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MTG Arena - Top Meta Decks - Red Deck Wins P1

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Today we're going to be playing some of the top decks currently in the constructed meta. First is: Red Deck Wins. Decklist: 4 Fanatical Firebrand (RIX) 101 20 Mountain (RIX) 195 4 Ghitu Lavarunner (DAR) 127 4 Viashino Pyromancer (M19) 166 4 Goblin Chainwhirler (DAR) 129 4 Skewer the Critics (RNA) 115 4 Light Up the Stage (RNA) 107 4 Wizard's Lightning (DAR) 152 4 Lightning Strike (XLN) 149 4 Shock (M19) 156 3 Risk Factor (GRN) 113 1 Lava Coil (GRN) 108 3 Electrostatic Field (GRN) 97 3 Lava Coil (GRN) 108 2 Act of Treason (RNA) 91 2 Direct Current (GRN) 96 3 Fiery Cannonade (XLN) 143 1 Risk Factor (GRN) 113 1 Experimental Frenzy (GRN) 99 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/day9tv/ Check out my Website: https://day9.tv/store/ Day[9] Merch: https://day9.tv/store/
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PaulSalterEgo (1 day ago)
Use flame of Keld bc you can combo with Light up the Stage to start next turn with a 5 card hand. You run out of cards fast anyway. If you run a few bomat, you can crack it after Keld to start with an even bigger hand. I have been able to run 16 land without missing drops with the deck irl.
Mad Blood God (8 days ago)
Man it was weird when i craft my first mono red using cacaver and a bunch of 1/1 and win so many matches, I just eat control and late deck for breakfast, now i know that mono red is quite a popular deck set. Though they are quite draw dependent and if you lose card advantage and still cant win, you most certainly lost the match.
Björn K (13 days ago)
Plays Red Deck Wins. Uses Karn as an avatar. You monster.
lascaossos (18 days ago)
how the heck does he get 2 missions with 500 gold? i only get one everyday
Joel Bell (28 days ago)
Before I tried Mono Red I was Gold tier 4 in Ranked. By the end of the day, after trying a Mono Red burn deck, I was one win away from Platinum before I started losing, again. I'm still in Gold tier 1 after a couple of days, still just waiting for another good winning streak to put me in platinum before the month is over.
Nicolas Logothetis (1 month ago)
I hate red decks. Every Sunday, when u can get the 3 boosters with 15 wins, EVERYBODY is playing red, and i wanna kill them all By the way in your sideboard i'd put 2 "The immortal sun", awesome card that ruin every planeswalker decks and make u draw 1 more card/turn, boost all your creatures and lower your spell mana cost, perfect here. PS: never keep a hand with only one land, even if u play fast decks==> mulligan
Matt Butler (1 month ago)
Built a modified version of this deck. Went from bronze to platinum in a week. This deck wrecks face. Love it.
Ethan Leese (1 month ago)
Mono Red is pure cancer, anyone who plays it is literal trash.
Dip (1 month ago)
where can i get this cards ?
Marcos Muniz (1 month ago)
hi, im new to Magic. Is he playing in some kind of app?
Marcos Muniz (1 month ago)
Joseph Smith thanks!!
Joseph Smith (1 month ago)
He is playing on MTGA aka magic the gathering arena on a computer for free
MetalheadRob Redbar (1 month ago)
Hi, new player here. So when I spend my gold on packs, are there any packs that are worth it more so than others? Or does it entirely depend on what sort of deck I am trying to build?
Lomiauz (1 month ago)
MetalheadRob Redbar Never spend gold on sigle packs, save at least 5k gold and play draft mode, that way you will earn gems (depending on your luck/skill) by winning on those drafts. Use those gems to play the other draft mode. Rinse and repeat every week. You will eventualy complete your desire deck by spending wild cards to craft whatever cards you need.
Joe Blow (1 month ago)
My mono red home brew that hit mythic: 20 mountain 4 shock 4 ghitu lavarunner 4 ghitu pyromancer 4 electrostatic field 4 light up the stage 4 skewer the critics 4 lightning strike 4 wizard's lightning 4 risk factor 4 tibalt, rakish instigator
Tai Do (1 month ago)
Mono red players are pathethic
Seekadett Newbie (2 months ago)
hahahahahha what a shit, red deck wins ? i win every game not ranked (normal) and i play a custom experimental deck ....dude i stomp this deck in 2 turns down and you cant do nothing
Aaron R (2 months ago)
Always kinda makes me chuckle how 70% of MTG is $$$, 20% luck, and like 10% skill. You need the money to just let the deck win for you, you may need some luck sometimes, and you need to have a basic understanding of the game. Pull out your credit cards and start playing the most grotesque p2w cardgame in existence.
