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LOST-Hollywood & Vines
My first video.....I like this song ALOT! so, I modifed it and put all the good parts all in one part. MUSIC BY: Micheal Giachino
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Michael Giacchino - Hollywood & Vines (Lost OST)
Michael Giacchino - Hollywood & Vines (Lost OST) Lost OST - Season 1 - Track 06 - Pilot Episode Producer - Michael Giacchino Length - 1:52 iTunes - http://bit.ly/ctL1im Amazon - http://amzn.to/9yIbw9
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Lost - Michael Giacchino - Hollywood & Vines (Acorn Remix)
Download my album here for free: https://acorn-music.bandcamp.com/releases Video taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72kQIIDBIUU&feature=related
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Michael Giacchino conducts LOST score
LOST composer Michael Giacchino conducts a version of "Hollywood and Vines" at We Have To Go Back: The LOST Concert at the Ford Theater.
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LOST: Hollywood and Vines - Strings Transcription
As promised. You know who you are. There seems to be a lot of interest in "Hollywood and Vines" from the Lost soundtrack. This is a perfect -- and I do mean perfect -- transcription of the STRING parts in the MAIN SECTION. Click the link below if you want a copy. http://www.mediafire.com/?gnqlyzj1zzz
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Hollywood and Vine on the Fringe of Lost
'Hollywood and Vine' Michael Giacchino, soundtrack composer, from Lost Pilot and Fringe Pilot episodes
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Lost ''Travelling'' Theme
The ''Travelling'' aka ''Hollywood and Vines'' theme from Lost, by Michael Giacchino. Made with Windows Movie Maker, so unfortunately it's not very good, but should give you an idea of the music used in the show.
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Michael Giacchino - Hollywood and Vines - EXTRACT
13/365 Here is a section from a longer video to be released soon. Using Michael Giacchino's "Hollywood and Vines" as a map, this 'ink droplet' bounces around the screen.
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Hollywood And Vines.wmv
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Best of Michael Giacchino: LOST Action Themes
Just a few days too late for the 22 September celebration, here's my LOST soundtrack tribute which I actually made two years ago. Michael Giacchino's brilliant music score is mostly remembered for the emotional themes like "Life and Death" and "There's No Place Like Home", but he could compose pretty decent action soundtracks as well. Tracks used: [Chapter 1: The Crash - 0:00 - 3:26] The montage opens with a hint at the "Life and Death" theme, followed by our first meeting with Jack and the moment Desmond crashed the Oceanic plane. The mystery theme is introduced, along with the infamous "Hollywood and Vines" theme. 0:00 "Charlie Hangs Around" (Season 1) 0:12 "The Eyeland" (Season 1) 0:16 "I Crashed Your Plane, Brotha" (Season 2) 1:06 "Peace Through Superior Firepower" (Season 2) 1:40 "Hollywood and Vines" (Season 1) 2:34 "Flying High" (Season 3) [Chapter 2: "We're not alone" - 3:26 - 11:35] Chapter 2 starts with the music that plays during Jack's surgery on Ben. Then two versions of the "endgame" motif play to signify the survivors relying on the Others and each other against outside threats. Six minutes in, my personal favorite action theme starts as the survivors encounter other dangerous groups on the island. 3:26 "Under the Knife" (Season 3) 3:42 "Under the Knife" (Season 3) 4:15 "Teaser Time" (Season 3) 5:32 "Fly By Dire" (Season 6) 5:44 "Teaser Time" (Season 3) 5:47 "The Sub Group" (Season 6) 6:22 "Dharma Disaster" (Season 5) 7:14 "The Hunt" (Season 2) 7:56 "Keamy Away From Him" (Season 4) 9:45 "LOST: Via Domus" (Video Game Soundtrack) [Chapter 3: Rescue - 11:35 - 16:01] Chapter 3 starts with a theme used for the Freighter science team during the show's fourth season. The main theme plays as the survivors escape the island and come back to it as Ajira 316 crashes. 11:35 "Benundrum" (Season 4) 12:08 "Crash and Yearn" (Season 5) 13:58 "Bobbing For Freighters" (Season 4) 14:46 "Bobbing For Freighters" (Season 4) [Chapter 4: "I want to go home" - 16:01 - 21:52] At the beginning of chapter 4, we hear the Man In Black's (Smoke Monster) theme, followed by the Temple theme, two Smoke Monster's motifs and various versions of Locke's original theme. 16:01 "Richard the Floored" (Season 6) 16:35 "The Rocket's Red Glare" (Season 6) 17:37 "Coffin Calamity" (Season 6) 17:59 "Sub-Primed" (Season 6) 18:44 "Sundown" (Season 6) 19:35 "Sub-Primed" (Season 6) 20:46 "SS Lost-Tanic" (Season 6) [Chapter 5: The End - 21:52 - 25:17] As the "Endgame" theme ends, we head to the music that plays as Frank Lapidus attempts to escape the island with the Ajira plane. The show's main theme plays again, followed by another version of the Smoke Monster motif as Jack and the Man In Black fight on the cliffs. The compilation ends with versions of the "Heart of the island" theme, "Endgame" theme and "Rescue" theme (aka "Parting Words"). 21:52 "The Hole Shabang" (Season 6) 22:29 "If A Tree Falls" (Season 6) 22:41 "Locke v Jack" (Season 6) 23:46 "The Hole Shabang" (Season 6)
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LOST - Exploring & Travelling Theme
