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Oracle DBA Justin - How to restore and recover a differential incremental Oracle database backup
How to restore and recover a differential incremental Oracle database backup
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Oracle DBA Justin - How to reset the log sequence number in an Oracle database
How to reset the log sequence number in an Oracle database
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RMAN Recovery Scenarios Session - 4
Recently i took RMAN sessions to some group of people and as a part of it i explained various scenarios of rman restore and recovery operation. I tried to record the video for the purpose of the people who follow my blog. In this present session we will see various recovery scenarios mentioned below. 1) Complete database restore and recovery 2) Loss of System Datafile 3) Non-System datafile ( closed and Open ) 4) Restoring a tablespace ( closed and Open ) 5) Restoring a datafile if no backups 6) Restoring a datafile to different location 7) Restoring controlfile 8) restoring spfile 9) Restoring online redologs 10) Restoring temporary datafiles 11) Incomplete Recovery ( time based , Change based and SCN based ) 12) Recovering archived logs The following video demo gives you detailed explanation of each scenario and how to restore and recover under different scenarios. Setup: ===== Let me explain you the environment used for this practice. I am using a database with ORACLE_SID=orcl as my database for testing all the different scenarios mentioned above. I am using a recovery catalog for my rman configuration and its details are ORACLE_SID=rmandb and schema used for rman catalog data is rman and the tns alias to connect to catalog database is rmandb. I have both my databases orcl and rmandb in archive log mode and i also have backup for my database orcl. For all my restore and recover operations i am using the following syntax to connect to target database and catalog database. rman target / catalog rman/*******@rmandb
PICK A CARD 🌜 YOUR PAST LIFE ~ Who You Were, Karmic Lessons & What You Need To Do READING !!
Divine Guidance from Spirit about WHO YOU WERE IN YOUR PAST LIFE........PICK A CARD.........Karmic Lessons, Zodiac Sign, What You Need To Next for Incarnation - USE THIS READING TO HELP YOURSELF MOVE FORWARD DON'T CLICK THIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVdDSOU7sD8&t=2072s Comment what number/s you picked below! Skip ahead to the group/s you resonate with: Group #1 2:46 Group #2 15:03 Group #3 23:40 Group #4 31:06 Group #5 37:51 Group #6 43:48 Hi, this is Beth and I am a Psychic Medium, Spellworker and Intuitive Reader. I wanted to share with you on this channel the messages that I intuitively receive from The Divine to help you with healing and spiritual awakening. Blessed Be!⭐⭐⭐ Instagram - @blesseddivinebeth Facebook Business - www.facebook.com/BlessedDivineBeth/ ___________________________________ email @ [email protected] _______________________________ Services can be found here: www.facebook.com/BlessedDivineBeth/services 🌺 Mediumship Readings 💕 Spirit Guide Readings ☄️ Where You Are In Life Readings 🌱 Goal Reflection Readings 📚 Education Readings 🐶 Animal/Pet Readings 👶🏻 Pregnancy & Paternity Readings 🚭 Health Readings ⚖️ Legal Matter Readings 💰 Finance Readings 🔮 Career Readings ❤️ Love and Relationship Readings ☢️ Genealogy Readings & More....!! ____________________________________ Want Daily, Weekly or Monthly readings from me? Join a Tier! Patreon: www.Patreon.com/BlessedDivineBeth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If wishing to Donate to this channel visit the PayPal link down below.♡😊♡ https://www.paypal.me/ostarasense ✡ DECKS USED IN THIS VIDEO ✡ - Spirit Messages Oracle Deck by John Holland - Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Deck by John Holland - Rider Waite Tarot Cards - Moonology Oracle Deck - Mythic Oracle Cards - Art of Love Tarot Deck by Toni Carmine Salerno ......... No refunds....you will always get a reading and I will let you know when it is coming. 💕Thank You💕 Tags: #Tarot #Psychic #PickACard #Astrology #PickACardReading #Relationships #Oracle #TarotReading #PastLife - Don't Worry About These: pick a card reading, pick a card yes or no, pick a card tarot, pick a card reading love, pick a card trick, pick a card game, pick a card reading career, pick a card tarot reading, pick a card reading ex, pick a card will we be together, pick a card, pick a card love, pick a card career, pick a card crush, pick a card trick, pick a card future pick a card ex, pick a card money, pick a card job, pick a card 2019, pick a card any card, pick a card alice, pick a card advice, pick a card am i pregnant, pick a card aquarius, pick a card angel, pick a card attraction, pick a card aries, pick a card are they my twin flame, pick a card abundance, pick a card baby, pick a card boss pick a card beauty, pick a card best friend, pick a card blockage pick a card block, pick a card body, pick a card break up, pick a card birthday, pick a card black magic, pick a card career, pick a card crush, pick a card cancer, pick a card career reading, pick a card clarity, pick a card card trick, pick a card child, pick a card celeb, pick a card change, pick a card choice, pick a card dream, pick a card does he miss me, pick a card does he love me, pick a card date, pick a card do they miss me, pick a card december, pick a card do they regret, pick a card do they love me pick a card decision, pick a card death, pick a card ex, pick a card ex reading, pick a card end of 2018, pick a card exam, pick a card envy, pick a card enemies, pick a card end, pick a card ex regret, pick a card end of year, pick a card energy, pick a card future, pick a card friend, pick a card family, pick a card feel, pick a card fantasy, pick a card famous, pick a card future love, pick a card game, pick a card first kiss, pick a card finances, pick a card gemini, pick a card game, pick a card gemstone tarot, pick a card guardian angel pick a card gift, pick a card general, pick a card ghosting, pick a card guide, pick a card goals, pick a card girlfriend, pick a card health, pick a card husband, pick a card healing, pick a card halloween, pick a card how do they feel about me, pick a card have i met my twin flame, pick a card hiding, pick a card how do they see you, pick a card how is he feeling, pick a card how, pick a card is it over, pick a card is he the one, pick a card intentions, pick a card intuition, pick a card is he a player, pick a card is he, pick a card is this the one, pick a card is this love, pick a card is he missing me pick a card interested, pick a card job, pick a card job search, pick a card jj, pick a card job offer, pick a card journey to marriage, pick a card job career, pick a card journey, pick a card job reading, pick a card justice, pick a card jealous, pick a card karma, pick a card kids
Past Life Oracle Cards & Guidebook by Doreen Virtue and Dr. Brian Weiss
These special cards were created by past life regression expert, Dr. Brian Weiss and angel card expert, Doreen Virtue to help you remember your past lives so you can release issues, problems and symptoms that are afflicting pain today. These beautiful cards include images that are reminiscent of how your mind memories works so you can easily retrieve the information you need to heal. This card deck is useful for anyone who struggles with a recurrent illness, symptom or problem and who is ready to release the past pain for good. Get your deck today at http://www.hayhouse.com/past-life-oracle-cards.
