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Rolfe DeWolfe speed paint
my first speed paint ever made on this account sice its about time i upload something on my channel. if you are a fan of the rockafire explosion, you may have known my favorite character (and husbando) of the band. sory for the odd quality muisc: Groovy People by Lou Rawls
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Billy Bob doll reveiw
I wish to show you the original box opening when it's fresh out of the box but my sad who was the cameraman in the video helped asking me questions and going like "what a so special, whays so amazing, balblablabla" till I got nervous and not to mention the fact that he is even asking questions about what it even is after I told him a millions of times that it's a doll from my favorite band and then he makes another question. It sucks becuase seeing his face for the first time was a nice reaction of mine since it is a present and box opening after all. Anyways becuase of the misshaps of the original video I wanted to post, I came up with just making a review instead. Thank you Jose for entering the contest for me and winning it for me and thank you Aaron for choosing my boyfriend as the winner of the doll even if we never got the prototype we was originally getting.
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Curiosity Quest video entery
ther is a contest entery from Curiosity Quest that if you make a video of what you are cuirious about, you culd join with the host of the show on TV for there next episode based of what you are cuirious about my dream job is to be a CGI artist for PIXAR animation studios, and because im always so fasinated about how thay make great CGI movies, but i realy whanted to know how thay work together to make CGI movies and what thay do if there is a problem. i just thought this wuld be a very interesting quest to see so yeah.
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curiosity quest contest entery "how are flutes made"
my little sister is making an entry too
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