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Shirt Guess outlet from a beach trip Shorts DIY'd Shoes Converse Watch Walmart during bought last Christmas spiked bracelet forever 21 THANKS FOR WATCHING
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OOTN 30 Weeks Pregnant
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OOTD 39 Weeks 3 days tank and yogas
Hey Guys!!! Sorry I havent posted a video in a couple of days. (I was on a roll with the uploading) But I have been super lazy & I have broke out in a rash, I believe my doctor called it PUPPS. I believe only 15% of women get it during pregnancy. I have been itching like a mad woman! It should go away after pregnancy. Thank the Lord I'm miserable itching like this. Haven't itched this bad since I had the chicken pox as a child. But Baby Bear is doing well. Still no signs of labor. But I am dilated 1 cm, since of last week. I have an OBGYN appt this week, Thursday, today is Tuesday. My doctor said she would let me go a week past my due date which is July 5th. Will we be having a Yankee Doodle Baby on the Fourth? Who Knows. He is just happy in his mommy's belly. I am getting super excited, he could come any day, and its really just a waiting game right now. I can't wait until I hold and kiss on my baby bear. My whole life is going to change. I do want to mention. When baby arrives into the world, I won't have the time like I do now to film and upload. But I do plan on getting back in the swing of things, when we find our routine and when I won't be zombiefied from the lack of sleep. lol I'm laughing now, but I have no clue right? I want to Thank each and everyone of you that are enjoying my videos :) Love ya Lovies!!
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Haul Claires Walmart Target
Info Please comment below for any questions or Video Suggestions. Dont Be SHY!! :) Hey Guys, Heres a Haul for my loves. Hope you enjoy. look below for pricing and extended info *Note each item from Claire's was a $1.00 10for10 sale..the lady didnt make me get 10 items though 1 Floral Butterfly Earrings Original Price $9.00 2 Lucky HorseShoe Bow Earrings Original Price $5.50 3 Silver and GunMetal Earrings Original Price $9.50 4 Dangle Peace Angel Wings Original Price $6.50 5 Vintage Heart and Flower Trio Rings Original Price $9.50 6 Pink Suspenders :) Original Price $8.50 7 Lip Crayons Original Price $8.50 8 Angel Rocker Rollerball (Dupe for Pink Sugar) Scent describe Juicy Berries and soft vanilla cream Original Price $8.50 The TOTAL WOULD HAVE BEEN over $65...Check out the 10for10 sale when its going on at your local Claire's WALMART NYC instant lash- $1.00 Sexiest Fantasies in Love Struck around a $1...Scent is Cherry Blossom, Peach and Sensual musks Sally Hansen Crackle in Ink Splatter $6.24 Go to WALGREENS $1.00 off COUPON Check out 28 WEEKS LATER ..SCAREYYYYY!! Hello Kitty Pens from target were only a Buckaroo $1.00 I forgot to add 2 Bath and Body Works Products So here's the link to my next video http://youtu.be/f4V9x1IadIE
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What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag Part 2- Outfits
Watch Part 1 Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyguYUPyvKc&list=UUtyqwbXDp7drr3zR5Kt6B4Q
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What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag? 2014 Part 1
Here's a video of What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag! Part 1 WATCH PART 2 HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W4yeae4nps&list=UUtyqwbXDp7drr3zR5Kt6B4Q The Diaper Bag was purchased from Buybuybaby. Its by the brand JuJuBe. Buybuybaby.com Hey Everyone! So I know I over packed, but I am the type of girl that likes to bring my life in my purse, so of course you know I'm going to over pack for the baby :) If i have left anything out that you brought to the hospital Please let me know!
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Here's a Review on the SB TECH ICANISTER SPEAKER SPLASHPROOF with a Special Guest Featuring my Brother Steven. You can find this product on sale at your local Bi-lo. on sale for $13 Originally $100.00 at Belk.
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First Haul and Fave Products
Everything I got was from Walgreens. Hope you enjoyed my first haul it was very interesting none the less :) Please comment below if anyone knows the best way to sharpen a jumbo eye pencil THANKS lots of love Wet N Wild Nail Polishes-- Segreena the teenage witch from the fast dry collection $2.00 Tickled Pink, French White, Black Creme, Sunny side up from the wild shine collection $1.00 Wet N wild Sheer Tented Moisturizer $4.00 I don't recommend if you have dry skin. Did not like this purchase :( Read the reviews online works for some, just not my skin. Wet N Wild dual pencil sharperner $1.00 Covergirl Lipstick in Divine $7.50 look in your walgreens paper for this week and get a $1.00 of coupon :)
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Myrtle Beach Haul
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OOTD 37 Weeks Preggers and 3 days
Hey Guys... Its another OOTD, I love doing these!!! PLeasee leave some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated. Love you guys! Have a Beautiful Day. Oh and baby could come any day. WOOT WOOT! Im anxious, happy, and super nervous.