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Freeing Ourselves from the Matrix & the Re-Incarnation Cycle
There may infinite ways to get there, but there is One exit door to the matrix... The Door is your Heart, and the Key is Love! We have always had the power to be FREE! By understanding the big picture of how and why we are here, we can free ourselves from illusory trappings that bind us to this plane. When we RE-Member and RE-Unite with our TRUE ESSENCE we can fulfill our collective mission of clearing this realm of all Illusion and taking down the matrix for good! This also helps us on or path to knowing what we individually came here to accomplish. This is the End Game... For more information on how to free yourself from the matrix check out the End Game Series... in playlists on this channel Music By: Puddle of Infinity and Wahneta Meixsell
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The Women's Meditation Tradition in Tibet
Google Tech Talk June 11, 2010 ABSTRACT Presented by The Venerable Wangdrak Rinpoche. The Venerable Wangdrak Rinpoche is a native Tibetan and overseer of Gebchak Gonpa, which is the largest Buddhist nunnery in Tibet. Rinpoche will be speaking about the cultural and spiritual role of women meditators in a tradition that is typically very male-identified. His talk will reveal the rich cultural heritage and important role women play in Tibetan Buddhism and culture. Wangdrak Rinpoche the third is the reincarnation of Wangdrak Dorje. Along with the Gonpa's founder, Tsangyang Gyamtso, Wangdrak Dorje was instrumental in building Gebchak and was renowned for his total mastery of profound yogas and meditation. The present incarnation holds the Khenpo degree in Buddhist philosophy, and has received a remarkably broad training in the almost all of the traditions. His Holiness Sakya Trizin formally recognized Rinpoche as the reincarnation of Gebchak Gonpa’s Wangdrak Dorje, with an extraordinarily clear prediction letter describing his name, his parents' names, the place and year of his birth, and a unique birthmark on his back. This prediction letter was issued in accordance with the signs he received in meditation. Every detail in the letter proved to be correct. This recognition was also verified by His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa, the head of The Drukpa Lineage, and His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche.At the age of nine he entered Chodrak Gonpa, a monastery of the Karma Kagyu and Barom Kagyu traditions, where he received the traditional training in all ritual practices. At the remote hilltop retreat place of Trachok Gon, he received the experiential instructions from Trachok Karma Tseten, the most renowned Karma Kagyu Dzogchen and Mahamudra lama in the vast provinces of Eastern Tibet. There Rinpoche spent three years in isolated meditation retreat, gaining experience and realization of the instructions he'd received. Dzongsar College in Derge is where Rinpoche undertook his formal studies in Buddhist philosophy and scripture, and is well-known as the best college in all of Tibet for non-sectarian scriptural study. Rinpoche undertook the entire nine-year course, consistently placing first to third in his class and graduating with the Khenpo degree. From the highly respected Drukpa Kagyu lama Adeu Rinpoche, Wangdrak Rinpoche received all the transmissions of the Gebchak lineage. Rinpoche has been fortunate to receive many great empowerments, from many great lamas. His teachers include Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok, His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche, the late Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche, Dzongsar Khyentse, and others. When he had completed his studies, Rinpoche returned to Chodrak Gonpa to teach Buddhist philosophy for three years. After moving to teach at a branch gonpa in Nepal, Rinpoche was repeatedly requested by Tsoknyi Rinpoche and the Gebchak nuns to accept formal responsibility for the spiritual and material well-being of Gebchak Gonpa. Along with caring for his students from all over the globe, this is the end to which he continually works. For more information about Wangdrak Rinpoche and his activities, please visit Rinpoche's official website: www.gebchakgonpa.org
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Virgo - LOVE YOUR INCARNATION- November 2018
EXTENDED VIRGO: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/nov2018/298924853 ALL 12 SIGNS EXTENDED: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/nov2018 Schedule Your Reading: http://karleen.love/schedule MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (Exclusive Goodies and support my channel for $5.99 per month): https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=12904507&action=addCart&clear=1&id=559613 Need instant answers? Text me on INSTANTGO: http://www.instantgo.com/azulei 🌿🌼Join DOTERRA with me Wholesale Essential Oils and SAVE! Click here to sign up as a WELLNESS ADVOCATE (choose that option please, or connect with me prior to signing up!) https://www.mydoterra.com/karleenlove/#/🌼🌿 Join me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karleendotlove Join me on IG! : https://www.instagram.com/karleen_love/ ------------------------------------------------ ✨ Subscribe for Tarot Readings with FREE ANSWERS FOR SHORT PERSONAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED/LIVE READINGS with International Psychic Medium/Energy Reader Karleen Love! 👼🏽👸🏼🤴🏽👩🏾💐✨ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Wish to Donate to this CHANNEL? Here: http://www.paypal.me/karleenlove --------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐉 Don't know your sun, moon or rising? Calculate for free here (make sure your birth time is correct): http://astro.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- Are you a company interested in collaborating with me? Contact me: http://www.karleen.love/contact/ Thanks so much for watching! ♥ Keywords: psychic, intuitive, intuition, sacred, space, healing, energy, energetic, boundaries, love, hope, faith, soul, mates, realtionships, card, tarot, oracle, reading, guidance, intention, ray, light, crystal, channelling, channel, medium, mediumship, genuine, real, live, empath, empathy, feelings, feeling, emotions, health, emotional, thoughts, power, meditation, insights, spiritual, spirituality, new age, astrology, tarot reader, tarot reading,
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Book Review: Ogam, The Celtic Oracle of the Trees by Paul Rhys Mountfort
This is such a wonderful book and has been very helpful in learning to use Ogam (also spelled as Ogham), a celtic rune/tree form of divination! I'd love to hear about anyone else's journey with Ogam in the comments below. I also do more book reviews on GoodReads, should you be interested (link below). My Ogam set at WytchenWood: http://tinyurl.com/kxkh3ll ......................................................................................................... Blog: http://www.EsotericMoment.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/EsotericMoment Instagram: http://instagram.com/esotericmoment/ Tumblr: http://esotericmoment.tumblr.com/ Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/33733698-danni
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Hypnosis for Past Life Regression
Download this track: https://michael-sealey.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=95726&method_id=100423 My iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/michael-sealey/id921827456 CD Baby tracks: https://store.cdbaby.com/Artist/MichaelSealey Subscribe for more hypnosis: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MichaelSealey Popular Playlists: 7 Day Self Hypnosis Personal Transformation Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP_G2Tu_XPdT3I7M_My4HEI2 Sleep Hypnosis: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP_Po7RGMHFJ4kNbavmHhYhJ Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP8M3iWPQtEl9fOZfvLOjxnK ......................... Is reincarnation possible? Have you previously lived a past life? Can you re-experience memories from a different time, or from a different soul? Find out for yourself with this one hour guided hypnosis induction, wherein you can positively experience the subconscious mind phenomenon of past life regression. Discover what powerful and important messages your deeper mind has in store for your current life's awareness. Relax as you listen and allow yourself to transcend your conscious waking thoughts to go deeper and beyond ... Whether you believe in literal past lives, or just the incredible power of your own creative imagination, this trance session meditation can bring important understandings released from your own self identity. Deeper insight may allow you to move forwards in your current life with renewed motivation, integration, happiness and peace. Hypnotherapy such as this has been written about by the psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, and others. May your life be positive and full of freedom. ______ This is a guided hypnosis session for deep relaxation, designed to enable an experiential communication between your conscious and subconscious or unconscious mind. A higher level of personal congruency can be realised when we are able to listen to our deeper truth. You may find the answers to many ongoing personal problems and issues, if you simply take the time to ask your inner self for a new direction. Do not listen to this recording whilst driving or operating machinery. Suitable for day time listening, or for hypnotic induction relaxation before sleep. This recording is in no way a replacement for any prescribed medication; nor is it intended to contraindicate or supersede any medically diagnosed conditions. The author accepts no responsibility or liability for use of this material. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. The power for positive change resides within your own mind. If you choose to accept the suggestions presented in this session, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are the one safely in control of your own positive results. This channel uses positive voice suggestions, often accompanied with calm images, background sounds and meditation music, to allow you your very best state of relaxation, inner change, to remove negative blocks, and to create self guided healing therapy; with techniques from the fields of hypnotherapy, modern psychotherapy, trance work, guided relaxation, NLP, cognitive behavioural psychology, mindfulness meditation, and ASMR. Peace & Enjoy P.S. Please LINK & SHARE this video with those who you think might benefit from positive hypnosis and guided meditation. Thank you. DOWNLOADABLE MP3 AUDIO COLLECTIONS: 5 Hypnosis Sessions Collection MP3s: https://michael-sealey.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=77324&method_id=80294 *New* ~ Sleep Hypnosis Ultimate Special Collection 5 x MP3s https://michael-sealey.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=99374&method_id=104471 More positive Playlists & Video Sessions for your consideration: General Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP_I3ALG2Zl_LcR53um6zSyu All Guided Meditations: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP8Co6HAHWqYCrE5xQyA1u62 Hypnosis for Bedtime Sleep & Insomnia: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP_Po7RGMHFJ4kNbavmHhYhJ Subconscious Confidence, Motivation, Self Esteem & Success: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP8PUMtzlu4P6br5Rzb2hx79 Guided Self Healing & Positive Energy: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP8Cwlg0Frc7NiFHPl9B50YV Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP8M3iWPQtEl9fOZfvLOjxnK Astral Travel & Astral Projection: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP97AatRUEsk99H3TJAj7QbL Hypnosis for Brain Power & Improved Self Mind Control: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP8zNHZiQ6z_Ymtqy1HO1ka- Hypnosis with Binaural Beats & Brainwaves Music: ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GI5yDfkv4a4 Hypnosis for Higher Self & Spirit Guide: ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLO9OtUmChpP_TulTkpff6oRzJiRhbz2L1 _____ Original footage and photography by Michael Sealey © 2014
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Incarnation Inc
Incarnation Inc is an expert in creating centralized database, inventory handling, spend analysis, supplier data management and all kinds data management services to enrich your business. Enterprise solutions provide a Focused Model for all data and processes of an organization. It incorporates all aspects of a business from planning to inventory control, manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, customer service and human resources. A significant part of our services portfolio is our customized ERP solutions. At incarnation Inc, we provide cost effective enterprise solutions that are developed and Tailored according to our client requirements and their areas of operation. Our Domain expertise will evaluate every detail and thoroughly assess each option that they draw for your organization. Our enterprise solutions enable the integration of all business activities of an organization thereby improving operational efficiency Incarnation Inc's Specialties: Classification services, In-house proprietary schema of manufacturer/ supplier in the domain of MRO, Life Science, Healthcare Chemicals, IT and Office Supplies, Global standard schema such as UNSPSC, [email protected], NAICS, MESC, NIGP and SMD etc
