inside the Tham Luang cave. The boys are aged 11 to 16 and were on a trip with their 25-year-old coach. They disappeared when flooding blocked all of the cave's entrances. Their team is called the Moo Pa - or Wild Boar. Narongsak said the passageway the divers were making their way through goes upwards in some places and downwards in others and is extremely narrow, making it difficult for divers to fit through with all their gear. They were repeatedly blocked by rising water that has filled sections of the cave and forced them to withdraw for safety reasons. When water levels dropped on Sunday, the divers went forward with a more methodical approach, deploying a rope line and extra oxygen supplies along the way. Rescue divers spent much of today making preparations for what ended up being the final push in their search in the cave in northern Thailand. Chiang Rai's governor said the divers had concentrated on securing a rope line and placing oxygen tanks along the narrow passageway that they thought would lead them to the boys. Thai Navy SEAL divers and rescue workers from other countries made initial progress through the narrow passageway earlier today. Public anticipation for the rescue had been high since Sunday, but officials avoided setting a timetable for the search and rescue operation. Other efforts focused on finding shafts on the mountainside that might serve as a back door to the blocked-off areas where the missing may be sheltering. Experts in cave rescues from around the world continued to gathered at the site and combined their resources. An official Australian group followed a US military team, British cave experts, Chinese lifesaving responders and several other volunteer groups from various countries.
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Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Tossed into Air after Being Hit by Car
MARTIN COUNTY — A Florida Highway Patrol trooper was in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle Monday morning while at the scene of a prior crash along Interstate 95. A video by local news agency CBS12 showed the trooper standing with another man along the side of the highway when another car spun out of control, striking the trooper and tossing him into the air. Lt. Alvaro Feola of the Florida Highway Patrol said the trooper was taken by ground to St. Mary's Medical Center in West Palm Beach, where he was in critical condition. More: Hit-and-run crash in Palm City sends one to hospital The trooper, who Feola did not identify, was responding to an early-morning crash on northbound Interstate 95 near Hobe Sound. The crash involved multiple vehicles and had northbound lanes blocked north of exit 96 for Bridge Road since 4:23 a.m., according to the Florida Department of Transportation.
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Man texting on his phone doesn't realize the bar is being robbed
On Sunday afternoon (October 21), a bar in Nova Serrana, Minas Gerais, was mugged and became a subject in social networks. When checking the security cameras behind the tracks, the owner of the property Beatriz Maria dos Santos noticed one of his customers did not notice the moment the bandits robbed the bar In an interview for Portal R7, Beatriz stated that at the time of the robbery there were about 20 people at the bar. "He did not see the thief coming in or going out, Bizarre footage shows gunman raiding a bar while one drinker is so hooked on his phone screen that he appears oblivious to the drama Extraordinary footage shows a man apparently so absorbed with his phone that he doesn't realise the bar he is standing in is being raided. The man, wearing a green T-shirt, is filmed furiously texting at a bar which is believed to be in Brazil. A gunman in a motorcycle helmet then enters and walks towards the bar demanding money. While the armed robbery unfolds and the other revellers put their hands up and lie down on the floor, the man on his phone continues texting.
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Fearless Journalist Doesn't Budge as Attack Choppers Fly Just Inches from her Head
Hair-raising footage captures the moment a reporter stands on a military runway as attack helicopters take off just inches from her head. Elmira Musazadeh of SBS TV channel in Azerbaijan gave viewers a fright when a chopper glided perilously close to her as she addresses the camera. Remarkably, Musazadeh doesn't even flinch during the incident. The young journalist was reporting on the 100th anniversary of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces from a military air base. Attack helicopters were seen taking part in exercises as they whizz past either side of Musazadeh who remains cool and collected throughout. She remains unfazed and diligently completes her segment, despite most of the report going unheard due to the incredible noise. Producer Saadat Mammadova was pleased with Musazadeh's efforts, saying that she had 'left her mark' as a reporter.
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Wanted Man Performs Impressive Acrobatics Running from Police
Hop, skip and a jump to jail! Wanted man performs impressive acrobatics as he bounces over fences and away from two cops who try to catch him A man has been caught on camera fleeing two police officers with his impressive acrobatic skills. The unidentified man is seen in the video having an argument with two officers who are questioning him. 'Stop touching me!' the man yells at the officers dressed in blue as he stands against a fence with a drink in hand. He begins to back up and as the officers come closer the man dashes away, hopping over two fences and performing a somersault over another before running away. The officers chase the man but appear frazzled by the his moves as they try to close the gap between them. Bystanders are heard cheering for the man and gasping in amazement as he gets away. The video appears to have been taken in the US but it is unclear why exactly the police were questioning him. It also has not been confirmed if the man was ever caught by the officers on foot or otherwise, however it seems the officers did not stand a chance to catch up with the man's moves.
