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best lesson in photography for beginners - entire course in one image
a picture says a thousand words. this one says about 50 thousands, and entire course condensed in one image. print this chart, laminate it, have it in your pocket and look at it when you pull out your camera and try to learn to control it. this is for beginners still trying to figure out the exposure triangle and what settings do what BTW - Author has been found: Daniel Peters https://www.hamburger-fotospots.de/kostenloser-download-foto-cheatcard-fuer-fotografen.html
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how to photograph large groups  in sharp focus
how to photograph large groups in sharp focus
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AI Focus versus AI Servo (Canon) - difference, why, when, how to use it
Difference between AI FOCUS and AI Servo if you are shooting action the terminology refers to Canon cameras, but similar functions can be found at others such Nikon we go through the main difference between these focus techniques for fast moving action mainly. please leave comments down below, questions or any feedback http://academy-of-photography.com
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creative photography ideas   the biscuit box lighting effects
creative photography ideas - the biscuit box lighting effects today we are starting a short series of creative photography ideas for people to try at home. no need for expensive equipment, the minimum DSLR is enough, a tripod, a cheap flash and a wireless trigger and receiver set. You can use any box to direct light from the flash. By creating few slots, the light effects will be interesting. your imagination is the limit what you can do with this simple technique enjoy
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free wedding photography tutorial tips and tricks behind the scenes how to take wedding photos
Christian Tudor Academy of Photography will explain in detail how you could photograph a wedding - what equipment is necessary to take good wedding photos. The video is a detailed description of the wedding main parts, bride preparation, groom preparation, wedding ceremony and reception. You will find out about the best wedding photography equipment and the best poses. If you want to become a wedding photographer this video will help you For more resources check the Academy of Photography website: http://academy-of-photography.com free wedding photos checklist at : http://academy-of-photography.com/wedding-photography-checklist-free-download-doc-format/
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best lens for wedding photography review of Canon 24-70 mm L series F2.8 lens
Canon 24-70mm L series F2.8 lens is in our opinion the best choice to start a wedding photography business. it has a comfortable zoom range good enough for group shots but also towards the 70 mm for close up and portraits. It is a good all around lens for many situations and our recommendation is to be part of any photographer lens collection http://academy-of-photography.com/how-to-make-your-own-free-website-how-to-install-wordpress-on-your-own-domain-name/
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flash photography special tutorial - second curtain flash sync - cool exercise for nice effects
flash photography special tutorial - second curtain flash sync cool exercise for nice effects. you will learn how to set up your flash to trigger at the end of exposure for some cool effects. you can use with for long exposures in low light situations, or create your own long time exposures as you need. more details http://academy-of-photography.com/flash-photography-special-tutorial-second-curtain-flash-sync-cool-exercise-for-nice-effects/
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10 common mistakes for beginner photographers - PRINCIPALS
10 common mistakes for beginner photographers - PRINCIPALS http://academy-of-photography.com 1. believe that photography is complicated If you believe this is some kind of rocket science and only highly trained people can do it after years of practice and expensive equipment, that will stop you moving ahead. photography is very simple and there is no right or wrong and nobody is going to die if you underexpose your images. also you will not end up in jail if you 2. be afraid of other people's opinions. Nobody is born know it all and there is a time that one needs to learn anything. giving up after first 50 thousands images taken is just simply not good enough if you want to do photography. I can promise you the first 10 thousands images will be your worst. 3. never believe that you need expensive equipment to achieve great photography. there are photos and movies out there absolutely brilliant shot with entry level equipment. it is the content that makes people move, not the depth of field effect or the vintage filter 4. leave the camera to choose for you. It might be overwhelming at first to understand how the camera works with so many numbers and settings and al sort of smart people trying to teach you, but what I can say is from my own experience is that I learned to control my camera in 2 weeks. If I can, why can't you. Are you saying i am smarter than you? 5.believe that if you lift the camera and shoot what you see is enough. You need to be an image creator, find the content and subjects that will impress the viewer. photographing pipes under the sink or rocks, or a bird in your backyard is not enough. take your camera and use it as much as you can and look for stories with emotion and value. at least to you. 6. believe that all photos coming from a professional are brilliant. that cannot be further from the truth. a professional takes 100 photos to get a good one. the more you try the better you get and you will need less and less pictures to get the right one. 7. the sun is your friend. it is not. it might bring life, but strong sun light ruins pictures. when you know how to harness it in full day and get a great photo will come in time and experience. 8. believe you have no talent as other people's photos are better. there is no such thing as a talent. it is a word invented by people to justify their own mediocrity. if you do the hard work talent will no longer be concept you need to worry about. talent is in fact perseverance and the attitude of not giving up, when you fail. 9. focus on the tool rather than the goal. we all like equipment gadgets, led lights, remote controls, but at the end, the content is king and nobody is going to judge you if your white balance is 10% yellowish. 10. keep it to yourself. photography is creating images for the eyes, for people to love beauty, share it and take from others and you will grow together.
