Videos uploaded by user “jemohseni” for the 2011
Jaleh singing: Someone To Watch Over Me
Me singing for Dan Seigel's Digital Audio class.
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Jaleh and Jesse's Song, rough draft
A cell phone recording, soon to be recorded legit : )
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RA3 Video From Class
To help me learn
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Jaleh singing the blues with Jesse
Another cell phone recording. Having a blue day, felt like posting this song. 1st time recording, on a cell, not the best, but I dunno, I may be the only student in Recording Arts that really likes distortion. We were kinda buzzed when we did this, and I kinda go off key, but it's a chill little snip to maybe be made into a full song someday :)
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Jaleh singing, At Last (Vote for me!!)
Vote for me!!!! Jaleh singing Ella Fitzgerald's At Last.
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I live for the sun, by Jaleh
Messin around with Garage Band
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