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Daredevil Rides a Motorbike Across Italy's Third Largest Lake
This is the mind-bending moment a daredevil rides his motorbike across the third largest lake in Italy. Luca Colombo, a biker from Milan, set a world record for the longest distance ever travelled by motorbike on fresh water on July 31, 2017. To achieve the remarkable stunt, Luca rode from all the way from the town of Gravedona to Colico on the other side of the famous Lake Como - a distance of around 5km. Armed only with an inflatable bracelet, capable of expanding like a life-jacket, the Italian rode at breakneck pace at the water and hydroplaned his way across in just five minutes. Luca's bike, a Suzuki RMZ 450, was specially adapted by Vercar Moto to be able to deal with the pressures of hydroplaning and make it less likely to sink. It was equipped with nautical skates and with special rubber blades that provided the hydrodynamic thrust and gave it buoyancy. After the modifications, all Luca had to do to achieve the amount of lift required to skim across the surface of the water, was maintain a terrifying speed of 40 knots, or 75km/h. Luca had been forced to postpone the attempt after adverse weather conditions prevented him from trying a month earlier, in June last year. The nerve-shredding footage, shot by support boats travelling close behind the biker, show him racing along the lake's surface. He can be seen opening the throttle from the beginning to end of the run while being slapped around by surface waves. Despite the turbulence, Luca manages to retain his composure and fires his motorcycle through the finish posts on the other side of the lake.
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Firefighters Spring Into Action To Save Choking Infant
SEARCY, Ark. - The Searcy Central Fire Station has released dramatic surveillance footage of firefighters using immediate life-saving tactics to save a woman's baby who wasn't breathing. You can see the woman run down the street to the fire department holding her choking baby in the video. Firefighters quickly sprung into action. One firefighter took the baby from the woman and started performing an emergency procedure on the child in an attempt to clear his airway. As more firefighters arrived with equipment, the infant began breathing again. The group then took the baby inside to check its vitals. The Searcy Fire Department posted the video to their Facebook page. "We are proud of our firefighters not only in this situation but for what they do each and every day," they said in the post.
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Skillful Helicopter Pilot Dramatic Rescue in the Alps
Skilful helicopter pilot hovers with the aircraft's rotor blades inches from a snow-covered mountainside during dramatic rescue in the Alps A pilot partially landed on a steep mountainside in the French Alps with the aircraft's nose and rotors just inches from the snow during a dramatic rescue of an injured skier. The skilful rescue took place during a ski touring excursion at the Anterne pass, in the Giffre massif mountain range in the Haute-Savoie region of the Alps in eastern France. A French police helicopter was scrambled to rescue the skier during the trip in the area which is popular with British skiers and snowboarders. The group of experienced skiers were at the Anterne Pass at 7,400ft when one of them injured his knee. The guide called for help on the side of the steep mountain. Video footage captured the moment the helicopter landed on the steep mountainside to rescue the injured man on January 2. As the helicopter came into land a fellow mountaineer can be seen waving towards the helicopter as the stricken 19-year-old man, named Bruno, lay on the floor. Snow was sent flying around as the pilot partially made contact with the mountain to avoid the blades hitting the mountain. The pilot of the chopper could be seen inching the aircraft close to the off-piste slope with the front of the skids barely above the snow. The pilot managed to hold the vehicle in place so that the right-hand landing skid remained in contact with the mountainside. This enabled a rescue team to climb out of the helicopter and get to Bruno, who had injured his knee during a conversion or climb. Once deployed in the site the medical team strapped up Bruno's leg with a large padded brace. The helicopter then returned to make the same dramatic manoeuvre, resting against the mountainside in order to load the rescuers on board. This time it came in even closer with the nose and rotors inches from disaster. Bruno, along with a mountain gendarme officer, was then winched in the air and carried off to safety and he dangled from the helicopter. He was taken by a medical team from the PGHM High Mountain Mounted Police Platoon (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Montagne) to hospital. A doctor from the nearby Chamonix hospital was also part of the team and accompanied the patient to hospital. The three videos of the rescue were filmed by Nicolas Derely and shared on Skipass.com. He said in the online post: 'Nothing exceptional in these images, in the sense that it is the daily life of these people who intervene several times a day throughout the winter. 'We only wanted to share them because it is still impressive, and allows us to realise how lucky we are to have these guardian angels allowing us all to enjoy the mountain, in all seasons. We also wish a good convalescence to Bruno.' Nicolas could be heard saying in the final clip: 'Extraordinaire!' as the helicopter flies off. The 60-year-old, who lives nearby the scene, said: 'He is a very good pilot, he knew there were a lot of winds, so he made an approach below. 'I was myself a fighter pilot in the French Air Force, so I was aware of the risks and his mastery.' Bruno is understood to have damaged his anterior knee ligament and dislocated his knee cap. He is expected to make a full recovery but will be on crutches for a few weeks. In July a CH-47 Chinook helicopter was used to carry out a similar dramatic rescue of a suicidal man from Mount Hood - Oregon's tallest mountain. Footage also showed the CH-47 Chinook at an altitude of about 11,000 feet, hovering in the air above Mount Hood, before slowly descending to where the climbers and the rescue team are waiting for its arrival. On its way down, the pilot spins the helicopter around, performing a 'pinnacle manoeuvre', landing just the Chinook's two rear wheels on the mountain so that there's easy access to the cargo bay. The rescue was said to have taken just 32 minutes and four seconds from the time the helicopter departed and returned to the baseball field.