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why images are blurry | focus physics explained | photography for beginners
why images are blurry | focus physics explained | photography for beginners Aperture and depth of field explained - out of focus and blurriness why do we see of take out of focus images! please see related videos as well http://academy-of-photography.com/photography-basics-for-beginners-understanding-light/ http://academy-of-photography.com/aperture-priority-mode-video-tutorial/
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flash photography tutorial - conquer your fear of the flash
this an easy exercise to teach you how to control your flash and conquer your fears. doing our simple shots in your own way with your own, flashgun, will help you understand how much light you are going to get, and how powerful it will be. I believe this simple flash photography tutorial is the easy way to learn The exercise consists of photographing the flash gun directly in action by using a wireless trigger. We can compare first hand all the power settings, and how light will be casted by the flash gun. On top of that you will visualise how wide the light cone will be by controlling the flash zoom. I believe this is the way to go - for more details and few good deals: http://academy-of-photography.com/easy-exercise-to-learn-to-control-your-flash-and-visualise-the-power-of-light/
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photography composition basics - truth about the rule of thirds, symmetry, repetition and rhythm
In this tutorial you will learn about the photography composition basics applicable to all visual arts and beyond. We are talking about symmetry, repetition, rhythm, golden ration , rule of thirds, composition rules, dominance, balance, in photography. Our intention is to take the composition tutorial to a deeper understanding and the truth about the rule of thirds and a better explanation of the composition rules we are exploring the photography composition basics, definition, examples, and comparison for any photography enthusiast to have better tools for expression in this great field of photography. Very simple tools to create better photographs that can be interesting and intriguing for more information please see our website http://academy-of-photography.com
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Business tips for photographers - learn how to run a successful photography practice
business tips for photographers - learn how to run a successful photography practice http://academy-of-photography.com/business-tips-for-photographers-how-to-run-a-successful-business/ Always be honest and professional, well presented. I have seen photographers in shoots dressed like after drunken parties and I thought that was the most unprofessional approach to business. People like people who look after themselves and appreciate true professionals. The most expensive photographer I know dress up in business suit with tie and all accessories. Don't wear t shirt , jeans and shorts. - You cannot sell to everyone. Get used to the fact people will say no to you and there is only one small percentage of people who will say yes. You need to see the word "NO" as a path to the next yes and you need to think in numbers. You need to speak to a certain number of people until you get the one who will be willing to employ you for your services - People are different and you can expect the unexpected. I have got clients employing me because I am good, my style, and my personality, but these guys are not the majority. Other people employ me because I am in the right place at the right time, in their way. Some people employ me because I am tall, blond and some other do not employ me because I am tall and blond. Some people employ me because I am expensive and some other because I am cheap...everyone have their own perception. I was amazed to discover clients employed me without seeing my work. I just happened to be in their way when they were ready to buy photography...and this is one of the core truths and valuable lessons leading to the next very important tip in business success: - make sure you talk to people wanting to buy photography. Talking with people not interested it is impossible and a big waste of time. I had a market stall for some time in a monthly local market and I had thousands of people coming by, but they were just people on the street having a stroll, a coffee or whatever. The rate was very low and I have decided - when trying to convince people to employ you, do not tell them how good you are. Ask questions and listen to what people want. You will be surprised that if they are looking for a super hero, you can say that you just happen to be one. The best selling interviews I had, was when I did not talk too much, but I let the potential clients to talk. - Never ask questions that can be answered with yes or no. For example is I want to establish a meeting my question is " when is the best time for you to meet, this Friday or Saturday" I never ask "do you want to meet this weekend? - It is very easy to say no to a person in an email or an a phone. Learn from this and try to get people face to face as you will increase your chances to close a deal - Offer value, never discount. If someone want a lower price, let them go. Instead of giving them 10% you are better offer including more for the same price. For example I would rather include an enlargement valued of $100 which will cost me $10, than discounting $100 off your package. The client needs to have the satisfaction they have negotiated and that will satisfy this need rather than you de-evaluate your services - Always exceed expectations. Under-promise and over deliver will have better results than the other way. - Be prepared for unhappy people. It is just a matter of time until someone is not happy. Make sure you are ready for it. - I have seen many things in my life and I have learned not to judge. I had modest people paying all my fees without question, and I had rich people coming down from very expensive cars coming to my studio trying to negotiate me down for $5. There is no rule, you need to treat everyone with respect.