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[Dragon Project] 10,000+ Gems on Earth Incarnation Comeback Series (Part 2)
Earth Incarnation is back!! And this time along with Fire Stance!!! Literally what a time to be alive! Jk, these passives are incredible and for them to be bundle together is even better!! Midway through, my recording likes to become dumb and mute the game sound so I replaced it with Halloween lobby soundtrack. Hope y'all don't mind la If you are low on gems, I suggest deciding what’s best for you. If you don’t have much sets or not a whale, pulling this may not be a good idea. If you need help deciding, feel free to drop a comment and I’ll get back to you. Be sure to also include what sets you currently have, magi, and your goal in this game, and whether or not you’re a f2p, dolphin, or whale. This is so it helps me understand better to help you better. #algor #earthincarnation #dragonproject
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How the Dalai Lama is Chosen
→Subscribe for new videos every day! http://bit.ly/todayifoundoutsubscribe →Why Do Superheroes Wear Their Underwear on the Outside?: http://bit.ly/1Ow7J0K Never run out of things to say at the water cooler with TodayIFoundOut! Brand new videos 7 days a week! More from TodayIFoundOut The Coming Banana Apocalypse http://bit.ly/1MmOrvw Why Does the Moon Look Bigger on the Horizon? http://bit.ly/1VzINdn In this video: Have you ever wondered how the Dalai Lama becomes the Dalai Lama? Well, wonder no more. For starters, it should be noted that the Dalai Lama is not technically considered to be chosen; rather, he is found. But to understand how it works, you first have to learn the basics of Tibetan Buddhism and its belief in reincarnation. Want the text version?: http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2013/04/how-the-dalai-lama-is-chosen/ Sources: http://www.berzinarchives.com/web/en/archives/study/comparison_buddhist_traditions/tibetan_traditions/bon_tibetan_buddhism.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/religions/buddhism/people/dalailama_1.shtml http://www.pbs.org/pov/myreincarnation/incarnation-excerpt-three-types-of-tulkus.php http://www.freetibet.org/about/introduction-to-tibet http://www.himalayaninstitute.org/yoga-international-magazine/philosophy-articles/reincarnation-and-rebirth/ http://ayangrinpoche.org/an-introduction-to-phowa/ http://nechung.org/oracle/about.php http://www.dalailama.com/biography/a-brief-biography http://www.holybooks.com/the-tibetan-book-of-the-dead-2/ http://www.kheper.net/topics/Buddhism/Vajrayana.htm Image Credit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/55/Dalailama1_20121014_4639.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/Dalai_Lama_1430_Luca_Galuzzi_2007crop.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/87/Nadishodhana_Pranayama_-_International_Day_of_Yoga_Celebration_-_NCSM_-_Kolkata_2015-06-21_7439.JPG http://resources.tsemtulku.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/3/files/buddhas-and-bodhisattvas/shakyamuni2008a.jpg http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41rPwXaJ2hL._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg http://meditation-portal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/dalay-lama.jpg http://tibetantrekking.com/wp-content/uploads/Trek-3934.jpg http://www.drukpa.com/images/announcements/140305-phowa/amitabha.jpg http://dharmaeye.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/sacred_23.jpg http://media2.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2014_17/372356/140421-everest-sherpa-funeral-cremation-830a_0910da8f3be266305f81d41d678611e2.nbcnews-fp-1200-800.jpg https://diogenesii.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/the-dalai-lama-as-a-child-in-amdo-shorty-after-his-discovery-by-a-party-of-monks.jpg http://www.gomang.org/index_files/gomang_group2.jpg http://blogs.r.ftdata.co.uk/photo-diary/files/2013/05/monks.jpg http://www.tibetheritagefund.org/media/projects/ladakh/leh%20old%20town/leh_snow07_kr.jpg http://i0.wp.com/www.artzop.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/3-TENZIN-GYATSO.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_TVoqrYtpJEg/THuTDc4eEOI/AAAAAAAADFA/URotPmtCBs4/s1600/map2.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/c1/Tenzin_Gyatso_-_14th_Dalai_Lama_(14394636669).jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b3/Twenty-Five_Bodhisattvas_Descending_from_Heaven%2C_c._1300.jpg/498px-Twenty-Five_Bodhisattvas_Descending_from_Heaven%2C_c._1300.jpg http://treasuryoflives.org/uploads/person/12828/Dalai%20Lama%2002.jpg http://treasuryoflives.org/uploads/person/3085/80357.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/48/Altankhan.jpg/300px-Altankhan.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5d/Second_Dalai_Lama.jpg/640px-Second_Dalai_Lama.jpg https://40.media.tumblr.com/58009b617d876b812b3b45460d9c5e5d/tumblr_mmlbfjNDmR1sq7rn3o1_500.jpg
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❤🧡💛💚💙💜 Welcome to your General Collective Love Forecast for the 7th December 2018 👫💏👬👭 🌌Starseed Soul 👽🌌I am here to assist humanity to ascend and heal❤ 🔮Psychic and Energy Healer 🔮 I’m an Aries sun -Pisces cusp🐟🔥Scorpio Moon🦂 and Venus in Gemini🌓 If waiting for email- I will help you and get back to you please be patient with me❤🤗 🌺Personal Readings and Healings🌺 💌📥💌💌📥💌💌💌💌💌📥💌 please email me at [email protected] 🌟MY FACEBOOK PAGE for my reviews🌟 from past clients 🌟 Higher Self Healing with Chanel https://m.facebook.com/Chanelhealing/ 📧Document 📧 🧜‍♂️Quick One Question $10 🧜‍♀️Short Answer 500-1000 words $33 🧞‍♀️1200-2000 words $55 🧞‍♂️3500 words $99 👼3500+ $150 (allow 2 days to complete) 📞 SKYPE call 📞send me your location for time zone 🧚‍♂️30 minutes $55 🧚‍♀️1 hour $99 I don’t like to turn anyone away for money concerns with a reading or healing so please email me. 🌀Healing🌀 all via DISTANCE 🌟Clear Dark Energy Blockages $88(35-45 minute pre arranged session) 🌟Soul Contract Clearing $66 🌟DNA Activation sessions ^must clear dark blocks first 🌟General HEALING session 1 hour $99 Readings/Healings are done within up to 3 weeks of payment sent (time frame is its only from payment sent not email sent) Payments are made in AU currency only accepted through PayPal 😊 https://PayPal.me/ChanelBader 💥If this link doesn't work due to PayPal technical difficulties you can send payment to my email💥 Contact email above with questions and payment than email: [email protected] Donations are welcome and so appreaciated...thank you ❤️ Disclaimer: All my readings, videos and services are for entertainment purposes only and are not to be substituted for any advice from a qualified professional in the medical, legal or psychological fields for e.g. lawyers, counsellors, psychologists or doctors. Do not make drastic significant life changes or actions based on my videos and information shared. I do not own copyright of the card decks used. Card decks used The Faery Oracle by Lucy Cavendish Oracle of the Unicorns by Cordelia Francesca Brabbs The Lovers Oracle by Tony Carmine Salerno Black Moon Astrology by Susan Sheppard Spellcaster Tarot by melanie marquis All rights reserved to Chanel Bader Content ID Owner
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Dragon Project 10 Painful Incarnation Summons
Welp. That one hurt. Game - https://go.onelink.me/hAGb?pid=ife&c=roy
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Haara - Oracle - Fusion of the Five Elements - Michael Hedges Cover
Doing some cover of Michael Hedges composition , Oracle - Fusion of the Five Elements. Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/haaracinos Twitter : https://twitter.com/haaracinos Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/haaracinos
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Sadus - Swallowed in Black Full Album
Tracklist: 1. Black 0:00 2. Man Infestation 5:24 3. Last Abide 9:30 4. The Wake 11:47 5. In Your Face 16:08 6. Good Rid 'nz 17:11 7. False Incarnation 21:44 8. Images 26:20 9. Powers of Hate 30:45 10. Arise 34:25 11. Oracle of Obmission 40:43
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SailGP Global Racing League Unveiled At Spectacular London Launch
SailGP today set out to redefine sailing with the launch of its new global racing league: five grand prix events featuring six national teams on identical wingsailed F50s – the world’s fastest, most technologically advanced catamarans. Spearheaded by Larry Ellison and Sir Russell Coutts, in season one, SailGP will bring intensely competitive, high-speed inshore racing to fans in Sydney; San Francisco; New York; Cowes, U.K.; and Marseille, France, as world-class crews compete for the championship trophy and a $1 million prize. Kicking off in February 2019, SailGP’s inaugural season will feature teams representing six countries – Australia, China, France, Great Britain, Japan and the United States. Each five-person crew will race on identical 50-foot foiling catamarans. A new boat class, the F50 is a redesigned, supercharged incarnation of the exceptional AC50 used for the 35th America’s Cup last year. Twelve months in development at the hands of pioneering technicians and engineers at Core Builders Composites in New Zealand, the F50s are expected to break the 50-knot (60mph/100kph) barrier. -SailGP setting out to redefine sailing with thrilling new fan-centric grand prix racing circuit -International league to feature six national teams, visiting five iconic, inshore venues starting with Sydney in February 2019 -Teams will race identical wingsailed F50s – supercharged catamarans capable of breaking the 50-knot barrier -Season culminates with single, $1 million match-race final between top two teams
Book Recommendations
The Teachers and books I mention: Doreen Virture Darryl Anka (Bashar) - Contact Cards David Wilcock Lyssa Royale - Prism of Lyra & Oracle Cards Esther Hicks George Williamson - Secret Places of The lion Murray Hope Noel Huntley - ETs and Aliens Sylvia Browne John Edward Read stuff I wrote: http://moonbirdblog.com Work with me: http://gigiyoung.com Musique: "Funkorama" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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Moon in Libra/Scorpio Transit - OPEN-MINDED SEARCH FOR BEAUTY - Nov. 4-8, 2018-
Schedule Your Reading: http://karleen.love/schedule MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (Exclusive Goodies and support my channel for $5.99 per month): https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=12904507&action=addCart&clear=1&id=559613 Need instant answers? Text me on INSTANTGO: http://www.instantgo.com/azulei 🌿🌼Join DOTERRA with me Wholesale Essential Oils and SAVE! Click here to sign up as a WELLNESS ADVOCATE (choose that option please, or connect with me prior to signing up!) https://www.mydoterra.com/karleenlove/#/🌼🌿 Join me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karleendotlove Join me on IG! : https://www.instagram.com/karleen_love/ ------------------------------------------------ ✨ Subscribe for Tarot Readings with FREE ANSWERS FOR SHORT PERSONAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED/LIVE READINGS with International Psychic Medium/Energy Reader Karleen Love! 👼🏽👸🏼🤴🏽👩🏾💐✨ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Wish to Donate to this CHANNEL? Here: http://www.paypal.me/karleenlove --------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐉 Don't know your sun, moon or rising? Calculate for free here (make sure your birth time is correct): http://astro.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- Are you a company interested in collaborating with me? Contact me: http://www.karleen.love/contact/ Thanks so much for watching! ♥ Keywords: psychic, intuitive, intuition, sacred, space, healing, energy, energetic, boundaries, love, hope, faith, soul, mates, realtionships, card, tarot, oracle, reading, guidance, intention, ray, light, crystal, channelling, channel, medium, mediumship, genuine, real, live, empath, empathy, feelings, feeling, emotions, health, emotional, thoughts, power, meditation, insights, spiritual, spirituality, new age, astrology, tarot reader, tarot reading,
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How To Change Your Negative Thoughts & How To Manifest What You Want
*** How To Change Your Negative Thoughts & How To Manifest What You Want *** Kristina Olsson International Healer @ http://www.HealingDivinity.com Hi there my name is Kristina Olsson. I am a Spiritual Energy Healer, I received my gift of healing by opening my third eye in which I experienced a Kundalini Awakening. An experience that transformed my being by permanently opening up my etheric light body and allowing me to share the divine energy that channels through me. I work with removing blocks from past lives, ancestral lineage and karmic imprints that that limits your full expression in your current human incarnation. By removing blockages and transferring energy to your energetic body I help your body and soul to heal on a spiritual, physical and mental level. My aim is bring people back to their true self that radiates love and joy, where happiness is their permanent state of being. http://www.healingdivinity.com/lightb... So Much Love!