Nathan Jones (2 months ago)
That's called a tcg. Every TCG is P2W.
Evan Page (2 months ago)
Started playing a week ago, built this as my first deck. No regrets. Unless you come up against someone that knows what they are doing you pretty much just faceroll them. Great for smashing through matches to build up gold / wildcards.
Eiirikafe (2 months ago)
You're an expansion out of date my friend. Several iterations of RDW with WAR is using Chandra, Fire Artisan instead of Experimental Frenzy because she's arguably more consistent
orbing (2 months ago)
Eating while recording video, nice manners...
Poop Smith (2 months ago)
hey day9..... stop typing forever.......guuuuuuy my man its a keyboard not the space time continuator
Joe Black (2 months ago)
All the net deckers 2 months behind the meta are running this now stuck in silver rank. I know becuase I downloaded Arena 3 days ago and got to gold rank with my homebrew but only seen this globlin burning deck in silver.
Scooter_____ (2 months ago)
What is the current meta such that this doesn't work?
bumperxx1 (2 months ago)
Own by the way fucktard clicking the background does nothing also stop slurping while you drink you're gonna lose subscribers you pieces shit
bumperxx1 (2 months ago)
OK dude I didn't click your video to watch you fucken eat. How about you fucking eat before you make a video. Nobody came here to watch you stuff your face or clank and clack your silverware against the plate. What a fucking douche bag.
Lucy (2 months ago)
every moron playing this cancer shit
Flonyme (2 months ago)
https://youtu.be/npKc0xjo07w This is what I use to work my way through all the mono red in case anyone is wondering.
David Croker (2 months ago)
I want to thank you for your drafting videos. I could not win a game at all in this ranked stuff because of how bad I was drafting. I followed the advice that you made in your other video and was able to make it to win 4 or 5 multiple times. I can say it helped alot as I have been playing for like a week. Thank you!
Vlad Murzin (3 months ago)
Whats the white weenie deck?
whitephoenix64 (3 months ago)
these "red deck wins" pieces of crap are decks for stupid folks. unoriginal, boring and taking advantage of the strange opening hand rules of arena. Folks use 13 lands in the best of one . If you can`t brew your own just cram in every cheap red spell you can. ohhhh should I use experimental frenzy or risk factor? I just threw up in my mouth a little.
Albano Piacquadio (3 months ago)
I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to mono red
Michael Oaks (3 months ago)
Tell your keyboard to stfu. And you're gay.
Vash Thompson (3 months ago)
If you're mono red, you may as well side in Hijack instead of Act of Treason. Same cost, more targets
KarmaEquilibrium's power (3 months ago)
day nine,nice vid like always but i feel like i should correct you as im french from quebec ;) when you say c'est très raisonnablement ,is actually incorrect.What you should say is : raisonnable
Fran Barrios (3 months ago)
KSPR R (3 months ago)
Annoying american
Peter Macdonald (3 months ago)
This guys attitude is unbearable...
GG4NT1C (3 months ago)
Screaming NO, TO THE FACE! at 37:27 Luckily wasnt relevant, good games and intel bro :)
boring noob deck same how mono blue
Saint13 Harrop (3 months ago)
He says again like a gain...
Will M (4 months ago)
I really like double cast with risk factor. 5 mana draw 6 or deal 8 damage is pretty sweet
Simon M (4 months ago)
Dude i tried that build. however i find it kind of too strong. It is interesting to try it but for me its not fun rushing and winning within 3-5 rounds. I started magic a few days ago again. Last time i played was 13 years ago. Apperently nowdays those rushing builds are fairly common which makes me sad. back in the good old days a match took between 30 and 60 minutes.
Mike Snow (2 months ago)
Control decks are greedy this counters it.
Marco (3 months ago)
sad? I unistalled this game due to hyper control cunts. Mono red is refreshing to see.
Sean Crees (4 months ago)
I was thinking of going Nizzet, or drakes etc, then i watched this mono red deck poo on them and now i'm sad.
