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What Happens To Your Brain When You Dream
Sleep expert Matthew Walker breaks down what happens in your brain when you dream. Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai TI on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TI on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tech_insider/ TI on Twitter: https://twitter.com/techinsider -------------------------------------------------- Following is the transcript of the video: Matthew Walker: My name is Matthew Walker, I am a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and I am the author of the book "Why We Sleep." What is dreaming and what happens and are there any real benefits to dreaming? Well, to take a step back I think it's important to note that dreaming essentially is a time when we all become flagrantly psychotic. And before you perhaps dismiss that diagnosis, I'll give you five good reasons, because last night when you were dreaming, first you started to see things which were not there, so you were hallucinating. Second, you believe things that couldn't possibly be true, so you were delusional. Third, you became confused about time, place, and person, so you're suffering from disorientation. Fourth, you had wildly fluctuating emotions like a pendulum, something that we call being affectively labile. And then, how wonderful? You woke up this morning and you forgot most if not all of that dream experience, so you're suffering from amnesia. And if you were to experience any one of those five symptoms while you were awake, you would be seeking psychological or psychiatric treatment, yet during sleep and dreaming it seems to be both a normal biological and psychological process. What are the functions, then, or the benefits of dreaming? Well we know that dream sleep, which principally comes from a stage that we call rapid eye movement sleep or REM sleep, dream sleep actually provides at least two benefits for the brain. The first is actually creativity, because it's during REM sleep and dreaming specifically when the brain starts to collide all of the information that you've recently learned together with all of this back catalog of autobiographical information that you've got stored up in the brain. And it starts to build novel connections, it's almost like group therapy for memories. And through this pattern of informational alchemy at night, we create a revised mind wide web of associations. And you can start to divine new novel insights into previously unsolved problems, so that you wake up the next morning with new solutions, and it's probably the reason that no one has ever told you that you should stay awake on a problem. Instead, people tell you to sleep on a problem. And we now have good evidence that it's dream sleep that gifts you that type of informational wisdom rather than simply knowledge. The second benefit of dream sleep is essentially a form of overnight therapy. It's during dream sleep where we start to actually take the sting out of difficult, even traumatic, emotional experiences that we've been having. And sleep almost divorces that emotional, bitter rind from the memory experiences that we've had during the day. And so that we wake up the next morning feeling better about those experiences. So you can think of dream sleep as emotional first aid and it sort of offers this nocturnal soothing balm that smoothes those painful stinging edges of difficult experiences. So it's not time that heals all wounds, but it's time during dream sleep that provides you with emotional convalescence.
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The Mind After Midnight: Where Do You Go When You Go to Sleep?
We spend a third of our lives asleep. Every organism on Earth—from rats to dolphins to fruit flies to microorganisms—relies on sleep for its survival, yet science is still wrestling with a fundamental question: Why does sleep exist? During Shakespeare and Cervantes' time, sleep was likened to death, with body and mind falling into a deep stillness before resurrecting each new day. In reality, sleep is a flurry of action. Trillions of neurons light up. The endocrine system kicks into overdrive. The bloodstream is flooded with a potent cocktail of critically vital hormones. Such vibrant activity begs the question: Where do we go when we go to sleep? Based on new sleep research, there are tantalizing signposts. We delved into the one-eyed, half-brained sleep of some animals; eavesdropped on dreams to understand their cognitive significance; and investigated extreme and bizarre sleeping behaviors like “sleep sex” and “sleep violence.” The World Science Festival gathers great minds in science and the arts to produce live and digital content that allows a broad general audience to engage with scientific discoveries. Our mission is to cultivate a general public informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepared to engage with its implications for the future. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all the latest from WSF. Visit our Website: http://www.worldsciencefestival.com/ Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldsciencefestival Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/WorldSciFest Original Program Date: June 3, 2011 MODERATOR: Carl Zimmer PARTICIPANTS: Carlos H. Schenck, Matthew Wilson, Niels Rattenborg Video Introduction. 00:13 Carl Zimmer's Introduction. 03:13 Participant Introductions. 04:03 Human sleep vs Animal sleep. 05:40 Sharing sleep traits with animals. 10:03 Ducks sleep with one eye open... but why? 13:22 What is the reason everything needs sleep? 18:30 Are there limits to our dreams? 19:55 Where do we currently stand with dream research? 22:06 The brain never turns off. 26:16 Is daydreaming the same as normal dreaming? 32:18 REM sleep dreams are crazy. 38:57 Dreaming through memory models. 44:41 REM sleep behavior disorder. 46:08 Mel and Norma Gabler and his dream killing 51:58 Sleep fighting footage. 54:20 Sleep state dependent sleep activation. 01:00:28 Extreme animal sleep. 01:02:35 The Curious Case of Kenneth Parks 01:12:10 What is the next step for sleep science? 01:20:38
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Dreams, mind, and brain | Sanjay Singh | TEDxOmaha
What do we know as fact about the brain, and what is still a mystery? Dr. Sanjay Singh explains our current understanding of memory, dreams, and identity, plus how we might be able to influence them. Sanjay P. Singh, MD is the Chairman & Professor of the Department of Neurology at Creighton University School of Medicine. He is also the Medical Director of Neurological Services at Creighton University Medical Center. He completed a neurology residency at George Washington University Medical Center; he was the Chief Resident of Neurology in his PGY-4 year. He then did a two year fellowship as the Gilbert Glaser fellow, at Yale University School of Medicine. He is Board certified in Neurology and is a member of the American Academy of Neurology and the American Epilepsy Society. He is the author of the ‘Locatelli & Singh’s Handbook of Neurology’. He has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors including the A.B. Baker Teacher recognition award by the American Academy of Neurology, The UNMC Chancellor’s Gold U Award & Kudos award. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Strange Facts About Dreams
Amazing things that happen to people while dreaming. Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg Description: Sleep is something that we do and need on a regular basis in order for our bodies to function. For most of us that sleep, we tend to experience some sort of dreaming, where our minds take off and we experience another world of existence. Sometimes we have good dreams, and sometimes we have nightmares that can terrify us to the core and force us to sleep with the lights on for the rest of the night. But our dreams are so much more than a nightly occurrence. But instead, they offer glimpses into our very own psyches and tell us so much about our psychology and how we deal with stress, anxiety, and overall feelings of our life. Studies have shown that we experience 4-6 dreams per night, which we quickly forget within the first ten minutes that we wake up. In the time that we dream, it can total out to be about 6 years of our life that we spend dreaming. While sleeping is typically perceived as a time of rest, scientists have discovered that the brain is busier than ever in our sleep while it is recharging. In fact, the brain can actually learn more efficiently and uses sleep and dreaming to process the new information it has received during the day. In dreaming, the brain can also sort through problems and dilemmas and come up with solutions. Needless to say, the brain is more active while it is recharging. This stage is known as rapid eye movement, and the body will also release a chemical that paralyzes you so that you don’t act out your dreams. If you wake up suddenly while the chemical is still present, sleep paralysis can result. If the brain hasn’t completely woken up yet, people can hallucinate and see their dreams before them. The result is the person is paralyzed, unable to speak, and could possibly be experiencing some pretty terrifying images that they don’t understand. Those who are blind can also dream, but in a different way. For those who have been blind since birth, they have no concept of visual stimulation, and therefore, can’t process visual imagery in their sleep. Instead, the blind experience dreams with their other senses in a heightened form, such as sound, taste, smell, and touch. While dreaming, we also act out our fears and personal insecurities. If you’re in a serious relationship, you’ve probably experienced a dream or two where your significant other is having an affair. Sometimes, these dreams are so real that the dreamer is still angry upon awakening. As long as the line between reality and personal worries is clear, then hopefully the drama stays in dream land. Sometimes our dreams can lead to more physical results, such as nocturnal emissions, or better known as wet dreams. Not just males experience this kind of pleasure and euphoria in their dreams, but females as well. This phenomenon is common in adolescence, but adults can have these sort of dreams too. These are but a few of the strange things about dreams. Check out the video and find out what other extraordinary things your brain is trying to tell you! Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest --------------------------------------------------------------- Featuring: How much do we dream? Brain Activity Learning Blind Dreams The Affair Nocturnal Emissions Lucid Dreaming Inventions Premonition dreams Sleep Paralysis --------------------------------------------------------------- Music Track: Fast Light --------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/
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Why Do We Dream?
Leanback and IMG! later this week! LINKS TO LEARN: Smarter Every Day: http://www.youtube.com/destinws2 How to Lucid Dream: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llw717IARpQ Whatswhat reviews my beard and other stuff: http://ow.ly/700ES ALL music by Jake Chudnow: http://soundcloud.com/jakechudnow **SLEEP STUFF** Good general sleep info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep Sleep facts: http://www.abc.net.au/science/sleep/facts.htm REM sleep: http://www.why-we-dream.com/remstate.htm Old video about REM sleep: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzoU0_sgip4 Lucid Dreaming on the Discovery Channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASf55cov5F8 Quick info in different dream theories: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream#The_Neurobiology_of_dreaming Incredible documentary on a fatal disease that keeps you from sleeping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIeTVVAEFn8
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How Lucid Dreaming Works
You may have heard of lucid dreaming, the type of dream where the dreamer is aware of dreaming. Is lucid dreaming a real phenomenon? Sleep expert Matthew Walker explains how much we know about lucid dreams so far.  Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai TI on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TI on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tech_insider/ TI on Twitter: https://twitter.com/techinsider -------------------------------------------------- Following is the transcript of the video: Jessica Orwig: What if we could control our dreams? When most of us dream, our thoughts and actions are involuntary. The dream plays out as if we were watching a movie. But not all dreams are the same. There is another kind of dreaming called lucid dreaming, which is more like playing a video game than watching a movie. Matthew Walker: By definition lucid dreaming is simply the act of knowing that you're dreaming whilst you're dreaming. My name is Matthew Walker. I am a professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California Berkeley. Most people actually think of lucid dreaming more in the sense of actually beginning to control what you're dreaming. So, you gain volitional control and you decide what's going to happen during your dream. Orwig: Frequent lucid dreamers claim that they can control many parts of the dream such as teleporting themselves to another location, learning to improve real-life skills, or even eating fire. It might sound far-fetched. And until recently we lacked the technology to prove if lucid dreaming was real or not. But a series of recent studies has shed light on the phenomenon. Walker: Scientists have designed experiments and they’ve been able to demonstrate objectively that when people say that they're doing something in that dream that they actually are. Orwig: In 2012, scientists reported results from one of the first experiments that objectively measured lucid dreams using fMRI scanners.  fMRIs measure the rate of blood flow to different areas of the brain, so they can relay information about a person's thoughts and actions simply through a series of images. For the study, scientists first asked participants to clench their fists while they were awake. This lit up key areas of the brain on the fMRI scanner. After that, participants were asked to fall asleep and dream about clenching their fists. Sure enough — similar regions of the brain lit up in both cases. Lucid dreaming comes naturally to some, but many of us have never experienced the sensation. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Walker: How can we actually become more capable of lucid dreaming? Well, it's a little bit tricky, but you can certainly try to tell yourself that you will remember that you're dreaming whilst you're dreaming before you actually fall asleep. So, try to go through a mantra chant as it were. Some people actually try to do deliberative things whilst sleeping, like turning on the lights in a room. And that helps them to become aware that they are dreaming at the moment of dreaming itself and therefore they gain lucid control. Orwig: Those who can already control their dreams with ease say lucid dreams aren’t only for entertainment but can also be used to expand one's conscious boundaries. On the other hand, lucid dreamers have also reported frightening accounts where they have trouble distinguishing reality from the dream. In some cases, this can be a sign of mental illness, and should be taken seriously. But why do some people have the ability to lucid dream but not others? And what is happening in our subconscious that triggers the experience? There’s still a lot we have to learn about the causes and effects of lucid dreaming. Walker: It seems to be only around 20 to 30% of the population are actually natural lucid dreamers. So, perhaps if it was so beneficial mother nature would have had all of us being table of lucid dreaming. And the fact that we’re not perhaps means that it's not necessarily beneficial. But we actually don’t know. Maybe those 20 to 30% of people who do lucid dream are at the forefront of hominid evolution, and they are going to be the next species of preference. We just don't know. Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sai FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/techinsider TWITTER: https://twitter.com/techinsider INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/tech_insider/
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Top Shelf: Hacking your brain with lucid dreaming
Have you ever had a dream that you knew was a dream? Were you able to control it? What did you do? In this week's episode of Top Shelf, Katie Drummond dives into the world of lucid dreaming and the technology that's helping people reach the holy grail of dreaming.
