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Salsa Man Style Workshop
Salsa Man Style Workshop by Danger Rodriguez with Alex Nechayev & Merdan Ilmuradov. October 2016, Kiev, Ukraine.
Salsa Man Styling - 09 Tension and Release
Three moves to hit accents, keep the tension for a moment and release it to get back to basic...
Views: 49299 Peter Fige
Salsa Dance Men Style Moves
Men styling for salsa dancing has arrived! Once you have a solid basis for your basic salsa dance steps, the next step is to be able to do variations of it. In this salsa dance lesson, we teach ways to spice up your salsa dancing by adding style to dance moves. Anthony will teach you how to do a monkey move and a salsa dance hook step into a cross body lead, and at the end how to add a shimmy. For more videos: https://www.addicted2salsa.com/videos
Views: 218104 Addicted2Salsa
Clave Negra - Salsa Man style
Workshop on Cubanero 2012, Novi Sad
Views: 45816 yupi303
⭐Marco Ferrigno ⭐ Man Style Salsa Footwork
7th Athens Spring Salsa Festival
How To Be More Stylish In Salsa Dancing | Salsa Styling For Couples
In this video Joel & Maria are going to show you how to add more style to your Salsa basics and become more stylish in salsa dancing whether you dance socially or in a dance school. Salsa dancing is more than counting so in order to look better in the dance floor you need to understand using the floor and connecting to musicality & instruments. Want more video tips like this one? Go to http://mysalsaonline.com/blog Let us help you become a better Salsa dancer Follow us in Instagram: @joelsalsa Facebook @joelsalsa
Views: 57789 Joel Salsa NYC
Simple Salsa On1 Shines | Salsa Footwork Lesson
Today, let's do the Double right turn on men's count :D also we will practise the Copa left turn and the simple on1 shine. I hope you will like it and... practise with me! ✔ SUBSCRIBE to Krambo ► http://bit.ly/2pgxzk7◄ ▸ All Footwork Lessons HERE: http://bit.ly/2pe4nLc ▸ Support my channel on Patreon: http://patreon.com/krambo ▸ My Website: www.krambo.pl ♫ MUSIC ©Chilly Hip-hop by Marcin Tokarczyk Salsa count by Eddie Torres ♯ SOCIAL MEDIA ▸ INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/krambodance/ ▸ FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/krambo.salsa/ ✎ FANMAIL ▸ [email protected] ▸ Krambo Dance Studio ADRESS: ul. Bożego Ciała 9/5 31-059 Kraków / POLAND
Views: 5796 Krambo Dance
Dawes Figueroa - Man style
Workshop on 5. Cuban salsa festival, Koper, Slovenia, 2013
Views: 7279 yupi303
Men Salsa Shines
Miguel Rico shines workshop in London
Views: 326028 Miguel Rico & Mayana
How to Look Natural Salsa Dancing
This salsa dance lesson for beginners shows how to learn the salsa dance basic steps while adding a bit of flavor to look better at salsa dancing at the salsa dance club. learn salsa dance classes and Salsa Dance Lessons at https://www.addicted2salsa.com/videos
Views: 3488973 Addicted2Salsa
ARMS & HANDS WORK in SALSA  | Salsa Footwork Lesson #14
Subscribe to my channel: https://goo.gl/hzddJY Use your hands and know how! More salsa footwork lessons here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBlpxEwj90Wj1wLOZlUGkuW1IKughWBKA www.facebook.com/krambo.salsa/ www.krambo.pl www.instagram.com/krambo_dance/
Views: 38405 Krambo Dance
Salsa Men Style on 1 (RonaldoDance)
BUDAPEST HUNGARY www.ronaldodance.hu
Views: 34907 Ronaldo Magalhaes
Atelier men style Yoannis à Sénart by ELEGUA
Retrouvez Yoannis TAMAYO de l'école SALSA CON ELEGUA 1x/ mois à Sénart en stages. Infos sur www.elegua.fr
Views: 7717 Elena Elegua
Cubana Company footwork routine Salsa on the Beach 2017
Claudio D"ercole & friends Man style
Views: 2683 Salsa Club Lviv
Alberto Valdes - Men's styling
CubaSi salsa fest. Ukraine, 2009
Views: 105698 Salsadance
Salsa Man Styling - 07 Two Simple Turns
Two easy turns with a touch of styling.