10 wedding posing ideas for the bride, tips and tricks for great bridal portraits
10 wedding posing ideas for the bride, tips and tricks for great bridal portraits we are focusing only on the bride this time and explore some of the classic and the best poses, ideas, tips and trick how to get great bridal shots. From details on the shoes, bags, bridal dress and jewellery, to individual portrait in soft window light, back light, and close ups, we present the best ideas in the wedding photography business. for more details see our articles presented on the Academy of Photography website http://academy-of-photography.com/tag/wedding-poses-ideas-for-the-bride/
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Flash power test Canon versus Yongnuo
this is just a test for the maximum power from a Canon Speedlite flash 580 EX II in comparison with Yongnuo 560 III it is not a comprehensive review for any of the flashes but just a quick exercise to show that both flashes have a very similar power level for a huge difference in price http://academy-of-photography.com
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studio lighting basics - home based studio easy set up - 1,2,3,4 lights portrait
learn the basics of studio lighting, learn how to set up a cheap and effective haome based studio and start your own photography business. Not only you can make money by purchasing inexpensive studio lights, but you can have complete control over the shooting environment. learn how to take one light portraits and 2,3,4 lights outstanding results by playing with the position and intensity of studio lights. Everything can be achieved also with normal external flashes, or flashguns controlled remotely, but this is way easier. also you can create beautiful low key portraits and high key images by setting up the right amount of light and the position
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how to sync external flash with camera - Canon 70D and speedlite
how to sync external flash with camera - Canon 70D and speedlite this is an example to proove that ypu do not need a high end DSLR camera to achieve great results. Just with a average consumer DSLR with a pop up flash and wireless function, you can control an external flash gun , assuming they are compatible, or the same brand. http://academy-of-photography.com
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how to DIY budget IPad teleprompter | Academy of Photography behind the scenes
how to DIY budget iPad teleprompter Academy of Photography behind the scenes The safest way to film yourself and ensure you say what you want to say with less offer is to build yourself a teleprompter. if you already have an iPad and a camera you are almost there you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars just a bit of foam board, paper tape and a paper cutter, and you can built yourself a teleprompter for under $20
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9 tips how to photograph WATERFALLS
9 tips how to photograph waterfalls in this video i will be talking about taking waterfall photos and share few suggestions in that it takes to get great ones. a couple of jokes included, so if you take them literally the joke is on your.
male posing tips - how to photograph a man model
male posing tips - how to photograph a man model IN this video Christian will show few very simple tips how to photograph men, and few simple male posing tips which will work regardless if your session takes place during a wedding or not. It is a very simple guide that can be used by everyone when there is a man in from of the camera Men are different than women, obviously, and they have a different behaviour when it comes to look good in front of a camera, and that is why it is important to understand one needs to do the get the best out of it, Please leave your comments below and let us know if any questions http://academy-of-photography.com/male-posing-tips-photograph-men/
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10 DIY smartphone photography tips, tricks and hacks
10 DIY smartphone photography tips, tricks and hacks the most successful camera in the world is your smartphone. We are presenting 10 cool tips and tricks, or if you want to call them camera smartphone hacks for you to have fun and take better photos 1. world cheapest and easiest to set up home photos studio or light box. you can use a simple plastic storage box with a hole and few lights to take awesome, professionally looking photos 2. paperclips tripod 3. selfie stick tripod 4. heart tube effect 5. hands free selfie 6. have fun around the house - put your phone in unexpected places 7. underwater photography with the smartphone 8. coloured halo 9. cool filters 10. night photography thanks for watching, remember to subscribe. few similar videos are coming up!