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OOTD 38 Weeks 4 Days Pregnant- MommyGlam- Coral & Brown-Old Navy
Hey Everyone!!! OOTD for June 25th 2014. Sorry I have been getting my days mixed up. I am 38 Weeks and 4 Days Pregnant. I have 1 Week & 2 Days until my due date, which is July 5th. Come on baby, I am hoping he will come before then. Can you tell in this video, I'm getting tired of being pregnant? lol Sorry I'm not really chirpy! It's just so hot here in the south, and being pregnant in the Summer is like JEEZ LOUIS! But any who, I can't do much like I was, I don't really have a lot of energy. I wish I did so I can dust and get my room perfect for the baby. I will later tonight hopefully I will have some energy. Wink Wink! If I haven't told you guys yet I'm naming my baby bear Christian Brooks, First and middle name. It was hard deciding on a name, for sure, but when I was much younger I said if I had a son I want to name him Christian. Well Brooks came along from the show The Bachelorette. (Cheesy I know) but I thought the guy on the show had the cutest name. I have planned on doing more (different) videos, like a What to Wear when Pregnant in the Summer Video, super casual. Essentials. But I find myself like I said not having any energy, But i really would like to film it. Also another video which I have already filmed but it was to long of a clip was my son's nursery tour. I really wanted to get that one up so I could always go back and look. Im Blabbing. Comment rate Subscribe. Leave some FEEDBACK! :) One Love. Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!
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Dollar Tree Haul
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OOTD Jan 20
Wassup Where i got everything is listed below OUTFIT (SCROLL DOWN FOR MAKEUP!) -Orange/Coral Denim Leggings-Pacsun on sale after Christmas $25 -Brown Belt with gold detail is from Goodwill Thrifted woot woot :) $3 -Cardigan Almond color is from Wetseal on salde after Christmas $15 -Tank top/ looks like a mini dress when its not tucked in my jeans not sure where i got that -Necklace coral color not sure where or the price -Brown riding boots- belk price?unknown Make-up Eyes-Coastal Scents palette (88 Original) Blush-10 color (blush) palette from Coastal Scents
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February OOTD #1 Casual
Don't mind the puppy pad lol. Sorry until I get a new laptop, my recent videos will be OOTD's and hauls on the iPhone. My goal is to start making more videos and to gain some positive subscribers. Please do not bring negativity to this channel. I want this to be a positive experience for not only me but to the people who watch these videos. I'm looking forward to meet new people, to exchange positive tips and tricks with all things beauty, give positive advice to each other, and to be there if someone needs to talk. Please ask any questions you may wonder about. And thanks so much for watching, be on the look out for new upcoming videos. Holllllaaa :) I recently started a Poshmark! Come shop my closet. http://poshmark.com/closet/lovekrom21 My items will also be displayed on my new instagram. http://instagram.com/lovekrom21poshmark My Personal instagram. http://instagram.com/kaylakrom Tweet Me- http:/www.twitter.com/kaylakaylakrom Follow me on Pinterest http:/www.pinterest.com/kaylakrom
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Mall Haul TJ Max Thrifting
Hi guys. It's my second haul from the mall forever 21, bath and body works, Tj max and kmart..Hope you like this vid :) -thrifting went to Goodwill and purchased 2 belts for $1.50 each and I love them. Ive been watching some videos on youtube and alot of them have been girls thrifting, and I see them pick things up that I would be like no way thats so ugly but then they style them or create a new look for the clothes, and I got inspired. Plus my Halloween Costume I did it myself and im in love with the shirt. Please like below if you think i did a good job, then i will do a DIY video Lots of love ~kayla xoxo
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OOTD 10-10-11
It's Fall time!!! pants- abercrombie tank top- oldnavy top- abercrombie vest- gap * Shoes- polo boots
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OOTD 10-15-11 HHE Carnival
Hope you enjoy...if you have any questions, feel free just to ask. Hope u like my painted mustache from my brothers carnival :) oh and im sorry the video is shaky and sideways
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What's in Mommy's Hospital Bag? 2014
Hey Guys This is a video on What's in Mommy's Hospital Bag. If you think I left something out, that helped you get through labor or something you wish you would have brought, Please let me know. Please Leave some Feedback. I never get feedback on my videos. Hmmm.. Watch- What's in my Baby's Hospital Bag HERE-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyguYUPyvKc
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Sexy Green Smokey Look
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OOTD 38 Weeks & 1 Day Pregnant Hot Pink Summer
Hey Everyone!!! I'm Still pregnant, so here's another OOTD! lol Hope y'all have been enjoying my OOTD's Leave some Feedback! Baby Bear should be making his appearance soon!