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Business Owners Fight Back On Public Urination
You know the saying when you got to go. You got to go. Well if you are in Allentown you better not urinate in public because you never know who may be watching. They look like scenes out of Punked or Candid Camera. But these are no pranks. What you are looking at is punishment for public pee-ers. Fed up with a parade of people urinating outside their Allentown store in broad daylight, 2 owners who didn't want to be identified took matters into their own hands rigging up a camera and shower head in the back ally. What they get is a lot of water and a little revenge. You got to admit it's pretty funny. A motion detector on the security cameras alert the owner someone has come to "do business". Here's the fun part, a pipe drilled through the wall is connected to a high pressure water line and with one turn of the valve. For 3 months the potty vigilante's have been catching and recording dozens people. Not just men, but women and children. They've caught so many people going; they even keep a score card of how many people they drench. The owners admit they're having a little fun doing this. They even have plans to upgrade the system to monitor cameras from home. They say soon enough violators will get the message.
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11-Year-Old Florida Boy Helps Catch Intruders By Calling 911
An 11-year-old boy from Hollywood, Fla., helped police arrest three suspects who broke into his home Thursday evening while he hid under his bed. The boy, Luis Gutierrez Jr., was home alone when he heard glass shattering and voices in the house. Fearful, he hid under his bed and called 911 for help. His parents were at a gas station when the home invasion occurred, he told the emergency responder. While he could not provide the responder with information about the suspects' appearances, he was able to say that he heard at least 2 men inside his house. During the call, the 911 operator is overheard telling someone, "I don't know if it's real or not." To which Gutierrez cries out, "It's real! It's real!" The responder told Gutierrez to stay inside his room and on the phone with her until the police arrived. She made sure that the officers met him at his bedroom window to take him to safety. Two suspects were still inside the home when police responded to the scene, according to a police statement. Carol Pannunzio, who lives across the street from the Gutierrez's, said she was in her kitchen when she heard her dog barking in her living room. She looked out her window and saw policemen with their guns drawn outside the Gutierrez' home, she said. "In fact, one policeman had a shield in front of him," she said. "Later on, they brought a K-9 unit. The dog wasn't in the house that long, but they did go in the house." Pannunzio said she saw police arrest two African American men outside the home. Greg Pickett, who lives next door, said he did not hear any glass shattering, but saw one of the suspects running out the back of the house. Police ultimately apprehended and charged the three suspects with burglary of a structure/occupied, grand theft, and possession of burglary tools, according to the media release. "The quick thinking and smart actions of the child and the rapid response of the officers led to a successful outcome in this incident," said Lt. Nicole Coffin in a prepared statement.
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Justice Alito Will Not Attend State of the Union
Washington - When Supreme Court justices enter the House of Representatives in their black robes for the president's next State of the Union address, Samuel Alito does not plan to be among them. The justice said the annual speech to Congress has become very political and awkward for the justices, who he says are expected to sit "like the proverbial potted plant." Of course, Alito did not remain impassive at the most recent State of the Union speech by President Barack Obama. He reacted to Obama's unusual rebuke of the court for its decision in a campaign finance case by shaking his head and mouthing the words "not true." The 60-year-old justice, an appointee of President George W. Bush, acknowledged with a smile that his colleagues "who are more disciplined refrain from manifesting any emotion or opinion whatsoever." Alito, answering questions following a speech Wednesday at the conservative Manhattan Institute in New York, also said, "Presidents will fake you out." The institute provided an online video link to Alito's talk and question-and-answer session. The president will begin a sentence with an invocation of the country's greatness, Alito said. If justices don't jump up and applaud, "you look very unpatriotic," he said. But, Alito continued, then the president may finish the thought by adding "because we're conducting a surge in Iraq or because we're enacting health care reform." Justices aren't supposed to react to statements about policy or politics. The better course, Alito said, is to follow the example of more experienced justices like Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and the recently retired John Paul Stevens. None has attended in several years. "So I doubt that I will be there in January," Alito said. At least one justice, Stephen Breyer, has said he was not bothered by Obama's criticism and believes justices should attend so that viewers can see the three branches of government represented in the same room.