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10 landscape photography tips for beginners
10 landscape photography tips for beginners these are just few tips for beginners just to improve the chances to get the right landscape picture. this is not advise how to become a professional landscape photographer, just few words of advice from a wedding photographer, me obviously, who can understand the challenges of a different type of photography that I usually. do. everyone loves landscapes as they are easy, and do not fight back, like humans, but it takes effort and dedication to get an image to speak not only to yourself, bot others.
tips to remember when shooting a wedding
tips to remember when shooting a wedding if you want to shoot weddings and start your career as a professional wedding photographer, this could be helpful I hope you enjoy Academy of photography
#1 - understanding LIGHT  - Photography Basics
Lesson 1 - Understanding Light - Photography Basics in this first lesson we need to understand the raw material of photography - which is light. Without light we do not have photography, so understanding how light works is critical. Just like a painter needs to understand how paint is spread on a canvas, a photographer is using light to paint his end result we are going through few classifications of light a couple of easy exercises today. Make sure you do your homework before moving on sorry there is no intro joke, I wanted to keep this cool, but rest assured I have not lost my sense of humour.
tips how to photograph cats - funny and cute
tips how to photograph cats few tips how to photograph cats from Academy of photography http://academy-of-photography.com to take great pet photos is not that easy as it seems. I am no pet photographers and if you know how to take cat photos better than this, please let me know... i hope you find this funny and cute. i cannot stop smiling.
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wedding photography packages - how to charge for wedding photos
today I will answer the question how much to charge for photography services. As a beginner photographer I have struggled with this issue as it is important to understand that despite the fact emerging photographers should charge as much as they can, it is not always realistic. I have started my photography for free until I have built up a reliable and good quality photography portfolio to back me up and to prove that I am a professional photographer immediately. I have shared a method to calculate how much you should target to charge for your photography http://academy-of-photography.com/how-much-should-i-charge-for-photography-services/
best and worst pregnancy photo ideas and poses
best and worst pregnancy photo ideas and poses we persent few of the most most artistic pregnancy or maternity ideas. it is difficult to find really original pregnancy poses and ideas, however this is just a selection of the best one we have found so far. in contrast, just for a bit of fun we show in contrast some of the funny ones as well. links to authors http://www.tudorphotography.com.au http://kristencook.com.au http://www.annegeddes.com http://www.delandalicata.com http://www.lolamelani.com http://www.michaelkormos.com http://www.addtoheart.com http://www.howardschatz.com http://www.momphoto.com
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maternity photo ideas - guide to pregnancy photo shoot and maternity picture ideas
Academy of Photography is offering informative free online digital photography tutorials. In this video Christian is presenting maternity photo ideas and a guide how a pregnancy photo shoot can be organised. Few images behind the scenes, general info and tips and tricks of pregnancy photography picture ideas and maternity poses and props. if you wish to see professional pregnancy pictures first hand, and get some maternity props and poses ideas, this is the best place to be. you can see few tips on how to take great maternity photos presented by our main editor http://academy-of-photography.com/pregnancy-photography-pose-how-to-take-good-maternity-photos/
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5# - Time - Shutter speed - Photography basics
5# - Time - Shutter speed - Photography basics in this lesson we will understand the concept of time in relation to shutter speed and how that relates to Time priority mode of the camera. On a very short explanation, shutter speed is the duration when the shutter is open, and light gets projected to the sensor. This is a basic fundamental concept of photography and without it, it would be difficult to get any good photos.
