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You Forgot About Valentines Day! By Zooey Deschanel
If the Internet had a match.com profile its interests would be the following: Cats, Legos, and Zooey Deschanel. The prefect mix of Audrey Hepburn and Winnie Cooper, Deschanel has stolen the hearts of virtually every internet troll. This past weekend Zooey pulled at our heart strings once more as she appeared on SNL and performed a Valentine's Day song for all the forgetful lovers out there. Now, thanks to the animation team at Tauntr, that song has been brought to life!... but wait!... Shit!... you guys forgot the cats!
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5 Greatest NBA Finals Moments Legoized
A few months ago we recreated some of March Madness greatest moments using only Legos. People seemed to enjoy it, so we decided to do it again for the pro ballers. So before you sit down tonight to enjoy the NBA Finals, take a brief moment to relive some of the Finals greatest moments—Gar Heard in the Garden, Dr. J's baseline scoop, Magic's hook, Microwave Johnson and of course Jordan's "last" shot—all painstakingly recreated using Legos.
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Greatest March Madness Moments Lego-ized
Here you go. You can now watch the greatest moments in the history of the NCAA basketball tournament. Re-created. Frame by frame. With Legos. Don't say we never gave you anything.
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NHL All Star Fantasy Draft
In what will surely be the most heralded hockey gimmick since the glowing blue puck, tonight we get our first look at the NHL's All Star Fantasy Draft. Instead of the using the traditional conference teams or the widely popular North America vs. The World squads, two captains will pick their teams during a televised show on the Versus Network, which brings in a whole new element of friendships, grudges, loyalties and fights over who has to take the sucky kid. The whole format reminds us of a classic game of shinny—hockey in its simplest form—with no goalies, trash cans for goals, a crappy and probably perilous sheet of ice and the embarrassment of being the one nobody wants to play with.
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5 Greatest NBA Finals Moments Legoized
A few months ago we recreated some of March Madness greatest moments using only Legos. People seemed to enjoy it, so we decided to do it again for the pro ballers. So before you sit down tonight to enjoy the NBA Finals, take a brief moment to relive some of the Finals greatest moments—Gar Heard in the Garden, Dr. J's baseline scoop, Magic's hook, Microwave Johnson and of course Jordan's "last" shot—all painstakingly recreated using Legos.
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A Call To End Elderly Abuse
We recognize that we've been a bit harsh on the Celtics today, poking fun of their age and reiterating how the Heat have dominated them through the first two games of the series. As a ways to make amends, we've decided to run a public service announcement highlighting a very serious issue that we so ignorantly mocked today—elderly abuse.
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Charlie Weis Relief Fund - Help Save Notre Dame
http://www.tauntr.com | Introducing The Charlie Weis Relief Fund. This video shows the heartbreak that Notre Dame has suffered at the hands of former head coach Charlie Weis. Weis has been fired but his reign of terror has not ended. The university is still paying him millions of dollars, making it more difficult for Notre Dame to afford a good new coach. Watch the video and help relieve the burden of the Weis contract. Buy a T-shirt. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the struggling Notre Dame Athletic Department so that they can payoff the remainder of his big, fat contract.
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A Short Story: Da'Sean Butler
http://www.tauntr.com/content/short-story-dasean-butler Last week, Miami Heat second-round pick Da'Sean Butler wrote a rather strange children's story. Butler, a former star at the University of West Virginia, then presented the book by posting a series of 140-character tweets on his Twitter feed. Today, Tauntr.com brings Butler's twisted tale to life.
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Timmy & Bus: Season II Premier
After a year of road tripping that culminated in a World Series victory, Timmy and Bus have decided to settle down in their very first apartment in preparation of the upcoming season. Their casa is su casa, so kick of your Birks and check out what the guys [along with their new roommate] are up to on the Season 2 premiere of Timmy and the Bus.
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Super Pierre Brothers
Suppose the great minds at Nintendo decided Italian wasn't the appropriate ethnicity for their flagship character. Suppose instead of Mario they named him Pierre. And, instead of his being a plumber he were some pretentious French mime? What would the world be like then? What about the Universe? And would any of us even have had a childhood?
