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Stunning Trans Woman

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Stunning male to female transgender woman. Don't forget to visit my site at http://www.AnitaLasenza.com. More stunning Gurls on Android App install now https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anita.android.crossdressinggalls
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Text Comments (127)
MrJerrydmz66 (29 days ago)
1.:26 #1
John Philips (29 days ago)
All these woman may have been men at one time but they are stunningly beautiful women now . John from Kettering Northamptonshire England . John .
Jessica Vos (3 months ago)
Beautiful woman
Rondinele Silva (6 months ago)
tigress you're só gorgeous from Head to toe girl charming princess cute
Alika Maisuradze (8 months ago)
Dan Powell (9 months ago)
Wow. Amazing. Well done girl's👍
Handsome Jack (10 months ago)
1:01 OH BABY!!!
PerrySport (1 year ago)
I can spot real and fake easy. 99% of trans look like shit tbh
Annah Hinman (1 year ago)
please stop posting genetic women and pretending to be transgender. you got in trouble with one girl before
sidgurl21 (1 year ago)
3:14 wtf?????
Morning Star (1 year ago)
Love, ❤️pure love ❣️all of them 💘
superhoggbike (1 year ago)
They all look just like one of the fellas.
Miss Stevens (1 year ago)
Looking at these pics thinking WOW! I wish I could look like that. Later thinking what the? and skip back looking until THERE SHE IS! and pause. Thinking as I look at her up and down in the future Cookie Bumstead is married with two teens of her own the daughter like the dad the son like her. When Halloween comes along and she plucks her lips rolling up the lip stick looking in the mirror as her son walks in saying how do I look mom? When she turns and stands up and says NO SON OF MINE IS GOING OUT LOOKING LIKE THAT! and sits him down and wipes his face clean. After messing his hair up and starting over again Cookie slowly but surely dolls up her son The way she used to play dress up with her friends when she was fourteen. Kneeling down putting her face beside his looking in the mirror lightly gasping and says I think I did to much and stands up looking down his top seeing little bumps thinking boys will be boys.
renée-sexy (2 years ago)
It's incredible the difference. Really very successful. very pretty
Mike M (2 years ago)
all those men look like idiots. nothing "stunning" about them.
Rex Haney (2 years ago)
women like these young ladies I fall in love I really would love to marry a girl like one of these chicks I am in love every time I see a girly boy makes me feel good and I love them
Rex Haney (2 years ago)
there is nothing sweeter than being a chick I love being a girly boy it makes me feel better than anything that's what I am I'm a girl and a boy cuz I'm a Gemini I'm a female heart mine and so I will never give up being a female cuz it's so worth it it's always been the clothing I don't like men I am a woman I get up every day she'll put on some pretty clean and other pretty things to wear I can never get enough of being a female I'm a woman art mine and so thank you very much little girl hugs and kisses and I love you
Crazystuffyousee (2 years ago)
"Woman" is singular. This video is showing many men dressed up as "women". Use proper English.
Rosanna Miller (2 years ago)
Looks are clearly deceiving. But Satan knew that and has you all where he wants you. Suckers!! haha
Miss Stevens (2 years ago)
I wish I could be a Stunning Trans Woman!
scott williams (2 years ago)
i think a couple of them; playing dress up in the wife's clothes.. . no offense ... .. .
HuN tAl Lokillo (2 years ago)
hermosas chicas me gustan todas
Ron Smith (2 years ago)
sexy feel sexy teen I'm wearing my Black Panties
BoiseG (2 years ago)
WTF? HAHA! 3:12
Briar Rose (2 years ago)
These men are hot.
Kate NWD (2 years ago)
Lk Domingo (2 years ago)
whats the background sound?
Yung T (2 years ago)
transpiration.. reasons why I won't give up on my transition
olivia-J Trans (2 years ago)
lovely I'm envious .
john smith (2 years ago)
These chicks with dicks are hot. :)
Naomi uzumy (2 years ago)
estan bien buenos XD
My ass (2 years ago)
2:22 her boobs
elchasai (2 years ago)
God damn I want a sexy femme white boi of my own
Ricardo Montenegro (2 years ago)
wow 0:16 !!!!!