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Michio Kaku on the Science of Dreams
If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner Executive Interviews: https://www.executiveinterviews.biz/rightsholders/bigthink/ Michio Kaku describes how our prefrontal cortex disengages as we dream, thus suppressing the fact-checking component of our consciousness. Dr. Kaku's latest book is The Future of the Mind: The Scientific Quest to Understand, Enhance, and Empower the Mind (http://goo.gl/G06jvb). Read more at BigThink.com: http://goo.gl/odYmq4 Follow Big Think here: YouTube: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BigThinkdotcom Twitter: https://twitter.com/bigthink Transcript: There’s a whole lore about dreaming. In fact, Sigmund Freud wrote a book called The Interpretation of Dreams which many people think is the foundation of psychoanalysis. Well scientists now have looked at Freudian psychology and the brain using all these modern techniques. And first of all we realize that perhaps Sigmund Freud wasn’t totally wrong. There are many textbooks which simply dismiss Freudian psychology calling it nuts. That is nothing but the sexual fantasies of a repressed Venetian scientist of the last century. But now we realize there’s more to it. First of all the unconscious mind. We can actually see the brain in motion and we realize that much of the activity is totally unconscious. Just like what Freud predicted. And Freud also said there is the ego, the id and the superego, that we are in a constant battle with our desires and our conscious. And we see that now with brain scans. The ego is basically your prefrontal cortex. That is who you are. When you wonder where am I anyway. Well, you’re right there. You are sitting right behind your forehead. And then your desires. We see the pleasure center right there at the center of the brain. That is the libido. We see where the pleasure center is located. And then your conscience is right behind your eyes. The orbital frontal cortex right behind your eyes is where your conscience is. And so we actually see that in motion. If you were to see a chocolate cake you would see these three parts of the brain going zippity back and forth like a ping pong ball because you’re constantly debating the pleasure of eating a chocolate cake versus how fat you’re gonna become and all the sugar and the calories that you don’t really need. So we see the beginnings of Freudian psychology coming out of brain scans. And now dreams. Freud had a whole collection of interpretation of dreams. Scientists have looked at and said, “Nonsense.” Now we understand the physiology of the dreaming process. And we realize that it comes at the back of the brain, the very primitive part of the brain and that certain parts of the brain are shut off when you dream. First of all your prefrontal cortex is basically shut off, it’s quiet. Your orbital frontal cortex that is your conscience is also shut off. But that part of the brain is your fact checker. The part of the brain that said, “Hmmm, that’s not right. Something’s wrong” is right behind your eyes. That’s shut off. What is active when you dream is your amygdala. Now what does your amygdala govern? Fear and emotions. And so right then you know that when you dream the active part of the brain is not the fact checker, not the rational brain – it’s the emotional brain, the fearful brain that is active when you dream. And then there’s some superstition called lucid dreaming where you can actually control the direction of the dream. Well that superstition last year became science fact. At the Max Planck Institute in Germany they were able to show once and for all that lucid dreaming is testable, reproducible – it is real. And here’s how they did it. They took a person who was about to go to sleep and told them that when you dream clench your right fist and then clench your left fist. Now when you dream you are paralyzed. You cannot move when you dream. Otherwise we’d be able to carry out all sorts of horrible things and destroy ourselves. So we are paralyzed when we dream. But when this person went into a dream state you can clearly see that the brain initiated orders to clench your right fist and your left fist. In other words, he was conscious while he was dreaming. There are many Buddhist texts, many texts hundreds of years old that give you the outlines of how to control dreams. Lucid dreaming. We now know that it’s not hogwash that you can actually do this. You can actually direct the course of your dream. And then one day we may be able to brain scan the brain as you dream and put it on a screen. In which case somebody will be able to see you dream and know the direction of the dream and you are conscious of the process. In other words, the movie Inception is not totally hogwash. Directed/Produced by Jonathan Fowler and Dillon Fitton
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Achieve Your Dreams | Sleep Programming - Train Your Brain | Increase Confidence & Self Esteem
8 hours Of Subconscious Programming for Success Mindset. This is a sleep Programming session with spoken positive affirmations designed develop the patterns of success confidence, Self esteem and goal achievement. This audio can be used for deep sleep programming, although listening at daytime is fine too. In this specific audio, spoken positive affirmations are used to wire the brain to move in the direction of goal achievement, confidence success and well being, at the same time dissolving old negative and limiting patterns. Auto suggestion/Positive Affirmations are known to be effective in creating new thought and behavioral patterns. New neural pathways are created and strengthened in your brain when you are listening to this audio program. BENEFITS: *Increase personal coherence for the benefit of ourselves and the planet *Help shift the planetary consciousness baseline from self-centeredness to wholeness care *Increase connection and social harmony *Empower our ability to navigate through global changes with less stress, anxiety and more ease * Dissolve negative thinking, emotional patterns *Develop more joy, happiness, motivation, clarity, inner peace and love in all aspects of our lives. *Program the subconscious mind to notice more of the beauty in life that is all around us. *Trains your mind to develop a strong mental attitude. *The law of attraction. You do not have to listen the full 8 hours for this to work, although of course it will be more beneficial. You can also have this playing subtly in the background while sleeping. You do not have to hear all the affirmations consciously for them to work. ................................ DOWNLOAD: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.dpdcart.com/product/135700 INSTRUCTIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/how-to-use-affirmations/ WHAT ARE AFFIRMATIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/what-are-affirmations/ INFO ON 432HZ MUSIC: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/info-on-432hz-music/ INFO ON 528HZ MUSIC: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/info-on-528hz-music/ ……………………. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Our Solfeggio, meditation and affirmation audios are available for sale at ➤ LOUDR: https://loudr.fm/artist/powerthoughts-meditation-club/fCdY6 ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/no/artist/powerthoughts-meditation-club/id1020428551 YOUTUBE VIDEOS ONLY: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.dpdcart.com We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You! ……………………… POWERTHOUGHTS MEDITATION CLUB We are very proud of our hard work and commitment to create HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered. Our a grand mission and lifepurpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey. For Your Freedom, Love and Joy, Kenneth & Alexander - PTMC ……………………… SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - IT`S FREE Please Subscribe to our channel, because together we can raise the vibration of our planet make and our world a better place for ALL life. Thank You. Subscribe ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerThoughtsClub?sub_confirmation=1 ……………………… INTERACT WITH US HERE ➤ Facebook: http://facebook.com/powerthoughtsmeditationclub PTMC Blog: http://PowerThoughtsMeditationClub.com Newsletter: Sign up for tips and tricks for personal and spiritual growth http://bit.ly/1NPgHES .............................. ENJOY OUR PLAYLISTS HERE: GUIDED MEDITATIONS http://bit.ly/1RRuZbN AFFIRMATIONS ➤ SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING http://bit.ly/1TLFam6 SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1QDNSif SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NATURE SOUND http://bit.ly/1p8evCm PURE TONE OF SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES http://bit.ly/1Tt7fOx RELAXING AND SOOTHING MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1W9gSQv SLEEP PROGRAMMING AND LUCID DREAMING http://bit.ly/1R77kRn ACTIVATE YOUR HIGHER MIND AFFIRMATIONS http://bit.ly/1RA9ppE CHAKRA HEALING AND ACTIVATION WITH GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RRxBGO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NAVAJO DRUMS http://bit.ly/1R7H7bN HYPNOSIS AND GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/24R7Hdm MANTRA CHANTING - MUSIC & MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RA9sBQ ..............................
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Here's What Happens When You Sleep
Have you ever wondered about what happens when you sleep? Sleeping every night is important to recharge and prepare ourselves for the coming day. However, most people don’t know what happens to their body while they’re asleep. But it’s interesting to know that when you sleep, some parts of your body go into overdrive. The rest however, slows down, and some even shuts down completely. During sleep, you hit a point of rest called REM, which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. It's the level of sleep where most of your dreams happen. During this phase, your body becomes paralyzed. However, during this part of sleep, there's a part of you that's always moving, and that's your eyes. There are a number of weird things that happen while you sleep - from involuntary muscle twitches in your limbs, to getting aroused, and even hearing explosions. Shedding your skin and waking up taller, and even sleep texting. In this video, you’ll learn more about the weird things that happen to us when we sleep. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Music: Epidemic Sound Visuals: VideoBlocks / Adobe Stock / Pexels / Pixabay / Other Voice-over Recording, Audio & Video Production by Brainy Dose ------------------------------------------------------------------
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Thanks For Watching Subscribe to become a part of #TeamHealthApta SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: LIKE us on FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/healthapta FOLLOW us on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/healthapta Want to live forever on the internet? Submit your video to us: Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx and Enjoy the videos.
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The Science of Dreaming
Dreaming is one of the weirdest things we do & in this SciShow infusion Hank talks about how science is helping us understand why we dream, what our brains are up to when they're doing it, and why dreaming may be critically important to the function of our waking brain. He also touches on the fascinating subject of lucid dreaming. Try to stay awake! Like SciShow! http://www.facebook.com/scishow Follow SciShow: http://www.twitter.com/scishow ReferencesDreams help us solve puzzles (http://www.saramednick.com/htmls/pdfs/Cai_PNAS_2009.pdf) (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14737168?dopt=Abstract) http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/03/19/why-we-need-to-dream/ Lucid Dreaming http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=how-to-control-dreams http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/post.cfm?id=inception-is-a-clunker-but-lucid-dr-2010-08-02 General: http://scienceblogs.com/cortex/2006/12/the_neuroscience_of_dreaming.php http://www.sciencenews.org/view/generic/id/335866/title/First_brain_image_of_a_dream_created http://www.saramednick.com/htmls/pdfs/Cai_PNAS_2009.pdf http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=the-science-behind-dreaming http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/stickgold-dreams.html http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14737168?dopt=Abstract http://www.nature.com/neuro/journal/v10/n1/abs/nn1825.html IMAGES: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sigmund_Freud_LIFE.jpg [PUBLIC DOMAIN] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Die_Traumdeutung.jpg [public domain] http://patientinfo.nimh.nih.gov/CC/Nimages/EEG3Large.jpg [public domain]
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How Can You Control Your Dreams?
What if there was a way to control your dreams? Let's discuss lucid dreaming! Watch more: Can You Be Scared To Death? ►► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TlpYuxulI1k Subscribe: https://bit.ly/SubLifeNoggin | Get your exclusive Life Noggin merch: http://keeponthinking.co Support Life Noggin on Patreon: https://patreon.com/LifeNogginStudios Follow Life Noggin! Facebook: https://facebook.com/LifeNoggin/?ref=br_rs Instagram: https://instagram.com/lifenoggin/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/lifenoggin Official Website: https://lnstudios.co/ Watch More Life Noggin: Latest Uploads: https://youtube.com/watch?v=4A6XkYpmidU&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6JtEDRfRMyb6rFd1acqYSlO Big Questions: https://youtube.com/watch?v=rJTkHGXMdb0&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6LtaKh-Eqj7Cs4Tmf5iQPx4 Outer Space: https://youtube.com/watch?v=rJTkHGXMdb0&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6IPWXQvW3Exk9bqGzOdj8Qq Inside the Human Body: https://youtube.com/watch?v=FVnnM6hZ7Wk&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6JoZQ-Sy3eK2rjiDsamxCQs Popular Videos: https://youtube.com/watch?v=1bVfzBD-40E&list=PL8L0MzSk_V6IYeU-cNGR6NYHW19GMiPNy We are LIFE NOGGIN! An animated and educational web show designed to teach you all about your awesome life and the brain that makes you able to live it! We answer questions about everything from inside the human body to deep outer space. Stay tuned for more videos on every Monday and Thursday! Keep On Thinking. Life Noggin Team: Director/Voice: http://lifenogg.in/PatGraziosi Executive Producer - Ian Dokie: http://instagram.com/iandokie Director of Marketing: http://lifenogg.in/JaredOban Animation by Steven Lawson Written by Sophie Bakoledis: https://www.instagram.com/sophieexplorestheworld/ Sources: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-to-control-dreams/ https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/therapy-it-s-more-just-talk/201409/the-field-guide-lucid-dreaming https://www.newscientist.com/article/2094018-want-to-control-your-dreams-these-tips-may-boost-your-chances/ https://www.newscientist.com/article/2094018-want-to-control-your-dreams-these-tips-may-boost-your-chances/ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-control-your-dreams_n_6296526.html http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2016/10/keeping-a-dream-journal-helps-you-understand-yourself.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-control-your-dreams_n_6296526.html http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/01/12/loughner.lucid.dreaming.arizona/index.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-to-control-dreams/ https://www.newscientist.com/article/2094018-want-to-control-your-dreams-these-tips-may-boost-your-chances/ http://www.iflscience.com/brain/a-technique-to-control-your-dreams-has-been-verified-for-the-first-time/ http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/01/12/loughner.lucid.dreaming.arizona/index.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-to-control-dreams/ http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/how-to-lucid-dream-10329107.html http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/how-to-control-your-dreams_n_6296526.html https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-mysteries-love/201602/four-levels-lucid-dreaming https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-mysteries-love/201602/four-levels-lucid-dreaming https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120727095555.htm https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2737577/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120727095555.htm https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2737577/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/09/080921162021.htm http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/seriouslyscience/2017/08/11/flashback-friday-want-control-dreams-shock-brain-induce-lucid-dreaming/#.WdZ56EzMx-U http://www.nature.com/neuro/journal/v17/n6/full/nn.3719.html?foxtrotcallback=true https://www.inc.com/yoram-solomon/this-startup-says-it-can-use-science-to-help-you-control-your-dreams.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-to-control-dreams/ https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/exme5p/lucid-dreaming-could-help-treat-ptsd-and-other-psychological-disorders-456 http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Sleep/researchers-find-nightmare-cures-post-traumatic-stress-patients/story?id=11300422
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Why Do We Dream?
