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Gilmore Girls Advent Calendar *21 Paris Killer Lines
Are you one of those people who thinks up the killer line to say to an adversary ten minutes too late? Paris is not one those people. Today's Advent Calendar is on the theme of Paris and her killer lines. Every day in the Gilmore Girls Advent Calendar there will be a new video with a different theme, showcasing some of the very best moments from all 8 seasons. Be sure to subscribe if you don't want to miss a single day!
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8.02 Paris Has A Meltdown At Chilton
8.02 Paris Has A Meltdown At Chilton Subscribe for More... Please Comment | Like | Share Thanks for Watching
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Rory and Paris' speech at the Bicentennial
"I had sex but I'm not going to Harvard!" "Pack your chastity belt, Gilmore – you’re going to Harvard!" "Sorry, Paris. We’re not interested. Try again next year. Love, Harvard." Taken from Gilmore Girls S03E16
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rory & paris (1)
rory and paris in "lorelai's first day at chilton" part 1 of 2
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paris geller || funny quotes
watch in small screen bc ew @ the quality -- ayy look who re-downloaded all the gg episodes! ...and this is what i'm using them for. great.
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Paris vs. Luke
Wow, Hey. This is my alltime favorite scene of gg, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls or anything associated to this clip I'm just putting it up for the sheer pleasure of viewers
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Paris wants to know Rory's PSATS scores
"How do I know you are not one of those people who get pretty happy looking at the sunset?" "I think if we put Paris and my mother on the same room, the world would implode." Taken from Gilmore Girls S02E11
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rory & paris (64)
rory and paris in "i solemnly swear" part 3 of 3
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rory & paris (52)
rory and paris in "those lazy hazy crazy days" part 3 of 3
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Gilmore Girls - Paris e le ragazzine.
"Arrivano, Rory. Arrivano..." Paris ce l'ha con le future studentesse dell'università, dopo aver saputo che Rory farà da guida a Hannah, una ragazza del suo ex-liceo per tutta Yale. Tratto da S05E10. *I own nothing* *Everything is owned by The WB/The CW* *No Copyright Infringement Intended*
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Paris wants to study on a Friday night
"My dad finally figured out how much it was going to cost him to divorce my mum, so now he's back." Taken from Gilmore Girls S02E16
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Gilmore Girls - The Gilmore Guide to Paris Geller
From Paris. With love. © Warner Bros. Television / Netflix Comente, compartilhe e se inscreva no canal! Acesse: http://www.gilmoregirls.com.br Facebook: http://facebook.com/gilmorebrasil Twitter: http://twitter.com/gilmorebrasil Instagram: http://instagram.com/gilmorebrasil Google+: http://plus.google.com/+gilmorebrasil Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/gilmorebrasil
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The debate tournament (Brad returns to Chilton)
"Pro assisted suicide" "What a shock." "Yesterday I complemented Mrs. Gladstone’s dumpy outfit and bought her an ice cream sandwich and she practically licked my hand in gratitude." "I thought we were gonna meet by the vending machines for a little, uh, pre-debate nondairy snack." Taken from Gilmore Girls S02E14
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Paris' SAT Preparation Review program
"I can scare the stupid out of you, but the lazy runs deep." "Do you even know what 'diffident' means? That's okay. That knowledge isn't really required in the retail doughnut-distribution industry." Taken from Gilmore Girls S07E01
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Paris discusses Lorelai's sex life (or the lack of it)
"I shouldn't be talking about love or sex, specially since you...don't have any." "I'm making you uncomfortable" "No, I'm fine. You two should be alone." Taken from Gilmore Girls S05E15
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Paris embraces Marxism
"Sure, boss, go eat. It's probably somewhere else wher you eat, right? A special room." "I bet you the Romanovs never RSVP'd either. They got theirs. Capitalist scum." Taken from Gilmore Girls S06E05
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rory & paris (2)
rory and paris in "lorelai's first day at chilton" part 2 of 2
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You have no right to be repulsed by my sex life
Paris Geller can be so hilarious. I do not own this.
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Rory may be smart...but god is she slow
the date with paris didnt go well because tristan has feelings for someone else...i wonder who?
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Rory gets Paris back on her feet
Gilmore Girls 3.17 - A Tale of Poes and Fire
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GG 417 - Paris kisses Rory in a club
Gilmore Girls Season: Four Episode: 417 Title: Girls in bikinis, boys doing the twist Rory and Paris decide to go to Florida to celebrate Spring Break. While in a club (where The Shins are singing live), Paris realises that everyone else is having more fun than they are so she kisses Rory as part of their Spring Break experience. I OWN NOTHING!!