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Rabbi Sentenced 32 Years For Sexually Abusing Teen
BOROUGH PARK, N.Y. Rabbi Baruch Lebovits, 59, the wealthy owner of a travel agency in Borough Park, Brooklyn, was hit Monday with a lengthy prison term for sexually abusing a then-16-year-old boy from his neighborhood. Lebovits, a father of seven children and grandfather to 24, had long been the subject of talk in his community, but no action was ever taken against him, until three alleged victims came forward a couple of years ago. Judge Patricia DiMango, of Brooklyn Supreme Court, sentenced Lebovits to a maximum term of 10 2/3 to 32 years. The victim in this first case told the jury that Lebovits performed oral sex on him in the rabbi's silver Toyota, on eight occasions between May 2004 and February 2005. The victim, now 22, testified he turned to drugs and alcohol after the abuse. The defense attorney, Arthur Aidala, argued the allegations were made up, as part of an extortion attempt, because Lebovits' son is a multi-millionaire. In a surprise courtroom revelation, the judge read portions of Lebovits' probation report, where the rabbi confided to authorities that he himself was a victim of sexual abuse, when he was a boy. Lebovits said he was victimized the first time by an uncle in London, when he was just 11-years-old. He said a teenager abused him again, a year later, when he was 12. Lebovits' victim, who admitted he stole money from poor boxes in the synagogue to feed his drug habit, read a statement to the judge before sentencing. "Some people are telling me I'll regret going to the police. I feel every day Baruch Lebovits is in jail is a day kids in our community are safe," he said. The victim's father then read his own statement to Judge DiMango, swaying back and forth at the table like he was saying daily prayers in his Orthodox Jewish faith: "I ask you Mordechai Lebovits--where is your soul? You destroyed these children," said the victim's father, Later, outside of court, the man revealed to PIX 11 News how community members from the synagogue lashed out against the family after they went public with the abuse complaints. "Somebody almost kicked me .. they threw me out of the synagogue," he said. Defense attorney, Arthur Aidala, took note that Lebovits worked for many years as a kindergarten teacher in Brooklyn and there was never one word of complaint from parents. He pointed to more than 100 letters of support for the rabbi, written by his family and other community members. "In my religion, you would call the life Baruch Lebovits lived a saint -- this is a non-violent crime. Keep in mind, this is his first contact with the system," said Aidala. But Judge DiMango was not swayed, although she noted, "Sex abuse often leads to sex abuse." Before imposing the maximum sentence, she said, "Abusing and harming children will not be tolerated." A group of young men who say they are survivors of sexual abuse by teachers and counselors turned up in court to support the victim. The defense plans to appeal the harsh sentence, claiming Lebovits is being punished, because he turned down a "plea bargain" offer before trial that would have carried a 1 1/3 to 4 year maximum penalty. Now the rabbi is looking at 32 years.
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Man vs. Goose
A man walking outside encounters one angry goose! the charging by the goose at the end is hilarious
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Toddler Strapped into a Car Seat Flies out of the Vehicle
Shocking dashcam video shows the moment a toddler strapped into a car seat flies out of the vehicle after her mother failed to fasten her seat properly, before her mom drives off as other motorists try to flag her down Horrifying dashcam video has captured the moment a toddler who was still strapped into her car seat flew out of a moving car after her mother failed to properly fasten the seat. The two-year-old girl toppled out of the rear left door of the car as her mother veered around a corner in Mankato, Minnesota on Monday. The shocking incident was captured on Chad Cheddar Mock's dashcam as he was driving behind the mother's car at about 11.45am. It showed the girl, who dressed in a pink jacket and gray tights, falling from car as it slowly veered around a bend in the road. The seat miraculously landed on its side and the girl did not appear to hit the ground. The car braked momentarily at the traffic lights a few feet away despite having a green signal. When the door of the car was shut, the car drove off and left the little girl in the middle of the road. Mock was captured on his dashcam jumping out of his own vehicle and trying to wave down the mother. He stopped traffic so he could safely carry the child off the road in her car seat. First responders examined the little girl and found that she had not been injured in the ordeal. Police said the toddler was properly buckled in her child seat but the seat had not been fastened correctly inside the car. It is not clear how the car door managed to fly open. The girl's mother eventually returned to the scene when she realized her daughter and her car seat were missing. Police have asked the Blue Earth County Attorney's Office to consider charging the mother with child endangerment and not fastening a child restraint system.
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Judge Helps Chase Down Inmates After They Make A Break For It
Courthouse security footage obtained by The Chronicle of an attempted escape by two inmates Tuesday afternoon depicts Judge R.W. Buzzard grabbing hold of one escapee just as he’s primed to exit the building. The second escapee made it a few blocks away before he too was caught by authorities. For their troubles, Tanner D. Jacobson, 22, of Onalaska and Kodey L. Howard, 28, of Winlock were each hit with a felony charge of second-degree escape. Surveillance shows four inmates being escorted out by one deputy, who is out of frame for most of the footage provided by Lewis County. Howard and Jacobson are last in line, and both, rather than walk through an exit to the right of the judge’s seat where inmates are brought in and out, pivot and run for the public door at the back of the courtroom. Howard is seen in the lead with Jacobson right on his heels, both taking an unobstructed course through the third-floor courtroom, and out the door. Buzzard gives chase, shedding his black robe and running after them. Cameras situated in each floor of the stairwell show that Jacobson took the lead, rapidly descending down the four flights of stairs to the bottom floor — sometimes taking several steps at a time. The distance between Jacobson and Howard widens with each flight, and Buzzard is seen closing in on Howard, grabbing him and going out of frame just as Howard was about to go through an open emergency exit door on the ground floor. Several people, who aren’t clearly seen on camera, emerge on the scene in seconds. “These things don’t happen very often,” said Sheriff Rob Snaza. “They’re few and far between.” Snaza said this represents the second such incident within the last couple of years, that he’s aware of. There are monthly meetings to discuss courthouse security issues. During this incident, Snaza said, security measures and quick communication made deputies aware of the incident quickly. The only deputy in the room did not give chase because he had two other inmates in his care, said Snaza. “We’re very aware of what’s going on at a moment’s notice,” he said. Other Lewis County Sheriff’s Office Jail officials didn’t immediately return requests for comment. Lewis County Prosecutor Jonathan Meyer told The Chronicle in a previous interview that one idea to curb courthouse incidents was to allow for additional armed guards — whether they be deputies or private security — monitoring the courthouse at all times. “Because quite frankly, I don’t like it when judges are jumping over the bench to chase people down … because that’s not what they’re trained to do,” said Meyer. The concept is far from set in stone, and is in the preliminary stage of planning, he said. Howard was recently placed on a $50,000 cash bond, and Jacobson on a $100,000 cash bond.