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Andrew Bartzis - Divine Feminine - Carrying Energetic Children and Connection to Earths Dreamtime...
3rd Divine Feminine Themed Video - Others linked Below (Energy Hygiene link below also) Andrew Bartzis Divine Feminine - Carrying Energetic Children, Sacred Feminine Lineages and Connection to Earths Dreamtime via Wombgate and Consciousness Spike Relationship Another Powerful information set from Andrew - Feminine Energy, Mother Earth, Source Streams and Peak Oracle Feminine Stream Source Lineages, Domination of Divinity Lineages to Force the Path of Earth, Sacred Feminine Wake up, Womb Connection to Earth Dreamtime, Wombgate access to Earth Dreamtime, Soul Incarnation and Energetic Experience Hosting before Incarnation, Soul Migrations and Efforts to Suppress via Archon Incarnation Grid, Temporary Energy Children, Various Cycles within and in the Universe, Consciousness Spike Negation and Energetic Hygiene and Emotional Awareness and much much more.....Enjoy Andrew Bartzis - Divine Feminine - The Invalid Menopause Concept Introduction 4900BC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGsnztBV2UA Andrew Bartzis - Divine Feminine - Womb Stargate Connection to the 13 Great Grandmothers of Earth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5xnLsYBPAE A group of videos relative to 'Energetic Hygiene' to master your SELF: http://www.servantoftruth.org/energy-hygiene.html My Website: http://www.servantoftruth.org
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Which Hindu Avatara Is An Incarnation Of Vishnu?
The concept of avatar or incarnation in hinduism hinduwebsite. The most traditional form of avatar within hinduism is the incarnations vishnu, preserver or sustainer aspect god trimurti hindu trinity first six avatars depicted by giulio ferrario, in 'il costume antico a vishnu centric view krishna, rama, and narasimha are joined 7 may 2001 other words, he continued to believe religion even as once buddha himself became an incarnation there was no. The buddha as an avatar of vishnu times india. That's why he was 16 jun 2011. Avatar what is an avatar? Anandaif gautam buddha considered avatar of lord vishnu, why aren't the avatara (divine descent) concept in hinduism children's corner stories ten avatars vishnu dashaavatara. Vishnu is said to descend in form of an avatar hinduism, means the a deity and usually refers incarnation god or his aspects such as vishnu on planet earth either man any remarkable liable be regarded more less perfect vishnu, consequence one worst features hinduism has been answer bodily. Dashavatara wikipediathe 10 avatars of the hindu god vishnu thoughtco. Most often associated with the god vishnu, one of members hindu great vishnu is preserver universe and upholds dharma. The ten avatars of vishnu. Avatars in ancient india crystalinks. Vishnu avatars incarnations hindu god vishnu overview. Dashavatara of lord vishnu 10 incarnations on earth. Dashavatara wikipedia dashavatara wikipedia en. The list of dashavatara varies across sects and regions. Googleusercontent search. In certain sects of hinduism, he is considered to be a divine incarnation lord vishnu. He was 22 jul 2014 according to bhavishya purana, jesus is reincarnation of one the greatest bhaktas lord vishnu known as dhruva rishi. Learn about the ten avatars and their significance in 2 jul 2013 others believe of vishnu that there are a set number many gods hinduism, only manifests this way dashavatara (sanskrit, da vat ra) refers to vishnu, hindu god preservation. The ten avatars of vishnu a guide patheos. Pictures of lord krishna, who some hindus consider to be a full incarnation (purna avatar) vishnu, stated arjuna in the bhagavad gita that you and i, arjuna, have passed avatarsvishnu centre his ten avatarshindus believe sometimes god will appear on earth living form gautama buddha is not an avatar vishnu! anyone east river indus ( name comes from hindu arabic via 26 jun 2015 one most prominent figures vaishnava teachings eighth visnu, krsna. Krishna is jesus an avatar of lord vishnu? Hinduism stack the ten avatars vishnu youtube. Wikipedia wiki dashavatara url? Q webcache. The standard list is as follows matsya, kurma, varaha, narasimha, vamana, parashurama, rama, krishna, buddha and kalki. Many hindus participate in celebrations these incarnations are termed as the 'avatars' of lord vishnu. Sometimes, krishna replaces vishnu as the source of all avatars and balarama takes krishna's place in list concept avatar within hinduism is most often associated with vish
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Libra Past Life & Life Purpose Oracle Reading July 2018
Hello welcome to my channel. My name is Cathy and I am a Psychic, Medium, Empath, Tarot Reader, Shaman & Reiki Master I am a Taurus (Rising), Taurus (Sun), Sagittarius (Moon) My fees for private readings are: 30 minute = $30.00 45 minute = $45.00 60 minute = $60.00 For private readings please call me @ 770-693-6883. (NOTE: I am on Eastern Standard time). Leave a message with your questions, concerns and parties involved (Names and DOB). Once payment is received I will schedule your reading. If you prefer a reading via email send information to: [email protected] My Paypal link is: www.paypal.me/psychicmediumcathy. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cate.hamilton.16 Visit my doTERRA Essentials Oils website: my.doterra.com/catherinelhamilton Please Like, Share & Subscribe the video. Thank you for your support! Peace & Blessings 2 U!
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Flame Series
Throw your enemies into a blazing fury of mayhem with Flame Incarnation, Vulcan's Fury, Falling Star, and Quad Aegis. Summon the Flame Series!
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VIRGO NOV 5-25 2018 Tarot/Oracle Reading
Hello Virgo, Thanks for stopping by! If you like this video. Please Like, Share and Subscriiiibe . Also, to know when new videos are put out. Click that bell baby! ;-) Divine Soul Connection - Soulmate/Twin Flame Reading. Click Link Below: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/virgodivinesoulconnectio The cards used for this video are as follows: The Romance Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue Postcards from Spirit by Colette Baron-Reid Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine Soul Coaching Oracle Cards by Denise Lynn Keepers Of The Light by Kyle Gray & Lily Moses Healing with The Angels Doreen Virtue The Rider Waite Tarot by Johannes Fiebig & Evelin Burger [email protected] For Legal Purposes: Disclaimer Please Read: I nor Youtube, or whatever platform you use to view this video. Are not responsible for the choices and or situations that happen in your life. You have free will when making decisions. Please, use your own intuition.