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Tony & His High Horse Episode 1: East Down & Town
Retired football coach Tony has annoyed fans all season by consistently hopping up on his high horse when discussing issues facing the league. "Holier than thou" Tony, who was disappointed by Rex Ryan's language on Hard Knocks this summer, has taken it upon himself to save the world. In the first episode of Tauntr's newest animated web series, Tony & His High Horse, Tony hops on his high horse and heads on over to HBO's headquarters with the hopes of eradicating the dirty language from what he believes to be HBO's Hard Knocks baseball show, East Down & Town.
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Community Law & Order Intro
Community finally returns from its hiatus this Thursday, which is great news for any fan of quality television. And in an upcoming episode, they'll be paying homage to another legendary NBC show—Law & Order, which is great news for humanity. To hold you [and us] over until the Greendale 7 tackle the crime procedural drama and assume the role of detectives and district attorneys, we've created a Law & Order: Community intro, which, again, is great news for humanity.
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North Korea USA Womens Soccer Highlights
The U.S. defeated North Korea in the opening round of the Women's World Cup. The score of aforementioned game was 2-0. These are facts, undisputed by everyone currently inhabiting the Earth. Except the North Korean government. According to them, their heroic team, despite being struck by lightning, overpowered the American imperialistic pigs, or so their news coverage would lead you to believe.
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Timmy and the Bus Season Finale
Timmy and the Bus season finale
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Dustin Pedroia Drunk Dial
http://www.tauntr.com Bostons lil' guy Dustin Pedroia calls Tito.
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Yankees Fan Hitler Reacts To Joe Mauer Signing
Hitler, a die-hard New York Yankees fans, is not happy upon learning that All-Star catcher Joe Mauer re-signed with the Minnesota Twins.
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Boston Celebrates the Bruins
Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow" died as the Steelers Super Bowl bid fell short several months back. But after the Bruins brought the Stanley Cup to Boston for the first time in 39 years, Brad Marchand decided he needed to bring back the song too, which B's fans, in their drunken but fire free revelry, were happy to claim as their own during this past weekend's victory parade.
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Why So Sad, Lebron?
Oh, how the Heat have fallen. They went from dancing at center court of AmericaAirlines Arena before they even played a game to dousing their Spanglish-inspired "EL HEAT" jerseys in tears after they lost their most recent game—that's right, according to coach Erik Spoelstra, the Heat players were crying after their loss to the Bulls on Sunday. We're assuming LeBron James was amongst those bawling, especially considering the Heat's recent woes can be blamed on his failings in the final seconds. Based on this in-lockerroom animation, you can see that King James is clearly dealing with some issues.
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Fordham's Brian Kownacki Jumps Over Catcher In Amazing Slide
Brian Kownacki has the sickest slide, leaping over the catcher's head. Tauntr breaks it down in slow-mo.
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Tony and His High Horse- Episode II
Tony Dungy and his High Horse are at it again in the second installment of Tauntr.com's animated webisode.
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"Whoops" Carl Crawford's Apology
Hands down, Carl Crawford is the best paid, worst player in the MLB. Guy stinks. However, unlike most people overpaid and under-producing, Crawford is at least contrite. Not only has #13 offered fans a written apology, he's offered them a ballad apology as well.
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Wayne Brady's going to have to Djokovic
Robert Flores ask if Wayne Brady's going to have to Djokovic
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NOT Betancourt and Week's double play
THIS IS NOT Yuniesky Betancourt's double play with a behind-the-back flip to Rickie Weeks in the top of the eighth.
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Tom Brady Recaps American Idol: Pia's Dismissal
Tom Brady recently taped an interview for an upcoming ESPN series, and at one point, the Patriots QB breaks down and cries while discussing his long draft day wait. While everyone seems to be on Tom's case about bawling, we don't see the big deal. He's an emotional guy. He cares. In fact, Tommy cries all the time, as seen here in this new footage of him reacting to the Pia's shocking dismissal from American Idol.
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Dan Gilbert's Revenge on LeBron
http://www.tauntr.com/content/gilberts-revenge Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert's LeBron ranting, Comic Sans-serifed letter to Cavs fans was just the tip of the iceberg to his rage against King James. Tauntr.com has an exclusive trailer to the new motion picture featuring Gilbert on a quest to hunt down the man who betrayed him. If you thought "The Decision" drama was over, you were sorely mistaken. Get ready to camp out for your tickets to Gilbert's Revenge, premiering this fall in Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena.