Magic : The Ransoming (4 months ago)
I'll show you a deck burn... Save them if you can. https://youtu.be/Y4g3Vhoue8I Twitter: @MRansoming
mick jagger (4 months ago)
The devs who did the programming for the probability of drawing a land each round are useless. No matter what land to spell ratio you make a deck it's consistently so far of any proper probability result its sickening. They need to hire the guys who do the programming for gambling machines to show them how to do probability properly.
yeah NO (4 months ago)
so cheap grow some balls
Manos Fotopoulos (4 months ago)
I cannot find any fckn fanatical firebrands at all
Robert Minor (4 months ago)
No steam kin or experimental in main board? Ok 👌🏻 good luck
Planeswalker 81 (4 months ago)
I miss the old days without card lists like winners/meta decks 95% are just buying and copying stuff. It's the same in physical magic. That's why I like sealed and draft best.
Chris Mullins (1 month ago)
I got into magic when Beta was going out of print and 3rd edition had just come out. Even when the internet was in it's early beginnings you could still find decks online or in books.
Flavio Medeiros (4 months ago)
Hello! I am selling my Magic Arena account at Ebay. Very cheap! https://www.ebay.com/itm/323708018582
Kaioken1130 (4 months ago)
Is this PC only? And available on Steam? I haven't been able to locate it
Kaioken1130 (4 months ago)
@Psychotypus thanks. I found it.
Psychotypus (4 months ago)
Just search for mtg arena on google. You can download it on their website :)
whitevader007 (4 months ago)
Now I'm playing MTG Arena I want to learn ASAP. I found out that 2 coloured deks work better than mono. The more you'll play the more you'll learn!
Xzight (4 months ago)
that's not really true. Mono-red, mono-white, and mono-blue are some of the strongest decks out there right now. I got to mythic in a few days with mono white.
monsieur wazz (4 months ago)
Tu as un bon accent français ^^ bonne video comme toujours by :)
Murdock Berk (4 months ago)
Mine is essentially the same, but I run 4 electrostatic field main deck over chainwhirler, 2 risk factor, and 4 flame of keld over 4 mountains. Flame of keld 3rd trigger with electrostatic field and any burn spell represents 7-8 damage at least, more if you trigger spectacle before casting a skewer. I run Warlord's Fury in the last two slots, sideboard all 4 lava coil. Also run 2 Response//Resurgence in sideboard because Response is a clean way to kill Lyra Dawnbringer.
f off (4 months ago)
Arena was fun , but know i keep runing into the same 4 decks even in quick play... I blame videos like this and peoples lack of imagination .
Doug Kichman (5 months ago)
Unmoored Ego+Thought Erasure+Mission Briefing+Ixalan's Binding is really good vs Nexus/Teferi/Wilderness Reclamation/Hydroid Krasis
Doug Kichman (5 months ago)
Apparently I should have read the comments first so I didn't say the same thing as multiple other people.
Adam Miceli (5 months ago)
This deck is fkn amazing
Zezeroh (5 months ago)
Risk factor is amazing, especially if the opponent make it slightly longer game
Negaflame (5 months ago)
talking shit about unmored ego litteraly sound like he dosent understand the game.
massive media (5 months ago)
You screwed up by not waiting to play risk factor.. Any chance to burn your opponent you should have took.. You could have summon Viashino pyromancer then play skewer the critics.. Next turn you drew a land.. But you would have had the upper hand you could have dumped that card for the jump start cost of risk factor and your opponent would have had no choice but to let you draw....
Grant Moon (5 months ago)
Try X4 Tin Street Dodger instead of Shock
ElBizaro (5 months ago)
Unmoored Ego is pretty bomb against any net deck. If you they need a particular card, even a basic land, you can deal with them early to mid game. It's a fair version of surgical extraction.
Phill O'Donnell (5 months ago)
There's one other instance it's a great card - Gaea's Blessing negation when you're running a mill deck.