A compilation of the Exploring and Travelling themes from the television soundtracks of Lost composed by Michael Giacchino. Tracks used - Juliet is Lost, Mapquest, An Other Dark Agenda, Hollywood and Vines, Timecrunch, Nadia On Your Life. LOST is a show which thrives off adventure and the idea of delving deep into the unknown. Giacchino very skilfully reflects this in the soundscape of the music giving a sense of epic proportions on the island - that the place is uniquely special. In addition, as the survivors battle against the odds which the island offers up for them, a travelling theme is born in which their journeys across the island are transformed into grand quests, almost heroic in nature. Heard more frequently as the show gathers with pace, this theme helps in doing so, as it gallops triumphantly towards a show-stopping ending. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Thanks for watching! I really hope you liked this video. For the latest from me: Please check out my "Beauty and the Beast (2017) Movie Review" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwBYXzPqXNI -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Hollywood & Vines
Do i really need to explain...?
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LOST Season 1 Soundtrack - #6 Hollywood And Vines
#6 Hollywood And Vines
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Lost 1 Season Soundtrack - Hollywood and Vines
Lost 1 Season Soundtrack - Hollywood and Vines
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Benjamin Kovacs- LOST - Hollywood and Vines piano+cello cover
Benjamin Kovacs- LOST - Hollywood and Vines piano+cello cover Music Composed by : Michael Giacchino
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Hollywood & Vines
Thank you guys so so much for subbing to this channel! This video is dedicated to you! This music is from my favorite show LOST. It's used in the show every time something really epic is going to happen. Sooo, I used it to show some of the most epic scenes in all of the movies I vid to. Oh! And there's a new fandom in there too that I hope to start vidding to soon. It's called 'Kate & Leopold'. If you haven't seen it yet watch it! You won't be disappointed. Song: Hollywood & Vines (LOST Season 1 Soundtrack) Artist: Michael Giacchino Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy Sweeney Todd Batman Returns Kate & Leopold
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how to play hollywood and vines on keyboard
song from the hit tv show LOST by micheal giacchino hope you enjoy
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Lost Season 1 - 06 - Hollywood and Vines
Album - Lost Season 1 (Original Television Soundtrack) Artist - Michael Giacchino Song - Hollywood and Vines (Hollywood y Vinos).
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Lost Orchestral Cover [There is not Place Like Home - HollyWood and Vines]
This is an instrumental cover of Michael Giacchino's Lost Theme. I created it in FL Studio 12, with various plugins likeGame Of Thrones. L'ho creata in FL Studio 12, con vari Plugin come Kontakt e Sforzando. Kontakt and Sforzando. I hope you enjoy Follow me on SoundCloud too ------------------------- Questa è una cover strumentale del Tema di Lost, scritto dal compositore Michael Giacchino Spero vi piaccia Seguimi anche SoundCloud
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Lost Season I OST - 05 Hollywood And Vines (HQ)
5. Track of the Official Soundtrack from the first Lost Season called "Hollywood And Vines" Written and composed by Michael Giacchino Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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LOST Season 1 Trailer
The show is over but I will never forget it. I decided to make a trailer for every season. So here is season 1: the beginning of all goodness. Music: LOST Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino: 1.The Eyeland 2. Hollywood And Vines 3. World's Worst Beach Party I own nothing! All copyrights belong to ABC.
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Lost Music 6-Hollywood and Vines
Hope you can't hear the screaams in the background.
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LOST-Hollywood and Vines Cover
A quick version of Hollywood & Vines by Michael Giacchino from ABC's LOST season one. The track was made using FL Studio 9, and other select VSTs. I made this partly because I wanted to figure it out, and partly as a self advertisement. If you are an Independent Film Maker and are looking for a composer to score your short or feature length film at a very reasonable price. Please contact me at the links within the video, or even on here.
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Hollywood And Vines RMX
Remix a caso del brano Hollywood And Vines, colonna sonora di Lost
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LOST for piano - Hollywood And Vines
This is part of my collection of LOST piano arrangements. Suitable for intermediate players and up. Sheet music: http://www.box.net/shared/dtv46p4869
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LOST | Season 1 Soundtrack - 06. Hollywood And Vines
Season 1 Soundtrack Playlist - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLasmDVU5A-b6-qOZ5iB_3zT5nGnGviStM
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Lost - hollywood and vines by me
I made this song in Cubase a time ago. I'am a huge Lost fan and i love all songs in Lost made by the great Michael Giacchino and Hollywood and Vines is my absolute favourite :)
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Lost - Hollywood And Vines
From Lost Season 1 Soundtrack.
