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A one-act play called "Please Take a Seat!"
Ryan T. Husk and Elena Tarsitani star in this hilarious 10-minute play about two neurotic patients, meeting for the first time in a psychologist's waiting room. The play was performed at Los Angeles Valley College, but it takes place in New York. It is an excellent play for all levels of acting students. You can play it straight, add tension and romance to it, or make it funny like we did here. Directed by Phyllis Lucero.
Views: 65622 Ryan T. Husk
One Act Comedy "How to Ruin Your Life in 15 Minutes"
A short, one act play for 2f and 1m. Emily counts down the worst 15 minutes of her life during which she loses the respect of the two people she cares most about and goes to battle with a squirrel.
Views: 5490 OneActsThatDontSuck
SuperHit Funny Hindi comedy One act play with subtitles: Mere Sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu
What happens when you search for your bride to be? You meet different girls with different opinions and sometime that might put you in an embarrassing situation. Played at Homi Bhabha Center for Science Education-TIFR, Oct 2013 Dussehra Festival. Kalakar (in order of appearance) - Praveen Pathak, Sana, Zeenath, Anweshna, Suma, Mrunal, Tuba and Saryu as mother in background on phone. Technical Assistance - Manoj Nair, Vikrant Ghanekar
Views: 168714 praveen pathak
One-Act Play: "The Dictionary Salesman"
One-Act Play: "The Dictionary Salesman"
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Theatre One Act Play MUKTIDHAM
K.L. THEATRE Presents MUKTIDHAM Writer - Kumar Sagar Director - Krn Ladha Music - from YOUTUBE (Track 'Maasoom sa' from Madaari movie)
Views: 21187 K.L. Theatre
This Is A Test
THIS IS A TEST, written by Stephen Gregg and Directed by Melanie Marshall Kamiak dramafest 2014
Views: 413471 Northwest Theatre Press
Funny Talent Skit
Variety Show 2011 @ Apollo High School
Views: 1563410 TheJBugMelody
Under The Rug - A Comedic One-Act Play
Crystal and her boyfriend, Drew, prepare a family dinner in which they plan to seal their union by asking Crystal's older brother, Greg, if they can marry. However, their sex-craved roommate, Mona, is hell-bent on seducing Greg, who is a recovering sex-addict and now wedded to his new wife, Tina. Crystal slowly loses her sanity as the dinner escalates and Drew tries to keep a perfect front while his own creepy uncle, Rod, insists on joining the family dinner. Genre: Comedy, Farce RATED R: Some Strong Language and Sexual References. This was filmed on the first performance on August 19th, 2016 at the Pass Area Performance Artists theatre in Banning, CA. The script was the grand prize winner of their One-Act Festival. Millie Graham as Crystal Kevin Valles as Drew Nichole Trugler as Mona Nathan Smith-Finley as Drew Jacqueline Noone as Tina Dennis Johnston as Rod Written by Dallas Harden Assistant Directed by Genna Santini Directed by Julie Labagnara
Views: 394 DTH Films
One-Act Plays 2012- "The Audition"
One-Act Plays 2012- "The Audition"
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One-Act Plays 2012:  "Crayon Rally"
One-Act Plays 2012: "Crayon Rally"
Views: 15931 Social Media
Classroom Comedy Skit
Casidy, Brianna, Oliva, Shanna, & Baily in the Classroom Comedy Skit at Lake Dallas Middle School - Talent Show
Views: 310237 Denise Walton
Family 2.0 - one act play
Belmont High School One Act Play Festival - 26 April 2012
Views: 29439 y2kmarathon
Short One Act Comedy "Cheaper Than Therapy"
Raising a tent in the woods proves to be the ultimate relationship test. Script is available for immediate download at oneactsthatdontsuck.com
Views: 1861 OneActsThatDontSuck
Surprise! One Act Play
Headline Play from AES night of One Acts September 26, 2008
Views: 65436 MCaemmerer
Comedy  Skits - The Gas Station Comedy Skit
For more hilarious Comedy Skits visit http://skittell.com The Gas Station A comedy skit featuring a customer who supplies discount vouchers to lower his petrol cost -- yet is still unsatisfied with the service. This is an example of a short and sharp two person comedy skit featuring a customer and cashier at a local gas station. The scene is established early with an external shot showing a car and petrol bowsers, before moving inside to reveal interaction between customer and cashier. The customer is played by Rob Woodland, founder of http://skittell.com and Lisa Woodbrook, a musical theatre student from Brisbane. The comedy builds slowly as discount vouchers being offered by the customer lead to increasing reductions in the price of gas, and finally -- a return of cash. Despite the refund, the customer still has a complaint. And it's this complaint that forms the punch line of the comedy skit. As comedian David Mitchell (from