P. J. Parks (2 years ago)
Omg; beauty and feminine from head to toe. Love the ones showing their sexy legs while wearing pumps!
Ma Sato (2 years ago)
These women are gorgeous! Anita, is it possible that you include their names on your videos, at least in future videos?
Ron Smith (3 years ago)
the girls are very hot
LaroonDynasty (3 years ago)
is it wrong for a straight man to want to pull something like that off for no other reason than to troll close minded dudes into questioning themselves?
Ron Smith (3 years ago)
she got beautiful legs
jhdawgfan (3 years ago)
I LOVE this and would LOVE to become a woman
jhdawgfan (3 years ago)
+Shuraking Dino thanks, yo are so sweet.
Federico Monaco (3 years ago)
When i watch This kind of video I am thinking about Simone de Beauvoir she wrote... "we didn't born woman we became"... I never meet a woman like her and I still don't know what this sentence means in this XXI century ??? 😉
James Morfison (3 years ago)
The fourth one I'd keep her ASS all weekend starting Friday morning moaning please Don't Stop
TALILAH K J Roberts (3 years ago)
Mini Boss (3 years ago)
they should make a hooters for transgender girls
Diego Moncada (3 years ago)
Beautiful Ladys ♥
Bonnie Blomfield (3 years ago)
they may be pretty, but their taste in music is HORRIBLE
LucisFerre1 (3 years ago)
That's "women", not woman.
Mistress Tammy (3 years ago)
20 women can't handle this...
Paolo Rossi (6 months ago)
+Jennifer Middleton Our world is run by Illuminati. Illuminati are the group of people who worship satan. The governments of all Western and many Middle Eastern countries are puppets of Illuminati.
Y K.D (3 years ago)
@0:16 her legs ! 😳
dave jones (1 year ago)
where can you find someone like this
Gravydog316 (3 years ago)
+Wooden Spoon better to climb on lol
Nobody has to ask for anybody's opinion on YouTube. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and also to comment :)
Y K.D (3 years ago)
+Wooden Spoon i didn't ask for a man opinion. I think those are gorgeous legs :-)
Too long and far too thin imo
hugh walker (3 years ago)
I kind of like them but as a gay man I think some may just be girls?
324410 se (3 years ago)
+avc a 💖
324410 se (3 years ago)
+Sarah Brandy Peters (Gravydog316) viurifo
Gravydog316 (3 years ago)
+avc a hi
324410 se (3 years ago)
+Sarah Brandy Peters (Gravydog316) yu watsap
Gravydog316 (3 years ago)
+avc a 🙈
shadowsa2b (3 years ago)
somehow videos feel long when theyre just a bunch of stills on the screen for a few seconds each
Gravydog316 (3 years ago)
+shadowsa2b lol I bet you don't blink while watching these, right? I don't. they are so cute
TheTruthBeTold (3 years ago)
3:15 Is she pregnant? Trans girls can't get pregnant!
The Eternal Induction (1 year ago)
It's called a fake belly.
Graham Taylor (3 years ago)
So now they're eligible to use women's bath / rest rooms ? I'm sure REAL women will be comfortable with that. And their young daughters, too. Get used to this folks, as many states are bringing in laws to make sure all this happens. Crazy crazy world. And sicker too.
slimdudeDJC (3 years ago)
What's stunning is how someone called SOME of these stunning . . .
jorge haagen (3 years ago)
1:02 fine as hell. Show me a hotter genetic girl...you can't. Ugh..
Sasha CD (3 years ago)
+jorge haagen Damn, I instantly caught a boner when I saw her
Marie Tobias (3 years ago)
+slimdudeDJC Transwomen who are not sexually active need to exercise their nethers and keep them healthy with whats called a dialator... it looks like what you were describing, but its hard plastic and used heavily right after sex reassignment surgery and more lightly as time goes on. Once they have an active sex life, the man in their life does the dialating.
slimdudeDJC (3 years ago)
+Adrià Sanz Name calling in THIS way is joking? Okay . . .