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Paris' interview for Harvard
"Population control has been dramatically succesful in most European countries in the detriment of some." "The plan was to archive everything, then donate it to the university upon my demise. Little did I expect that my demise would come this early." "Well, you said please, that's very polite" "I sound like a meth addict" Taken from Gilmore Girls S03E17
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'Gilmore Girls': Liza Weil 'Didn't Realize How Much' She'd Missed Playing Paris | Access Hollywood
At the premiere of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" Liza Weil talks with Access Hollywood about what it was like to return to her role as Paris Geller. Plus, does she have any weird fan encounter stories? » SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/AHSub » Visit Our Website: http://www.AccessHollywood.com/ Get More Access Hollywood: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AccessHollywood Twitter: https://twitter.com/accesshollywood Instagram: http://instagram.com/accesshollywood Snapchat: OfficialAccess About Access Hollywood: "Access Hollywood" is a nationally syndicated daily entertainment news show. "Access Hollywood" delivers the most comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television, featuring in-depth celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes accounts of the most important events in Hollywood. 'Gilmore Girls': Liza Weil 'Didn't Realize How Much' She'd Missed Playing Paris | Access Hollywood https://youtu.be/yAFTkdwIqLI Access Hollywood https://www.youtube.com/user/AccessHollywood
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paris with an old guy
paris dates asher
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rory & logan (83)
rory and logan in "i'm okay, you're okay"
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Paris scares off the competition
"Man, those braces are shiny!" "The New York Times called me willingly naive." "He's been talking to nothing but a cow for a year and a half" "There was a person inside that cow, I told you that!" "Brad, you got your beans?" "Mind games. Not your forte, cupcake" Taken from Gilmore Girls S03E16
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Paris' morning coffee ritual
"GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM!" "She likes to do this thing with her triple espresso. It's like Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider." Taken from Gilmore Girls S04E12
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Gilmore Girls
Brandon's second guest appearance on Gilmore Girls. Episode #3.7 titled "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?"
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Paris breaks up with Jamie
I usually upload Jess and Rory clips but I just thought it was amusing how Rory gave Paris encouragement to end it with Jamie without knowing it. Lol ! please enjoy/comment/rate :)
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rory & paris (10)
rory and paris in "concert interruptus" part 2 of 5
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This or That: Gilmore Girls Edition
Scott Patterson (Luke Danes), Liza Weil (Paris Geller), Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason) play a special Stars Hollow themed edition of "This or That," answering questions about Mrs. Kim's temper, Kirk's night terrors, Al's Pancake World and more. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: http://bit.ly/1nwT1aN Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c Get more Jimmy Fallon: Follow Jimmy: http://Twitter.com/JimmyFallon Like Jimmy: https://Facebook.com/JimmyFallon Get more The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Follow The Tonight Show: http://Twitter.com/FallonTonight Like The Tonight Show: https://Facebook.com/FallonTonight The Tonight Show Tumblr: http://fallontonight.tumblr.com/ Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: http://bit.ly/1dM1qBH Like NBC: http://Facebook.com/NBC Follow NBC: http://Twitter.com/NBC NBC Tumblr: http://nbctv.tumblr.com/ NBC Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NBC/posts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives. This or That: Gilmore Girls Edition http://www.youtube.com/fallontonight
lorelai is scared of paris
lorelai's scared
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Rory, Paris at The Bangles Concert
Rory invites Paris and her friends to The Bangles concert along with Lorelai and Sookie.
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rory & paris (5)
rory and paris in "rory's dance" part 1 of 2
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Gilmore Girls S05 - Clip 02.