the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb) once said about the structure of comedy skits: "Establish the setting first, make it clear why it's funny, throw in a surprise and get out. Ideally the last joke or punch line should be the best". The Gas Station comedy skit follows this advice, quickly establishing the setting, providing an amusing punch line - all within a total length of just 74 seconds. The Gas Station comedy skit was filmed in a lounge room against a green screen. During the editing process, the green was replaced with stock photos of a real gas station. Further information on using a green screen can be found in the tutorial section of the comedy website: http://skittell.com Technical details regarding lighting and microphone can also be found on the http://skittell.com website. Background music and sound effects also play an important part in this comedy skit, widely available from stock footage sites found on the internet. Some effects are available free of charge, while others require a fee. After you film and edit your comedy skit, make sure you upload it to http://skittell.com the comedy site that showcases amateur and aspiring comedians. And remember, you don't have to be a comedian to make a comedy skit -- you just need a good sense of humour and a funny idea. comedy skits comedy skits short comedy skits comedy skits for kids christian comedy skits comedy skits scripts malayalam comedy skits comedy skits in hindi telugu comedy skits funny comedy skits comedy skits in english christmas comedy skits comedy skits in telugu comedy skits for school comedy skits scripts in telugu free comedy skits comedy skits for two people best comedy skits hindi comedy skits comedy skits in malayalam youtube comedy skits comedy skits scripts in hindi telugu comedy skits scripts comedy skits for children kids comedy skits short comedy skits for kids stand up comedy skits comedy short skits comedy skits scripts in english comedy malayalam skits ideas for comedy skits comedy skits ideas comedy skits in urdu two person comedy skits short skits comedy scripts for comedy skits 2 person comedy skits english comedy skits comedy skits for teenagers comedy skits for girls comedy skits for three people hindi comedy skits scripts funniest comedy skits short comedy skits in hindi best malayalam comedy skits comedy christian skits free christian comedy skits small comedy skits clean comedy skits church comedy skits comedy christmas skits comedy skits in tamil short comedy skits for two people comedy skits for adults funny comedy skits for kids funny comedy skits for two people comedy central skits short comedy skits for children malayalam comedy skits scripts comedy skits for 4 people scripts for comedy skits in hindi skits comedy 5 minute comedy skits famous comedy skits comedy drama skits comedy skits kids comedy skits for 5 people comedy kannada skits comedy skits for 3 people comedy skits for one person comedy skits in kannada kannada comedy skits comedy skits for 2 people comedy hindi skits punjabi comedy skits comedy scripts for skits 10 minute comedy skits free comedy skits for two people indian comedy skits marathi comedy skits short comedy skits scripts free short comedy skits short hindi comedy skits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uylz1gwuX3s http://www.youtube.com/user/ComedySkitShow http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erLTOojf9_I
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Bank Robbery - a one-act play at Archbishop Spalding HS
This play was one of a series of nine one-act plays produced by Archbishop Spalding High School in November 2012 in Severn, Maryland. It was written by Eitan Lowenstein.
Views: 6456 holloffamevideo
This is a very, very, funny one man skit written and executed by my son Christopher. This was his first performance ever and his creativeness caused much laughter from the audience , so if you are after a good laugh , then by all means watch this! You will not be disappointed!
Views: 36333 Robin Dudley
I Can Do That!: Cristine and Wacky Kiray | Comedy Act
Cristine Reyes and Wacky Kiray's comedy act challenge from the Pabeki Gays. Subscribe to the ABS-CBN Entertainment channel! - http://bit.ly/ABSCBNOnline Visit our official website! http://entertainment.abs-cbn.com http://www.push.com.ph Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ABSCBNnetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/ABSCBN https://twitter.com/abscbndotcom Instagram: http://instagram.com/abscbnonline
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Funny One Act Play -- Prithibida Yumrajgi Khongchat | Part 1 | Manipuri funny video
One act play entitled 'Prithibida Yumrajgi Khongchat' was performed by Gandhi House during the 43rd Annual College Week 2018 at the DM College of Teacher Education, Imphal.