Adrià Sanz (3 years ago)
+slimdudeDJC it was a joke dude don't take it personal!
slimdudeDJC (3 years ago)
+Adrià Sanz So something looks like one thing over another and that's cause for accusation?? Besides, I never saw the entire sink to begin with. Just to inform you that there are women in the world(and apparently trans-genders/transsexuals) who do use these things. If I'm perverted for mistakenly concluding something for another, what about those who are actually involved with that something on a regular basis??  What about you being perverted for watching vids like this???
Red Vynil (3 years ago)
The prettiest one is the one at 3:34!  Although the others DO pass VERY easily, they go overboard and try to look like up-tight, high-dollar bitches that wouldn't give the average guy the time of day because they're too stuck-up on themselves, or they feel they're just too good to even acknowledge them, let alone talk to them!  The one at 3:34 just looks like a sweet, casual, friendly, natural girl.  No pretenses, no super-model status, just a naturally pretty girl.  If these were all natural born women, and you lined them all up for me to choose one to go on a date with, or even just to casually hang out and spend the day with, I'd pick her!!  SHE'S the kind of girl that should not only RUN for Miss America, but should WIN!! With a lot of the others here, I just had no comment or I just calmly said, "Ooo, pretty".  But, with her, as soon as I saw her, I said, "WOW!!".
Gingle Bells (3 years ago)
Any of these sexy gurls could serve this Black man!
Matt Widjaja (3 years ago)
first, :22, :34, :58, :1:18, 1:25, 1:42, and omg 4:06
slimdudeDJC (3 years ago)
+azgrown1414  Yeah, those are nice pics!!
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
None existing for Me. I see. Not. A one NO fun
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
Wonder if. A. B. Sexxi enough take this Good as D from ME hmmm?
bsmack66 (3 years ago)
If these are transwomen, why is the on at 3:13 pregnant?
The Angry General (3 years ago)
+bsmack66 some of them might have been born women.
Morthania (3 years ago)
+bsmack66 it's probably a fake belly, i joke around like that too
Terri Feeney (3 years ago)
I am seeking a shemale to make me her woman.  Transform me into the woman that I want to be !!  You know, Corset training; breast augmentation (48DD Please), Ear piercing and pussy stretching !!
big daddy (3 years ago)
3:14 transgender got pregnant lol
John Perks (3 years ago)
love the white dress and the nice short skirt a real turn on, love you to trap me xx
John Perks (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson I dont want to tell you as you wont bother with me but I am 76 xxx
John Perks (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson I dont have snapchat love xx
John Perks (3 years ago)
+Terry Williamson I would really love that Terry you look gorgeous love to see in the flesh as a girl xxxx
Casichica Ramirez (3 years ago)
davina wendy (3 years ago)
the one at 3.13 is really very funny,& quite obivlousy a fake, but very well done
Arthur Hamilton (3 years ago)
All look stunningly knockouts.
JennyferCD (3 years ago)
OMG....stunning is an understatement...
william mcquiston (3 years ago)
slimdudeDJC (3 years ago)
+william mcquiston   Not all, but most of them . . .
davina wendy (3 years ago)
all very nice indeed, & also very passable
Reginald Thompson (3 years ago)
Anyone know who is there at 3:09?
robinmaria smith (3 years ago)
Not to be dumb but tell me what is a TRAPS are very pretty boys as girls
Hey girl, thanks for sharing darling, the girls all look beautiful and hot hehe!  Another great job sweetie!!!  Big hugs and kisses-Sandra xoxoxoxo!!!
Maloid Derden (3 years ago)
Hello You
gkalification (3 years ago)
+Tgirl Sandra from Michigan!
gkalification (3 years ago)
+Tgirl Sandra from Michigan!
spencer sawtelle (3 years ago)
love video
TeddyBear4TGirl (3 years ago)
One man's "trap" is another man's treasure...
sean king (3 years ago)
Totally hot pretty and sexy
Pat1720 (3 years ago)
Stunning oh Yes!
Joseph Olmos (3 years ago)
wow Anita they are the most beautiful, and sexy young gurls love the video thanks for sharing it hard to pick my favor gurl

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