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Dorm Bathroom

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Text Comments (8298)
jai shree ram (1 day ago)
anyone may 2019
PatheticTV (2 days ago)
Question: Do colleges really have multi-gender bathrooms?
Danbo 22 (4 days ago)
Has to pee, walks right past urinals
Logan Jackson (5 days ago)
Sam is a never-nude
Kami Dere (5 days ago)
Why are the doors clear?
Azira Allure (5 days ago)
That quartet thing is so true, there will always be a group of people performing in the bathroom
Dhruv 101 (7 days ago)
Okay it's been more than a decade , guys. What do you think has changed?
Sangeeta Malhotra (11 days ago)
Sexy hot kiss
Heinrich Nienaber (12 days ago)
Usually College Humor is accurate, but do people in dorms walk around naked? 😂. Are there unisex bathrooms with all genders in the same room? Do people have vertical sex everywhere? Oh wait...that’s pretty accurate.
454 GM (13 days ago)
عالم منحطين 😂
King Codex (20 days ago)
1:30 my shower every time
Nabila Fatema (28 days ago)
Do Americans really shower with glass doors? You're naked and everyone can see that! Wtf is wrong with that country!?
Because_snickers (29 days ago)
Gays are lucky we get to shower with each other
Man thata so many...thanks for making such a nice video≧∇≦
Lupix (1 month ago)
Why tf are the doors non lockable and see through?
Mathias Voorhees (1 month ago)
I just noticed how the guy called Dylan from the Guy Stuck in History Class video is the same guy who gets his towel stolen at the beginning.
DEMii (1 month ago)
Hope he had a big dong when he got caught naked. Would be embarrassing
Vaibhav Pednekar (1 month ago)
Shouldn't girls and boys have separate bathrooms 🤔
Ice Turtle (1 month ago)
I love these perspective videos
Yosiah Smith (1 month ago)
Shower faucets are like lock picking in Bethesda games, can't always get it right the first time
Tom Bennett (1 month ago)
Are showers and toilets always in the same room? Are they co-Ed? Why are all these fully clothed girls walking around these half naked guys? Are barbershop quartets always in the shower with you?! College is scary!
alcoholic Eel (1 month ago)
1:55 that’s actually pretty good
Karan Rana (1 month ago)
man i miss the old college humor. now they got some extreme feminism shit going on, i don't like it.
Arthur Morgan (1 month ago)
1:07 was that Samwell Tarly?
Tae Tiger (1 month ago)
2019 anyone?
The West is the Best (1 month ago)
Man, it's hard to believe college humor use to do skits about actual college life XD
Ice Wolf2380 (2 months ago)
Have more sex
BBolt8 (2 months ago)
1:32 [applause] (CC)
Terry (2 months ago)
why can‘t y‘all just live off campus?
nik- gaming and more (2 months ago)
11 years later and it's still better than *most* yt vids
Willcc19 - (2 months ago)
Why are girls and guys using the same bathroom though?
Dallas Cowboys (2 months ago)
I fucking hate it when some one takes my towel u know how much germs are on towels.
Michael Chadwick (2 months ago)
First shower and its midterms? Ew.
Dylan Stephan (2 months ago)
I miss THIS collegehumor
shivam shukla (3 months ago)
PottyPotter8 (3 months ago)
Wow.. 10 Years ago.
Baconato The third (3 months ago)
This hole video is rape
Twistii Cuber (3 months ago)
0:45 rare shot of James from theOdd1sOut during Community College
Cringe Sause (3 months ago)
Remember when collage humor was funny
Itz JesseMCSM (3 months ago)
0:45 James?!
Michael Sheehan (3 months ago)
I miss college
Cano Chento (3 months ago)
I simpatize with you bro :)
hello sir (3 months ago)
anyone else get the ad of collegeHumor on this video?
Luis Guerra (3 months ago)
crazy yes dirty ugly snuggle people it boy or girl too it
Gabrielle Rush (3 months ago)
why is this just now in my recommendations lol
Jade Castillo (3 months ago)
Dang this was 10yrs ago
Digital Official (3 months ago)
My god if this is what American colleges are like then Englands colleges are churches
Zachary Gaballa (3 months ago)
0:44 James? Is that you?
Mathieu Lapointe (3 months ago)
Hahahahaha makes me so glad to have been in apartment during my college and university time lol
MISTER A. RAP (3 months ago)
Aaron Groff (3 months ago)
Piss on shyt I need to get laid
Autumn Fitch (3 months ago)
What was that thing on the floor???
xristos b (3 months ago)
bring this back!!!!!!