evaluate your own photos - critique session
March critique session - the best way to learn is to see how others are doing let us know if you believe images should be rated or not, or just comments
tips for better portraits - think outside the box
tips for better portraits - think outside the box few different portrait ideas with a bit of difference Wedding photography tutorial http://youtu.be/Dfnnuf-y0EI Home based studio basics http://youtu.be/toIbDUi8orU Wedding photo ideas http://youtu.be/95LhmyRFjoM Female posing techniques http://youtu.be/eIc1MzzkdQY Composition basics http://youtu.be/PF4h9vhtSGA All images copyrighted to their authors as per below: Hakan Nyman Christos Psevidiotis Flickr photos Shadow line by bestarns [www.spiritofdecay.com] https://www.flickr.com/photos/bestarns/6715631213/ Shadow of Music by Ilko Allexandroff (a.k.a. sir_sky) https://flic.kr/p/8mYCeQ Light and shadow by Loris Rizzi https://www.flickr.com/photos/lorisrizzi/13446882154/ me and my shadow by Ben Rains https://www.flickr.com/photos/benrains/8840422202/ Chasing shadows by thomaskrauss https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurluber_lu/3406399209/ Shine by ArTeTeTrA https://www.flickr.com/photos/artetetra/13933851950/ Eye spy. by Dyxie https://www.flickr.com/photos/dyxie/2549035058/ Beautiful eyes :: by Nhoj Leunamme == Jhon Emmanuel https://www.flickr.com/photos/nhojleunamme/8422414210/ lips on fire by mlartigue https://www.flickr.com/photos/mmish/7790809848/ Autumn by Fannie Putnoczky https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/10553536743/ do you find me dirty too? by peculiarnothings https://www.flickr.com/photos/sillyshoestring/5134998580/ lit up by ledpie https://www.flickr.com/photos/ledpie/565093243/ If any issues of using these samples for educational purposes, please [email protected]
Intervalometer tutorial - Canon TC 80N3 or replica
Intervalometer tutorial Canon TC 80N3 we are going to explore the features of the Intervalometer TC-80N3 to see how this can help to do create time-lapse clips, also other features such as delay timer, long exposures, intervaloemeter and shutter count. a great addition to your camera bag and very useful in many situations
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why are my images blurry? | 3 steps to make them sharper | photography for beginners
why are my images blurry? - 3 steps to make them sharper if you are using a camera and you get blurry pictures, do not panic, try 3 steps to ensure the best result 1- make sure your shutter speed is faster than 1/125seconds 2- make sure your focus is good, one focus point with the camera on a tripod. shoot a still subject and compare 3 - change your lens if that does not work, change your camera or call someone
watermarking your images online - how to protect your photos
watermarking your images online - how to protect your photos you will never be able to protect your images completely, and rather then worry about it, you are better off leaving a watermark and meta description so you information goes with your work wherever they might end up. That is the best you can do and on long term you might actually benefit from it. The best practice for managing your photos online are : 1- name your files properly! make the best out of the name as it is google transparent 2 - watermark your images with a software 3- include meta data and mea description which is not seen by the average user but for the trained eye they might be found for more details and examples see http://academy-of-photography.com.au
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wedding photography location session example - see me in action
see me in action - get creative wedding photos on location make sure you watch it to the end as it gets better later these are some ideas on how to get wedding photos with a bit of difference. just have fun and they will come by themselves. Never be afraid to experiment , even in harsher conditions http://academy-of-photography.com/become-a-better-photographer/ finished images : http://www.tudorphotography.com.au/blog/northern-beaches-dee-why-wedding-photos/
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daylight wireless flash low key photography tutorial, get studio quality portraits outside
In this simple exercise we are playing with a remote wireless trigger and a normal flash in order to obtain a low key portrait in full daylight conditions. The idea is to use the flash on full power and control the manual settings on the camera until the subject is properly exposed and background in complete dark. very interesting technique for outdoor photo shoot when you want to generate an interesting result.