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Driver Rescue Toddler in Middle of the Street
A quick-thinking driver plucked a toddler to safety after the child chased a ball into the path of fast-moving cars. A dashcam clip captures the motorist as he spots a child sitting alone on the pavement near to Laurel Glen Park in Tustin, California. He slows his car to a stop as the toddler runs up the road to retrieve a lost ball. The driver then exits his vehicle and approaches the child - who bounces the ball into the centre of the road and chases after it. But the man wastes no time in running after the toddler, and throws his hand out to signal 'stop' to fast-approaching cars before picking the child up. The pair then cross the road to retrieve the lost ball. A man who appears to be the child's guardian appears from the park as the toddler is carried to safety. He dashes towards the toddler, picks it up, and waves goodbye to the rescuer.
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Massive FBI Raids Across NY NJ Politicians & Rabbis Among Arrested
In a sweep stemming from a massive probe into international money laundering, federal authorities this morning arrested more than 40 people, including three New Jersey mayors officials, two state legislators and several rabbis.
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Petrol Tanker Explodes in a Fireball Near Italy’s Bologna Airport
At least two people have been killed and scores are injured after a huge blast near Bologna Airport in Italy. Police said 70 people were injured, some with serious burns, when a petrol tanker exploded after a traffic accident and tore down a motorway bridge onto cars below. Dramatic footage shared on social media shows a huge fireball in the sky and smoke rising over the airport in the country's north. Police have said the blast could be felt in the busy terminal and was caused by an accident on the nearby motorway. Several people are understood to have been injured. Video shows a massive explosion just yards from cars on the carriageway and people sprinting to safety down the road. According to witnesses, a crash involving a petrol tanker took place, with the vehicle then exploding. Police said they had closed off the motorway where the crash took place as well as the surrounding area in Borgo Panigale, on the outskirts of Bologna. Italian firefighters tweeted that they've sent multiple rescue and emergency squads, including one from their urban search and rescue team. Italian private Sky TG24 reported that some of the injured people had been hit by flying glass when windows in nearby buildings exploded. The road has been closed and emergency services are at the scene.
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Motorbike Stunt Rider Escapes with Life  Caught on Tape
This is the astonishing moment a daredevil motorcyclist cheats death after smashing head-on into an oncoming car during a disastrous stunt. The rider is filmed pulling off a series of impressive stunts with a fellow biker at the Beto Carrero World theme park in south-east Brazil when the performance goes horribly wrong. After revving his motorbike with his colleague at one end of the arena in front of a large crowd, the biker puts his foot down and speeds towards three oncoming red cars with the intention of dramatically weaving between them. But while accelerating towards the cars, the rider misjudges his path during a wheelie and strays into the path of the vehicle. To the horror of spectators and his fellow stuntman, the biker ploughs headlong into the car, sending his body spinning 80ft through the air before slamming into the ground and rolling a further 40ft. There follows a stunned silence from the initial screams of shock as the biker lies motionless on the arena floor and medics rush to his aid. There follows a stunned silence from the initial screams of shock as the biker lies motionless on the arena floor and medics rush to his aid. 'They felt some muscle pain and were kept under observation for several hours. 'The drivers are professionals who already have more than 10 years experience and rehearse their manoeuvres on a daily basis. 'They were back at work the following day to do what they love. 'It was a really scary accident, but it also served to show how extreme the show is.'
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Man Saves Girlfriend's Life as Out of Control Car Flies Towards Them
A man saved a woman's life when he pulled her out of the way of a speeding car, which went past just inches from them as they walked down a street. CCTV cameras caught the heartstopping moment when the man and woman, reportedly a couple, were almost hit by the car before it crashed into a wall. The video footage shows the man grabbing his female companion and throwing them both on the ground to escape the speeding vehicle. The couple narrowly cheated death on November 10, at an unknown location, with the video later widely shared on social media. It sees them walking casually side by side, the man in a chequered shirt and the woman in a black vest and flip-flops. Suddenly the grey car comes speeding towards them, and the man steps in to pull the woman out of its way. The vehicle narrowly misses them and careens on two wheels straight into a wall next to them. Despite the grainy CCTV, the pair on the ground are visibly shaken as they get up and dust themselves off. It is not known if the pair suffered any injuries in the incident. It is also not known if the driver had any passengers in the car or if they managed to escape unharmed.
