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Taylor and Ridge have an intense fight when she confirms she's married to Omar - Tridge
FYI: People keep asking why I post the fights, cause the best couples have highs and lows. I actually think the true test of a pairing is what type of fighting chemistry they have...even moreso than sexual chemistry. Taylor and Ridge had some really great and intense fights. Ridge goes to confront Taylor after finding out she's married to Omar and she was Princess Laila. They have an intense fight where Taylor tries to explain her side of things. Ridge feels betrayed and leaves furious
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Taylor goes to see Ridge after the masquerade party and he teases her - Tridge
Taylor goes to Ridge's motel room to talk to him after the masquerade party. He tries to seduce her but Taylor isn't really taking him seriously and they tease each other a bit
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Brooke asks Taylor for advice about helping the kids adjust to her divorce - Taylor 1991
Brooke goes to Taylor's office to complain about the advice that Taylor gave Eric. She ends up asking Taylor how to help the kids adjust to her divorce from Eric
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Taylor and Ridge talk at Big Bear after he finds out Thomas is his son - Tridge
Taylor goes up to Big Bear to explain her side of things to Ridge. She tries to get him to understand why she kept it a secret, admits she was wrong and explains Thorne and Brooke's part in it. Ridge asks her for time to think about what he's going to do next
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Taylor brings Thomas over to see Ridge and gives him a daddy lesson. Brooke interrupts - Tridge
Taylor brings Thomas over to Ridge to show him how to change a diaper. Stephanie stops by and they all talk about raising children and what it was like for Stephanie raising her kids. Brooke interrupts and tries to guilt Ridge into coming home by using Rick and Bridget
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Ridge spends time with Thomas and Taylor and talks to Taylor about St. Thomas - Tridge
Ridge is still with Taylor and Thomas. He watches her breastfeed and they talk about her possibly getting security. They start to talk about St. Thomas
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Taylor gets a letter from Pierce Peterson saying he wants to meet her - Tridge
Taylor gets a letter from Pierce Peterson saying he wants to meet her. Ridge questions her about him and she says his books helped some of her patients. She schedules a meeting with him and Ridge helps her decide what to wear
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Taylor tries to be strong after Ridge tells her Brooke named the baby Bridget - Tridge
Ridge comes home and is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he's a father. Taylor tries to comfort him. When she finds out that Brooke named the baby Bridget she goes into another room and cries
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Ridge proposes to Taylor during the Forrester Creations fashion show - Tridge
Hunter was very pregnant here. I included clips of the fashion show since people seem to like those. Ridge is getting ready for the Forrester Creations fashion show and has a plan in place but won't let Thorne, Stephanie or anyone else in on it. Taylor attends the fashion show. Stephanie is expecting Ridge to propose to Brooke and is stunned and thrilled when Taylor shows up in the showstopper and he proposes to her.
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Taylor and Ridge talk about trust, the past and their future - Tridge
Taylor and Ridge have a long talk at the private dining room about their past and whether or not they have a future. Taylor is afraid of committing to Ridge again and losing control or losing herself. Ridge promises to never hurt her again. Taylor doesn't think she can trust him to put her first and she leaves
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Ridge meets and holds Thomas for the first time - Tridge
Taylor has just given birth and Brooke and Ridge are back from their honeymoon. Taylor goes over with the baby and Ridge meets and holds Thomas for the first time
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Stephanie tells Taylor and Ridge that Sheila threatened Thomas - Tridge
Stephanie and James tell Taylor and Ridge that Sheila threatened Thomas because she was feeling insecure about James's friendship with Stephanie
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Ridge asks Taylor for a chance to compete with Thorne for her heart - Tridge
Ridge goes over to see Taylor who is still pissed at him. He tells her that he wants her to give him a fair shot at her heart. He and Thorne are going to compete for her love.
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Thorne and Ridge argue and almost come to blows again over Taylor and Thomas - Tridge
Thorne stops by Taylor's while Ridge is there and he and Ridge argue again over Taylor and Thomas. Ridge is angry that Thorne tried to keep his child from him. Later, Taylor tells Thorne he was wrong for withholding her messages and phone calls to Ridge. Thorne leaves angrily
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Taylor and Ridge have a huge fight after she returns from Europe - Tridge
Taylor returns from Europe and she and Ridge have a huge fight. He confronts her about James going on the trip with her and them sharing a room. She confronts him about the picture of him and Brooke kissing. Ridge walks out after finding out that Taylor and James kissed
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Ridge asks Taylor if she believes that he didn't shoot Grant - Tridge
Taylor and Ridge aren't in the greatest place after Taylor's accident (the fire) and Grant's shooting. Ridge stops by the beach house and asks Taylor if she believes him when he says he didn't shoot Grant. He then rushes off to confront Grant
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Ridge finds out Thorne proposed to Taylor and slams him against the wall - Tridge
Thorne and Ridge are arguing about the way Ridge treats Taylor. Taylor almost slips and tells Thorne that Rick shot Grant but Ridge gives her the signal not to. Thorne tells Ridge that he proposed to Taylor and Ridge slams Thorne up against the wall
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Ridge returns from Europe with news and a gift for Taylor - Tridge
Ridge returns from Europe with news and Taylor is terrified that the news is he's leaving her for Brooke. Instead, he tells her about a business offer he received and gives her a gift he bought her in Paris.