Summer Solstice Los Angeles Divination Workshop: Goddess Oracle Card Brunch
I'll be hosting an Oracle Card Goddess Brunch in Redondo Beach, CA on this year's Summer Solstice - June 21, 2014. Find out more and register here: http://www.charismelina.com/summer-solstice-oracle-brunch.html Life Purpose Class, beginning 6/15/14: http://www.charismelina.com/life-purpose.html Teen Goddess Class, beginning 8/1/14: http://www.charismelina.com/teen-goddess.html Learning Tarot Together (ongoing class): http://www.charismelina.com/learn-tarot-together.html Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/charismelina Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/charismb Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/charismelinabrown
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Twin Flames 💫🌹💕❤️LISTEN TO YOUR HEART - it’s REAL - LETTER 103 🌹💕❤️❤️
Recommendations: In the name of love https://youtu.be/LHcP4MWABGY Waterfall - Stone Roses https://youtu.be/dgK21zCLdf8 I wanna be adored https://youtu.be/WuSYZsyLzBk Pocahontas - listen with your heart https://youtu.be/sm0uR81AZhA Hungry Eyes https://youtu.be/6oKUTOLSeMM Shallow - A star is born https://youtu.be/bo_efYhYU2A A star is born trailer https://youtu.be/iPxGl3B2I4A Dolores Cannon https://youtu.be/1fvrQT0_4lY David Bowie Black Star 💫 https://youtu.be/kszLwBaC4Sw Channelled letter $10 https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/10.00 Healing or reading SPECIAL $20 https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/20.00 Divine Love Letter Books 1 & 2 & 3 (the glory of love) & A Little Book of Divine Love Mantras & Magic Mantras on Amazon Paperback & eBook by Bella Tinks https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_11?k=bella+tinks&sprefix=bella+tinks&crid=U4627DMRHPCV Channelled letter $10 https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/10.00 Healing /Reading https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/33.00 11:11 Gateway Video & Ceremony https://www.paypal.me/trimboy/3.00 #Growtheflame on Insta........ Follow me on Insta for daily Love Letter posts from the Divine Collective Instagram - Divinelovecrystalgrid #Growtheflame Facebook/forestloverscrystalgrid A message from your Divine Counterpart $10 via email - I will ask what do they want to tell you for your highest good  https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/10.00 Healing/Readings 3 for 2 Special Offer https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/66.00 Divine Love Healing - I connect to your energies and see everything like a film, I give you a write up of what I see, any songs that come through and any guidance that I receive for you - you receive an email - it’s £33/$43 per session - I also do packages https://youtu.be/e3lix_NHrIY you can get additional sessions free e.g. Buy 2 get 3  To purchase healings/readings - all payments via paypal: https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/ To buy packages - see below Energy Reading - I use Sandra Anne Taylor Energy Deck and Golden Path Guidance cards - you receive a video of where your energies are at and guidance to help keep you on your golden path to union. £33/$43 per session - packages Buy 2 get 3  Your Story Reading - I use the Wisdom of the Oracle Deck covering 8 questions that gives you a “Your Story” read with guidance from the Universe on what you need to know to help you into your union £33/$43 per session - package Buy 2 get 3  Your Story Video example - https://youtu.be/NwHuAD00DLE For people that come to me for the first time, I would recommend the 3 for 2 offer so you can receive, a healing, an energy read & a “Your Story” read - it gives you a complete picture of where you are in your union. Packages for Healings/Readings - Buy 2 get 3 £66/$86, Buy 3 get 4 £99/$129, Buy 4 get 5 £132/$172, Buy 5 get 6 £165/$215, Buy 6 get 7 £198/$258 Buy 7 get 10 - MAGIC 7 - 3 free £231/$301 To buy a Package https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/ Crystal Grid Membership:  I have been guided to set up a Divine Love crystal grid using Holy Fire Reiki to send out unconditional love to raise the planet in Love & Light. It is for divine partners to harmonise their energies, I do a weekly distance Holy Fire Reiki healing using the grid which sends out a high love vibration to you, your twin, all divine partners and in turn the planet. If you would like to join, please send me your name, your divine partner’s name and your address - I will send you a piece of rose quartz which is infused with the energies of the grid, if you meditate over it with the intent to send unconditional love to your twin, the grid and out to raise Love & Light.   To join the Crystal grid & receive a photo of the grid is £5.00 - send email with names/initials https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/5.00    To receive the group healing & rose quartz and join the grid is £11.11 + postage - links to pay below   Please send me your names/postal address to: [email protected]   U.K. Is £12.22 with postage - please click on the link to pay  https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/12.22   Outside of UK is £14.44  https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy/14.44   PLEASE ENSURE CURRENCY IS IN GBP 😀  I hope this message has helped you on your journey, if you would like to join the grid that would be AMAAAAZING - as the community grows, so does the strength of the grid.    If you find my messages helpful on your journey and you would like to donate to my channel to help set up a healing retreat then any donation is gratefully received 🌹🌠❤️ https://www.paypal.me/Trimboy   Good luck to you and lots of love  Namaste x x x ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️X X X   ❤️our eyes are the windows to our soul and our hearts hold all the answers ❤️ No copyright intended, Any Music, films, photos or other content referenced is not owned by me, this is for entertainment purposes only
How to Read the Fool Card | Tarot Cards
Unlock the mysteries of Tarot: The Complete Guide to the Tarot: http://amzn.to/1Pj0Div The Tarot Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Cards: http://amzn.to/1LlxTzz Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: http://amzn.to/1hrj3zE The Essential Tarot Kit: Book and Card Set: http://amzn.to/1ZdkUu5 The Rider Tarot Deck Cards: http://amzn.to/1OmCOXQ Watch more How to Read Tarot Cards videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/515608-How-to-Read-the-Fool-Card-Tarot-Cards Hello, I’m Ellen Goldberg and welcome to a tarot moment from the School of Oracles.  In this segment we’re going to take a peek at the fool card.  The fool is the first card of the Major Arcana.  Its number is zero and that means that the zero, which is the ellipse of spirit, represents the no thing, which is one of the names of game.  When is something no-thing in particular, it also means it’s everything and the fool is everything and everywhere.  Therefore no matter what system you use and whether they place the fool at the beginning, the end or in the middle of the deck, they’re right because it is.  Spirit permeates everything and this is thecard that represents the presence of the Holy Spirit.  The fool is drawn as a young person and really rather androgynous, in fact many times they refer to is at the Holy Androgyne because spirit is neither masculine nor feminine or, we could say,both really. It’s young because spirit is always young.  You’ll notice in the card that there is arising sign behind…a sun behind it representing that the sun is also spirit and notice how the fool’s staff is in direct alignment with one of the rays of the sun.  The sun is rising in the east because spirit is not at its zenith, as soon as something’s at its zenith, then it starts to go downward and so they show in this card a young person a rising sun; the way spirit is forever fresh. In Kabbalah they believe that the world has not only been created by the divine, by God, but it is constantly being created.  The fool is represented or is allied with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. There are 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet and 22 major trumps and in Kabbalistic tarot, which is kind of what I’m talking about here, the meaning of the card draws so much of its meaning from the Hebrew letter and all of the associations that were given to that letter. This letter is Aleph, aleph is humble letter that actually has no real sound.  Its sound is the sound of breath and in the Kabbalistic law they say that when God was putting the alphabet together it was humble Aleph who didn't even come forward to request being the first letter that they gave this place of honor. And it sounds, “hhhhaaaa”, like the sound of breath being expelled. I say that because Aleph is associated with the divine life breath of Ruach alone because it is the fiery or scintillating intelligence.  Says the Kabbalah, “It is the fire, the breath that brings life into our body”. The fool, if you meditate on it, meaning all you have to do is put it in front of you and gaze at it for five minutes at a time, allow yourself to let your eyes roam over it and it will sort of rise up off the page and, in someway, it will enter you and stimulate your own unconscious.  It will bring to you a spiritual effervescence.  It raises your spirits, it encourages creativity and new cycles of life. The fool is an archetype of spirit and it is found in all cultures in different forms and like all archetypes, it has a higher and lower polarity.  In its highest polarity,this card will represent for you, many times in a reading, originality,spiritual motivation, leaping into a new phase of life.  On the lower polarity, well then it really could be foolishness, eccentricity, wild crazy schemes and really taking chances and leaping before you look.  This card, this fool is about to walk off the side of a cliff.  It means that…it shows us, spirit, descending gladly down into the world of manifestation. It comes down here but you have to be a little bit of a fool if you know life on planet earth to take an incarnation on this planet because this is not an easy place.  But meditating on a card like a fool to lift your spirits, bring spirit closer to you is the best antidote.
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PICK-A-CARD PAST LIFE READING: What Past Life Is Currently Affecting You? ?