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Cy Young Winner Tim Lincecum Stoner Commercial
http://www.tauntr.com | Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum enjoys two things: baseball and weed.
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Michael Vick Drunk Dial
http://www.tauntr.com Mike Vick has been drinking and contemplating his dilemma.
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Linsanity Brainwash
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2010 NFL Draft Commercial: The Draft Matters
The NFL Draft is where hilarity happens. Tune in to watch the first-ever NFL Draft in Prime Time on Thursday, April 22, 2010. See which team will draft the biggest bust this year. Will it be Tim Tebow? How about Jimmy Clausen? You must watch to find out.
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Jim Furyk's Earthquake Reaction
In what may be the first documented case of a natural disaster becoming a meme, an Earthquake rocked the internet on Tuesday. In contrast, Jim Furyk was far from rocked upon feeling the ground shudder beneath his feet. In fact, he reacted more in the neighborhood of we're out of mayo than we're experiencing a natural disaster. Seems to us you could plop Jim in the epicenter of the apocalypse and the guy would casually whip out his iPhone and start playing angry birds. Which is why we made this video, in hopes that the severity of the situation would cajole Jim out of his mummified stupor. Something tells us it's not going to work.
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Gus Johnson Play Calls Over Animated
The NCAA tournament is entering its final weekend, but our favorite announcer, Gus Johnson, is unfortunately finished for the year. To relive some of his best moments from this year's tourney, we over animated his own over animated calls.
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Antonio Cromartie's Kids
http://www.tauntr.com/content/cromarties-kids-according-bubba Bubba goes through the list of all of Antonio Cromartie's kids with friend Forrest Gump. Unlike Cromartie, Bubba has it down pat and displays an impressive memory.
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Dodger's Debt Settlement Ad
The Dodgers are bankrupt. Not too surprising. What is astonishing however is the list of people they still owe money to, and how much. Manny Ramirez is owed nearly $21 million. Andruw Jones $11 million. Marquis Grissom, who hasn't worn Dodger blue in nearly a decade, is due $2.7 million. Hell, they even owe legendary broadcaster Vin Scully more than $152,000. But these gentlemen shouldn't plan on the Dodgers settling their debts anytime soon. If they really want their money now, they should enlist the services of noted cash settlement firm J.G. Wentworth, who is running a new series of ads targeting Dodgers players.
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TAUNTR.com Yankees Prudential Prank on ESPN
TAUNTR.com pranks the city of Boston by creating a hoax video depicting the Prudential Center displaying the logo of Red Sox bitter rivals, the NY Yankees.
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Tiger Woods Oprah Interview
http://www.tauntr.com | TAUNTR exclusive video! Oprah nabs Tiger Woods for his first interview since his accident. Tiger will speak out about his scandal and possible divorce from wife Elin Nordegren. His alleged women list includes Holly Sampson, Rachel Uchitel, Jaimee Grubbs, Mindi Lawton, Kalika Moquin, Cori Rist and Joslyn James. More mistresses have yet to be identified. Tiger will address his sexts, text messages, affairs, as well as the night of the car accident and his mother-in-laws emergency trip to the hospital. Watch Oprahs intro of Tiger Woods to her audience.
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NHL Shootout Dance off
Earlier this month, Montreal Canadians' goalie Carey Price did his best gangster pose after shutting down the Penguins in a shootout. Then, the following week, Pens goalie Marc-Andre Fleury returned the gesture after beating the Habs—because apparently hockey is much more like the movie You Got Served than any of us ever imagined. Considering these two B-boy goalies will also be appearing in this weekend's All Star brouhaha, we thought it'd be appropriate to add a goalie dance off to the skills competition.
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Bart Scott Lego-ized
The Bart Scott interview. It's been discussed, dissected and remixed. Guess there's not much else left to do but completely recreate it with three-dimensionally rendered Lego people.
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Coach K iPhone APP Commercial
Coach K iPhone application commercial.