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Ridge is upset when Taylor reveals that she was hypnotized and confronts Pierce - Tridge
Taylor explains to Ridge that her bizarre behavior was because Pierce hypnotized her. Ridge is upset and doesn't like her being used as a guinea pig. He goes to confront Pierce who claims Taylor would choose the work project over Ridge and Thomas
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Ridge begs Taylor to help him cope with Bridget not being his daughter - Tridge
Ridge goes over to Taylor's to talk. He wants help coping with Bridget being Eric's daughter and not his. Taylor doesn't think it's a good idea and thinks he should go to someone else. He begs her to help him as she's the only person he can trust
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Ridge spends the day with Taylor and Thomas after finding out Thomas is his son - Tridge
Ridge stops by Taylor's to see Thomas and Stephanie is there. He starts to bond with Thomas and asks Taylor to tell him everything about her pregnancy - from conception until now. They both apologize and take responsibility for the things that happened between them the last year
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Taylor tells Ridge she's pregnant by Thorne and Ridge beats Thorne to a pulp - Tridge
Taylor invites Ridge over and tells him that she's pregnant. Ridge is ecstatic. Taylor flashes back to all the times Ridge disappointed her and seeing him in bed with Brooke. She tells him that Thorne is the baby's father. Ridge beats Thorne up and then leaves the house and has a breakdown on the beach
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Thorne gets upset when Ridge is inappropriate with Taylor at dinner
Stephanie arranges a family dinner. At the dinner table Ridge is overly affectionate to the point of being inappropriate with Taylor and Thorne gets upset and calls him out on it.
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Omar tells Ridge that Taylor was Princess Laila and they're married - Tridge
Omar tells Ridge that Taylor was Princess Laila and they're married. Ridge is stunned, hurt, and angry Sidenote: I put this up so people can understand why he goes to Taylor upset and they get into an argument.
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Taylor and Ridge have a tense talk about Taylor carrying Thorne's baby - Tridge
Ridge comes to Taylor's house to talk. They talk about the pregnancy and Ridge's regrets about them not being able to make it work between them
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Taylor and Brooke argue before Brooke heads to Europe with Ridge - Taylor 1994
Taylor and Brooke argue about Ridge going to Europe with Brooke. James calls Taylor to check up on her and Taylor hangs up on him. He calls back and tells her he is there for her. Ridge is at the airport getting ready to board when Thorne stops him
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Brooke gets offended when Ridge asks Taylor to help her with Rick
Brooke sees Taylor and Ridge hugging and comes in ranting like a lunatic. She accuses Taylor of manipulating the situation and the one with Rick. Ridge says he asked Taylor to help. Taylor tells Brooke that Rick's issues are with her and Brooke throws a hissy fit and storms out
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Thorne punches Ridge after they argue about who is right for Taylor - Tridge
Ridge goes to see Thorne to tell him he feels betrayed by Thorne going after Taylor. Thorne thinks he's the right man for Taylor but Ridge disagrees and says Thorne will never be man enough for her. Thorne punches him and then Ridge invites Taylor to dinner
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Ridge comes home late but Taylor is working also. They get back to trying to make a baby - Tridge
Ridge comes home late but Taylor doesn't notice because she's working late herself. They talk about Brooke running Forrester Creations and Ridge designing the men's line. They decide it's time for them to get back to trying to make a baby
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Taylor and Thomas spend time with Ridge at the guest house - Tridge
Taylor brings Thomas to see Ridge. Ridge wants to take a picture of the baby and then Stephanie comes and takes a picture of the three of them together. Taylor tells Ridge that she isn't going to beg him to be with her and whatever he decides they'll make it work for Thomas
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B&B: Nick and Taylor make love
Nick and Taylor make love and then spend the rest of the night in bed talking about their baby
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Taylor and Ridge talk at the guest house after Storm punched Ridge - Tridge
Taylor is waiting at Ridge's house when he gets home, mad at him for interrupting her night with Storm. He asks her if she really wanted to marry Storm and she asks him what his intentions are and if he's actually ready and willing to make a commitment
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Taylor and Ridge are having dinner when Pierce and Brooke walk in. Ridge meets Pierce - Tridge
Taylor and Ridge go to dinner where Taylor tells Ridge about her new job. Pierce walks in and introduces himself to Ridge. During dinner, Taylor and Ridge are all over each other while Brooke stares from the bar
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Taylor tells Ridge that Storm is going to propose to her - Tridge
Taylor stops by Ridge's office all dressed up to see how he's doing. He think she wants to go on a date but Taylor tells him she has a date with Storm later. She tells him she thinks that Storm is going to propose to her
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Stephanie daydreams that Taylor and Ridge are together and expecting a baby - Tridge