Jessi had the weirdest dream last night and wants to share with you why our brains make dreams. ---------- Love SciShow Kids and want to help support it? Become a patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishowkids ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow SOURCES: http://amycope.com/robert-stickgolds-dream-research-how-sleep-affects-perception/ https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2017/04/10/523262108/a-hot-zone-in-the-brain-may-reveal-when-and-even-what-we-dream https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3079906/ http://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/25/us/rats-may-dream-it-seems-of-their-days-at-the-mazes.html http://www.sciencefocus.com/qa/which-part-brain-generates-dreams https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/what-happens-in-the-brain-during-sleep1/ http://www.medicaldaily.com/rem-dreams-and-brain-waves-explained-what-happens-brain-when-we-sleep-272580 https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-news/your-dreams https://science.howstuffworks.com/life/inside-the-mind/human-brain/why-do-we-dream.htm https://www.popsci.com/science/article/2012-01/do-animals-dream http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20140425-what-do-animals-dream-about https://www.livescience.com/33702-babies-dream-sleep.html https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/sleep-newzzz/201502/why-do-we-dream
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Sleep Disorders: The Dreaming Brain (Psychology Documentary) - Real Stories
Nobody knows where our minds travel while we sleep, but this series suggests a host of possible fantastical and bizarre mental destinations. The Dreaming Brain suggests that in sleep we can access a bank of knowledge barred to us when awake. The camera reveals how premonitions and telepathy, snatched from the realms of the unconscious, have had drastic impacts on the lives of those who have experienced them. Six Sense attempts to ascertain whether sleep opens a corridor to paranormal activity and telepathy, in a series of sleep deprivation experiments under the guidance of Dr Wiseman. Finally, Altered States looks at the plight of the parasomniac, continually caught between sleep and wakefulness, as well as a host of disorders that underline the importance of a good night’s sleep. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by Twenty Twenty Television
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Kwik Brain Episode 14: How To Remember Your DREAMS
Some of the greatest thought leaders in human history made some of their greatest discoveries while dreaming. Learn how you too can remember dreams with my 6-step process. ** Do you want to stay up to date with every new episode and get my brand new Kwik Brain Accelerator Program? Go to www.KwikBrain.com/podcast to get instant access. **
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How To Remember Your Dreams
Memory training tips here https://www.blackbeltmemory.info/3secrets/?WickedSource=Youtube&WickedID=How-to-remember-dreams What did you dream last night? Can you remember? Is there a way to remember your dreams? Learning how to remember your dreams is a fun thing to do but it can also be your subconscious telling you something. You can do simply things like writing down on paper what you want to think about or dream about and then your subconscious will work on that information. A lot of good ways to remember your dreams are: Getting a good nights sleep will help you remember your dream. Dreams occur in the REM stage of sleep. This is the later deeper stages of sleep and when you sleep well you will get here. Go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time Keep a note pad or recorder by your bed so when you wake up you can write down your dreams. Keep your alarm clock close to your bed. If your alarm clock is near your bed you will not have to get up because getting out of bed changes your thought process and there is a less chance that you will remember your dreams. If you can wake up without an alarm clock or have someone gently wake you up. When you alarm clock starts with radio talking or songs that shifts your mindset to what is on the radio and it is less likely you will remember your dreams. Have a note on your alarm clock that says, 'What did you dream today?' That will focus your mind right away when you wake up Carry a recorder (maybe just your cell phone) with you throughout the day because often something during the day will trigger what you dreamed of. Taking alcohol or sleep medication before you sleep will impact your ability to sleep well and dream. Stay in the same position as when you wake up and focus on a spot in the room. This will keep your brain focused and on the same idea as when you were asleep and dreaming. If you shift your position or focus you start thinking about other things Wake up more frequently during the night because you often only remember your last dream. This is only recommended for those that find it easy to fall asleep and get adequate sleep If you are now remembering your dreams but you want to know what they mean here you go https://memorise.org/top-10-brain-foods/4235
Learn To CONTROL Your Dreams Through LUCID DREAMING
We all have dreams - funny, realistic, weird, and sometimes even nightmares that we can’t wake up from…but what if you could CONTROL what happens in your dream? Lucid dreaming is when you can become aware of your dream and even control what happens! It might seem rare, but many people have had lucid dreams and scientific research studies have even shown that there are techniques and methods that can help you have a lucid dream. ------------------------ ➨Get tickets to the best show on earth!!! http://bit.ly/1FS990h ►Subscribe for more videos! https://bit.ly/2qL2cQ9 ★↓FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/thefriendlybrain/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefriendlybrain/
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9 Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body While You Sleep
How to fall asleep fast? How to wake up easily in the morning? Which sleeping position is better for your health. Did you know that you have four to six dreams at night which is about two thousand dreams per year? Two thousand – what an incredible number! Unfortunately, we forget 80% of all our dreams. At least we can understand what happens to our bodies when we are in the arms of Morpheus. How muscles are paralyzed during sleep. 0:32 When you enter the deepest sleep of all, the muscles of your limbs become paralyzed completely. There is a sleep disorder in which this paralysis is maintained for a few seconds or minutes after waking up. Why do your eyes move during REM sleep? 0:58 All phases of sleep serve a purpose in keeping your body and brain healthy and relaxed. There are five stages of sleep, and each one is deeper than the previous. How does sleep help you grow taller? 1:31 Human growth hormone, known as HGH hormone, is responsible for the regeneration of your bones, muscles, and tissue. When you sleep, this hormone is produced all over your body. Your throat narrows. 2:00 When you sleep, the muscles of your throat relax; therefore, its size decreases. This is one of the reasons you snore. What's sexual arousal during sleep? 2:55 Both men and women experience sexual arousal during sleep. Your brain needs more oxygen, and therefore, a faster flow of blood. This boost affects each organ of your body, including the most intimate ones. What happens to your brain during sleep? 3:21 Your recent experiences combine with the information you’ve stored for years – memories, traumas, emotions, and feelings. This combination creates mysterious and sometimes absurd dreams. Why do I hear sudden explosions while I sleep? 3:58 If it ever happens to you, you’ll feel like a loud explosion made you wake up. You might experience high levels of fear and distress, but in reality, nothing has happened. Does my brain need sleep? 4:28 While you sleep, your brain flushes out the waste that builds up during the day. This mechanism is called the glymphatic system. If you’ve enjoyed the video, hit that thumbs up button. If you’re visiting our channel for the first time, click subscribe to stay with us on Bright Side. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Could We Record Our Dreams?
Have you ever wished you could record your dreams and watch them later? It may be possible sooner than you think... Subscribe - It's FREE! http://bit.ly/10kWnZ7 All Time 10's SCIENCE COLLABORATION: http://bit.ly/11gFPvS Vsauce video 'Why Do We Dream?': http://youtu.be/7GGzc3x9WJU SUPER-SCIENCE COLLABORATION: Veritasium - http://www.youtube.com/1veritasium (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JGSqG8OLjE) Fast, Furious & Funny - http://www.youtube.com/fastfuriousandfunny (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWxub2XhmXM) The Brain Scoop - http://www.youtube.com/thebrainscoop (http://youtu.be/mNuu0y6ZmAs) ASAPScience - http://www.youtube.com/AsapSCIENCE (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgxJhpLoFFU) The Royal Institute of Great Britain - http://www.youtube.com/TheRoyalInstitution (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gm02Oid8sbs) PBS Idea Channel - http://www.youtube.com/pbsideachannel (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TbNymweHW4E) The Spangler Effect - http://www.youtube.com/TheSpanglerEffect (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fQ4uB-At-c) Minute Physics - http://www.youtube.com/minutephysics (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yHDeKFW8j8) Head Squeeze - http://www.youtube.com/HeadsqueezeTV (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPBJX1SW7AA) Vsauce - http://www.youtube.com/Vsauce (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L45Q1_psDqk) Follow us!! FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.me/12fEcFg TWITTER: http://bit.ly/16mYsWW Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Further Reading --- Pixelated Input Experiment: http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn16267 Neural Decoding During Sleep: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/340/6132/639.abstract http://blogs.smithsonianmag.com/science/2013/04/scientists-figure-out-what-you-see-while-youre-dreaming/ Brain Reconstruction Video: http://youtu.be/nsjDnYxJ0bo
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What Does Anesthesia Do to Your Brain?
Scientists know that anesthesia drugs are really good at knocking you out. What they don’t know is how. ---------- Dooblydoo thanks go to the following Patreon supporters -- we couldn't make SciShow without them! Shout out to Justin Ove, Justin Lentz, David Campos, Philippe von Bergen, Chris Peters, Lilly Grainger, Happy Birthday!!, and Fatima Iqbal. ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things to put on your walls, cover your torso and hold your liquids? Check out our awesome products over at DFTBA Records: http://dftba.com/scishow Or help support us by becoming our patron on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/scishow ---------- Looking for SciShow elsewhere on the internet? Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/scishow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scishow Tumblr: http://scishow.tumblr.com Instagram: http://instagram.com/thescishow Sources: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1362956/ http://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/anesthesia/basics/definition/prc-20014786 http://io9.com/how-does-anesthesia-work-doctors-arent-sure-and-her-1592809615 https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228402.300-banishing-consciousness-the-mystery-of-anaesthesia/#.U6Ho-o1dVAE http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-does-anesthesia-work/ http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/propofol-michael-jackson-doctor/ http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3162622/ http://www.nigms.nih.gov/education/pages/factsheet_anesthesia.aspx http://neurowiki2013.wikidot.com/individual:neurotransmitter-system-and-neural-circuits-gover http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/jm010461a http://jpet.aspetjournals.org/content/297/1/338.long Special thanks to Joseph Praver!