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Huge Rotating Ice Disc Forms In Maine River
Out of this world! Giant UFO-like spinning ice disk appears in Maine town's river - and at 100 yards across its one of the biggest ever recorded of the rare phenomenon A strange-looking disk of ice is creating a stir in a Maine city. The naturally occurring disk formed over the weekend in Westbrook, Maine on the Presumpscot River, drawing curious onlookers to investigate the strange sight. 'It kind of looks like a crop circle,' resident Doug Bertlesman told the Portland Press Herald. 'It's pretty wild to look at,' he said. 'It's certainly not every day that you can watch a spinning circle of ice in the river.' Bertlesman estimated that the ice disk was about 100 yards in diameter, which would make it one of the largest on record - if not the biggest ever. According to published reports, the largest ice disk recorded was a 160-foot diameter circle in Sweden's Pite River in 1987. The ice disk in Westbrook has created a buzz among residents after pictures were posted on the city's official Facebook page. Comments on the photos said that it looked like a 'frozen crop circle' and joked that it might be the work of 'space gremlins'. Tina Radel, the city’s marketing and communications director, is also a licensed drone operator, and used the city's drone to shoot aerial footage of the phenomenon from the city's river walk. Westbrook is a city of 17,500 just to the west of Portland. City officials hope interest in the ice disk will drive business to local merchants. 'If you get out today to check it out, be sure to stop by one the many downtown eateries that are nearby,' the city wrote on Facebook.
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Man climbs Millennium Towers in San Francisco
A man climbed the Millennium Tower in San Francisco Monday afternoon. The man, in his 50s, is believed to be Dan Goodwin, also known as "Skyscraper Man." Goodwin started climbing the 58-story residential tower around 2:15 p.m. He completed the climb just before 5:30 p.m. and was immediately taken into police custody. Goodwin is an experienced climber with a history of climbing skyscrapers. He says he climbs to raise awareness about the vulnerability of buildings to terrorism and about his person bout with cancer. He climbed the World Trade Center in 1983 and the Sears Tower in 1981. San Francisco police and fire officials monitored the climb. Goodwin used large, suction cup-like devices during his free climb. Building residents were seen opening their windows and offering him water along the way.
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Ohio 16 Year Old Girl Calls 911 on her Dad After he Confiscated her Phone as Punishment
'My father took my property': Furious 16-year-old girl in Ohio calls 911 on her dad after he confiscated her $800 phone (but the cops have NO sympathy) A 16-year-old girl called the police on her father after he took her phone away as punishment for having it password protected, Ohio officials say. Bodycam footage shows the moment officers responded to the 911 call made by the teen, who told dispatchers: 'My father took my property, which is an $800 phone that doesn't belong to him. He didn't buy it.' Lt James Wilson of the South Euclid Police Department said officers recognized the situation as a teaching opportunity, telling WKYC: 'Certainly if we were busy, it would be pushed to the back burner, but we still have an obligation to respond.' The father, Anthony Robertson, and his daughter were both sitting outside the home when officers arrived on Saturday afternoon. The teen, whose name has not been released because she is a minor, can be heard saying: 'I want my phone.' Robertson then explains: 'I took her phone because she's a juvenile, and I don't want her to have it. 'I can't inspect it, because the phone is locked, so I took it away.' The officers determined that it was merely a parental disciplinary issue and sided with Robertson. The girl says: 'It's my property and I don't live here,' claiming that she lives with her grandmother but occasionally stays at her father's home. One of the officers responds: 'But guess what? Everything that you own belongs to your mother and your father. Having a phone is not a right.' Robertson adds: 'It's a privilege.' The officers then warned the teen not to call 911 in non-emergency situations. A post about the incident on the South Euclid Police Department's Facebook page has been liked and shared hundreds of times by empathetic parents. It also stirred a debate over the property rights of teenagers. Lt Wilson said: 'Our department would not pursue this type of "theft". 'You'd be hard pressed to find a court in this country who would take the case.' Speaking to WKYC after the incident, Robertson said he was shocked when police showed up at his home. 'There's like, four cars, and I'm like, oh my goodness, the police are coming and they look kind of tough,' he said. Defending his decision to take away his daughter's phone, Robertson said: 'To all the parents, you know? Stay on them. There's so many hidden apps and little ways that they can hide and cover up what they're doing on those phones. It's ridiculous.'