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how to present your photos, photography final products, what do you give to  your clients
how to present your photos, photography final products, what do you give to your clients. depending on the type of photography you are doing, you can provide burned DVD or disks, USB flash sticks or just online transfer your digital files. If you provide prints, a gift box will do. If you offer enlargements, canvas prints or framed images, your choices are many. As a recommendation, just try to limit your range to several product types to make your life easier and not to create unnecessary confusion http://academy-of-photography.com/how-should-your-final-photography-product-look-like/
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female model posing guide and techniques - see me in action - studio session
female model posing guide and techniques - see me in action - studio session n this video we are exploring few posing tips for women. there are thousands of books and guides out there showing hundreds of different poses, however if you understand the basic principles and have a methodology in place, you will never run out of poses and you will be able to get any women in front of your camera to act like a model. Posing and modelling can be learned like anything else is life and with a little bit of practice, within on or 2 sessions, you should be able to have the confidence to get any model to pose to her best The video shows few tips how to position the head, shoulders, hips, legs and hands as the parts of a nice composition. The combinations are endless and if you understand the basic principles you will have an unlimited source of inspiration. here are few tips: The head - always have the head with chin rotates to one side, avoid the front millitary position facing the camera directly. You can even ask the model to turn her back completely and look back over her shoulders Shoulders and hips - try to get the shoulders an uneven levels off the ground. One shoulder up an done down. Same story with the hips, the shoulder line and the hips line should converge. Having this position will force the model to get into a "S" shape which is the best way to go. try to look for the "S" and will will get somewhere Legs - try to get the model to either cross the legs, or turn one leg to one side and have the weight moved on the other. This way the "S" shape is created as well Arms and hands - try to have hands at different levels in an "S" shape like position, never too straight and have the palms flexed at 90 degrees form the arms facing down or up. Palms need to be relaxed at all times for a natural position and they should be a different levels Recommendation: once you achieve a "S" shape pose composed of shoulders, hips and legs, try to combine hands position as per the video above. The poses are unlimited see below just a few samples. As a photographer you should train few times to understand these principles, apply them few times with women who never posed, challenge yourself and you will get better with practice http://academy-of-photography.com/female-model-posing-tips-learn-how-to-pose-a-women/
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3# Focal length and Fstop explained - Photography Basics
3# Focal length and f stop explained - Photography Basics in this lesson we are going to see what focal length means and how this impacts on photography. Also you will see what the numbers on the lens mean. Also we are going to go thought the F-stop concept, or aperture size as lesson 3 of Basics of Photography
10 tips to get great wedding photos  - ideas, poses, techniques
10 tips to get great wedding photos - ideas, poses, techniques this is advice from Christian Tudor - wedding photographer - sharing his experience how to get the best wedding photos during a working day. all these tips have evolved with experience and the only one secret is to practice practice practice remember to check out the other videos on wedding photography topic see playlist here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL72tSLDKIhA3Xxg4__7SjX9zh5JFUGACm
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bokeh special effects photography cool tips and tricks - play with your christmas lights
Bokeh special effects easy tips to get interesting lights background effect In order to get the bokeh effects, the entire idea is to have light in the distant background which will be out of focus. The is basically and optical effect given by the lens. You need a lens with a big focal distance to achieve the best bokeh results and a telephoto lens will be suitable. So what you need to do is to use your telephoto lens, have a subject close and the backgroudn lights as far away as possible., The further away, the better result. Obviously this is about night photography as during day time you will never have the sparkling lights contrast. So you need to ensure your proper exposure. If you wish to go for long exposures, a tripod will be handy, if not, bumping up to ISO will help you achieved decent results, but obviously this depends on each shooting situation. As the next step to the bokeh special effect is to cut out a piece of paper or cardboard in install it in front of the lens. The bokeh effect will copy the shape of your cut out and that will create a nice background. see below few examples with a star cut out used in front of a 70-200 mm telephoto lens. The more lights you have in your scene the better and the variety of the shapes is lareg. you can do stars, squares, hearts, etc....just use your imagination If you have the inspiration to carry the cut out pice of cardboard with you, imagine the image above but instead of the candle light which is in focus, the subject is actually a wedding couple under a street spot light and have the street lights out of focus. I am pretty sure that is not something that you see every day. The images below have not been done with a christmas lights, but with a laser pointer on the grass. I have used a long exposure in manual mode, aperture F2.8 ISO 100 and 4 seconds. The shots were taken at night time and I have used manual focus. The camera has been set n a tripod and the grass was out of focus completely. The nice green star lights effects has been achieved by hovering a laser pointer horizontally though the grass.