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The Science of Lucid Dreaming
TWEET IT - http://clicktotweet.com/8kcnO Have you ever wanted to take control of your dreams? Now you can, with the science of how to lucid dream! With these simple steps, and a little practice, you'll soon experience sleep like never before. Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE Music by Mitchell Moffit http://www.mitchellmoffit.com http://www.twitter.com/mitchellmoffit http://www.facebook.com/mitchellmoffit Art by Gregory and Mitchell http://www.gregorybrownart.tumblr.com http://www.twitter.com/whalewatchmeplz Some Sources--- 1) http://www.lucidity.com/SleepAndCognition.html 2) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19750924 3) http://bit.ly/vkD3oM 4) http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120727095555.htm 5) http://www.amsciepub.com/doi/abs/10.2466/pms.1980.51.3f.1039
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16 Little-Known Facts About Dreams Sleep Experts Decided to Share
Did you know that if you live up to the age of 75, you’ll have spent 25 of those years sleeping? That’s one-third of your life… asleep! Of that third, a whole 6 years is dedicated to dreaming. Well, if you’re gonna spend so much time off in dreamland, you might as well know get to know some useful facts about this magical place! I like this one. It turns out, strangers' faces in your dreams are actual faces you’ve seen in real life! Our mind isn’t as good at inventing faces as it is at recognizing or remembering them. So, that random stranger who held a door open for you like 8 years ago, their face could’ve made it into one of your dreams by now! Isn't it amazing? Other videos you might like: 8 Dream Signs You Shouldn't Ignore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBlUezUO8KU& 9 Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body While You Sleep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUX2kzxgmTo& I Decided to Sleep for 4 Hours a Day, See What Happened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbFzL-0pEeU& TIMESTAMPS: You can problem-solve in your dreams 0:49 You’re more likely to have negative dreams than positive ones 1:43 You can control your dreams 2:22 You only remember about 10% of your dreams 3:44 Animals probably dream 4:08 Cave paintings are most likely prehistoric dream journals 4:47 Dreams are symbolic 5:22 Blind people can dream visually 5:59 Many dreams are universal 6:27 Men and women dream differently 6:54 In dreams, we only see faces that we’ve already seen before 7:32 Dreams are good for your creativity 8:00 Your brain is more active when you’re dreaming than when you’re awake 8:35 You experience sleep paralysis during your dreams 9:07 The brain can incorporate reality into dreams 9:34 You can thank TV for the fact that you dream in color 10:01 #dreams #sleep #sleepingfacts Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY: - Sleeping on something often gives us a new perspective on a problem we’re facing. The famous pro-golfer Jack Nicklaus even cured a bad playing streak by figuring out in a dream that he was holding his club all wrong! - Bad dreams are much more common that happy fun dreams. In general, the most frequently felt emotions in dreams are anxiety, anger, sadness, and fear. - Being able to control your dreams is something called lucid dreaming. It’s basically a combination of simultaneously being in a state of REM sleep (which is when you dream) and in a state of consciousness. - The reality is that we ALL dream, on average about 4-7 dreams per night. It’s just that up to 60% of people don’t remember them at all. - While science is still trying to figure this one out, it’s been proven that all animals experience cycles of REM and non-REM sleep and even show the same brain activity as humans do during dreaming. - According to “The Complete Book of Dreams” by Julia and Derek Parker, some experts suggest that cave paintings are actually records of dreams. - Dreams speak a very exclusive and symbolic language, so they’re rarely what they seem. Only you can decipher all those absurd little movies playing in your head as you sleep! - Even if someone is blind from birth, their dreams can be just as intense as a sighted person’s. Only, there’s one exception: they involve all the other senses except sight. - Cross-culturally, some of the most common dreams are of being chased, being attacked, falling, repeating an action over and over again, being frozen with fear, and being late for something. - Men’s dreams include other men about 70% of the time. Women’s dreams, however, involve both men and women equally. - You might think all of you is resting at night, but your brain is actually is more active during sleep than when you’re awake. - If there’s something happening around you while you’re dreaming, like drilling for example, you might start dreaming that you’re at the dentist getting a cavity filled. - In studies done from 1915 through the 1950s, researchers found that the vast majority of people only dreamed in black and white. But everything changed in the 1960s, and people slowly started dreaming in color a lot more. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brightside/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brightgram/ 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https://www.goo.gl/8JVmuC Photos: https://www.depositphotos.com East News ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.brightside.me/
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Plug Your Brain In For Enhanced Dreaming
"Scientists have discovered that it is possible to induce lucid dreaming in sleepers by applying mild electrical currents to their scalps, a study says. Lucid dreaming is when a sleeper recognises they are dreaming and may even be able to manipulate the dream's plot and control their behaviour. "The key finding is that you can, surprisingly, by scalp stimulation, influence the brain. And you can influence the brain in such a way that a sleeper, a dreamer, becomes aware that he is dreaming," said Professor J Allan Hobson, from Harvard Medical School, who co-authored the paper published in Nature Neuroscience."* Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola (TYT University) and Bree Essrig (Pop Trigger) break it down. *Read more here from Nicola Davis The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2014/may/11/lucid-dreaming-electric-scalp-stimulation-study ********** The Largest Online News Show in the World. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE STREAMING weekdays 6-8pm ET. Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary) The Young Turks (Winner - Best Political Podcast & Best Political News Site of 2009) were the first original talk show on Sirius satellite radio and the first live, daily webcast on the internet. But that is not the revolution. We are a rare show that combines all of the news that people care about in one place. We are not afraid to talk about politics and entertainment and sports and pop culture. But that is not the revolution either. The real revolution is in daring to be honest with people. We don't patronize our viewers or lie to them. We have real conversations and deliver the news honestly. Download audio and video of the full two hour show on-demand + the members-only post game show by becoming a member at http://www.tytnetwork.com/tytmembership. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. Join The Young Turks Network mailing list https://www.tytnetwork.com/secure/sign-up-free/ or Support The Young Turks by Subscribing http://www.youtube.com/user/theyoungturks?sub_confirmation=1 Like Us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheYoungTurks Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheYoungTurks Support TYT for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theyoungturks-20 Get your TYT Merch: http://shoptyt.com
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Michio Kaku on Reading Minds, Recording Dreams, and Brain Imaging
If you're interested in licensing this or any other Big Think clip for commercial or private use, contact our licensing partner Executive Interviews: https://www.executiveinterviews.biz/rightsholders/bigthink/ Dr. Michio Kaku returns to Big Think studios to discuss his latest book, The Future of the Mind (http://goo.gl/1mcGeb). Here he explains the remarkable advances in brain imaging. Don't miss new Big Think videos!  Subscribe by clicking here: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Transcript -- When I was a child I was fascinated by telepathy in science fiction. In fact, I tried really hard to read other peoples' minds, to project my thoughts into other peoples' heads. And I came to the conclusion that maybe telepaths do walk the surface of the earth but I wasn't one of them. Now I'm a physicist and I realize that with all the electromagnetic probes that we have of the human brain we can actually see thoughts ricocheting across the brain itself. We can see the thinking living brain as it thinks and we can create computer simulations of this to understand what people are thinking. So at the present time telepathy exists. For example, look at my colleague Stephen Hawking. He's lost control of his fingers now so he cannot communicate even with a laptop computer. But look at his right frame of his glasses. There's an EEG sensor that picks up radio waves from his brain, decodes that and he's allowed to manipulate to some degree a laptop computer. You can do better by putting a chip directly on top of the brain. People who are totally paralyzed, who are vegetables and they're trapped in this shell of a lifeless body -- these people can now play videogames. They can read email, write email, do crossword puzzles. They can operate their wheelchair. They can control household appliances. They can control mechanical arms. Next they will control mechanical legs and exoskeletons. In fact, one of the people that pioneers this technology for the next World Soccer Cup wants to have a paralyzed person put on an exoskeleton and initiate the soccer games. That's a goal for one of the scientists that I've interviewed for my book. And so we're way past simply understanding the way in which the brain radiates radio. We're at the point now where we can actually interface the human brain with a computer and eventually with an exoskeleton by which they can become Iron Man. And so Iron Man is not simply a question of science fiction. It's something that we can actually visualize in the laboratory. In addition to putting a chip on top of the brain you can actually put sensors directly into the brain itself that are like hair-like thin fibers. There's a certain class of people with depression that have been resistant to drugs, pharmacology, psychiatry, counseling. They are chronically depressed. It turns out that when you put a brain scan -- put them in a brain scan you find out that yes indeed there's a certain part of the brain that seems to be associated with this depression. By putting in probes you can dampen the electrical activity of this and all of a sudden they're cured. On one hand you see somebody who's chronically depressed, wants to commit suicide, has been plagued by this. And afterwards they're just cured. It's remarkable. But this is just another of the ways that we can access the human mind. Another way is through probes in an operation on epileptics. Epileptics have many seizures -- many of them are life threatening. It's possible to remove part of the cranium. These people are fully awake during this process because the skull has no sense organs to sense pain. You put a bunch of electrodes directly on the brain itself. These people can type. These people can type very quickly simply by thinking about it. They think about a certain letter, a computer recognizes the pattern and a computer will type in this way. Yet another way of probing into the brain itself is with an MRI scan. We can take the living brain, put it in an MRI and get 30,000 dots like a Christmas tree set of lights that code the amount of electrical activity. You take these 30,000 dots, put it into a computer program that can then decipher it and bingo, what you get is a picture of what they are thinking. We can now visualize what somebody is thinking about. In fact it's on the web. There's a picture of Steve Martin, for example, in one of his movies and then right next to it is a picture as viewed through the human mind. This is amazing. Directed / Produced by Jonathan Fowler and Dillon Fitton
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Sleep Disorder: The Dreaming Brain (Full Sleep Documentary) | Spark
Nobody knows where our minds travel while we sleep, but this series suggests a host of possible fantastical and bizarre mental destinations. The Dreaming Brain suggests that in sleep we can access a bank of knowledge barred to us when awake. The camera reveals how premonitions and telepathy, snatched from the realms of the unconscious, have had drastic impacts on the lives of those who have experienced them. First Broadcast in 1998. Content Provided by DRG Distributions. Any queries, contact us at [email protected] Subscribe to Spark for more amazing science, tech and engineering videos - https://goo.gl/LIrlur Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SparkDocs/ Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spark_channel/?hl=undefined #Dreaming #dreams #brain #biology #consciousness #science #sleep #technology #sleeptechnology #dreamstudies #nightmares
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LUCID Dreaming Music 💫 Activate Your Unconscious Mind 🌈 Lucid Dreaming Stimulation
💚 LOKOSMOTIVOS MEDITATION MUSIC 💟 LUCID Dreaming Music 💫 Activate Your Unconscious Mind ⚛️ Lucid Dreaming Stimulation ⚛️ SLEEP Lucid Dreaming Stimulation Music 🌈 432 Hz Miracle Meditation Music ❯ NO HEADPHONES REQUIRED⎪Results ++⎪Comfortable +++ ❯ WITH HEADPHONES⎪Results +++⎪Comfortable ++ 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 ▼LINKS ::: To Support this Channel to the Next Level http://www.patreon.com/waaotv OFFICIAL WEBSITES To Purchase Latest Tracks: https://www.lokosmotivos.com/ https://www.waaotv.com/ Second Music Channel for Miracle Manifestation https://www.youtube.com/miraclemanifestationmusic For Wisdom Knowledge and Experience https://www.youtube.com/waaotvweareallone Infinite Gratefulness for Existence Dear Soul Namaste Ivo Artur LOKOSMOTIVOS Meditation Music 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 ❯ This Music has been tuned to A4 = 432 Hz and 60 Bpm 432 Hz Resonates with all the 7 Chakras and the Universe Music based on 432Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature. 💚 Let the music of the spheres play inside you 432Hz unites you with the universal harmony In this track You Will Feel: Highest Quality of Quantum Healing Sound Therapy Beats 💫 It features: ☯ 432 Hz Miracle Meditation Music ► Quantum Tuning ☯ 8 Hz Brain Hemispheres Sync ► DNA replication Hz ☯ 40 Hz Brain's Operating System ► Brain Frequency ☯ 20 Hz Pineal Gland Stimulation ► Thalamus Frequency ☯ 1.45 Hz Thalamus Stimulation ► Brain Glands Frequency 💚 Intent: ☯ Activate Your Unconscious Mind ☯ Deep Delta Waves For Lucid Dreaming Induction ☯ Ultra Healing Experience Thru Deep Delta Waves ☯ Whole Brain Toner ☯ Thalamus Stimulation ☯ Pineal Gland DMT Production with 8Hz ☯ 2 Brain Hemispheres sync perfection ☯ Mind Control ☯ Mindfulness ☯ Mindless ☯ DNA Replication ☯ Brain Relaxation ☯ Grounding ♡ About: Tune yourself to the heartbeat of our planet To understand the healing power behind 432Hz, you must first learn about another frequency, 8Hz. It is said that 8Hz is the fundamental “beat” of the planet. The heartbeat of the Earth is better known as Schumann resonance and is named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952. Schumann resonance is a global electromagnetic resonance, which has its origin in electrical discharges of lightning within the cavity existing between the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. This cavity resonates with electromagnetic waves in the extremely low frequencies of approximately 7.86Hz – 8Hz. The “ordinary” thought waves created by the human brain range from 14Hz to 40Hz. This range only includes certain types of dendrites belonging to brain cells, predominantly within the left (the more rational) hemisphere of the brain, which is the center of activity. If the two hemispheres of our brain are synchronized with each other at 8Hz, they work more harmoniously and with a maximum flow of information. In other words, the frequency of 8Hz seems to be the key to the full and sovereign activation potential of our brain. 8Hz is also the frequency of the double helix in DNA replication. Melatonin and Pinoline work on the DNA, inducing an 8Hz signal to enable mitosis and DNA replication. A form of body temperature superconductivity is evident in this process. 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 💛💜💚 Ivo Artur is founder and creator of Lokosmotivos Meditation Music and WAAO Love, one of the leading multisensory YouTube healing channels that spread messages of pure ascension and impact hundreds of thousands of beings worldwide. Ivo Artur combines all angles of spiritual observation with wisdom, knowledge, and Experience to transmit messages of source consciousness and oneness through both sound and visual vibrational frequencies that offer profound transformations such as: Awakening, Ascension, Awareness and Activation. 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 #IvoArtur #Lokosmotivos #MeditationMusic