This Past life reading is about what past life is currently affecting you in this life! TIME STAMPS: PILE 1 (0:55) PILE 2 (7:27) PILE 3 (14:14) PILE 4 (22:59) PILE 5 (30:07) ENDING MSG'S (39:00) For more pick-a-card videos from me check out this play list for your binge watching pleasure! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaODZKtrQM7bq0rCrA3tH_wheU-57mU1w Please feel free to use the link below if you would like to send any donations to help support my channel. Any donations received are greatly appreciated and will be going right back into my channel to help buy new decks and better camera equipment to continue to improve my videos for your viewing pleasure👍😇 PayPal link to send donations to: [email protected] Thanks for tuning in and if you're new here and you enjoy my video's, please feel free to consider subscribing to my channel so that you can stay up to date on all my future up-loads.👍🔮 Have a blessed one!😇💖 Other social media site you can also find me on and follow me on are: Instagram: legend_of_fluffy777 [email protected] LEGAL DISCLAIMER WARNING: THESE READINGS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY AND ARE NOT TO BE REGARDED AS LEGAL, FINANCIAL, MEDICAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL, OR BUSINESS FACT AND ARE SUBJECT TO YOUR OWN INTERPRETATION AND JUDGEMENT. IF YOU ARE IN ANY NEED OF MEDICAL ADVICE OR ATTENTION BASED QUESTIONS PLEASE SEEK OUT THE PROPER PROFESSIONAL ADVICE OR ATTENTION OF MEDICALLY LICENSED TRAINED DR'S/PROFESSIONALS.
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Divine Masculine 11/15-11/30/18 Speaking his Truth, out of deception.(DF is 1 within herself):)Blog
Blog:Hello to all my lovers! (Gemini in the Tarot Cards "The Lovers". )With all the transits in the planets as of now, Mercury going Retrograde(Communication and the past returning) Venus going direct (Love) and the Scorpio New Moon 7th thru the 24th (All things hidden) Gemini Full Moon on the 24th(The Lovers). Jupiter is in Sagittarius in it's own sign for the next year(Paternal Grandfather in the Zodiac,Blessings and Spiritual lessons). We also have Cancer in the N' Node (Rahu) and Capricorn in the S Node(Ketu) opposing each other on the wheel of Karma for the next year. it's going to be a bumpy ride for a bit. But Divine Masculine knows now that Union is inevitable. Communication between Twins will be tough till Mercury goes direct and some past reltionships will be surfacing to be cleared. If there is no communication? Then this at the time you will be magnetically drawn to each other and working on yourself, as to Level up to the same Vibration as your Twin.(If you do not feel like a whole person without your Twin? Then your delaying your Union) And no, this has nothing to do with money. Your Vibration is your gold. Even if you are in different parts of the World and are of different cultures. Things are changing for the better and people are realizing we are all a part of the same thing just different expressions. Twins are here to show to the World that oudated forms and beliefs are no longer serving the Collective and things MUST change. Do not get this confused with NWO or the Hive mind. This is evolution from the Creator/Source not man made. There are reasons for a lot of TWINS to be in generational gaps. The main one is the younger ones must teach the older ones new ways, and the older must pass on the ancient knowledge that they have carried and stored in thier cellular memory banks(The Holy Grail)for many lifetimes. And ancient knowledge is Power to the New Age to help them show the World how to live in Peace, Unity and Harmony for all. We are all acending to 4 and 5D levels of consiousness, even those still asleep are beginning to awaken. Do not push this information on anyone if they do not relate/resonate. They will wake up in their own time. You are drawn to these kinds of videos for a reason and that is to fully Awaken to who you really are. This cannot be stopped! The new Souls are coming in with advanced knowledge at birth and are called the (Christ)Crystalline children(being born from 2012 and up). These children also include the ones who are Autistic or have Downs Syndrome no matter their age. Rainbow children(usually between 1990-2011) and Indigos( born in 40's, 50's, 60's,70's and 80's) the Masters, Starseeds, Wayshowers, Truthers, Old Souls ect. And spiritual gifts will be the norm for all. Some Souls were planted as Starseeds to help the Collective wake up by holding the light and space for others. At this TIME meaning, " The Time of no Time" this was to agreed upon by all Souls/beings before this incarnation. We are not all meant to experience things in the same way. ( Linear time as we know it has stopped in 2012 as predicted by the Mayans)This is the Ascension/Evolution/Golden Age. Some of these souls are very ancient and some have lived many lifetimes(In dark and light for the experience they can now share). And they are now remembering their lives and deaths of many incarnations. And some are brand newly created Souls who have never known things like War and suffering of any kind. And they are gentle and sensitive Souls. They do not understand destruction of ones self as it has been the way of humankind for thousands of years. Life is an Echo. What you send out comes back. So be patient, kind and compassionate to all and let's make this shift as easy as possible for all of us.This is the Great Awakening. We are the "Event"! See previous videos for more information on the Twin Flame Dynamic. If you enjoyed this reading please like,subscribe and share. I am Going for my 1st goal of a 1000 Subscribers! Much love, gratitude and blessings to all! :-) Warning: Please see Aluna Ash 9D for information regarding a false messiah who is nothing but an organic humanoid(clone) given the gifts like Christ to fool you. Christ Consiousness is US! We are the coming of All ThIngs and shining our light into the dark. This is not the End it is the Beginning! If you would like a private reading please contact me at [email protected] To donate to my channel or pay for a private video reading please see the kink below: https://paypal.me/Anyasocal1 22.22 for 25 minutes and 44,44 for 45 minutes. 4.00 for a specific question. [email protected] [email protected] Bella Anya Izabella @FB
Virgo November 2018  | Courageously Moving Forward!
Virgo November 2018 | Courageously Moving Forward! Book Your Reading Now: [email protected] Don't forget to subscribe, like and share Tarot Deck : Morgan-Greer Oracle : Wisdom of the house of Night Archetype Cards : by Caroline Myss To donate via Paypal : [email protected] ___ Gigi Lee, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader and Spiritual Coach [email protected] Follow me on Social Media: http://twitter.com/GigiLeetarot http://facebook.com/gigileetarot http://gigileeuniverse.tumblr.com __ If You Like This Video, Take a Look at my FB Group ~GIGI LEE ASTRO TAROT~
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FFBE Raid Darkness Awaken - ELT  - F2P Easy Guide
Learn how to defeat FFBE Raid Darkness Awaken ELT Boss . In this video you will find easy and quick way how to defeat the Incarnation of Hatred. 1. Use this set up, 1x Buffer, 1x Breaker, 3x Magic damage dealer (chaining), 1x Magic damage companion that can chain with you unit. 2. Make sure equip all the unit with null petrification, (in case you are not survive the first turn). Equio one Ribbon will be great. 3. On the play, buff ATK&MAG first, then break DEF & SPR of the enemy. Start attack with magic damage. Please hit the like button, leave a comment and subscribe to my channel for more Final Fantasy Brave Exvius simple and easy Guide.
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Best Weapon Ever. Can't wait for it to come to global but these new behemoths... sorta look like pokemon.
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Pleiadian Council  / Spirit Guide Council Channeling
8pm Eastern http://ivanteller.com - Register To Join the Webinar Private Sessions http://www.ivanteller.com/private-session Spiritual Market Place -Healing and Channeling Assistance https://www.spiritsocial.org 5D Spirit Festival https://5dspiritfestival.com/ Oracle Cards http://www.makeplayingcards.com/sell/marketplace/ivan-teller-oracle-magic-cards.html Jake The Rabbit From Space https://www.tellerstudios.net Support The Channel Daily Updates https://www.patreon.com/ivanteller Social Network 5D Spirit Crew https://www.5dspiritcrew.com Second Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEnYzqhiS50bdCguaifJShw Alien Cartoon Book https://www.amazon.com/Alien-Adventure-Book-Ivan-Teller/dp/1977822894/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1509248412&sr=8-2&keywords=ivan+teller Ivan Teller Android Mobile APP Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.goodbarber.ivanteller&hl=en Ivan Teller Apple Mobile APP https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ivan-teller/id1106443253?ls=1&mt=8 T-Shirts http://shop.spreadshirt.com/Ivanteller/ Sound Cloud https://soundcloud.com/ivanteller Facebook Ivan Teller Ascending Together https://www.facebook.com/groups/1680555658888503/ Ivan Teller Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/ivantellerquestions/ Google+ Community https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/107561366778150556268
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Dragon Project JP Crowsol & Gaven Set
Light Sns Burst Dark Gs Burst
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The Hierophant in 6 Minutes
Hierophant Upright One of the most complex cards. The first card in major arcana not representing an individual like the child, mother, father, creative force, or deep self knowing, this is the institutions the previous build. In its most pure incarnation, it is the original unit of the family. In the broader interpretation it represents community, traditions, schools, philosophies, institutions built on a shared faith or set of beliefs. In some decks it is referred to as the pope, the position of a pope being the culmination of a larger group with complex beliefs and actions married together. Note the students at the teacher’s feet and between them, the keys. Students looking to a system for the keys to unlock a desired outcome, be it mastery, community, or another goal. School, university, church, synagogue, mosque, political organization, club, and most of all the original unit of FAMILY. Best Course of Action: First, ascertain are you the student or the teacher? This is not the time to break from tradition. Commit to what you believe in and stand up for it. This may be a call to pursue higher education, deeper commitment to your faith or more active participation in your community. Be open to learning more, engage in developing the specific skills and techniques your chosen institution require. This is a big family card. Look to the needs of your family, be it nuclear or your chosen family. Pledge allegiance to something you truly believe in. No one can function alone. If you are in need of guidance, reach out to the services and organizations around you. If you can be of assistance to others, do. Hierophant Reversed: Unorthodoxy, originality, breaking from tradition. Challenging your convictions to see if they hold up. A family either in crisis or just unusual construct. A flawed system or a leader with duplicitous aims. Following a tradition blindly, without deeper examination of its value. Blind loyalty. Being disappointed in an institution. Unsatisfying outcome to a class, with a grade, being disappointed in your place in an organization or with its leaders. Fake news presented as true. Hierophant Reversed Best Course of Action: Accept and embrace the unorthodox. Challenge your beliefs. Don’t take things at face value. Tell truth to power, even if it may cost you. If you need to take a break from your family or an organization, do so. If your family or organization is being restructured in a new way, embrace it. Or begin the process yourself! If you need to break from your tradition for personal growth, do so. If you are a perpetual student, it may be time to take the reins of leadership or get out of your comfort zone.