Chueko Loyo (5 months ago)
Aside from the annoying exagerated expressions, you keep self congratulating yourself without explaining what youre doing (mainly talking about the sideboard). It either means you dont know what youre doing or are extremely confusing on purpose.
mccluskeyp (5 months ago)
Light Up the Stage by itself is NOT powerful enough to make up for cutting Experimental Frenzy. Frenzy represents lots of card draw every turn while Light Up the Stage is a one-off. This is why the actual good RDW that use Light Up the Stage without Experimental Frenzy are almost combo decks in the sense that they use Guttersnipe and Electrostatic Field with Steam Kin, Light Up the Stage, and Tormenting Voice to generate huge amounts of damage and mana. You are fooling yourself into thinking putting in cool new cards automatically improves the deck so much that you can cut the core of RDW without drastically changing your game plan. At 9:40 what you say about running out of cards is a great example.
mccluskeyp (5 months ago)
@ElBizaro the details you are describing are not on point with what I was discussing. We are talking past each other. Best of luck to you if all you use for your RDW card advantage is Light Up the Stage.
ElBizaro (5 months ago)
From my understanding, you're comparing the card advantage of it to something like Shamanic Revalation or Risk Factor, when you aren't looking at it like what it is, a cantrip. The reason why it's good is because it's one of the only red "draws" that nets you cards (unlike Goblin Lore, Magmatic Insight, Cathardic Reunion, etc.), but at a competitive mana cost. It also cannot be disrupted with duress, thoughtseize, inquisition, etc., which normally kills red's tempo.
mccluskeyp (5 months ago)
@ElBizaro Four copies of Light Up the Stage do not generate enough card advantage by themselves. You have to include other card draw/advantage mechanics in your RDW or you will run out of gas. That is what my other posts were saying. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?
ElBizaro (5 months ago)
Light up the stage gives you as much card advantage as faithless looting, without the discard. It's a 2 for 1, which red needed desperately.
mccluskeyp (5 months ago)
@ElBizaro I know that you can play them together. The problem is when you chose to play Light Up the Stage without also playing Frenzy (or other card draw such as Crash Through, Warlord's Fury, and Tormenting Voice). If all you play is Light Up the Stage, you can't generate enough card advantage.
james coulson (5 months ago)
such a cancer Deck, wish they would banned every card in that garbage Deck. IF U SUCK AT MAGIC PLAY MONO RED.
Chueko Loyo (5 months ago)
I dont know if its because of the arena meta but i went from being a black color lover to a red boy while playing arena these past few weeks, im new to the game as a whole so maybe black was never for me, but goddamn if aggro isnt fun, i specially love boros decks, theres something about racing against your opponent that makes the game really fun.
Lucavi Lorell (5 months ago)
Good content, but man I wish he wouldn't eat while he plays. I miss half of what he says because I'm always having to mute him. :(
@Matija Vuk 'gtfo you overly demanding crybaby, jesus... so mad reading comments like this...'
Lucavi Lorell (4 months ago)
@Matija Vuk Okay what I just said was a bit passive aggressive, I apologize for that. In sincerity though, why should it upset you? What I offered was constructive criticism, not a complaint. I understand the issue is with me, and not with him. I'm the one who can't handle the sounds due to a condition I have. I'm in the minority. That said, I still have a desire to be able to listen to him without that being a factor because I enjoy his content. I voiced this desire, not as a complaint, but as a hope. So, again, sorry for being passive aggressive, and I realize the issue here is with me, but if this truly got you mad and/or upset, I think you may also have an issue you may want to look into. That's not a slight towards you, just genuine advice out of a desire to help. Wish you the best, sorry again.
Lucavi Lorell (4 months ago)
@Matija Vuk Umm, get over it? It's just like my opinion man. But in all seriousness, you do realize the hypocrisy of your statement right? I mean, are you trying to be funny or are you just not very self aware?
Matija Vuk (4 months ago)
gtfo you overly demanding crybaby, jesus... so mad reading comments like this...
Slizzard73 (5 months ago)
Can someone explain to me why he waits to play creatures until after he attacks? He mentioned something about spells but I'm confused. Just started playing a month ago.
jerodast (5 months ago)
It's partly bluffing and partly the principle of waiting as long as possible to do anything so you have the most information about the game before you make your own plays. A lot of times it's pointless and kind of bugs the hell out of me, but many veterans do it just to maintain the habit for when it matters. Of course sometimes this habit means they make foolish plays where playing a card out earlier would've actually been a better move :P
J S (5 months ago)
what was he eating!?
Paper Persona (5 months ago)
IDK who this guy is but I like the way he says "again", subscribed.
Luke Bond (5 months ago)
Remember when day 9 used to be all about StarCraft? Long time ago now day 9. Did you get over your ladder anxiety?
ZuyFean (5 months ago)
You took the uglier lightning strikes. Your deck's winrate dropped by 0% because of that and awesomeness by 35%. Keranos disapproves that you ditched his hand throwing lightning.