How to lucid dream - Speak directly to your subconscious mind so you manifest faster! ✅ Take My Law Of Attraction Quiz & Get A Free Report! ➡ https://bit.ly/2ytEHhC ✅ Click Here for the LOA Accelerator ➡ http://bit.ly/2Cubrcb Lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize and control your own dreams. In this state, you are able to directly access your subconscious mind and speak the language it speaks. Once this happens, you can create new meanings within the subconscious so that you’re able to manifest what you want faster than before. This video will give you the simple steps to begin lucid dreaming so you tap into your infinite imagination and take control of your manifestations in a very powerful way. Law of Attraction does not bring positive results without positive beliefs and positive patterns. These principles are the secret formula to follow if you wish to align with your desires the way countless others have. You are a limitless creator. Learn how to break free from self-imposed limitations and live the life you desire! *Video Production/Content Copyrighted by Your Youniverse Channel Music: "A Soothing Caress" by Christopher Lloyd Clarke http://www.christopherlloydclarke.com ★ 50 Law of Attraction Exercises, Tips & Tricks to Hack Your Mind & Increase Your Manifestation Power➜http://amzn.to/2hV9o91 Please subscribe to my channel for more videos on the law of attraction and the secret to mastering your mind. https://www.youtube.com/c/youryouniversechannel Purchase my best selling book here: ► Self-Maid - A maid-turned-doctor explains how to deliberately create your life using Universal Laws and the law of attraction → http://www.amazon.com/Self-Maid-ebook/dp/B01A4E0W7W My website and social media links: https://www.TheScienceofDeliberateCreation.com https://www.LawofAttractionAccelerator.com https://sellfy.com/youryouniverse (Meditations) https://twitter.com/loa_youniverse https://www.facebook.com/lawofattractiontoo https://www.instagram.com/your.youniverse/ http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B018ECSHS2 https://plus.google.com/u/0/+YourYouniverseChannel https://www.pinterest.com/youryouniverse/ More law of attraction and mind secret videos: GUIDED MEDITATION to ENHANCE Present Moment AWARENESS & FIRST PERSON Visualization! Ft Jess Shepherd https://youtu.be/6OepYNgdHHc The SECRET to MANIFESTING MONEY EASILY! With Law of Attraction Guided Visualization (Meditation) https://youtu.be/PRJZZ2Td_JM How to STRENGTHEN Your VISUALIZATIONS & MANIFEST FASTER! (Law of Attraction Exercise) https://youtu.be/7lRSBM4RzQo Understanding 5th Dimension MANIFESTATION + One POWERFUL Technique That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! https://youtu.be/xsWAzK-TEmo How to CHANGE A BELIEF & ALIGN With What YOU WANT! (POWERFUL Subconscious Mind Exercise!) https://youtu.be/4EawDIAZTEk How to MASTER Your FREQUENCY to CHANGE Your REALITY (POWERFUL Technique!) https://youtu.be/wzi-bVjw-LY The Observer Effect & The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS! (How Quantum Physics Explains Reality) https://youtu.be/RMESr4HwvQs The SECRET to Manifesting ULTIMATE SUCCESS & HAPPINESS Using the Law of Attraction! (LIFE CHANGING!) https://youtu.be/GBKOfq2xzNI How to MAGNIFY Your MANIFESTING POWER! Law of Attraction Technique for ACCELERATED MANIFESTATION https://youtu.be/rL9ZGitSIGc How to ACCELERATE Your MANIFESTATIONS with VISUALIZATION! (POWERFUL Mind Technique!) https://youtu.be/F3x_VOnon0U How to MANIFEST LOVE & ATTRACT A RELATIONSHIP with the Law of Attraction! (3 POWERFUL TIPS) https://youtu.be/kDjk0vJTlP0 Law of Attraction | mind | the secret | powerful | key | success | life | training | coach | personal | business | speaker | development | inspiration | motivation | public speaking | leadership | marketing | management | coaching (industry) | sales | motivational | positive | entrepreneur | seminar | inspirational | new | 2017 | attract | create | manifest | how to lucid dream | lucid dreaming | lucid dream in 5 minutes | speak directly to your subconscious mind | manifest faster | powerful technique
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LUCID DREAMING: Parietal Cortex Stimulation ( Energetically Programmed Audio )
You can gain full access to your dream world by listening to this powerful audio before sleep. Unlike most lucid dreaming audios in youtube, this audio has is embedded with energy and frequency programming that directly stimulates the parts of the brain that allow you to lucid dream. There is a part of your brain that maintains awareness in the parietal cortex. This is what needs to be stimulated and trained to remain working when we go to sleep in order to maintain awareness while dreaming. People stimulate and train that part of the brain by committing to many different lucid dreaming exercises but this audio directly stimulates it and maintains its awareness during deep sleep. This specifically works by stimulating the areas of the brain that maintain awareness, while in specific brain states associated with deep dreaming, as well as boosting the the imagination and visual areas. So by listening to this audio every night before sleep, you can expect to have lucid dreams and more vivid dreams in general. It works much better if you have this audio on loop all night (it will still work at very low volume and on your phone's speakers). NOTE: (Listening to this every day will train your brain to naturally become aware during deep sleep so you don't have to listen to this audio any more. Be consistent and learn how to recognize you are dreaming! Often, you will awake in your dream and not know you are dreaming.) "Floating cities" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ You can purchase this audio and others at https://gumroad.com/sapienmedicine
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Your Brain Dream and Heart | Facts and Curiosities
Your Brain Dream and Heart | Facts, and Curiosities Visit Us: https://matrixdisclosure.com/ Song: NOWË - High Tide (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/zDYN3KtY2So Song: Ikson - Still (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music promoted by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/8Q__0PSB-Ps Song: Fredji - Blue Sky (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/Hf6vHY0lQTI Song: NOWË - Save Us (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: https://youtu.be/UelXiWfn4MY The brain is more creative when is tired There are people who work more and better in the morning, while others do it after midday. No matter what category a person belongs to, she prefers to solve problems, answer questions or make decisions at the best time of her either in the morning or in the afternoon. But if it’s about doing something creative, the best moment is when the brain is tired and does not work the most efficiently. When tired, is no longer able to focus on a particular thing or to make connections between ideas and concepts, but it is open to new ideas and creates different patterns of thinking. Stress changes the size of the brain It seems that stress affects the brain so much that it can even reduce its size. To test this, a study was conducted on rats exposed to chronic stress. It was found that the hippocampus in their brains had diminished. After this experiment, scientists have wondered if stress leads to diminishing brain size or if people with a lower brain are more prone to stress. They have concluded that stress can be a factor contributing to his modification. Dreams The first scientific studies on the possibility to remain lucid during the dream, to know that you dream while dreaming, were extensively presented by the Dutch doctor Frederick van Eeden in 1913, telling 14 years of personal experience in the lucid dream and analyzing 352 such dreams. He also introduced the term “lucid dream” to mean “mental clarity” during a dream. Van Eeden considers the dream a “state in which physical sensations, be they visceral, internal or peripheral cannot come to mind directly, but only in the form of symbols.” Van Eeden reports that he became first aware during his dream, continuing his dream as a result of the next dream event: floating above a landscape of desolate trees, and the perspective of tree branches changes very naturally as it passed above them. Then he reflected, thinking that his imagination could never have imagined such a beautiful perspective. And suddenly, he realized he was dreaming that his body still sleeps in his bed, but his Ego has another body with which he can move in his dream … He subsequently experimented with various actions during his dream that did not interfere with the physical body, which was still sleeping and resting; Eeden’s wife remarking that absolutely nothing happened to him while crying or running in the dream, his body continuing to sleep very quietly. Regarding the time at which lucid dreams come, he found that over 90% of these appear between 5 am and 8 am. Brain We live in our brains. A cool, abstract place, away from what makes us human… We became strangers with our bodies. We gradually left our heart wisdom. We cultivated distances between us. We started hurriedly on the road of self-estrangement. We hurry to get to the office. We do not have time to hear how our heart drives. And who cares what the heart says? Who cares what I did with her? No one teaches us how to feel, how to experience emotions, what to do with the energy of our feelings, how to adjust our emotions to what is happening around us in childhood. By subordination, we learn to pass them silently, to resist their resistance, to judge them. The brain, the mind, the reason, sometimes seem to be the perfect solution. Somewhere, on the axis of time, we began to quench our desire to become better.
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The Future of Recording Your Dreams [The Big Idea]
We all do it. Every night, whether we're aware of it or not, we dream. What does it mean? And what happens to our brains when we're in a dream state? At the Center for Sleep Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, I dared to dream. Technicians hooked me up to about 40 different wires all over my body. It was a way for Dr. Steven Feinsilver to track my brain waves and monitor my sleep cycles while I spent the night in his lab. Dr. Feinsilver said there is a reason our brains create dream periods, also called rem periods throughout the night. Ordinary sleep is like turning your brain off and that is bad, he said. So your brain kind of re-charges batteries by turning itself on, doing something fairly random—dreaming—for 15 to 20 minutes, and then going back to a normal sleep. Dr. Philip Watson, a senior neuropsychologist at Northwell Health, said our dreams sometimes seem so real because a lot of the areas in our brain become activated—specifically areas involved in sensory processing. Scientists and researchers from all over the world are now trying to bring that realism to a whole new level. Daniel Oldis is an independent dream researcher who wrote a book in the 1970s called "The Lucid Dream Manifesto." Since then, he has worked with the University of Texas to create technology that would record our dreams. He and his partners use electromyography, or EMG sensors, to measure speech and movement in dreams and feed that the information into a computer program. Back at Lenox Hill, I woke up with all my wires intact, ready to hear my data that was fed into a computer program. Dr. Feinsilver said I slept for about five and a half hours, I snored lightly at times and had irregular breathing. That means I have mild sleep apnea but nothing to worry about. During my overnight stay at Lenox Hill, I didn't remember any of my dreams. Dr. Feinsilver explained that the only way to remember a dream is to you wake up in the middle of or very close to a REM cycle. That is not easy to do because REM cycles usually take up only about only about a quarter of your sleep. Oldis said he is restless in his research. In just 10 to 20 years from now, he thinks dreamers will have a whole lot to look forward to. He predicts that we will go to sleep wearing sensors on our heads to measure speech and image and pajamas with built-in sensors to capture muscle movement. All that information will be streamed to computers or smartphones a converted into a movie. He said people will then share those movies online. So make sure you know how to cut and edit video because when the time comes you might not want your strangest thoughts and images shared with the world. --DANA ARSCHIN
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About Lucid Dreaming and How Alpha BRAIN Encourages It
Alpha BRAIN has been found to help encourage lucid dreaming. What is lucid dreaming? Take the interactive tour at http://www.onnit.com/lucid-dreaming
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Joe Rogan Experience #1109 - Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker is Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and Founder and Director of the Center for Human Sleep Science. Check out his book "Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams" on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1501144316
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Sleep Cycle  Brain Wave (4 hours) Lucid Dreams Hypnosis Sleeping Music  with binaural beats
For more great entrainment, binaural beats and Mind expanding music, please subscribe to our channel - click here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnj31fpPRsSJLchEKMEChrw? See below to learn more about "Jason Stephenson" and Life Expansion. ~ JASON STEPHENSON WEBSITE: http://www.jasonstephenson.net ~ WEBTALK: https://www.webtalk.co/be/home/6499607 ~ FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/Xk6mgy ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: sleep meditation channel: https://goo.gl/w4J47K ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Life Expansion: https://goo.gl/AMHUAd ~ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: Binaural Beats Sounds: https://goo.gl/6GDRvV ~ Instagram: @jasonstephensonmeditation ~Jason Stephenson's Life Expansion Merchandise Store: https://teespring.com/stores/life-expansion © JASON STEPHENSON & RELAX ME ONLINE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD Copyright 2018 All rights reserved. This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help. For professional online therapy. I recommend trained counsellors from "Better Help": https://goo.gl/dhdU3k (Please note: I do not work for these guys. I am an affiliate. (Plans start at $35.00 per week.) I have suggested many people to them and from all reports, they match the best counsellor with the client. All therapists are PROFESSIONAL COUNSELLORS. ) Being transparent to you, if you sign up with them, I am offered a small percentage of the fee - however, please be assured, I am only recommending them due to their worthiness and the feedback I have received from my subscribers. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE MACHINERY WHILST LISTENING TO SLEEP MEDITATION MUSIC, BINAURAL BEATS OR GUIDED SLEEP RELAXATIONS.
Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming with Meditation Music – Brainwave Entrainment for Lucid Dreaming
Binaural beats for lucid dreaming with soothing meditation music for sleep and REM sleep. This brainwave entrainments will allow your brainwaves in your brain to induce lucid dreaming. These binaural beats starts alpha waves gradually moving in to deep theta waves with a peek of gamma waves for raising your awareness and consciousness for lucid dreaming. So if you want to experience lucid dreaming but don’t know how, these binaural brainwaves will help you enter a state of deep meditation and relaxation with soft soothing meditation music for sleep. Scientific research shows that during lucid dreaming, the frontal lope of the brain has gamma brainwave activity when we lucid dream, as we are conscious while asleep. These binaural beats will help you relax and fall asleep with the theta brainwaves, and then pull you back to consciousness with gamma brainwaves to induce lucid dreaming. So try this brainwave entrainment for lucid dreaming and deep meditation if this is something that interests you. Brainwaves (binaural beats) are proven scientifically to influence the brainwaves of the human brain and induce either relaxation or cognitive activity and focus. Binaural beats, along with isochronic tones, can help you relax and allow your brain to slow down and is therefore great for meditation, sleep, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and so on. Visit my Website ► http://jbittersweet.com Follow me on Twitter ► https://twitter.com/jbittersweety Thanks for watching jbittersweet
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Super Intelligence: 🍎 Memory Music, Improve Memory and Concentration, Binaural Beats Focus Music
Super Intelligence: Memory Music, Improve Memory and Concentration, Binaural Beats Focus Music. We moved to Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/greenredproductions 15 Minute Manifestation: https://bit.ly/2VIQ7J3 Picture used in this video was made by Casadey Horacio. Contact him here: https://www.facebook.com/horacio.casadey https://500px.com/horaciocasadey https://www.instagram.com/horaciocasadey/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- || Recommended playlists from Greenred Productions || ► Happiness meditation music ► https://goo.gl/qQtN7c ► Intelligence & focus music ► https://goo.gl/wE645d ► Deep sleep music ► https://goo.gl/Pk4NKM ► DNA repair music ► https://goo.gl/rzX8QB ► Healing 417 Hz music ► https://goo.gl/3k7xLK ► Deep trance music ► https://goo.gl/9JoqFP ► Productivity music ► https://goo.gl/CnZvpp ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~ My other channels: Sub Bass Meditation Music ► https://goo.gl/Q3dSdU Meditation Cloud ► https://goo.gl/oGVo9F ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greenred Productions meditation music with binaural beats (brainwave music) can work as sleep music, studying music, relaxing music and many more. Relaxation music can also be used as Spa music and Massage music. Here you can find powerful self-help hypnosis including healing music, Zen music and yoga music. Some sessions are produced for your inner transformation: to overcome fear, elevate your mood and energy levels, and lose weight faster. Meditation music recordings also include reiki music, Zen meditation music and deep trance hypnosis sessions. We compose instrumental and electronic music that is specially designed to enhance brain function and concentration, spa and massage therapy, and healing music therapy. For this reason, we use binaural beats. There are many types of beats for different daily meditation purposes: Delta Waves – Sleep Music / NREM sleep, Alpha Waves are neural oscillations, Theta Waves (Cortical theta rhythm and Hippocampal theta rhythm). Beta waves associated with muscle contractions in isotonic movements, Gamma waves can help to release serotonin, endorphin and dopamine, so it works as happiness music for depression treatment. * Sleep Music – Insomnia Music: Greenred Productions deep sleep music sessions have been specifically created to relax mind and body physically and mentally. Brainwave sessions are suitable for everyone including babies, children, and adults. Sleep hypnosis is based on beautifully slow, soft, soothing music to help you to fall asleep within minutes, naturally and without the aid of medication. These sleep meditation sessions will put you into relaxing healing sleep and will train your mind to fall asleep effortlessly. Relaxing sounds of nature combined with soothing music offers you a peaceful sleep. Would you like to learn to control your dreams, overcome nightmares? Lucid dream meditation sessions will help you to get into a deep state of relaxation and have a more pleasant sleep. Say no to sleep insomnia! Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel music episodes are the most popular. * Study Music and Focus Music: Study Music & Concentration Music is brainwave background music to help you to study, focus, and concentrate on learning process and work more effectively. Alpha Waves help your mind to get to the state of focus, which is perfect for studying or preparing for exam or test you have at school or university. It also maintains your alertness while studying. Beta waves will help to concentrate for tasks, enhance intelligence. - Google+ https://goo.gl/xTqwhX - FACEBOOK https://goo.gl/FfNFoa - Twitter https://goo.gl/BmEf8o - Our website https://goo.gl/SWuQNw
INDUCE LUCID DREAMING ASMR Profound 3D Music For Meditation ✧ Effective BRAIN Music Binaural Beats
Induce Lucid Dreaming Asmr profound 3d music for meditation By Theta Realms Brainwave Sound Journeys gets the secret portal for lucid dreaming with binaural beats and iscohronic tones treatment in volume 48 of the series. Original creation with powerful 3D music for meditation. This Secret portal is an ultra effective guide into deep meditation and can potentially stimulate or induce lucid dreaming. Use for sleep.. vivid and lucid dreaming...meditation...or just the asmr effect of the 3d music. This secret portal is as potent and effective as any in the series so journey deep and journey well. 🎵 DOWNLOAD WAV - MP3 FILE OF THIS SINGLE OR SUBSCRIBE FOR FULL ACCESS - ▶️https://is.gd/K0nVNR SECRET PORTAL XLVIII FOR LUCID DREAMING - 🔹 DREAM COVE 🔹 THIS IS VOLUME 48 IN THE SERIES - AND IS EXPERIMENTAL. Based on user feedback and my own exploration i will explore minor tweaks and adjustments to IT in future releases. Experiences will differ from person to person based on many individual factors so be aware that this is not magic solution just a sound journey ( tool ) for deep altered states meditation through sound. The rest is your unique experience - JOURNEY WELL. ✔ PROFOUND! Induce Lucid Dreaming Asmr 3D Music For Meditation SOUND DESIGN from theta realms is a high quality brainwave stimulating sound JOURNEY MEDITATION! A sound journey of personal nature....These tools are created for me and for you to be used for many beneficial and potential results so know your getting getting the best - Your experience is important...your inner peace is important...your removal of stress and worry is important. That is why I work very hard to provide the best lucid dreaming meditations as i can:) The theta binaural beats & Isochronic Tones settings take 10 min to really kick in and that is when it gets real deep....you will cruise in real deep. LUCID DREAMING - SECRET PORTAL PLAYLIST ▶️ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6pGp21EHljT_U0LBiMK4wVLqJgF4Cfdi ✋POTENTIAL BENEFITS OF THETA BRAINWAVES: Increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability Deep relaxation Improved memory Heightened intuition and inspiration Calms the chatter of your mind Increased psychic abilities and sense of spiritual connection ✋POTENTIAL HEALTH BENEFITS OF THETA BRAINWAVES: Speed healing, improved physical healing Sleep onset and better more restful sleep Release beneficial hormones related to health and longevity Reduce mental fatigue Reduction of anxiety and stress Please Rate 👍 share 🙏and comment 🤓 and stay tuned for Much More! ✔ POWERFUL 3D MUSIC FOR MEDITATION ✧ This Meditation features 3d audio Movement to further enhance the powerful brainwave sound journey music to potentially trigger your asmr. This includes Sound beds and sound layers , binaural beats and isochronic tones independent movement and placement in 3d Music space. Having in effect of movement right in your brain. Some consider this to be the ultimate brain massage. ASMR: This video is made to trigger ASMR. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is an euphoric experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, precipitating relaxation. BEST PRACTICES: ▶ find a place of your choice to lay down and relax. ▶ lay down flat on your back and use good headphones if possible. ▶ close your eyes or cover them to ensure no light enters the eyes. ▶ breathe - follow any meditation breathing exercise you choose. ▶ just let the music guide you with the frequency following response. ▶ volume level 50% and up in the day time - 40% and down in the night. ▶ find your sweet spot in terms of where and how you listen. ▶▶▶NEVER DRIVE WHILE LISTENING TO THETA REALMS. ▶ for full effect explore with these guidelines and add your own. follow these basic guidelines and journey well - theta meditation is powerful and will make you feel good also - just remember it may not be for everyone so gauge your experiences and form your own conclusions on its value to you. Music Custom Composed by mr Theta for Theta Realms - Theta Realms Brainwave Meditation Music Creates best Lucid Dreaming music to induce Lucid Dreams and extremely powerful Binaural Beats Brainwave Theta Meditation Music and Astral Projection Music to navigate what many call the Astral Plane. Amazing Theta Binaural Beats and custom Music created for Out of Body Perception. THETA REALMS - Binaural Beats Meditation Music 2019 (C) #ThetaRealms #SecretPortalLucidDreaming #lucidSleepBinauralBeats #ThetaBinauralBeats #BrainwaveMeditation #3dAsmr #3dAudio
Brain Magic - The Sleep Illusion | Brain Games
Eric Leclerc uses his eery mentalist powers to uncover what these volunteers are dreaming about. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About Brain Games: Using a series of experiments, illusions and man-on-the-street demonstrations, host Jason Silva and guest experts unlock the science behind the mysteries of why we say, eat, feel and act as we do with episodes on topics ranging from memory and common sense, to morality and the paranormal. Through an intricate series of interactive experiments designed to mess with your mind, we reveal the inner-workings of your brain. Hailed by critics as "tremendous fun" that "makes science entertaining," Brain Games turns your mind's eye inwards for a fascinating journey into the three and a half pounds of tissue that makes you... you. Get More Brain Games: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NGBrainGames Facebook: http://bit.ly/BrainGamesFacebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/BrainGamesTwitter About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Brain Magic - The Sleep Illusion | Brain Games https://youtu.be/jpOIaRUUukw National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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"Dream Biohacking" Lucid Dreaming Music - BioHack and Access Your Dreams - Lucid Dreaming Music
Brainwave Power Music dedicates ourselves to creating original sound therapy music, using unique Musical Compositions, Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones as our primary sound elements mixed with different instruments and soundscapes to create a relaxed audio environment. We have one main goal: To help others through our music, be it for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual purposes. We constantly upload new music, and continue to work hard to provide new quality music for everyone. ◢ Meditation & Relaxation Music http://tinyurl.com/BPMMeditate Our relaxing music is perfect for Deepak Chopra Meditations, Buddhist meditation, Zen meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Kundalini meditation, Qi Gong Meditation, Zazen Meditation and more. Our music is influenced by Japanese meditation music, Indian meditation music, Tibetan music and Shamanic music. Our instrumental music has been designed to encourage and enhance relaxation, meditation, brain function and concentration, spa and massage therapy, and healing music therapy. In addition, we use binaural beats (Delta, Alpha and Theta Waves) to naturally reach a state of relaxation perfect for concentration, meditation or deep sleep. Our music playlists are perfect for your daily meditation and relaxation. Our music videos use soundscapes such as nature sounds, animals, oceans, rain sounds, thunder sounds and many more). ◢ Join our mailing list and receive a FREE MP3 MUSIC DOWNLOAD! http://brainwavepowermusic.com/subscribe ◢ Sleep Music, Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming Music http://tinyurl.com/BPMLucidDreamMusic BrainwavePowerMusic has been the leaders of Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection and Deep Sleep Music on Youtube for the last 5 years. The First Channel to focus on creating music specifically for dreaming and falling asleep. Unique music tracks dedicated to help you to fall asleep, getting a deep sleep that will leave you recharged and refreshed. Our astral and lucid dreaming tracks are all carefully formulated to make sure that you can achieve subconscious awareness and have helped millions of people to achieve a lucid dreaming state. Most of our sleep music mainly use Delta and Theta Waves. Mixing in soft instrumental music to help you achieve deep relaxation, and fall asleep fast. Our relaxing sleep music can be used as background music, meditation music, relaxation music, peaceful music and sleep music. BrainwavePowerMusics deep sleep music videos have been composed to relax mind and body, and are the best for babies, children, teens, and adults who use soothing music to fall asleep. Our music has also been known to help people with Insomnia, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and a wealth of other sleep and other disorders. ►Study & Focus Music: http://tinyurl.com/BPMMindSpark BrainwavePowerMusics Study Music & Concentration Music is ideal background music to help you to study, concentrate, focus and work more effectively. We incorporate powerful Alpha Waves that naturally allow your mind to reach a state of focus, perfect for studying. Our Creativity Unlocking Music helps you achieve your full potential. Use this brain unlocking tool for writing a blog, novels, movie scripts and more. ►Reiki & Zen Music: http://tinyurl.com/BPMChakras Our Reiki Music and Zen Music is ideal for Reiki healing sessions, and encouraging a state of Zen. Let the calming, subtle sounds take you to a higher state of consciousness, and allow you to give and receive powerful Reiki vibrations. Our Chakra Music use special formulated frequencies for each stage of your chakra. We have individual tracks to unlock your Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. Chakra Music for Chakra Healing, Chakra Balancing, Chakravakem, Chakra Guided Meditations and anything Chakra ► Instrumental Music: Our Instrumental Music includes guitar music, relaxing piano music and flute music. Our instrumental music can be used for relaxation, study, meditation and stress relief. We like to use many different instruments and cultural sounds to add a range of unique music this includes - African Music, Tibetan Music, Asian Music, Indian Music, American Music, South American Music, Spanish Music, European Music, Chinese Music, Arabic Music, Australian Music, Native American Music, Aboriginal Music, African Tribal Music, Eastern European Music ◢ For requests, questions or collaborations, please email us at: [email protected] ◢ Visit our official Website and Online Music Store! http://brainwavepowermusic.com/
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Moran Cerf: "Decoding Thoughts and Dreams Using In-Brain Electrodes" | Talks at Google
Moran Cerf describes his lab's work studying the brains of humans using unique tools to eavesdrop on the activity of individual cells of patients undergoing brain surgery while they are awake and behaving. He discusses how the work sheds light on the ways our brain processes information, and reflects on what it tells us about how we create the complex narrative we call 'us'.