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Water drop photography - MIOPS
Water drop photography tutorial - In this video I am playing with a water drop photography kit from MIOPS Water drop photography seems to be a category in itself. There can be many ways to play with a water drop and obtain spectacular results. The kit allows the photographer to control the drop size and timing in sync with the camera and flashes. The synchronisation can be achieved by accurate delays and the entire process is controled by the smartphone via MIOPS app. Once you know what you want and adjust the water drop setting,s delays and specific times for each drop either the first, second, third or forth, the results are pretty much under your control. It takes a bit of practice, but the end is worth the effort. https://www.miops.com
home portrait professional quality - text effects portrait tutorial - creative photo tips
how to take professional portraits at home - text effects portrait tutorial from the series creative photography tips, we present today a very easy way to take awesome professional quality portraits at home. you can either invest a little bit in a wireless trigger, soft box and flash on top of your camera, or you can simply use your phone. photoshop can make wonders if you have a bit of knowledge if you like the video, remember to like, share subscribe for more creative photo ideas to come
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wedding posing tips series - serious disciplined stand up or sit down
Another pose form our wedding photography posing guide. this is s simple but different pose with a subtle humour to it. Just ask the bride and groom to stand up very seriously or sit down on a bench, spread apart. Atypical for a wedding that is exactly why it is successful
balance in photography- common mistakes
balance in photography- common mistakes one mistake I always see is the lack of balance. probably without intent, having the right visual expression is important. Balance is photography is jut common sense. if it looks like it is going to fall, probably there is a balance issue check web article below http://academy-of-photography.com/balance-in-photography-composition-tips/
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Entire photography course in one image - free download
entire photography course in one image - free download the author of eh cheat card has contacted me to let me know he is the one Hi, a visitor of my website sent me an e-mail because of your YoutTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pehFC05cohw&feature=youtu.be Although it was publicated 2 years ago, i want to answer your question for the author: I am the author. The "Cheatcard" has a newer version now with a better ISO visualization, changed aperture order (small to large), is licenced under cc 4.0 and can be downloaded here in different languages as ZIP file: https://www.hamburger-fotospots.de/kostenloser-download-foto-cheatcard-fuer-fotografen.html (The landing page is in german - sorry for that - i am currently working on a translation) Best regards, Daniel
wedding live session, settings and equipment tutorial with tips for a great result
yet another wedding photo live session where you can see me in action. I am happy to share my experience and give tips for better wedding photography any feedback is welcomed I can make few comments and recommendations in relation to camera settings, workflow, equipment and poses for a real wedding situation. remember to subscribe to Academy of Photography http://academy-of-photography.com
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RAW versus JPEG file formats what to use in digital photography
RAW versus JPEG file formats what to use in digital photography as a seasoned photographer , for me there is no question what format I should use, but I realise that a lot of people out there are still struggling with this concept. Also after me creating few videos in which I have presented my personal digital workflow, things got even a bit more confusing, because it seems that I do not use what I preach, however I will take the opportunity today to cast some light on the matter. I have seen many discussion on the topic RAW versus JPEG, and I never bothered to pay attention as for me it is crystal clear. I shoot RAW and and I would like to go back to basics to explain why What is RAW In very simple words, the RAW is not a traditional image format, but an unprocessed file containing the history of your exposure. As I have already explained in one of the first videos, about understanding camera, the sensor is like a field with buckets which capture the photons coming into the camera during the exposure. I am going to use the analogy with a glass of water. During one exposure, one unit of the sensor, one cluster which corresponds to one pixel, is filled with photons. The amount of light is giving us the exposure. Just like that, water falls into the glass starting to fill it during the exposure. Less water means dark, underexposure, more water means more light. Overexposure happens when the light is more than the glass can carry and it spills out. This is the exposure process in a short nutshell, and the correct exposure is somewhere in the middle. http://academy-of-photography.com/raw-versus-jpeg-debate/ Now, what I wanted to highlight with this analogy is the fact the remember that RAW is format that retains the amount of water during the exposure but also remembers the process of the glass getting filled with water. The main advantage of the RAW file is that due to the fact the camera remembers the process, you can modify the final outcome later on your computer if you mess up the exposure. The information is there and you can tell your computer to show you a specific level of water in your glass, despite the fact in reality, the level might be different. Also these days camera sensors have image processors able to predict what would have happened