71chevy0330 (5 months ago)
You miss played at 1:11:30 you could of attacks if no block then double skewer the critics.
71chevy0330 (5 months ago)
@jerodast thank you for the reply and I forgot it had first stike.
jerodast (5 months ago)
I mean, it was a misplay to just waste a 3 mana Skewer for no reason. But, there was really no good play at all. You say "if no block" but opponent is guaranteed to block one - the angel has first strike and lifelink. The only question is whether it's worth it to lose a creature and both skewers and give opponent 5 life back in order to kill the angel. Either way game is probably over.
Jon (5 months ago)
At this point its basically like Alpha where you ran 20 Mountains and 40 Bolts.
Luiz Gauziski (2 months ago)
@Murdock Berk shock,vashido cancer
Murdock Berk (4 months ago)
You can run 16-bolt in standard if you splash black for 4 sovereign's bite.
Imani (5 months ago)
Light up the Stage is the best current red card draw as of rn, change my mind.
PartOf TheRoutine (2 months ago)
Michael Moormann (5 months ago)
Your opinion on Unmoored Ego is questionable. Of course its no maindeck material, but an incredible sb choice and worth having 2 copies. Like all extraction effects it generates card disadvantage yeah, but wins on the spot vs any Nexus control and Sultai (deck sucks without krasis) and significantly increases your chances vs Dimir/Esper/Jeskai. Plus it hits some rogue strategies like Arclight Izzet. To be precise, it targets specifically the matchups which Dimir and Esper usually struggle with.
Animatter (5 months ago)
Mono red is broken. It shouldn't have easy reach-refill like light up the stage/risk factor/frenzy, the risk of playing red should be running out of steam. It should be in general Red < Midrange < Control < Red (on average), now it's a dumb coin flip. It'd be reasonably easy to kill the RDW with sideboard, if not for the primary Bo1 mode of mtg arena. No incentive to play constructed vs 60%+ of RDW, since even winning against it is not fun.
Perfecto Dimaculanga (5 months ago)
7:09 Oh the betrayal! I trusted you Day[9], you blue player you...
Alexis Chandelle (5 months ago)
do you still have to buy digital packs to get online cards, or can you just use whatever you want? I'm almost certain you still have to buy them but hoping you can at least use whatever in non ranked online play.
Mike Snow (2 months ago)
Yeah, its horribly expensive for a video game. Someone worked on one "set" for example let's just say Ixalan it will cost over £1000 to get all the cards just for that set. It's extremely grindy. It's a joke. Pretty much a gambling machine, except you don't get real money back. One of the game modes cost £10 for one set of 7 games. It's genuinely one of the worst video games out there for microtransactions but everyone defends it lol
jerodast (5 months ago)
It wouldn't be a CCG without having to painstakingly collect cards. Remember, Magic invented the genre. Gotta stay true to their roots :P
Patrick R (5 months ago)
yeah. you can get free cards/pre constructed decks here and there as rewards for winning matches but buying digital packs is the only real way to get cards en masse
mtg holic (5 months ago)
Aggressive decks, whether you like it or not, will always exist. It's the paper-rock-scissors for mtg > aggro-control-midrange. If you're complaining at this, you're failing at basic-level magic. TL:DR :GitGud Scrubs.
Sam Fraser (1 month ago)
And now WotC has removed even that answer by printing Tibald, Rakish Instigator.
Uguu Cthulhu (5 months ago)
@Tom Peterson Counter? Probably not. But that's only one avenue. I've personally been playing a Mardu deck that pretty reliably outheals mono-red. It struggles against hard control, sure, but that's part of the enjoyment, learning just how to balance it.
mtg holic (5 months ago)
@Tom Peterson bad game design fail? How long have you been playing the game lol. You cant counter 50 1-2mana burn, but you can gain life. For god's sake they even print absorb. It's like countering 2 burn spells. RDW has a lot of problem against esper.
Tom Peterson (5 months ago)
Bad game design is the true fail here. How do you get good exactly? You can't counter 50 1-2 mana burns.
Ferrous Oxcide (5 months ago)
I am so sick of seeing this deck. Its skilless too fast to counter for most decks and 2 out of 3 netdeckers are playing it atm.