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Incredible Video: Heroic Deputy Saving a Three Month Old Baby
An off-duty deputy in Florida saved an infant boy's life after he became unresponsive inside his mom's car. Dashcam footage from K9 Deputy Jeremie Nix's police cruiser shows the moment a white sedan pulled over near intersection on Southeast Lake Weir Avenue and 17th Street around 5.30pm Wednesday in Ocala. The baby's distraught mother Nechole Crowell had her flasher lights on and flagged down Deputy Nix, then rushed out of the vehicle with baby King. Deputy Nix then kneeled on the ground to administer CPR and other life-saving measures to the three-month-old. When the officer wasn't noticing an improvement in King's breathing, he hurried back into his vehicle and took off to the nearby Ocala Regional Medical Center. The Marion County Sheriff's Office shared heartwarming updates about baby King's state afterward. 'Deputy Nix delivered the child to medical personnel, who then began treating the child. We are happy to report that Baby Kingston is doing very well and doctors say he will make a full recovery!!,' the department's YouTube page said. 'Doctors also said that because of K9 Deputy Nix's actions, Baby Kingston is alive today. We are tremendously proud of Deputy Nix and we can already see that he and Baby Kingston will have a deep connection that will last a lifetime!!' Precious photos taken inside the hospital show the smiling deputy as he stood next to baby King, whose eyes are wide open, in his hospital bed. Nix is pictured as he cradled the infant in his arms while he slept peacefully. Thankful mother Crowell took to Facebook afterward to thank Deputy Nix and share details about the astonishing moment her son's life was saved. 'Let me just say that yesterday GOD showed me just how real he was. My son KING was barely breathing, & fighting for his life. My sister & I noticed an officer sitting at a red light & we got his attention. 'With his fast thinking HE & GOD saved my son.... after his shift he and his beautiful wife came to shands just to see him again. His word to me was “Don’t you worry, i will not leave until i help save your son!,"' she wrote. 'GOD had me in the right place because he knew you needed me... THANK YOU OFFICER JAY NIX FROM THE OCALA SHERIFFS OFFICE K-9 unit!! 'I just wanted the world to know how great this officer is, & how GREAT GOD is........ not all officers are bad, he’s one of many good guys ❤️❤️ KING & I WILL FOREVER APPRECIATE YOU.'
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Police Dog Can't Quite Get Used to Winter Boots
RAPID CITY, S.D. - Members of the Rapid City Police Department decided to buy new snow boots for one of its team members, a police dog. A police dog’s battle with its new snowshoes is melting hearts across the internet, thanks to an adorable viral video shared by Rapid City police. The Rapid City Police Department in South Dakota fitted police dog Jary with new cold-weather booties and shared the hilarious results on social media, where it soon clocked up more than 1.6 million Facebook views and 290,000 on Twitter. Jary appeared to forget how to walk once the shoes were on, raising each of his legs in a comical manner as his colleagues watched in amusement. The police pooch keeps moving his hind legs in an exaggerated fashion, lifting them way higher than necessary as he tries to get the hang of his new booties. When an officer gives him a toy to play with and fetch, his walking improves, but only slightly. “It's cold out there, which means making sure all our officers are equipped for the chilly weather; even the furry ones!” the police wrote on Facebook. “Looks like K9 Jary's new snow boots are going to take some getting-used-to…” All humour aside, officers want to remind people that pets get cold, just like humans. So, make sure to take extra precaution when taking them out into cold weather.
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Bobover Rebbe Ben Zion Halberstam at the Last Moments of his Life ?
There has been a lot of turmoil lately about a movie clip from the horror days of World War Two where many speculate the Previous Bobover Rebbe K"D ADMU"R Ben Zion Halberstam,(18741941) father of Rav Shloime'le (1907 - 2000), is seen being beaten by The Ukrainians under Nazi occupation, 3 days before being brutality murdered, HY"D. The original clip is from Steven Speilberg's film and video archive No one can positively confirm that this is the Rebbe but those who are officially experts on these matters (deal with pictures etc) have reportedly said they are confident it is the Rebbe. Either way the video below is to say the least "frightening".
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Group Of Rabbis Spark Controversy Over Lox
Be they Jew or Gentile, New Yorkers love their lox. However, a group of rabbis called Chevra Mehadrin recently claimed salmon, flounder, halibut and cod fish should no longer be considered kosher, because they may contain a tiny parasite known as anisakis that some rabbis claim has mutated to a form no longer permitted by Jewish law. "Lox is lox. Everybody eats it. Where would Monsey be without lox?" said Dolores Solomon-Edinger. That's the question at Monsey's Bagel d'Lox. "Bagels and lox, that's what they eat. It's a big part of the store and the make-up of the store," said Tuly Buchinger. Buchinger sells hundreds of pounds of lox and other kosher fish each week, so imagine his interest when the small group of ultra-orthodox rabbis declared salmon and other fish unclean. "To me, it sounds very suspicious," he said. No one answered the door at the Chevra Mehadrin's office in Monsey and no one returned calls for comment, but the largest kosher-certifying organization in the country said there's no need to put a pox on lox. The Orthodox Union said scholars debated and settled the point generations ago, so the fish is fine. Despite the claims of the ultra-orthodox rabbis, "the O.U. has found no evidence of anything different from what has already been permitted by (Jewish law)." Lox lovers were mostly dismissing the kosher controversy. "Some people they like to go on and find problems with everything," said Boruch Gross of Monsey. "Still going to eat salmon, you know? I like salmon. Salmon is good," said Mendy Nemtzov of Airmont. Many kosher restaurant owners said until their supervising rabbi tells them otherwise. They'll keep serving lox and lots of it. "A world without lox is hard to imagine," Edinger said. And about that parasite, the FDS said it requires all commercially sold fish to be frozen for a time, to kill any parasites