if you would have had allowed for a longer exposure. what that means in practical terms, is that you have the liberty to modify the exposure later as the information is there, and that is the biggest advantage of shooting RAW. The downside of RAW is the size of the file which counts for each pixel, which retains the colour information, expressed in a combination of 3 numbers, and also the history of how that pixel come into existence. I am not going to more details that this as I wish to keep this to a reasonable simple explanation What is JPG The JPG stands for a type of a compressed format for the purpose of reducing the size of a image in terms of information. Not only JPG,s but also other formats, such as TIFF, Bitmap, and others will discard the history and the retain only one level of exposure. They remember the colour of each pixel , but not the history. So if you mess up your exposure, and you get either a slightly overexposed image, or underexposed, trying to modify it on the computer will not get you the correct result, as the information is lost. Practical example, if I shoot a portrait in strong light, i could see the forehead completely white if I expose it to long. If I shoot RAW, I have the chance to bring back details like forehead wrinkles if I want to. If I shoot JPG I can't The biggest advantage working with JPG format is a lesser amount of information that is handled and when we are talking about many megapixels and thousands of photos, this van become a serious time constraint as simple as that. My personal workflow As I have mentioned many times, my preference is to shoot RAW, export the file into a JPG format and work on it in post production as JPG, applying filters and whatnot in Adobe Lighroom. This seem to confuse a lot of people as the logical step would be to import RAW files directly into Lightroom and modify the settings there
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wedding photography market analysis - how to become a wedding photographer
if you want tot become a wedding photographer this is how. first step is to do your own wedding photography market analysis for you to understand your chances for success. You need to answer 3 questions: how many weddings are in your area. you can find out the answer by simply going to the governments statistics websites or call local councils and ask how many people are getting married in a year what is the value of the wedding packages - you can use the Academy of Photography pyramid to understand the distribution of values among the clients from the lowest to the highest how many photographers are in your area - competition study. you can find out by simply googling wedding photography in your area and use the google maps application please do not forget to subscribe to receive more tips in regards to how to become a photographer http://academy-of-photography.com/wedding-photography-market-analysis-step-1-on-how-to-become-a-wedding-photographer/
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how to get clients as a photographer - marketing tips - the ballot box
how to get clients as a photographer - marketing tips - the ballot box download free forms here http://academy-of-photography.com/marketing-tips-for-photographers-the-ballot-box-hot-to-get-clients/ Marketing tips for photographers The ballot box is a simple technique that works every time. It is a very simple concept and it provide a simple technique hot to get clients as a photographer. Basically what you need to do is to place a ballot box, or a collection box into a place where there is a lot of traffic. An idea is to try to place this into a hair dressing store or any place that relates even remotely with photography. I would not suggest a grocery store as it has nothing to do with it. You can make up few forms and an offer and leave it for 3-4 weeks at the time and give random people opportunity to participate in a contest, take advantage of your offer for a free service, or a discounted enlargement. Depending how experienced you are in your business, and how comfortable you might be in charging people money for your photography, the offer needs to suit your level of business. People will enter their details into your box and this is how you collect pre-qualified potential customers who seem to be interested in your offer and that increases the chances to close a deal. After you collect their email addresses or phone numbers, you need to contact them as soon as possible to invite them to take advantage of your offer and it is as simple as that. Do not ecpect all of them to actually make it, as people react on impulses and some of them will forget immediately. But there will be a good percentage who will want to be photographed by you and you need to make sure it happens. This is a very simple marketing tool for any photographer, or any business to collect contact details and close sales. The rest depends on you how you present yourself and how you deliver. Advantages using a ballot box as a marketing tool - cheap marketing exercise - good success rate - allows the opportunity to build up a newsletter contact list (make sure you include clearly conditions of entry as it might be illegal in your country to spam people) -unlimited opportunities -- the more boxes in more places, the better business you can grow Disadvantages - difficult to find businesses willing to assist - if used incorrectly it might attract the "freebies" lovers and might waste time to close sales - limited use
wedding photography posing guide - depth of field line up for bride and groom
wedding photography posing guide - depth of field line up for bride and groom. as a great idea you can line up the bridal party , bride and bridesmaids or groom with the groomsmen and shoot long their line. if you use a telephoto lens, you can get a nice image with the bride or the groom in focus and the rest of the party blurry. always great shot
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