Surprise - A one act play at Archbishop Spalding High School
This play was one of a series of nine one-act plays produced by Archbishop Spalding High School in November 2012 in Severn, Maryland. It was written by Mark Harvey Levine.
Views: 18381 holloffamevideo
Funny Hindi comedy skit One act play: M or W
Played at HBCSE-TIFR Husband - Praveen Pathak Friend - Shirish Pathare Wife - Zeenath Rehman Wife's Friend - Harita Rawal Chachi - Bhagyashree Staged by non-professional actors. Here M stands for Man and W stands for Woman. Sometimes M may appear as W to some people and vice versa.
Views: 10601 praveen pathak
The Unthinkable
This is a one act play that I wrote and directed. The human shield is Nick Sinopoli. I forgot to put that in the credits.
Views: 111 TheZoltan618
Hilarious Comedy hindi skit One act Play- Gawahi (Testimony)
Hindi Comedy play Gawahi at HBCSE. Inspired from genius P L Deshpande's marathi play Varya Varchi Varaat Judge- Imran Khan Advocate - Deepak Paranjape Gawah (Mussadi lal) - Praveen Pathak
Views: 43265 praveen pathak
Munnabhai meets Gandhiji Play
hindi comedy paly Munnabhai meets Gandhiji, hindi play, Hindi funny skit, hindi funny play, hindi paly, KVPS 2009, Diwali function 2009, Indian plays, Indian Funny Plays.
Views: 121579 Akshay Patel
Exam Fever | A comedy mono act
A funny prayer by student portraying school life and exam Fear. Guys, remember the time when we used to develop cold feet at the mere mention of exams? This mono act is dedicated to all the people born during the period of 80's and early 90's who had to struggle hard to earn those few extra marks by "rattofying" as much as possible till marks system was replaced by grading system. Grading system gave a blow to the competitive edge of marks system which lost its sharpness over the period of time but when you look back you are sure to break into a smile just by recalling the hard exam times you have been through. Enjoy the video. Your feedback is important. Performed by: Mayank Singh https://www.facebook.com/absurdmayank
Views: 101645 Ashima Pictures
Parents at old age home... skit by kids.
What u give will be back to you soon...
Views: 190782 Ahmed Ahmed
Funny skit on social issues
Funny and comedy skit on social issues presented by Reliance employees on the occasion of Diwali. Skit focuses on over use of mobile phones. we have so many issues in India and we can represent them by skits. we can give message through this funny skit. Now a days mobile is a very essential thing but there should be some restrictions on using mobile phones. This funny skit shows how problems will arise in our daily life due to overuse of mobiles. You must watch this funny skit and don't forget to leave comment..! :-)
Views: 167106 sudhir yadav
Funny ONE ACT PLAY "BAAP RE BAAP" by Aarzoo Dramatics Group.| PART 1
This Act was performed by Aarzoo Dramatics Group @ IIITDM College Fest Tarang 2k15 Jabalpur and this was a Winner ACT. Link for Part 2 - https://youtu.be/L67GmvHt8cE
Views: 446 Hemendra Jat
La Mouche: A One Act Play
Original script written by Stephen Bittrich, omg he's seen this, hi Mr. Bittrich... performed at my high school by my very good friends La Mouche= The Fly
Views: 2045 joicain
Comedy Skit On Importance Of Education by class 12 Commerce
KV NTPC RAMAGUNDAM Director- Hima Bindu Mam PGT Economics Characters 1. Father - Raghvendra Kumar Tripathi 2. Son - Dinesh Balusu 3. Postman - Mahendra Singh 4. Comedians Manojit Gyaneshwar Suraj
Views: 1755584 Madan Kakade
Funny ONE ACT PLAY "BAAP RE BAAP" by Aarzoo Dramatics Group.| PART 2
PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nf1TIRq8GY PART 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gK_8KtJLyk8
Views: 466 Hemendra Jat
funniest skit on college life
Views: 665853 avinash rana
Funny One Act Play -- Prithibida Yumrajgi Khongchat | Part 2 | Manipuri funny video
One act play entitled 'Prithibida Yumrajgi Khongchat' was performed by Gandhi House during the 43rd Annual College Week 2018 at the DM College of Teacher Education, Imphal. This is the part 2 of the previous video.
one act play.......1
Satyakatha.........one act play..........Arun Kaul as Bharat ( India) in the play..........