Views: 96435 Peter Fige
Men's Styling | Bachata Dance
Like these Bachata Lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1hu3IPy Addicted to Bachata? Sexy Urban Bachata: http://amzn.to/1G0A3Zg How to Dance BACHATA: The Hottest Club Style Latin Dance: http://amzn.to/1NqL1dh Very Fine Men's Women's Salsa Ballroom Latin Dance Shoes Style: http://amzn.to/1P1qgVM Co-shoes Girls Leather Single Strap Ballroom Dancing Shoes: http://amzn.to/1jRGHY4 Learn To Dance Bachata, Bachata Dance Mastery System: http://amzn.to/1OodbWq Watch more How to Dance Bachata videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/510083-Mens-Styling-Bachata-Dance Styling for men in bachata. Let's start with just the basic and one, two, three tap. Five, six, seven. So men I want you to make sure you're moving your shoulders. You feel relaxed and your steps are really coming up off the ground. Try not to smooth out your steps too much. Six, seven tap. One, two, three tap. Five in the middle, we're going to go stomp down, three tap. Five, six, seven tap. One, two, three tap. Five, six and basic and one. You can switch the hand's positions. This is a very classic style bachata. It's kind of like you're holding the guitar which is a dominant instrument, and you're just having fun with it, building some confidence. You can add it into your stomps five, six, seven tap. One, two, three tap and five, six, seven tap. Gentlemen, when you're using your arms make sure that each side is equal. Your shoulders are equal. Try not to have one more rolling than the other. Also your hips, feel free that if you want to move your hips, go for it. There's a lot of men out there who do. If you don't like moving your hips, then try some power moves, some stomps, switching your hand's position. Just make sure that whatever you do, you keep the timing and you feel nice and comfortable. Let's demonstrate this with some music. Notice how everything is symmetrical, everything is nice and equal, both shoulders are rolling. And now with your styling, it's pretty much like holding a guitar. You're feeling nice and secure. You're tight kind of like you're wrapping up your partner in your arms and just have fun with it. Also, make sure that everything you do has confidence behind it. Everything's with confidence, even my tap is nice and sharp. Tap, tap. You can have your hands low, as long as you feel confident, and that is styling for men in bachata.
Views: 338434 Howcast
Alberto Valdes - men style, part 1
Croatian Summer Salsa Festival 2012
Views: 67342 kangurek99
⭐ Fadi Fusion ⭐ Man Style, Musicality and Body Movement [Kubanischer Tanz - Klazz Brothers]
Muntenia Salsa Festival, Video by Salsa & Bachata Stars TV by Vic's Flicks
Ladies & Men's Salsa Styling Workshop - July 31/2016
http://www.ottawasalsaconvention.ca/ Rania Greiche and Rickey Zepeda
Views: 2697 Straw Berry
Kiko - Bachata Men Style in Stockholm / 4ever - Muriendo por ella
Camara: Fabian Vallejos, Dance Vida Events Event: Bachata & Kizomba Weekend´18 in Stockholm, Sweden at Stockholm Salsa Dance
Salsa Man Styling - 02 Using your upper body
Your combinations will feel easier, and you will look better if you use your upper body to keep the momentum in your body. Try it and see for yourself!
Views: 66489 Peter Fige
Yunior Cárdenas Poll-  Cuban salsa (Man Style )
Workshop Novi Sad -Ritmos del Mundo Man Style
Views: 5064 salsitans
Yoandy Villaurrutia, salsa Men's Style. Москва 2015, ТимбаФест , ArmenyCasa
Мужской стиль от Юанди (Yoandy Villaurrutia), ТимбаФест 2015, 4-7 сентября, ArmenyCasa
Views: 4918 lev kozlov
How to Progress Faster - Salsa Tips for Women & Men | TheDanceDojo.com
▶ Try a sample lesson: http://thedancedojo.com/free-salsa-lessons/?ref=youtube ---- ▶ Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thedancedojo?sub_confirmation=1 ---- Five ways to improve your salsa faster: 1. Find a good salsa instructor 2. Take group salsa classes 3. Learn rhythm recognition 4. Practice & Social Dance 5. Enjoy the process 6. Supplement your learning online - http://thedancedojo.com ---- Dance Dojo is an online salsa school for students and teachers looking for a progressive On1 and On2 curriculum with detailed breakdowns, quality videos, and proven teaching methods from 3X Canadian Salsa Champs Patrick and Scarlet. ---- Follow us online here: Instagram: http://instagram.com/thedancedojo Facebook: http://facebook.com/thedancedojo Online Salsa Lessons: http://thedancedojo.com
Views: 8509 Dance Dojo
Dimitris La Secta - Salsa Men Styling
Borovets 2017 Balkan Salsa Congress
How to Collect Your Partner - Salsa Tips for Men | TheDanceDojo.com
▶ Try a sample lesson: http://thedancedojo.com/free-salsa-lessons/?ref=youtube ---- ▶ Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/thedancedojo?sub_confirmation=1 ---- When you're social dancing, how do you let your partner know you want her back? Stand tall, open your arms and watch this video. ---- Dance Dojo is an online salsa school for students and teachers looking for a progressive On1 and On2 curriculum with detailed breakdowns, quality videos, and proven teaching methods from 3X Canadian Salsa Champs Patrick and Scarlet. Become a member to get access to 100s of full instructional lessons here: http://thedancedojo.com/?ref=youtube ---- Follow us online here: Instagram: http://instagram.com/thedancedojo Facebook: http://facebook.com/thedancedojo Website: http://thedancedojo.com