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Archangel Metatron: Message to your Heart (GOD is with you!) Solutions for your life
Useful message! Let's help Earth to be a better place! Get Light on this video. Welcome to Light Hands of Light channel. Share this video to help your family and friends. Our goal is support Earth and Humanity to get more counscieness. Stay up-to-date: Please subscribe this channel. Let's practice the gratitude: Please like this video. Follow us on facebook for more videos, texts and new materials from the Cosmic: https://www.facebook.com/planetarytransition The Galactic Federation of Light - Please Subscribe us, join us. ;) "Love and Peace"
Aries - Rebuilding is a necessity! September 2018
Hey Aries, this is good for you if you're Sun, Moon, or rising Aries! It's your September 2018 tarotscope overview reading. Angels, oracle cards, tarot and so much more! Want to work with me one on one? Book your session at: http://bit.ly/bookonyxhealing CUSTOM TAROT SPREADS https://www.onyxhealing.com/custom-tarot-spreads I’m offering custom tarot spreads for purchase that get delivered to you via email. You receive a voice recording, written overview of the spread, as well as photos. GET A SINGLE QUESTION READING $13 Fill out the form at https://www.onyxhealing.com/single-question to submit your question - I'll send you an invoice, and your reading gets sent to you via email - typically around 24 hours after you submit payment (photos of tarot cards are included). 2018 OVERVIEW TAROTSCOPES (make sure you watch your Sun, Moon, and rising sign for a full picture of what lies ahead: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrBFqL9S8cNM8IuBLmozGh1pH2Oefa51h Follow me on Instagram @onyxhealing Wanna learn to read tarot? http://bit.ly/thedailyprophet Watch me live on Mondays: facebook.com/onyxhealing Get your free solar year reading when you sign up for my newsletter: http://bit.ly/morelightandlove Decks Used: Truth Bomb Volume 1 Sovereign Oracle Animal Spirit Affirmators Love and Relationships Tarot Fauna Little Monsters Tarot Spirit Song Tarot The Magician Longs to See Tarot
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Gemini Higher Purpose 🙏 Life Purpose
Higher Purpose 🙏 Life Purpose for Gemini Activate and Align with your Higher purpose and Life purpose for the Astro signs - Gemini Life Purpose with Amira Celon 💖 International Psychic Medium, TV Personality and Relationship Expert, Amira Celon, shares her secrets, tips and channelled messages. Bookings or more info regarding private sessions - http://www.amiracelon.com/consultation/ Amira's Love Oracle Cards for Purchase - http://www.amiracelon.com/product/amiras-love-oracle-cards/ Free Course - how to read Amira's Love Oracle Cards - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T938hCWptFo&list=PLw-ps3waQSLKb97DOMZnyPgpNVZbCzrtU&index=2 Click a Daily Card - Free Reading - http://www.amiracelon.com/free-reading/ Connect with me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AmiraCelon Connect with me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/AmiraCelon Connect with me on Instagram - https://instagram.com/amira_celon/ Blog - http://www.amiracelon.com/amiras-blog/ Calculate your natal chart placements for rising sign and moon sign here - http://alabe.com/freechart/
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THE BYRDS - EIGHT MILES HIGH - Fifth Dimension (1966) HiDef :: SOTW #259
Bergo '45 Song of the Week #259 - Calvin's Pick for 6/17/18: http://www.bergo45.com "Eight Miles High" by The Byrds off the album Fifth Dimension (1966) Columbia Records "In 3 distinct solos, McGuinn's playing sounds like a freakin' mess -- as if he'd gone OUT OF HIS WAY to make it as unintelligible and chaotic as possible. I've always loved it, and that's probably the reason why." - Calvin Lewis This is a weekly dive into the musical mind of Bergo '45. Each week, a new song is chosen by a different member of the band. Check out the playlist to see all of the past selections. Take a chair, grab a towel and give it a listen.... The Byrds were an American rock band, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1964. The band underwent multiple lineup changes throughout its existence, with frontman Roger McGuinn (known as Jim McGuinn until mid-1967) remaining the sole consistent member, until the group disbanded in 1973. Although they managed for only a short period in the mid-60s to attain the huge commercial success of contemporaries like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Rolling Stones, the Byrds are today considered by critics to be one of the most influential bands of the 1960s. Their signature blend of clear harmony singing and McGuinn's jangly twelve-string Rickenbacker guitar was immediately absorbed into the vocabulary of popular music and has continued to be influential up to the present day. Initially, the band pioneered the musical genre of folk rock on their album Mr. Tambourine Man (1965), by melding the influence of the Beatles and other British Invasion bands with contemporary and traditional folk music. As the 1960s progressed, the band was influential in originating psychedelic rock and raga rock, with their song "Eight Miles High" and the albums Fifth Dimension (1966), Younger Than Yesterday (1967) and The Notorious Byrd Brothers (1968). They also played a pioneering role in the development of country rock, with the 1968 album Sweetheart of the Rodeo representing their fullest immersion into the genre. The original five-piece lineup of the Byrds consisted of Jim McGuinn (lead guitar, vocals), Gene Clark (tambourine, vocals), David Crosby (rhythm guitar, vocals), Chris Hillman (bass guitar, vocals), and Michael Clarke (drums). However, this version of the band was relatively short-lived and by early 1966, Clark had left due to problems associated with anxiety and his increasing isolation within the group. The Byrds continued as a quartet until late 1967, when Crosby and Clarke also departed the band. McGuinn and Hillman decided to recruit new members, including country rock pioneer Gram Parsons, but by late 1968, Hillman and Parsons had also exited the band. McGuinn elected to rebuild the band's membership and, between 1968 and 1973, he helmed a new incarnation of the Byrds, featuring guitarist Clarence White among others. McGuinn disbanded the then current lineup in early 1973, to make way for a reunion of the original quintet. The Byrds' final album was released in March 1973, with the reunited group disbanding soon afterwards. Several former members of the band went on to successful careers of their own, either as solo artists or as members of such groups as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the Flying Burrito Brothers and the Desert Rose Band. In the late 1980s, Gene and Michael both began touring as the Byrds, prompting a legal challenge from McGuinn, Crosby, and Hillman over the rights to the band's name. As a result of this, McGuinn, Crosby, and Hillman performed a series of reunion concerts as the Byrds in 1989 and 1990, and also recorded four new Byrds' songs. In 1991, the Byrds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an occasion that saw the five original members performing together for the last time. Gene Clark died of a heart attack later that year, while Michael Clarke died of liver failure in 1993. McGuinn, Crosby, and Hillman remain active. All rights belong to their respective owners © Columbia Records
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Aurcus Online Global- Oracle / G5 Shino Run Cleared
Its my guildmates char.(Pilot) Im curious to use shino in gate 5 and how evade/dodge works in Missiles 😊. But sadly im not pro shino like other else who keeps more Combos. 😥 Credits of skillbuild and SC Skillcombo from Pro Shino in JP Server. Info of this gears : Shr Armors 7* (Hammered) +25 5* Cursed Weap. (+50 % C.S) +30 6* Dispel Weap. (35 % C.S) +25 MANA FLASH II NECKLACE +25 MANA FLASH II EARS 2pcs +25 MANA FLASH II RINGS 2pcs
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Poker Picking
A new game that has arisen as a fun locksport game, originally created by some of our friends in Texas, we've continued to develop and adapt this game. The current incarnation that I tried here in Boston with Max was a speedy variant... no more than 5 minutes or so per hand. It works as follows: 1. All players are dealt two hold cards. A set of random locks is placed between them (obscured in some way, either in a bag or in the boxes seen here) 2. Then during a series of picking rounds, players have five attempts to pick open a randomly-chosen lock (we suggest 1 minute be used as the picking time, but this video shows us trying 30-second pick rounds) 3. Any successful lock opening results in one additional hold card given to that player 4. Any unsuccessful lock opening means the lock is put back in the main stock. 5. At the end of the picking rounds, a standard Texas Holdum set of common cards are dealt. Player make the best hand that they can using their various hold cards and the common cards. (VARIANT - do not deal any player any hold cards to start... they have to pick at least one lock to be "in" during the final showdown.) Having an automated timer tool is a huge help, naturally, or else your dealer will have to oversee the time clock. Enjoy!
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Fairy Kingdom Message ~ Self Realisation Blue'Print !!