Views: 1649 Arun Kaul
Funny skit  on Teachers Day (super funny with music) | Banarasi PAAN | By NIT Jamshedpur students |
This skit has been made on the occasion of Teacher's Day. This was our 1st Stage performance and was a solid experience. Our Team Members are:- 1. Ravi Singh (Mentor) 2. Aman Pandey (Mentor) 3. Shambhavi Jaiswal 4. Rajiv Yadav 5. Nitish Chander Sati 6. Sonam Gupta 7. Mohit Tarani 8. Garima Sisodiya 9. Shivani Vyas 10. Soumya Pandey 11. Pratik Kumar 12. Zaid Khan
Views: 489658 Banarasi PAAN
Funny Skit on Anti Corruption - Chai Paani
Funny Skit on Anti Corruption - Chai Paani by Dheeraj Kumar Tribhane
Views: 124165 Dheeraj K Tribhane
CHS One Act Play Presents Dearly Departed
Crockett High School One Act Play, directed by Janet Walker, proudly presents Dearly Departed. A drop dead funny comedy by David Bottrell and Jessie Jones. Public Performance on Friday, May 4, 2018.
Views: 210 Vanessa Dotson
Funny ONE ACT PLAY "BAAP RE BAAP" by Aarzoo Dramatics Group.| PART 3
PART 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Nf1TIRq8GY PART 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L67GmvHt8cE
Views: 170 Hemendra Jat
"Small Actors" One Act Play by Stephen Gregg
Westbrook Junior High School Students from Westbrook, TX performed the play, "Small Actors" at their One Act Play District UIL Competition on November 8, 2016. This is a recording of the performance they did in front of their school on November 10, 2016. WJHS placed 2nd at competition. "Emily desperately wants to play Juliet in her high school's production of "Romeo and Juliet". Instead, she gets a one-line, four word role. When she tells her parents that she has the lead, things spin way out of control in this funny and touching play about the roles we play in theatre and in life."
Views: 2207 Jennifer Hale
Funny skit (The interview) by students on Teachers' day.
It is a skit done by the students of class 9 based on an interview on teachers' day.
Views: 1030700 Abhishek Godaba
marathi one act play by Rajshree Bansode "VAITAGLELI  PARU"
Marathi One act play by Rajshree Bansode at Airoli New mumbai 9320412483 " vaitagleli paru "
Funny Skit on College Life | Hindi Skit | Musical Skit | Simple Play | Funny Mime | Best Songs Act |
*Prior to Poetry channel* Amazing act performed at Nehru Sidhant Kender, Ludhiana on 06 November 2016 for Goonj-2016 :) with full support and cooperation from Doric Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.(LPU CMC) Get Audio file on this link. https://youtu.be/Rhoh7PfStO8 Major credit for the idea of this act goes to a Youtube Channel "Avinash Rana"
Views: 151694 RudAbha
One Act Plays with Clay
part 1 of one act plays with clop funny, hilarious, acting, star, bar, one direction, youtube sensashin
Views: 88 Clay Terry
One Act Play
30TH National Youth Festival - 2015 at DAVV, Indore
Funny One act play (Ramayan)
When hanuman was sent off to bring sanjeevni butti by the order of ram, the tragedy went different in this act. #funny #hilarious #ramayan Subscribe for more funny videos.. Stay connected !
Views: 54 sharan pakhrin
Cassandra Shiller, Kevin Garino, Mike Iannelli and directed by Keren Tayar. Hilarious skit with doctor and patient. Cassandra recieved a critics award for her performance as the doctor/nurse at the annual secondary school drama festival held at the Buck county playhouse, New Hope PA. on May 14,2009
Views: 827 Joseph Shiller
Mother Courage and her Children - One Act Play
Laredo Independent School District. J.W. Nixon One Act Play
Views: 7810 LAREDO ISD ITV
Kathputli - Award Winning One Act Play by RIET — Part 1
(Link to part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QefoaJc0i74) Katputli - An Award Winning One Act Play by RIET, Phagwara at Punjab Technical University's Zonal Youth Festival 2010. Two awards received for this event: 1. Second best One Act Play performance. 2. Best actor (to Sahil Sharma - Dharmu).
Views: 94388 UcchaDarBabeNanakDa
CPU State Qualifying - One Act Play
Adam, Trevor, Rachel and Kara star in a funny one act play about the shady car dealership selling everything for 1995! The performance received all "1's" at Districts qualifying them for State Competition. At State they once again received all "1's".
Views: 119 Todd Mitchell

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