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Perth Amboy Police Officer Saves Life of man on Railroad Tracks
PERTH AMBOY - With his police body camera bouncing up and down as he ran down the train tracks, Perth Amboy Officer Kyle Savoia yelled at the man who had been spotted lying face down as the train was quickly approaching. "Hey bud, move," Savoia yelled at the man. "Move, move, move, move." Savoia, a rookie with just seven months on the job, also signaled the train to stop. The train stopped inches from the man, who heeded the officers life saving words and moved off the tracks just in the nick of time. "Are you okay," Savoia is heard asking the man off to the side of the tracks. "Where did you come from," the man asked Savoia. "Thank you. Oh my God, thank you so much." Around 8:19 a.m. July 19, Savoia, a patrolman, was dispatched to check on the welfare of someone on the tracks, police said. As the officer arrived, a bystander pointed out a man lying down on the northbound tracks about 200 yards south of the Perth Amboy Train Station platform. Savoia spotted the oncoming train on the northbound track where the man was seen lying face down, police said. Savoia started to run toward the train and as he got closer, used verbal commands to alert the man, while also signaling the train to stop by waving his arms. Police said the train began to slow down and as Savoia approached the man, the man jumped out of the way of the train just prior to being struck. Police said the man was then transported to Hackensack Meridian Health Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy for further treatment. “As police officers, our job is to make quick decisions in difficult situations and to act on them," Savoia said. "At the end of the day, all that matters is everyone gets home safe. Also, at such an early stage of my career, to be able to make an impactful difference in a person’s life is incredible and makes me love what I do every day,” Police work is apparently in Savoia's blood. His father, Sgt. Kevin Savoia Sr., died in 2015 after serving as a Perth Amboy police officer for more than 28 years. Savoia's brother, Kevin Savoia Jr., also serves on the Perth Amboy police force after both were sworn in on Jan. 18, 2018.
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Crows Swarm Pool
A New York man captured video of the strange moment he discovered his backyard pool was covered in dozens of black birds. The video shows the black birds swarming around the man's garden and backyard pool while he films from an upstairs window. There appear to be well over 100 birds in the yard -- or, as the man estimates, "like 7 million." The man opens his window -- causing the birds to fly straight toward him. "Oh god, I should not have done that!" the man says while slamming the window closed. The video cuts to a few moments later, when the man remarks that the birds appear to have left -- but they begin to flow back into the yard as the video ends.
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Man Accused of Faking Slip and Fall
WOODBRIDGE, New Jersey - Nice try. A New Jersey man was arrested and charged after he purposely threw ice on a business's floor and faked a slip and fall. The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office said 57-year-old Alexander Goldinsky, of Randolph, was subcontracted to work at a company in Woodbridge and allegedly orchestrated the scam in its break room. Surveillance video from 2018 shows the suspect fill a cup with ice and use the cup to toss the ice on the floor. He then shuffles toward the ice and uses a nearby counter to help him "slip and fall" onto the floor. Officials said Goldinsky waited on the ground until he was discovered. They said he then filed a false insurance claim for the ambulance service and treatment he received at a local hospital for injuries he claimed. Goldinsky was arrested on January 15 and charged with insurance fraud and theft by deception. His court appearance is scheduled for next Thursday in New Brunswick Superior Court. The investigation is active and continuing. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Sean Sullivan of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office at (732) 745-4060.
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Dramatic: Cops Leap in to Save Suicidal Woman About to Jump from an Overpass
A pair of Texas cops came to a distraught woman's rescue and managed to save her life. The duo had moments to act as the woman teetered on the brink of an overpass, threatening to jump into traffic below. Just as officers, Justin Henry and Trae Cierzan pulled up to the scene, they found the woman getting out of her car only to stand up on the ledge. 'No!' she responds. 'Leave me alone!' 'Come on!' the officer says. 'Get down! What's your name?' 'It doesn't matter,' the woman says sobbing - hovering dangerously on the edge. 'Just take care of my dogs!' 'My name's Justin,' the officer says as he tries to reassure her and offer a friendly hand. 'I don't care! Everyone wants me dead, so I'll just die,' the woman responded through tears. All the while, both police officers edged ever-closer to the woman. Dash-cam footage captures video of both men walking towards her while body-cam film shows just hos close to the edge the woman was as she stood on the concrete ledge. The woman tells them how scared she is the men edge ever-closer towards her. Finally, they decide to make a grab for her and pull her down off the barrier. They then walk her to the squad car and tell her they're going to get her some help. 'What's your name? What's going on?' the officers ask as they place the woman in handcuffs for her own good. They tell her that she will be taken to hospital where she will be able to speak with someone about her problems. The woman appears to be in a truly tormented state as she tells the officers that nobody cares about her and the people want her to die. 'My name's Justin and this here, is Trae, and we don't want you to die,' says the officer. ''Whatever's going on is not worth it. We're here for you, OK?' The footage is both terrifying and reassuring as it shows the police officers maintain their cool, calm and collected manner throughout managing to bring the woman back down to safety where she could receive some proper care and attention.
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