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OOTD 36 Weeks Pregnant
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What's in my purse
It's my first What's in my bag video. I really like to watch these type of videos so I thought it would be fun to do. You get a sneak peek of my new closet. Sorry if the lighting isn't the best I was really excited about my closet so I decided to film in it. Plus it was the only place to film. Do you have a question? leave a comment below or send me a message. Thanks so much for watching. Have an instagram? http://instagr.am/kaylakrom
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OOTD JULY 23 2013
Will updated this soon. Thanks sis for filming this.
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Christmas video 2011 Gift idea for your boyfrind, Yankee Candle, Nail Idea
Pacsun Great Deals this week Hoodies Buy 1 Get 1 Free ...alot of other deals in the store. Im sure you can visit the website and they always have deals going on. Yankee Candles are also a great gift idea if you know what kind of smell the person likes. My all time favorite candles are Slatkin & Co. sold at Bath & Body Works. Bath & Body Works is having a Yellow Sale starts December 27th up to 75% OFF and a Preview December 26th holiday Clearance -up to 50% OFF. Mark your Calendars ladies :) If you were interested in the boots from Old Navy, they were selling quickly, they also have different styles and I seen alot of ones I liked. Do not get the Womens Faux-Gem boots. I took them back because the gems fall off. Thanks for watching Please subscribe if your feeling my channel, if not no hard feelings :) Lots of love
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Drugstore Foundation Routine
Here is my foundation routine, hope you enjoy :) Tip- Try dampen your brush with water/ or fix plus if you use a heavy foundation. Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Olay fresh effects bb cream Physicians Formula Healthy Boosting Powder
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The Spoon Challenge
Just for the record i would say I won cuz he cheated but I guess i'll give it to him this time! :) We are such goofeballs. Hope ya enjoy I know we were entertaining ourselves. Check out our Chubby Bunny challenge, and find out who wins!?!? TEAM KAYLA!!!
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Walmart, Belk, and It's Fashion Metro. Collective Haul 2013 COMMENT, RATE, and SUBSCRIBE
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Scarves Collection
Some of my scarves that I have... I love them. You will prolly see them in upcoming OOTD
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Coastal Scents Haul
Info will be listed soon :)
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bath and body works haul Spring 2012 Polishes
have a question? just ask. :)
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OOTD May 2nd
Here's another outfit. Really casual. I call my lil sis boo thang :) hope y'all enjoyed.
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Everyday makeup storage/organization
Open Me :) Wassup everyone this video is on my everyday makeup that I use weekly at my mom's house. I wanted to show you some beauty products that are my faves at the moment, organization that Iv'e seen on other videos I have watched, and a few tips that popped in my head while organizing my draw and wanted to share with you. * if you have any requests for videos, makeup looks, nail tutorials, styling tips, or any questions please message me and I would be happy to make a video or answer your questions! new tumblr http://lovekrom21.tumblr.com/
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Makeup Look Using FlashBack Duo
Smoky Look using the Eye shadow Duo Flash Back from `Bare Minerals`. Also in this video I show you how I apply my foundation recently.
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OOTN mom bday 11/26/11
Went to my moms for her bday happy birthday momma I love you
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Chubby Bunny Challenge
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My boo thang turned 5
Happy bday little munchkin. I'm a little sad your growing up to fast
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Products I've been loving #1
Poshmark Account http://poshmark.com/closet/lovekrom21 Instagram- http://instagram.com/lovekrom21poshmark personal instagram- http://instagram.com/kaylakrom Tweet Me- http:/www.twitter.com/kaylakaylakrom Follow me on Pinterest http:/www.pinterest.com/kaylakrom
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