BielCostta (5 months ago)
Third round, and the opponent is less than half alive. I will not go into the merit if the mono red is "brain" deck thing or not. He is very aggressive. I love Magic, but every update looks like they increase the aggressiveness of the mono red, Honestly, play a game in which you put three lands in play and the next turn you lose ... I know, every game has aggro decks, but the magic ones are monstrous, one day I think it's out of control.
Peter Hansmann (3 months ago)
everyone want's to play their decks, but control and aggro completely destroy the fun of the game for one player. Aint playing my deck if I'm dead turn 4 or if everything gets countered/removed. At some point people just won't play mtg cuz it's getting boring really fast this way
mtg holic (5 months ago)
Lol, this standard's red? Oh please, you havent played when atarka red and hazored was the top dog in standard then.
Yadid Colon (5 months ago)
Your typing is scary
HighLanderPony (5 months ago)
Yeaaa, SMOrc!
RAIDEN (5 months ago)
you should change act of treason to hijack, you can steal artifact (never use).
jerodast (5 months ago)
@qulzz Yeah that is actually really weird haha. The artifact option may be never used so whatever, but funny how we just lock into the well-known card and forget an option that might be strictly better in a specific deck e.g. monocolor.
qulzz (5 months ago)
Didn't know this card existed, thanks. Pretty weird that noone has it in their list.
tayshwn jackson (5 months ago)
this is so gross
Corey Miller (5 months ago)
When you start ranting and making your opponent just wait on you I have to cringe every. Single. Time. Ack. lol people have lives Sean.
Greg The Fishburger (2 months ago)
@jerodast time stamp?
DPofEternalnessity (3 months ago)
@jerodast Holy shit relax you incel
Gregg Sauce (4 months ago)
@jerodast kek
apocratos (5 months ago)
Streamers don’t really care about that because there are retards that enjoy wasting time and have nothing else to do but stare at a screen waiting opponents make their turn... retards like this Big Stick character
jerodast (5 months ago)
@Big Stick ​ The game is a time investment, but it's a time investment IN PLAYING MAGIC, not waiting! Honestly, I cannot fucking believe Sean just dropped out of the game client to make his announcement about his fucking "festival". In the middle of his turn. Which he prefaced with "I think we can make this announcement now, as long as we do it slowly and carefully." Holy shit. That is beyond the pale even for him. If I was a community manager for WotC and I saw this stream I would honestly suspend him. Absolutely terrible sportsmanship.
Gavin Stewart (5 months ago)
You sound so much like the YouTuber Sylphin. lol. It's uncanny!
Mike Snow (2 months ago)
Arkouda Chien (5 months ago)
Was that a Dog of Wisdom reference at the beginning of the episode?
Stylesheet RA (5 months ago)
I get mana flooded too much if I use 20 land with a mono red deck Also I prefer electrostatic instead of chainwhirler
Sean McTiernan (5 months ago)
Yeah, Unmoored Ego requires you know KNOW what your opponents endgame is
blp1884 (5 months ago)
Love your vids on YouTube. Hate the fact your stream is sub mode only, I get why you do it though. Keep up the good work.
Wendy Haas (5 months ago)
They should have changed unmoored ego so that YOU could draw cards for any that you exile from the opponents hand, then it would be a great card. Right now it only shines when you're up against a mill deck with Gaea's blessing, Nexus or Teferi.
Dust (5 months ago)
damn deck wins the game in 4-6 turns, its a well oiled machine that cuts to the chase. Every time i come across this deck or a nexus i just wanna pull my hair out. you just gotta hope to draw a good curve.. if not.. just concede haha
Dust (5 months ago)
@Ironocy oh yeah i'm getting better at smashing control most of the time, just biding my time, the nexus though ahh you don't have time, its either get your good cards negated or skip a turn and hope they spend there mana, despite there focus on ramping but you never know weather there in a rush or are playing it safe. I usually play a few different version's of vamps black white, one aggro, mid, and mid to long( bit of a jenk) but not.. there is synergy i swear, its just a little more mana intensive. but you get that. I'm thinking a few fountains or even some life gain on entry cards, i'm clearly to dependent on attacking for life gain and you know there just the main priority to aggro red. i think i need to build a nice mono white with heaps of life-gain on entry creatures. i tell you what blue white go's pretty well against this deck i just slapped together, what make it live against the red death is the absorb, despose//deploy (given you have board presence) and invoke the divine that's a good ench removal heal 100%. oh the endless possibilities.