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Lost: Hollywood and Vines (8-bit)
'Hollywood and Vines' from the Lost Season 1 soundtrack, sequenced in a famicom tracker for 8-bit goodness.
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Hollywood and Vines - Francesco Totti
The great skill of the captain Francesco Totti. Music by Michael Giacchino (Lost soundtrack). Le magie del capitano Francesco Totti, musica di Michael Giacchino (colonna sonora di Lost).
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The Last of Us - Fan Trailer - (Hollywood and Vines)
Song - Hollywood and Vines Composer - Michael Giacchino Show - LOST Follow me on Twitter: @CrumperGaming
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LOST - Hollywood & Vines (piano cover)
One of the best theme from TV serial LOST, composed by Michael Giacchino
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Hollywood and Vines - LOST
Made with FL Studio 12.4
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Medleywood and Vines (version 2)
This is an updated version of my Medleywood and Vines video, now including the tracks from "LOST: The Last Episodes". A mix of one of my favorite tunes from LOST: Hollywood and Vines a.k.a. the travelling and exploring theme, first used in the Pilot episode when they went on the hike with the tranceiver. I love this tune in all of Michael Giacchino's re-imaginings of it. Tracks used are: 1. Kate Makes A Splash 2. Flying High 3. Nadia On Your Life 4. The Good Shepherd 5. The Only Pebble in the Jungle 6. Early Mourning Mystery 7. Just What the Doctor Ordered 8. An Other Dark Agenda 9. Sawyer Jones and the Temple of Boom 10. Timecrunch 11. JACK FM 12. The Stick With Me Speech 13. Fly By Dire 14. Hollywood and Vines
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Hollywood and Vines Lost cover
Hollywood and vines garageband cover- originaly by michael gianccino from the Lost soundrack
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LOST: Exploring & Travelling Theme
A compilation of the Exploring and Travelling themes from the television soundtracks of Lost composed by Michael Giacchino. Tracks used - Juliet is Lost, Mapquest, An Other Dark Agenda, Hollywood and Vines, Timecrunch, Nadia On Your Life. LOST is a show which thrives off adventure and the idea of delving deep into the unknown. Giacchino very skilfully reflects this in the soundscape of the music giving a sense of epic proportions on the island - that the place is uniquely special. Agradecimientos a Sam Cox
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Waking in Mundy Park
Mundy Park an amazing walk. music is Hollywood + Vines by Micheal Giacchino.
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Hollywood and Vines/marching theme 9/22/16
Sept 22 2016 - We Have To Go Back LOST concert
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Lost - Hollywood and Vines
That's a song from lost, Hollywood and Vines, that song was stuck on my head so many days... Hope you'll like it! Thanks a lot! All sounds from GarageBand. Rate and comment! Program used: Garageband for Mac OS X 10.4.11
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Michael Giacchino - Lost (DaTiVs H'n'V Remix)
May contain spoilers! This is a lost remix by DaTiV, using samples from "Hollywood and Vines", appearing on the "Lost Season 1" official Soundtrack by Michael Giacchino. If you want to download this track, contact me! Please visit my Channel for more music! :)
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Lost third season
hollywood and wine by micheal giacchino and scenes from lost tv series
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Lost - Hollywood and Vines
Composed by Michael Giacchino.
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Hollywood And Vine - Shadow Of Myself
brand new Hollywood And Vine video!
Hollywood And Vines (Lost Soundtrack)
Lost Soundtrack Hollywood And Vines
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Piano - Music From Lost (Part 1)
With the final season of LOST having started, I thought I should share my love for the musical score, composed by Michael Giacchino. With music auditions around the corner I couldn't really practice up the LOST music, so there's the odd mistake (and bad form :P). This is the first of more LOST piano performances by me to come. It spans a few different themes found mostly in season 1. The first bit is similar to "Navel Gazing" on the soundtrack. After that comes a bit of the "Hollywood and Vines" theme, and the second half of the performance is based off "Hurley's Handouts" from the season 2 soundtrack. Wish I had better audio quality... Enjoy! :)
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Lost Filming Location Tours Compilation
Here's a little video I put together using footage taken during the Lost Filming Locations Tours during our trip to Oahu for Lost 214. Music: Main Title by Michael Giacchino Hollywood & Vines by Michael Giacchino Moving On by Michael Giacchino Parting Words by Michael Giacchino Downtown by Petula Clark
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Cat Piano Hollywood & Vines
The Popular Lost Theme...sung by Cats
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