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LA Lakers Visit Boston Celtics NBA Finals Game 7
A group of Lakers fans take a trip to Boston to see the sights before game 7 against the Boston Celtics. http://www.tauntr.com
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Elizabeth Lambert Dating Video
http://www.Tauntr.com Suspended New Mexico Lobos junior soccer player Elizabeth Lambert shows her softer violent side in this new dating video. Lambert has gained national media attention for her unsportsmanlike conduct of repeated cheap shots, hair pulling and punches thrown during a recent postseason game versus Brigham Young University. Her actions in the UNM/BYU game have spurred a national debate over the recent outbreak of violence during womens soccer games. With editorials being written in the New York Times, discussions on the Today Show, and even dozens of Facebook fan groups being created about the incident, this is arguably the most press that womens soccer has received since the USA Women's National team won the World Cup back in 1999. The dirtiest player in womens soccer is facing a potential ban from the NCAA. In an effort to maintain her image and strengthen her love life, the attractive, yet violent Lambert submitted a dating video for a college dating service. Please enjoy.
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MasterChef - Talk Like a Master Chef
Chef Joe had to tell Josh how to pronounce "tagliolini." He then had to tell him again. And again...and again...and again...and again...
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Mark Mangino Drunk Dial
http://www.tauntr.com Mark Mangino might not even be drunk in this Tauntr exclusive clip.
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Cheaters: Tiger Woods with Mistress Rachel Uchitel - Jamie Grubbs Voicemail?
http://www.tauntr.com | Former model Elin Nordegren Woods catches her man, legendary golfer Tiger Woods, cheating with his mistress Rachel Uchitel at a local bowling alley. Tiger woods runs from Nordengren before car crash. TAUNTR.com exclusive video and Jamie Grubbs voicemail!
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Timmy & Bus Episode 5: World Series Preview
In the latest episode of Tauntr's exclusive web show Timmy and Bus, Bus picks up Timmy from the airport after he returns home from Philadelphia. Timmy and Bus catch up after spending a rare few days part from each other, discussing Timmy's recent trip, the NLCS, and the upcoming World Series.
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Jimmy Clausen Punched by Fan Video - Notre Dame Quarterback
http://www.tauntr.com | TAUNTR.com exclusive! Video of Fighting Irish quarterback Jimmy Clausen getting punched by a Notre Dame fan actually surfaced in this emotional Notre Dame University commercial.
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Jack Edwards Calls Other Dives
Jack Edwards, announcer for NESN, loves Boston Bruins hockey. And he hates when people dive. So when those two elements clash, especially in a tense playoff setting, you'll have to forgive Edwards for getting emotional, which is exactly what happened last night when the Canadiens Roman Hamrlik took a perceived dive after hitting Bruins winger Michael Ryder. But this isn't the first time Edwards got worked up when a player went down, we've found a few other clips of Jack yelling at guys on air to "GET UP!"
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Early American History- Bruins Version
Boston Bruins' announcer Jack Edwards is a notable homer and fan of hyperbolic metaphor. As such, Edwards used his Bruins Game 7 victory over the rival Canadiens as a platform to go on a critical analysis of the culture of Montreal hockey that took a hard left turn into the realm of anti-monarchial rhetoric. Depending on how you define "finer," it was one of his finer moments and we thought we'd illustrate it to capture the full lunacy and imagery of his 90 second rant.
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Tiger Woods Car Crash 911 Call. Exclusive audio! Jamie Grubbs Voicemail
Tiger Woods Car Crash 911 call. Exclusive eye witness report of the Tiger Woods car crash and heroic rescue by his wife Elin Nordegren. Jamie Grubbs voicemail.
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iPhone 4s new hidden features
Save up your food stamps people, because Apple's new iPhone 4s is ready to hit the market. The upgrade was announced yesterday and basically it's an iPhone 4. But like the girl you've been tagging the past few months, the relationship was getting a bit awkward without a label, so lets throw an s on it and hope it placates her. Surely, you're unfamiliar with the phones new features, but don't fret. We've taken the time to guess at what the 4s may or may not be like, and we present them to you in a nice, clean apple format.
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Tiger Woods Mistress Photos - Elin Nordegren &  Rachel Uchitel Photos
http://www.Tauntr.com | Tiger Woods has "allegedly" been caught cheating on his smokin' hot wife Elin Nordegren with his mistress, Rachel Uchitel. Which would you choose?
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