Views: 17332 Dance Dojo
SALSA ON2 - Level 1 Men's Footwork Compilation
Learn how to do the basic steps of New York Style Salsa On2. In this lesson we review all the guys footwork from the beginner level This video series will demonstrate how to do the following 8 foundational steps listed below. ****************************************************** BEGINNER LEVEL 1 - 1. Basic Step 2. Cross body Lead 3. Traveling Left Turn 4. Stationary Single Right Turn 5. Catwalk & Left Turn 6. Open Break 7. Broken Left Turn 8. Traveling Right Turn ****************************************************** These videos are part of a progressive curriculum so each lesson builds upon the skills previously covered Camera work help from Paulo Cesar http://www.cesarproductions.com/ youtube.com/user/keisercesar The music in the video is royalty free sourced from youtube audio library "Cha Cha Fontanez" by Jimmy Fontanez/Media Right Productions AND Airport Lounge - Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100806 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
Views: 6266 NYC Salsa Classes
Dimitris (La Secta) - Salsa Men Styling
Salsa Factory Anniversary, Romania, Bucharest 2017 EASY footwork
City Dance Men Style Salsa Show | EDF-2018
City Dance Men Style Salsa Show (Koreografi : Murat Duman) Eskisehir Dance Festival 2018 http://eskisehirdansfestivali.com Subscribe to Dance : ►► http://goo.gl/VYQ5Vc Kizomba Dance Lessons ►► https://goo.gl/wNfGCl Bachata Dance Lessons ►► https://goo.gl/wFFG1X Best Social Salsa Dance Videos ►► https://goo.gl/wWsTQJ Latin Dance Pool Party Videos ►► https://goo.gl/S40hXz Dance Festivals - Teasers ►► https://goo.gl/TWS8wt Rumba Songs ►► https://goo.gl/WJDMDR Salsa Songs ►► https://goo.gl/kVXXMs Salsamalsa Special ►► https://goo.gl/Sdt3u7 Twitter ►► http://www.twitter.com/salsamalsa Facebook ►► http://www.facebook.com/salsamalsacom WWW ►► http://www.salsamalsa.com
Views: 589 salsamalsa
Johnny Vazquez Mens styling footwork class
Salsa on1, Los Angeles style. The Prince of salsa @principedellasalsa Johnny Vazquez dance school
Views: 2014 Johnny Vazquez
Salsa Man Styling - 04 Listen to your arm
Your arms have their own plan on how to move. Figure out what it is, and help them to do it nicely!
Views: 40874 Peter Fige
Yamulee New York style Men's styling and footwork SSC 2011 (Salsa, Steps & Music)
This is an awesome workshop from the masters Yamulee and this is some top notch stuff. If you like it please press the like button so more can enjoy this masterpiece. This was filmed @ Scandinavian Salsa Congress in Gothenburg, Sweden
Views: 41258 Lbartha83
Cuban Salsa Footwork - Level Open - Men's Style
Follow me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/Salserin91/
Recordando las Descargas, Edwin Bonilla - Saoco Men Style - Coreografia Salsa
Presentación: Saoco Men Style - Coreografia de Salsa Bailarines: Carlos Soto, Luis Antonio, Canción: "Recordando las Descargas" de Edwin Bonilla Lo que fue el sábado 4 de Agosto en Bachata Club. #TresSalsas #KarinAyulo #Producciones #Bachata #Eventos #Social #Cumpleaños #Saoco #MenStyle #Perú Síguenos en: www.facebook.com/tressalsasproducciones www.instagram.com/tressalsasproducciones www.tressalsasproducciones.com
20170512 - Yeo Vengo De Cuban Workshop - Cuban Salsa Men Styling with Leo Charanga
Yeo Vengo De Cuban Workshop - Cuban Salsa Men Styling with Leo Charanga
Views: 1344 Adham Al Oka
Nano- Salsa Suelta Men Style
Clase de Nano Hechavarria Salsa Festival Santiago de Cuba 2016 Cuba
Views: 839 Nanoche
Men Style A Lo Cubano - Maykel Fonts - Croatian Summer Salsa Festival 2014
Men style a lo cubano workshop with Maykel Fonts at Croatian Summer Salsa Festival 2014.
Views: 4043 Svatopluk Matejcik
Adonis Santiago -Men's style
Men's Style Workshop (Routine with counts) in Krosnadar Song - Ya se Puede - Maykel Fonts Follow me : Facebook https://www.facebook.com/adonissantiago.baezfernandez VK: https://vk.com/id287088718 Instagram: @adonis_santiago_
Views: 1064 Adonis Santiago
Salsa Man Styling - 01 Introduction
This is the introduction to my new Salsa Man Styling web series. It's not about long footwork combinations. It's about base concepts that help you use your body to create your own combinations and your own style.
Views: 36226 Peter Fige
Salsa Men Style !
Esibizione di Men Style al Siglo de la Reina (sarmato - PC)...
Views: 20694 bailaconmigopavia
Ladies and Men's Style Cuban Salsa Partner Work
Oscle and Lisi with ladies and mens style Cuban salsa partner work in Plymouth Uk Latin Summer 2017 Folow our Website https://londoncubansalsa.online
Views: 608 Oscle and Lisi
Men's style in Salsa Casino
Training in Love2DANCE school Kyiv - man's style in Salsa Casino
Views: 558 Marek & love2dance

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