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Better Sleep Month Part 2 – This is Your Brain on Dreams – #591
Sleep—who’s getting some? Not all of you, it seems, since sleep is one of the most asked about topics. Quality and quantity matter, and you want real answers. We’ve created a multimedia sleep series for you as part of Better Sleep Month. Each Tuesday in May, you’ll find compelling interviews from Bulletproof Radio, cool articles from our blog, and a batch of lively videos. we’re bringing you the best Bulletproof tips and tools we have, so you can start sleeping better. Listen, read or view—whatever helps you get your own piece of the night. This is part 2 of a four-part Better Sleep Month series on Bulletproof Radio. On this reworked and upgraded episode, we revisit Dr. Deirdre Barrett’s conversation with Dave about dreams—how to remember them, interpret them, and use a dream incubator to put them to good use. If you want to get in touch with your dreams, you’ve got to be sleeping more. “We dream about every 90 minutes,” Dr. Barrett says, “But each dream period gets much longer than the preceding one, so if you sleep four hours instead of eight, you're not getting half your dream time. You're getting only 20 percent of your dream time. So, short sleeping hurts us in a lot of ways, but it impacts dreaming sleep more than the other forms of sleep.” Enjoy the show—and check back next Tuesday for part 3 of our Better Sleep Month series. On the Bulletproof Blog Lucid Dreaming Supplements: How They Work: https://blog.bulletproof.com/lucid-dreaming-supplements/ This Yoga Nidra Routine Will Make You Feel Like You Got a Full Night’s Sleep: https://blog.bulletproof.com/yoga-nidra-guided-sleep-meditation/ On Bulletproof YouTube Yoga Nidra Meditation Video: 21-Minutes To Dynamic Sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbsLWd_p6PI Kava: Why Nature’s Xanax Is Making a Comeback - Audio Article: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpQmhdieWe4 Bulletproof Sleep Essentials How to Sleep Better: Science-Backed Sleep Hacks to Wake Up Ready to Go https://blog.bulletproof.com/how-to-sleep-better/ Losing Sleep Wrecks Your Gut. Here’s What You Can Do About It https://blog.bulletproof.com/sleep-gut-health/ Bulletproof Sleep Solutions https://www.bulletproof.com/pages/sleep-solutions?_ga=2.243816773.1197737880.1556569239-2046335956.1556569239 Bulletproof 30-Day Sleep Challenge (Here’s you’ll find the Bulletproof Sleep Roadmap, sleep log, and a printable sleep checklist.) https://blog.bulletproof.com/30-day-sleep-challenge/ If you like this video, subscribe to Bulletproof on YouTube today, where you'll find full-length episodes of Bulletproof Radio to watch and listen to, interviews with thought leaders in mindfulness, health, nutrition, science, and biohacking. Also, one simple hack - Bulletproof Coffee - try making it at home - here's the recipe! https://blog.bulletproof.com/bulletproof-coffee-recipe/ Bulletproof Radio is one of the top ranked Podcasts on iTunes! You can subscribe by clicking here:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/b... Connect with us on social media for quick updates and the newest biohacks: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bulletproof Twitter - @bpnutrition Pinterest - http://www.pinterest.com/bppins Instagram - www.instagram.com/bulletproof // instagram.com/dave.asprey #daveasprey #bulletproof #biohacking
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Consciousness Connector - 1 - Your Brain is a Super Computer / Lucid Dreaming meditation Music
Consciousness Connector 1 - YOUR BRAIN IS A SUPER COMPUTER Deep theta meditation music with binaural beats By Theta Realms. Consciousness Connector is a 3 track collection from theta realms that focuses on deep inner awakenings through the use of the frequency following response. Using a mixture of binarual beats and sound wave modulation synced to deep theta frequencies that will send you on a deep relaxation vivid sound journey. Exploring the theta realm is easy and also very unique from person to person in the experiences and results - one of the most common results that are almost always delivered to most listeners is deep relaxation - almost super relaxation. Theta realms is about exploring theta realms through the use of brainwave sound journeys that stimulate and guide the listener into deep theta states - so do enjoy the journey of personal deep inner Meditation. Deep meditation, Deep inner focus, deep body relax, vivid dream like experiences, lucid dreams, out of body perception, astral travel, inner exploration through sound waves,powerful relaxation, lucid dreaming, out of body perception, stress release, deep sleep ,vivid dreams, sound healing, powerful stress reducer, Astral Travel, Guardian angel meditation,theta induction, Lucid dream method,deep relaxation, deep binaural beats, Instant Lucid Dreaming / Out of Body / Deep Relax and Deep Theta Meditation - These tag lines simply Refer to the state of PERCEPTION one can expect to achieve through the use of brainwave sound journeys and the natural frequency following response. MOST people who use brainwave audio or listen to theta realms music already know what they can hope to explore and experience through deep theta stimulation so your experience will be your very own. So do share your thoughts... Please Rate share and comment and stay tuned for for the rest of the Consciousness Connector series. 2016 Theta Realms (c)
HOW TO LUCID DREAM! Control your dreams & Fly!
WASSUPP?! I'll be teaching you how to Lucid Dream! Over the past few years of trying to fully master lucid dreaming and I've tried method after method. In this video go over the most effective strategies to achieving your very first lucid dream! If you have any stories to tell feel free to leave them down in the comments below along with any questions. (I try my best to answer everyone) UPDATE: I made a easier lucid dreaming method for beginners! → https://youtu.be/8doiQBmMRdI FACE REVEAL @ 1KSubscribers! (Edit) We hit 1k :) ★ Weekly Videos: https://bit.ly/subxGRAViiTY ▬ Related Videos How to Prevent "Sleep Paralysis": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9fbVt9Klas How to have LUCID DREAMING SEX! ;) https://youtu.be/lpjCVwrJo8Y ▬ OverView↓ Step-by-Step Tutorial (Best Methods) → 1.Reality check: plug nose/ two fingers thru palm at least 10 times a day, especially when anything feels off. Make this a habit until you do it without thinking, Eventually and inevitably you will do it in a dream granting you lucidity! (DILD= Dream induced lucid dream) Level- Easy Patience, Consistency → 2.Wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for 5-20 minutes until your BEYOND tired. Then go back to sleep in a comfortable position, roll over once to tell your brain you're ready to sleep and keep your mind awake and active. You'll pass thru sleep paralysis then jump straight into a lucid dream. If you're scared to experience sleep paralysis check out my video on it! (WILD= Wake induced lucid dream) Level- Hard, very effective → 3. Read some of your past lucid dreams from your dream journal to help better recall what being lucid is like (MILD = mnemonically induced lucid dream) Level- Easy → 4.Stay calm, don't get too excited and wake yourself. It is a common mistake that people get too hyped up once they realize they have become lucid that they wake their selves up. → 5.Once you're lucid, tell yourself "I am dreaming I am dreaming" over and over again. This will help prevent you forgetting your lucid and make things more vivid. → 6.Be creative! ▬ Social Networks Gram: https://www.instagram.com/itslucidity/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/itslucidity ▬ ♪MUSIC♪ ➞ Intro: Underwater - Dropwizz ➞ Outro: Fly away (Ray Volpe Remix) ➞ No copyright intended Made with love ♥ -Alex♦
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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life ➤ Reprogram Your Mind | Create Your Dreams Affirmations
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. Rewire & reprogram Your mind with real Confidence & Self Esteem with this audio. It is designed to wire the listeners brain and program the subconscious mind with positive thinking and emotional patterns that supports well-being, success, self love and inner peace. This audio was created to enhance ones levels of self love, self esteem and confidence with the purpose of helping the listeners move in the direction of happiness and achievement of their goals and dreams. It is designed to instruct your brain to move in the direction of success and happiness. For this into the Law of attractions, it works as a ritual tool to attract & manifest ones dreams positive desires. INSTRUCTIONS: We recommend once a day for minimum 15 minutes, for 30 days in a row for max effect. However if this is not possible or you don´t want to invest this amount of time now, then just do as much as you can to the point that it feels good. Listening to affirmations should be a ritual that feels good. ................................ DOWNLOAD: you can purchase this audio here: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.dpdcart.com/product/138562 FAQ - HOW TO USE SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES : http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/how-to-use-solfeggio-frequencies/ WHAT ARE THE SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/what-is-the-solfeggio-frequencies/ HOW TO USE AFFIRMATIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/how-to-use-affirmations/ WHAT ARE AFFIRMATIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/what-are-affirmations/ INFO ON BINAURAL BEATS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/info-on-binaural-beats/ INFO ON 432HZ MUSIC: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/info-on-432hz-music/ ……………………. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Our Solfeggio, meditation and affirmation audios are available for sale at ➤ ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/no/artist/powerthoughts-meditation-club/id1020428551 AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/s?rh=k%3Apowerthoughts+meditation+club%2Cn%3A163856011%2Cp_n_feature_browse-bin%3A625150011&keywords=powerthoughts+meditation+club&ie=UTF8&qid=1471208819 LOUDR: https://loudr.fm/artist/powerthoughts-meditation-club/fCdY6 YOUTUBE VIDEOS ONLY: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.dpdcart.com We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You! ……………………… POWERTHOUGHTS MEDITATION CLUB We are very proud of our hard work and commitment to create HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered. Our a grand mission and lifepurpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey. For Your Freedom, Love and Joy, Kenneth & Alexander - PTMC ……………………… SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - IT`S FREE Please Subscribe to our channel, because together we can raise the vibration of our planet make and our world a better place for ALL life. Thank You. Subscribe ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerThoughtsClub?sub_confirmation=1 ……………………… INTERACT WITH US HERE: FACEBOOK ➤ http://facebook.com/powerthoughtsmeditationclub TWITTER ➤ http://twitter.com/PowerThoughts33 PINTREST ➤ http://pintrest.com/powerthoughtsme PTMC BLOG ➤ http://PowerThoughtsMeditationClub.com NEWSLETTER ➤ Sign up for tips and tricks for personal and spiritual growth http://bit.ly/1NPgHES .............................. ENJOY OUR PLAYLISTS HERE: GUIDED MEDITATIONS http://bit.ly/1RRuZbN AFFIRMATIONS ➤ SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING http://bit.ly/1TLFam6 SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1QDNSif SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NATURE SOUND http://bit.ly/1p8evCm PURE TONE OF SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES http://bit.ly/1Tt7fOx RELAXING AND SOOTHING MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1W9gSQv SLEEP PROGRAMMING AND LUCID DREAMING http://bit.ly/1R77kRn ACTIVATE YOUR HIGHER MIND AFFIRMATIONS http://bit.ly/1RA9ppE CHAKRA HEALING AND ACTIVATION WITH GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RRxBGO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NAVAJO DRUMS http://bit.ly/1R7H7bN HYPNOSIS AND GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/24R7Hdm MANTRA CHANTING - MUSIC & MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RA9sBQ ..............................