Ironocy (5 months ago)
Certain matchups are a breeze for RDW but there are tough matchups too. Midrange > Aggro. Main deck lifegain, discard, and/or counters. Absorb, Wildgrowth Walker, Moment of Craving, Vraska's Contempt, and Fountain of Renewal are excellent cards vs RDW. Mono white with lifelink is brutal. RDW is a powerful deck but if it didn't exist then there would be nothing to keep nexus in check. Aggro > Control.
SombreroMonkey (5 months ago)
See, whenever i try play a deck like this, i always go up against people who just play token whit/green or green/black, so they just flood the board
Jerry Dandridge (3 months ago)
2 words. Goblin Chainwhirler
Sasha I (5 months ago)
I think at the esper tokens game you should cut something for electrostatic and frenzy. if your creatures wont getting past them using burn on creatures is pretty bad sometimes
Jim Hopkins (5 months ago)
Unmoored Ego is actually an excellent anti-Nexus (or Wilderness Reclamation, or Teferi) SB card. Wanna make your control opponent cry?
Ironocy (5 months ago)
That's exactly what day9 said. Those decks usually only run 1 win con, i.e. Teferi, Reclamation, Nexus, Explosion. Take the 1 win con, win the game. That's the correct way to use Unmoored Ego and arguably its only purpose of existing.
I love lamp (5 months ago)
I run a version where i cut the firebrands and chainwhirlers for steamkins and electrostatics. It's a tad slower but the steamkins synergize so well with the fact that there are potentially 20 one drops with spectacle enabled, it's very easy to chain together a turn 3 or 4 win, and if you manage to get two steamkins on the board, your two drops pay for themselves and one drops actually give you mana to play them. I play the electrostatic over chainwhirler because the chainwhirler is a tad slow for the deck, and you're not trying to win with creatures. With 6 instants/sorceries the fields build up damage every turn and frequently are what put me over the edge just as im running out of cards. Can't quite decide whether i like frenzy or risk factor more, probably frenzy in this list.
Andrey Chaves León (5 months ago)
22:38 "Very clear blocks that are happening here". Well apparently not XD
Michael (5 months ago)
Disagree on unmoored ego, yes it can replace cards lost in opponents hand but you don't have to take them. A hidden benefit of unmoored ego is it allows you to look at your opponents deck. In regards to cards in hand: exiling an opponents top tier cards forever in exchange for what is likely cmc lower or equal is still pretty good. Think of Unmoored Ego being a potential 4 for 1 exile card. The tricky part is knowing what card to name. I will concede unmoored ego is weaker against aggro decks and shines best against control.
Ironocy (5 months ago)
Hmm the reason it's better against control is because they run fewer win cons, sometimes exactly 1. So it sounds like you're agreeing with him since that's the point he was making. Aggro runs redundant cards so it's pointless to run it against them. Your additional and less important point about it being a 3 mana Peek that doesn't cantrip doesn't hold water. Think about it, you pay 3 mana, lose net 1 card, your opponent loses net 0 cards, and you look at their hand. Objectively strictly worse Peek. It's card disadvantage. You should only play it for its ability to remove a deck's wincon. Any other reason and you're not playing it correctly. It's neat you get to also see their hand and deck but it should be mostly irrelevant since they probably conceded after you removed their only wincon. Especially in bo1. You do milk a little additional value in bo3. If it was also a cantrip then OK run it you both neither lose nor gain anything, you just basically time walk yourself unless playing it wins the game.
HighLanderPony (5 months ago)
Even exiling 4 cards sucks because the payoff is incredibly slow. Up until the point they would've drawn all four of those cards, you aren't getting full value from the one card you played.
Venator 232 (5 months ago)
Yeah its good against control but against aggro it sucks.
pandawarriah (5 months ago)
Remove the chain whirlers, add electro static wall thingy. Thank me later.
pandawarriah (3 months ago)
Yes. There are fringe cases of course, where chain whirler is better. If you slam the wall on turn 2 and its not answered, the value should add up turn 3. If its still not answered you will just snowball.
Jerry Dandridge (3 months ago)
Did you used to run Chainwhirler and now run electrostatic and it works better or what?
Hobbissrty (5 months ago)
act of treason is awesome for sideboard. catches creature decks off guard
Patrick R (5 months ago)
lol cant tell you how many games I've won with a well placed act of treason
Tyler Phillips (5 months ago)

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