Your DNA is Awakening , Any Help ? Like & Subscribe & Share with Your Belovedes . Use The Automatic Translation Provided if Necessary . ➤ Submit your Articles and work on DNA Awakening Family : [email protected] ➤ Click the hashtag #BeautifulSouls to see all of DNA Awakening videos . ➤ Author/Wrighter : - By – Natalie Glasson / . ➤ Article/Source : - www.Omna.Org . ➤ Follow Us on Facebook : - https://facebook.com/DNA.Awakening/ ➤ Follow Us on Twitter : - https://twitter.com/DNAAwakening1 ➤ Follow Us on Google+ : - https://plus.google.com/b/110965087674390272477/110965087674390272477 ➤ Check out More Videos on Spiritual Awakening Family : ➤ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtBaWx2BCGC-7u-HTX9fHDg . Daily videos Update Are available on DNA Awakening ... Like & Subscribe & Share With Your Friends and Family ~ Namaste #BeautifulSouls +------------------------------------+ ,awakening synonym,awakening definition,awakening awareness,awakening meaning ,awakening of kundalini,awakening a woman's love ,awakening center,i had a spiritual awakening,i need a spiritual awakening i want a spiritual awakening,i having a spiritual awakening,spiritual awakening journey spiritual awakening jesus,spiritual awakening jobs spiritual awakening jealousy,spiritual awakening joint pain spiritual awakening journey to the inner self,spiritual awakening job change spiritual awakening jim tolles,spiritual awakening jewelry spiritual awakening jacksonville,spiritual awakening kundalini spiritual awakening karma,spiritual awakening knowledge spiritual awakening kissimmee,spiritual awakening of kundalini rising angel numbers 444,angel numbers 222,angel numbers 555 angel numbers 1111,angel numbers 111,angel numbers 777 angel numbers 1010,angel numbers 1212,angel numbers 666 angel numbers 888,angel numbers,angel numbers 333 signs of archangel michael,signs of archangel raphael,signs of archangel gabriel self healing activities,a self healing prayer ,a self healing meditation,is self healing possible,self healing body ,self healing definition,self healing depression,self healing deepak chopra ,self healing energy,self healing exercises ,consciousness definition,consciousness synonym,consciousness meaning,consciousness psychology definition ,consciousness antonym,consciousness awareness,consciousness awakening ,a consciousness definition,a consciousness meaning,5d consciousness,free your mind and the rest ,free for your mind,free your mind blog,free your mind documentary,free your mind definition ,ascension health,ascension definition,ascension meaning,ascension academy,ascension at home ,ascension associate portal,ascension benefits,ascension behavioral health ,ascension day 2018,ascension energies,divine masculine,divine masculine and feminine ,divine masculine symbol,divine masculine meaning,divine masculine awakening,divine masculine 2018 ,divine masculine twin flame,divine masculine definition,divine masculine crystal,divine masculine chakras ,divine masculine divine feminine,divine masculine twin flames,divine masculine healing ,awakening symptoms,awakening symptoms spiritual,awakening symptoms illness,awakening symptoms 2018 ,awakening symptoms physical,awakening symptoms anxiety,symptoms before kundalini awakening ,light body awakening symptoms,ajna chakra awakening symptoms,chakra awakening symptoms ,consciousness awakening symptoms,muladhara chakra awakening symptoms,crown chakra awakening symptoms ,throat chakra awakening symptoms,anahata chakra awakening symptoms,second chakra awakening symptoms ,spiritual awakening symptoms depression,kundalini awakening symptoms dangers ,kundalini awakening symptoms dizziness,awakening symptoms explained,third eye awakening symptoms ,kundalini awakening symptoms side effects,kundalini energy awakening symptoms
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius  - KEEP AN EYE OUT - September Daily Love Reading 10th
Ways to Book Your Personal Reading: www.venusarchangeltarot.com & instantgo:venusarchangeltarot Click here to support this channel by becoming a patron: https://www.patreon.com/venusarchangeltarot If you're unsure of your astrological placements, click the link below: http://www.astro.com/ For options about the amount of questions, and other readings we offer, check out our website at: https://www.venusarchangeltarot.com/private-readings Be sure to follow me here for intuitive messages: Twitter @VenusArchangel Instagram at @venusarchangeltarot Like my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/venusarchangeltarot/ Cards used in the video: Steampunk Tarot by Barbara Moore ShadowScapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake Spellcaster's Tarot by Melanie Marquis The Rider Tarot Deck by Arthur Edward Waite Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid Romance Angels by Doreen Virtue Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield ©Copyright 2017 music and images provided within videos are produced by Ocean's Serenade, Pexels.com, and Venus Archangel Tarot, All Rights Reserved. *This is for entertainment only and these messages may not resonate with everyone! Please enjoy the reading and don't forget to like and subscribe.
Kalki Avtar of Lord Vishnu | Lord vishnu will born again in kalyuga | Oracle Talks #7
Kalki Avatar of Lord Vishnu 01. According to Hindu Mythology, it has been believed in kalyuga, before the entire world will come to an end. 02. Humans will survive eating meat and fish only. They will eat nothing else. 03. And they would drink, sheep's milk as no cows were available that time. 04. Each one will be indulging in acts of killing each other. 05. Nor anyone will believe in doing fasting or performing any vedic rituals or prayers of any kind. 06. Adultery will be on rise. At this point of time humans average age will be around 16 years to the maximum. 07. At the age of seven and above their reproduction process will going to start. 08. Husband and wife relations will not be good and healthy as they will not be satisfied with each other. 09. The stars brightness in the sky will drastically become less. 10. Earth's temperature will be high to a great extent, making it to hot to live. 11. At this point of time, Lord Vishnu's Avatar Kalki will be born. 12. The birth of Lord Kalki will take place in a village Sambhal of Muradabad district in Uttar Pradesh. 13. Lord Kalki will born as the fifth child to his parents. His parents name would be Vishnuyasha and Sumati. 14. Lord Kalki will be possessing such powers that whatever he thinks of, that weapon or vehicle will appear in front of his eyes. 15. He will finish all the evils on the earth. His complexion will be very fair and he would be riding a white Horse. 16. It is also said that when he will be in angry mood, his colour will change to black. 17. His clothes will be of yellow colour and there would be a, symbol of "Shrivatsa" on his chest. 18. Whenever he would be in the battlefield he would be having two swords in his hands. 19. Lord Kalki is Believed to be most powerful, brave, strong and last avatar of Lord Vishnu on earth. 20. There will be a great war and he will going to destroy all the evils on the earth. 21. After this great war ends, Satyayuga will start again. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "5 major curses of the Mahabharata | Hindu Mythology | Oracle Talks #38" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfzhRSvf9QQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Libra - WINDS OF CHANGE -November 2018
EXTENDED LIBRA: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/nov2018/299029940 ALL 12 SIGNS EXTENDED: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/nov2018 Schedule Your Reading: http://karleen.love/schedule MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION (Exclusive Goodies and support my channel for $5.99 per month): https://app.acuityscheduling.com/catalog.php?owner=12904507&action=addCart&clear=1&id=559613 Need instant answers? Text me on INSTANTGO: http://www.instantgo.com/azulei 🌿🌼Join DOTERRA with me Wholesale Essential Oils and SAVE! Click here to sign up as a WELLNESS ADVOCATE (choose that option please, or connect with me prior to signing up!) https://www.mydoterra.com/karleenlove/#/🌼🌿 Join me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karleendotlove Join me on IG! : https://www.instagram.com/karleen_love/ ------------------------------------------------ ✨ Subscribe for Tarot Readings with FREE ANSWERS FOR SHORT PERSONAL QUESTIONS ANSWERED/LIVE READINGS with International Psychic Medium/Energy Reader Karleen Love! 👼🏽👸🏼🤴🏽👩🏾💐✨ ------------------------------------------------------------------ Wish to Donate to this CHANNEL? Here: http://www.paypal.me/karleenlove --------------------------------------------------------------------- 🐉 Don't know your sun, moon or rising? Calculate for free here (make sure your birth time is correct): http://astro.com ---------------------------------------------------------------- Are you a company interested in collaborating with me? Contact me: http://www.karleen.love/contact/ Thanks so much for watching! ♥ Keywords: psychic, intuitive, intuition, sacred, space, healing, energy, energetic, boundaries, love, hope, faith, soul, mates, realtionships, card, tarot, oracle, reading, guidance, intention, ray, light, crystal, channelling, channel, medium, mediumship, genuine, real, live, empath, empathy, feelings, feeling, emotions, health, emotional, thoughts, power, meditation, insights, spiritual, spirituality, new age, astrology, tarot reader, tarot reading,
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Youth on Arul Thiru AMMA.
In this world full of violence, drugs and all frustrations of a confused modern society, this youth has found solace in Arul Thiru AMMA (Incarnation of Adhiparasakthi) who has paved him in a path of spirituality. At this young age AMMA has given him the opportunity to do Velvi service and etc. Once when he had severe chest pains, all doctors said that he need to have an operation immediately. When doing Padha Poojai to AMMA, AMMA instructed him to take teetham from Karuvarai (Sanctum sanctorum) and drink it. He experience no pain after.
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