Sleep Programming ➤ Rewire Your Brain - Manifest Magic & Amazing Opportunities | 8 Hrs Affirmations
8 Hours of Spoken Positive Affirmations for Deep sleep programming - personal development & Spiritual growth! Manifest Miracles, magic and amazing opportunities with these powerful law of attraction affirmations. MP3 DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1SwwvAX Affirmations are useful in wiring the brain with positive & optimistic thinking! Words spoken by Alexander & Kenneth (PowerThoughtsMeditationClub) From positive thinking comes more positive emotions and less stress and anxiety. This is a powerful tool you can use to plant positive seeds into your subconscious mind to increase your sense of well being, joy, motivation, inner peace, happiness, love and improve the success you're having in all aspects of your life. With more positive emotions we are more likely to follow our dreams and awaken our true potential! Time to activate our higher mind! The law of attraction works! This audio can be used to program your subconscious mind while sleeping. ( Sleep affirmations ) While sleeping, the affirmations bypasses the filters of the conscious mind and sinks even deeper into the subconscious enhancing the effects! ................................. HOW TO USE AFFIRMATIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/how-to-use-affirmations/ WHAT ARE AFFIRMATIONS: http://www.powerthoughtsmeditationclub.com/what-are-affirmations/ ……………………. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD This audio is available for sale and download HERE: http://bit.ly/1NOjguf Our Solfeggio, meditation and affirmation audios are available for sale at ➤ LOUDR: https://loudr.fm/artist/powerthoughts-meditation-club/fCdY6 ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/no/artist/powerthoughts-meditation-club/id1020428551 YOUTUBE SINGLES ONLY: https://powerthoughtsmeditationclub.dpdcart.com We are forever grateful to everyone that supports us just by tuning in to our channel, and for all you who buy our meditations, solfeggios and music! You make it POSSIBLE for us to continue our life purpose! From our hearts we Thank You! ……………………… POWERTHOUGHTS MEDITATION CLUB We are very proud of our hard work and commitment to create HIGH quality Guided Meditations, Affirmation audios, Hypnosis sessions, Solfeggios and Relaxing Music. We put our Heart and Soul into every video we create with the intention to create something valuable for YOU, so you can walk the path of life feeling much more positive, conscious and empowered. Our a grand mission and lifepurpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving - Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey. For Your Freedom, Love and Joy, Kenneth & Alexander - PTMC ……………………… SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL - IT`S FREE Please Subscribe to our channel, because it helps us to raise the vibration of our planet and together we can make our world a better place for ALL life. Thank You. Subscribe ➤ https://www.youtube.com/user/PowerThoughtsClub?sub_confirmation=1 ……………………… INTERACT WITH US HERE ➤ Facebook: http://facebook.com/powerthoughtsmeditationclub PTMC Blog: http://PowerThoughtsMeditationClub Newsletter: Sign up for tips and tricks for personal and spiritual growth http://bit.ly/1NPgHES ★☆★ WANT TO BECOME A POWERTHOUGHTS MASTERMIND CLUB MEMBER? GET YOUR 7-DAY FREE ACCESS TO OUR EXCLUSIVE CONTENT HERE: http://powerthoughtsmastermindclub.vhx.tv/★☆★ ☆ Mp3 vault of our most popular videos available for download. ☆ Stream our videos offline ☆ Access our forum and connect with like-minded Souls that are here to grow, learn and expand ☆ Download our Ebooks (only available here): "The Healing Power Of Sound" and "500 PowerThoughts Affirmations" ☆ Live Q&A´s with PTMC ☆ Live Webinars with guided meditations & energy healing sessions ☆ Mp3 download of future videos ☆ Special meditation, solfeggio, hypnosis and affirmation videos & audios created for MEMBERS ONLY (not released anywhere else and never will be) ☆ + More content will be added continuously every week ☆ ENJOY OUR PLAYLISTS HERE: GUIDED MEDITATIONS http://bit.ly/1RRuZbN AFFIRMATIONS ➤ SUBCONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING http://bit.ly/1TLFam6 SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1QDNSif SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NATURE SOUND http://bit.ly/1p8evCm PURE TONE OF SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES http://bit.ly/1Tt7fOx RELAXING AND SOOTHING MEDITATION MUSIC http://bit.ly/1W9gSQv SLEEP PROGRAMMING AND LUCID DREAMING http://bit.ly/1R77kRn ACTIVATE YOUR HIGHER MIND AFFIRMATIONS http://bit.ly/1RA9ppE CHAKRA HEALING AND ACTIVATION WITH GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RRxBGO SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCIES WITH NAVAJO DRUMS http://bit.ly/1R7H7bN HYPNOSIS AND GUIDED MEDITATION http://bit.ly/24R7Hdm MANTRA CHANTING - MUSIC & MEDITATION http://bit.ly/1RA9sBQ ..............................
VIDEO of REAL DREAM Recorded by New "Dream Machine"
AUDIO FIXED! Watch the new version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8BKkZikm80 Are you sick of having a cool dream or nightmare that you can't remember the following morning? Well those days... are over... Hello everyone and welcome to another 10 Reasons Why Show: Tech in the Morning with me Scott Tomasso. It's the show that highlights the day's HOTTEST tech for you... the layman. Well... I guess it was just a matter of time, but those brainiacs over in Japan have finally done it. They've found a way to make even our DREAMS available for public fodder. That's right, our DREAMS! Scientists have literally found a way to record your dreams AND play them back to you. While it's not quite "Dreamscape" or "Inception" where someone else can be planted inside your head and actively participate in your dreams, nor is at the level of "Total Recall" where dreams or memories can be implanted into your head, it IS a huge -- and I mean HUGE step - in the understanding of why we have dreams in the FIRST PLACE... and eventually make money off it in the future (duh!). So how does this work? Subjects were hooked up to an EEG machine, then fell asleep with an fMRI machine. Once in a dream state, the neural patterns the subject creates when he or she visualizes certain types of objects in his mind can be correlated with an actual object. So if you're dreaming of a bed, your brain fires in a pattern that consistently occurs whenever you think of a bed. That's when it gets cool, or creepy -- depending on which side of the fence you're on with this subject. A "learning" algorithm can then be used to tie the data from your brain to an internet search engine that "matches" images and videos that closely resemble what you're currently dreaming about. And voila! Your dreams become reality and in turn your wife sees them and your personal life is ruined because you dream some seriously [email protected] up sh%t. What does a dream movie look like? Well, here you go... Apparently the scientists hooked up their dream machine to some genius who went to Paris and saw Cookie Monster while figuring out the theorem for time travel. Obviously the "dream-machine" is still rudimentary, but the scientists who use it claim they have a 60% success rate when they tell the subject what he or she was dreaming about. And again, this is a learning algorithm so it will only get better, the pictures will get even more clearer, and it will probably get a little more creepier. I don't know. So what do you guys think? Do you want to see what you dream at night? What your friends or significant other dreams? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to subscribe and check out more videos about cool tech and gadgets at: www.10ReasonsWhyShow.com. Until next time, I'm Scott Tomasso. Now go tech yourself before you wreck yourself. Follow us at: www.10ReasonsWhyShow.com facebook.com/10ReasonsWhyShow @10ReasonsShow
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दिमाग तेज़ करने का तरीका | How to Use Your Brain More Effectively (Scientific Ways)
You must learn how to increase brain power if you want to be successful in your life. Memory Power and Concentration Power are two of the most important characteristics of the brain. These are the Tips: #1- Realise that Your Brain Has Unlimited Power Waiting to be Unleashed - This is perhaps the most important part of all. If you do not believe in the power of your brain, how can you go beyond what you have now? If a frog starts to think that there is more that what he sees in his field of vision, only then the chance of going beyond the well arises. #2- Use both side (Left/Right) of Your Brain - Your brain has two hemispheres. Left Hemisphere and Right Hemisphere. Both are connected with different characteristics of yours. So, the main point is that you need to sync both the brain sides with the power of focus so that you are able to use both sides of your brain effectively. #3- Use the Power of Day Dreaming to Boost Your Brain Power - Daydreaming is one of the most power techniques that you can use to increase your brain power. Daydreaming increases your imaginative powers and hence, you form new neuron connections in your brain which increases your thinking capacity. Official Website: https://www.facttechz.com Official Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.music.ultimatebrainbooster Support Us On Paytm: https://p-y.tm/I99z-Ig Support Us (PayPal): https://www.paypal.me/facttechz Follow Us: https://instagram.com/facttechz https://facebook.com/facttechz https://twitter.com/facttechz
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How to Lucid Dream
Watch more Dreams & Dream Interpretation videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/35924-How-to-Lucid-Dream Learning how to lucid dream—that is, to be aware during your dreams that you are, indeed, dreaming—will allow you to live out fantasies, stop nightmares, and even road test some solutions to real life problems. Step 1: Start a dream journal Keep a journal and a pen next to your bed so you can immediately record everything that happens in your dreams. You’ll begin to see patterns, and that will help you realize when you’re actually in the middle of a dream. Step 2: Adopt some new habits Look intently at mirrors, book titles, and your watch face several times a day. In dreams, these images are always blurred. Looking at them while awake will increase their appearances in your dreams, helping you recognize when you are dreaming. Tip Pinching yourself when you’re awake is another good way to train your brain to recognize when you’re dreaming, because when you pinch yourself in a dream you feel no pain. Step 3: Talk to yourself Tell yourself as you drift off to sleep that you’re going to have a lucid dream. Research shows that simply instructing your brain to realize you’re dreaming—especially when you’re in the suggestible pre-sleep phase—helps boost your odds of doing so. Step 4: Set an early alarm Set your alarm half an hour earlier than normal. When it rings, stay awake 30 to 60 minutes, then go back to sleep. Because you likely interrupted dream-intense REM sleep, you’re now 20% to 50% more likely to have a lucid dream. Tip So George Clooney is about to kiss you and you feel like you’re starting to wake up? Pretend to spin around in circles. This keeps the dream going 96% of the time. Step 5: Start directing Once you’re attuned to the fact that you’re dreaming, start altering the action. Fly over mountains. Tell off your mother-in-law. Have a 'dream' date. You can also test problem-solving scenarios, practice sensitive confrontations, and speak to loved ones who have passed. Did You Know? Lewis Carroll was inspired to write Alice in Wonderland after having a lucid dream.
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8 Hour Deep Sleep Music: Lucid Dreaming, Binaural Beats, Hypnosis, Calming Music ☾☆012
Sleep & Dream Zone is dedicated to bringing you the best and most effective sleep music to help you and your family get the rest you deserve. Whether you want a 30-minute power nap, a 3-hour rest, or a full 8-hour deep sleep, our music is perfect for helping you fall asleep, and experience truly rejuvenating deep sleep. Our music makes use of Binaural Beats, Delta Waves and Theta Waves to naturally encourage a state of relaxation that’s perfect for deep, restful sleep. These are natural frequencies that encourage a state of deep relaxation and allow your mind and body to relax. Visit our homepage to subscribe and see our complete range of Relaxing Sleep Music. SUBSCRIBE: https://bit.ly/2TQlRKB To get or most popular music on iTunes, click here: https://apple.co/2SVJ6mi ● Sleep Music: Sleep & Dream Zone's Deep Sleep Music videos and power nap sleep music videos have been specifically composed and chosen to relax mind and body, and are suitable for babies, children, teens, and adults who need slow, beautiful, soft, soothing music to assist them to fall asleep fast, or combat insomnia. See them as a form of sleep meditation or sleep hypnosis gently easing you into that wonderful relaxing world of healing sleep. ● How to Use the Music: Our soothing heavenly music at times incorporates the relaxing sounds of nature, a lullaby of rain gently falling, or the sea lulling you into a deep, peaceful sleep. Use the video as a sleep meditation before bed and allow the dream landscapes images to massage body and mind into a deep state of relaxation. Then lie still, and while allowing the music to gently ease you towards deep sleep, tense and relax the whole body three or four times. Fill your mind with the sleep music’s beautiful, soothing instrumental sounds while your brain moves through Theta Waves, and Delta Waves, giving you the heavenly, healing sleep you so richly deserve. ● Who Can Benefit: Anyone wanting to experience rejuvenating sleep! Whether you are a mother wanting to gently help your baby or toddler to fall asleep fast, a teenager wanting to slow and calm your racing mind, an executive lying awake stressing about that next deal, or a senior citizen battling with sleep insomnia, choosing one of Sleep & Dream Zone's sleep music videos with relaxing sounds is the answer. Please note that we have used Binaural Beats which will help you move from one sleep state to another. Use headphones for best results. Relax, sleep, dream and rejuvenate!
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