Stephanie daydreams that Taylor and Ridge are together and expecting a baby
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Taylor and Ridge argue about whether or not Taylor trusts him - Tridge
Taylor tells Ridge that she saw him at dinner with Brooke. She's not comfortable with his plan to get close to Brooke to get Forrester back. They argue and she tells him she doesn't trust him around Brooke
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Taylor returns to Los Angeles (Hunter Tylo's first scenes back after leaving B&B in 1996) - Tridge
Ridge is on the plane back from Paris and finds out that the person seated beside him is Taylor. They catch up a bit and he tells her about Bridget finding out he isn't her father. They talk a bit about Brooke and Ridge wants them all to get together but Taylor declines, she has her own life now
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Ridge asks Taylor to stop working for Pierce - Tridge
Taylor comes home after Ridge confronted Pierce. Ridge tells Taylor he doesn't trust Pierce and he wants her to stop working for him but Taylor refuses
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Ridge goes to see Taylor after finding out that Bridget is not his daughter - Tridge
Ridge is devastated after finding out that Bridget is not his daughter. He goes to talk to Taylor who tries to help him cope
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Ridge asks Taylor to marry him - Tridge
Ridge proposes to Taylor
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Taylor tells Ridge she is going to Scotland and they argue about it - Tridge
After she spars with Brooke, Taylor tells Ridge that she's going to Scotland to try to help James. Ridge is not happy. When Taylor tells him to be careful around Brooke he again asks if she trusts him. They argue This episode aired on December 3, 1993
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After Thorne leaves, Ridge tells Taylor he's ready to build a future together - Tridge
Ridge slams Thorne up against the wall after finding out that he proposed to Taylor. Taylor tells Ridge that she didn't give Thorne an answer, she needed time. After Thorne leaves, Ridge tells Taylor that he is ready to build a future and a life with her
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B&B Bonus: Taylor attends Thorne & Macy's wedding and drama ensues with Rick, CJ, Stephanie & Brooke
I added some extra clips as a bonus Taylor goes to Macy and Thorne's wedding. Brooke tries to rub in what a happy family and she and Ridge are. CJ teases Rick about his family being a Hillbilly ass mess. Taylor and Ridge dance. Afterward, CJ and Rick get into a fight. Stephanie calls Brooke a terrible mother and tells her she needs to stop being selfish and actually be a parent. Brooke storms off while Taylor watches. Random: Super gross to see Ridge and Bridget in these scenes and then knowing they made out in 2003. Show really went to hell after 2002. Yikes.
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Ridge decides to fight for Taylor at Eric and Stephanie's wedding and rejects Brooke - Tridge
Thorne sees Ridge at the wedding and assumes that Taylor told him he's the father of her baby (Taylor did not, she saw him in bed with Brooke and ran off). Ridge is still upset about Taylor choosing to be with Thorne but decides to fight for her. Brooke pathetically begs Ridge again to give them a chance, but Ridge just wants Taylor. Taylor calls Ridge and tells him she wants to talk to him
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Taylor and Ridge have dinner and talk about Ridge trying to stop Brooke and Grant's wedding - Tridge
Taylor and Ridge have dinner and talk about Ridge trying to stop Brooke and Grant's wedding. Taylor is still afraid of Ridge making Brooke and her family too big of a priority if they reunite. Ridge asks her to make a decision on if she wants to be with him soon
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Ridge and Thorne argue about Taylor and Ridge tells Eric he's planning a special evening - Tridge
Ridge and Thorne argue about Taylor. Thorne thinks Ridge is pushing her too hard and she's not ready for a relationship but Ridge disagrees. Later, Ridge tells Eric he is planning a special night for Taylor
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Ridge tells Taylor he's happy they're close again after having dinner together - Tridge
Taylor and Ridge return from dinner and talk about James and Lauren seeing them. Talk turns to Brooke and Bridget, Ridge still loves them but doesn't know what he's going to do. He says the one good thing to come out of the situation is he and Taylor are close and he's never going to distance himself from her again
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Taylor and Ridge are both exhausted and distant and argue about Brooke & Bridget - Tridge
Taylor is exhausted and on edge from taking care of Thomas while Ridge has been looking for Bridget. Ridge is exhausted from looking for Bridget. They argue and Taylor tells him something has to change because their current situation isn't working. He promises her that things will get better
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Taylor and Ridge fly off to their honeymoon - Tridge
Taylor and Ridge fly off to their honeymoon
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Ridge rescues Taylor and James from Big Bear and talks to Taylor at the hospital - Tridge
Ridge arrives to Big Bear to rescue James and Taylor. Taylor is taken to the hospital where she and Ridge talk about him not going to Paris and just being thankful that Taylor is alive. Taylor feels guilty for sleeping with Ian at the cabin
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