Season 5: Clip 2 Speed Dating rocks. - WOMAN: I'd like to welcome you all to today's speed-dating session. Many of you have been with us before. Many of you are first timers. So, for the latter group, here are the rules. Each couple will have one minute to talk and get a sense of the person across from them. When the bell rings, the women will get up and switch tables. Men, stay where you are. This will continue until every woman has met every man and after that it's up to you. Are you all ready? Then, let the dating begin. - JACK: I'm Jack. - PARIS: I'm Paris. - JACK: Did your parents travel a lot? - PARIS: Why? - JACK: Your name's Paris. - PARIS: No. Did your parents change flat tires a lot? - JACK: What? - PARIS: Or plug the phone into the wall a lot? - JACK: No. - PARIS: Great! So, we've cleared up that mystery. What's next on your fascinating list of talking points? - JACK: Uh, what's your major? - PARIS: Seriously, you've got one minute to make an impression and that's all you can come up with? You want to know my sign too, Jack? Or how about my favorite color? Or if I'm a Britney or a Christina? Here, I'll ask you a question. Was the last time you had an interesting thought, when you considered flinging yourself off a building? - PARIS: Bye, Jack. I'll write Mother immediately. - PARIS: Paris, and no my parents didn't travel. - BILLY: Billy, and I have no idea what that means. - PARIS: Never mind. So, what's your story, Billy? - BILLY: Well, I'm a drama major. - PARIS: Ding, ding, ding! - PARIS: Doyle. - DOYLE: Paris. - PARIS: Surprised to see you here. - DOYLE: I could say the same for you. - PARIS: So, you find any good prospects? - DOYLE: Oh, yes. One girl wants to have 11 children. - PARIS: Good god! - DOYLE: And the second one was cut off quickly, thank you by the way. I think the words 'latter day saints' were about to come out of her mouth. - PARIS: I can't believe I came here. - DOYLE: This is my third time. - PARIS: You ever meet anyone you actually wanted to date? - DOYLE: My bar is so not that high. - PARIS: I don't see one person in this room that shouldn't be sterilized immediately. - DOYLE: Right there with you. - PARIS: So you've been reading about those skeletons they've been finding on the island of Flores, right? - DOYLE: Oh, yeah, and they're only 13,000 years old. That's nothing in geological time. - PARIS: They made tools and probably had a language. And-- - PARIS: Keep moving sister. - DOYLE: They were supposed to be master hunters. - PARIS: Even though they were diminutive in size.
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"Say Something" cafeteria clip
rory and paris discussing the men in their lives over cereal
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Gilmore Girls - There's The Rub   Additional Scene
www.gilmoregirlsweb.blogspot.com www.thelorelais.tumblr.com
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Paris shows Rory the apartment
"When we leave, we always keep the radio on. Rush Limbaugh, of course, so they know we have guns in the house." "That was just a car backfiring. The real gunfire actually sounds fake. You'll pick it up eventually. They call it 'ghetto ear'" "I, as you know, haven't slept through the night since the first time I saw the Wizard of Oz, thank you Mom. So I tend to do my crafts in the middle of the night." "Those guys downstairs, they just look deadly. Believe me. They don't bother you if you don't bother them. When you have guests over, just tell them they're a doo-wop group." Taken from Gilmore Girls S06E11
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Welcome to the new Yale Daily News
" Please remember that I am your editor. I am not your mother or your hugger. If you need some love, get a hooker." "Journalism is an art form, and the best art is created under repression, like Stalin's gulag." "You think Solzhenitsyn could have written 'One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich' on a yoga retreat?" "Now let's talk about deadlines, emphasis on 'dead.'" Taken from Gilmore Girls S06E11
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rory & paris (70)
rory and paris in "the big one" part 3 of 5
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The flight to Paris is at 3:30-ish
"Of course there's also pigeons, but nobody would visit the city of pigeons, would they?" Taken from Gilmore Girls S07E07
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Breakfast with Paris and Kirk
"How old is he?" "You'd have to cut him open and count the rings." "Kirk talks in his sleep" "Anything juicy?" "He deals blackjack." "It’s always amusing when provincials grasp for legitimacy. I’m in." Taken from Gilmore Girls S05E18
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Paris and Doyle have some big news to tell
"Last year I was sleeping with the editor..." "...and this year, I am." Taken from Gilmore Girls S06E07
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Paris and Doyle
This is my 3rd gilmore girls video! This one is all about Paris and Doyle (I actually think this is the first Paris-Doyle movie made on youtube). Enjoy! By the way the song doesn't really have anything to do with the clips! disclaimer: I DON'T own anything! Video made just for fun!
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rory & paris (7)
rory and paris in "paris is burning" part 1 of 2
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GG A year in the life - Logan and Rory call
Spoiler: Gilmore Girls A year in the life. Episode 2. Logan and Rory. Ps: I know that they're Paris' children and not them, but after the last words a part of me see this scene in a different way.
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Gilmore Girls Season 6 Episode
Paris assigns a number to all the workers at the Yale Daily News
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rory & paris (11)
rory and paris in "concert interruptus" part 3 of 5
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