Alphacure Mom (3 months ago)
Oh yeah yeah who's with me
LTMC Media (4 months ago)
Golden days of college humor
Dgstowe (4 months ago)
I agree
Charles Foster (4 months ago)
Theodd1sout at 0:45!!
Charles Foster (4 months ago)
Man, it looks just like him then.
John Smith (4 months ago)
Ceffery Foster that isn't him.
PinkLollipop (4 months ago)
I wasn’t born wen this came out
Ace Cabbage (4 months ago)
Pink Lollipop Oh damn. I feel old know even though I’m 2 years younger than you
John Smith (4 months ago)
Pink Lollipop why are you on YouTube?
Red LemonMC (4 months ago)
Old college humour
Vincent Bourgon (4 months ago)
First shower, then the other girl says middle of midterms... He doesnt shower often 😂
Kaitlyn Damian (4 months ago)
He took everything he could that was shower related yet he forgot a towel?
baz0o (4 months ago)
I was rewatching this. Is that Samwell Tarly?
lily happy (4 months ago)
Somebody PLEASE tell me this isn’t accurate
hyein (4 months ago)
lol most of the time it's fine . puke in the toilet/sink/shower is very common tho, people don't clean after themselves:/
Tom Kyle (4 months ago)
Isabella Haerinejad (4 months ago)
omg that guy at 1:02 looks like Joey from FRIENDS
BardiXgamer Official (4 months ago)
1:23 Link's old hair *From GMM*
Honey Kid (4 months ago)
0:46 I think that’s the odd 1s out!
John Smith (3 months ago)
Honey Kid he was a teenager who didn't make videos when this came out.
Honey Kid (3 months ago)
Raph c-j it looks like it
John Smith (4 months ago)
Honey Kid it isn't.
geckomanjr (4 months ago)
Man, I do love me a spoonful of cringe
Breno da Silva (4 months ago)
Havaianas!!!! hahahahhaah
Ripples of Sound (4 months ago)
Schmidty030 (4 months ago)
Lets be real though, what kind of sick fucks thought it would be a good idea to make the shower doors out of stained glass???
Lbird1993 (4 months ago)
1:02 So that's where Sam was before he took the black and joined the wall :o
Pam Burke (4 months ago)
This video makes me wanna start a barbershop quartet in the shower.
Rai (4 months ago)
Why is there a girl in the guys shower anyway?
PeenoyBoi (5 months ago)
Saying thank you to Insomniac for the Rami Suit check it out ​@​
David Milliard (5 months ago)
Fat_Turtle (5 months ago)
Alexander La Pointe (5 months ago)
Oh ah is that thing alive ok moving on
Chief Hamhawk (5 months ago)
ha. xD
John Gibson (5 months ago)
Th... thi... this was 10 years ago??!
Samuel Hill (5 months ago)
Balls are showing face is red
MeanieBeanie (5 months ago)
Make sure you don’t be wierd the next time
Hanna Borkulak (6 months ago)
0:44 odd1sout?
Nisha Fernando (6 months ago)
annoying kids...kids these days
Jimmy M (6 months ago)
Just be glad you didn't have to shower in boot camp with a bunch of guys.
The Graduates (6 months ago)
Got my towel stolen once... I'm pretty sure I blacked out
Ndkseji Shsuozndwjo (6 months ago)
Anya M (6 months ago)
This is from 10 years ago why is it so great?
Lil Xyzal (6 months ago)
"TV y"
Paris Animations (6 months ago)
"Somebody's taking a piss I'm the shower" my greatest nightmare
Cunner rk901 (6 months ago)
I’m sure that dorms have bathrooms in it and have no public baths
Are there really coed bathrooms in dorms? (I've never lived in a dorm) Er....and barbershop quartets??! 😂 Now that I'm down for.
Brightside50 (7 months ago)
this is really 10 years old... wow
J.T.Lightz (7 months ago)
at least you have a door XD
Mike Keller (7 months ago)
am i the one who only laughed at 0:13, he literally took someones elses towel
Haley Wingate (7 months ago)
Back when collegehumor was actually funny
CSLTitanium (7 months ago)
I love how the comment’s section is picking apart every last detail 😂
EmmaLantern (7 months ago)
0:41 There's urinals just inches by the sink bowl..
Bificalera1 (7 months ago)
0:57 me , I mean look at that door I can see everything
Mochii (7 months ago)
0:45 Lol that looks like the odd 1s out

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