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The One where i am Answering your questions about me :))

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instagram : turkishfactsbylara I answered the questions and this video is not edited due to my busy Schedule my apologies from you all :) i love you guys and i will keep coming back with more with more videos just be around people :)))
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Text Comments (138)
Z O (19 days ago)
you post very rarely!! please post A LOT MORE OFTEN! THANKS
tarikresat (2 months ago)
that's that.. basarilar :)
saira ahmed (3 months ago)
Salam what's ur religion?
Sgt. Hoffman (3 months ago)
I fell in love with a turkish girl once, we got on very great together, she was like a soulmate, but her parents didn't want her to have contact with me. So sad, she could have been the one
Allu Arjun (3 months ago)
I m hindu can I marry a turkish
Slovak Queen (3 months ago)
3:25.... girl.. the WHOLE Europe uses the metric system just like Turkey... only america uses inches (and britain sometimes too)
Md Manik (4 months ago)
I love turke
Md Ripon Miah (5 months ago)
nice your speak english..
Matt Ortiz (5 months ago)
I was laughing with the,do Turkish girls put out before marriage.lol dirtbag.
IG:tturkishonce (5 months ago)
Türkçe altyazida eklesen süper olucak 💗
Sayedul Kibria (6 months ago)
nedenini bilmiyorum, seni her gördüğümde, gözlerinde kendimi kaybettim.
Awais Mahmood (6 months ago)
Don't worry about people judging you. You just be yourself. May Allah (swt) bless you. Ameen. People who judge please reflect on this: "Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn't matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come." - Rumi (ra)
Purpled Army of BTS BTS (6 months ago)
Kanalını yeni keşfettim birkaç videonu izledim de korelilere bi ilgin var sanki🙄 kpop mu dinliyorsun veya kdrama mı izliyorsun? Ya da öylesine bi ilgi mi?
Palaecro (7 months ago)
You're so impressive. To be so incredibly beautiful, down to earth AND very intelligent! Are many Turkish women like you? Or are you quite rare lol
İbrahim Kendirci (6 months ago)
Palaecro quite rare. Look at channel:sarı milikrofon
Gourav Megh (7 months ago)
Hello beauty
Md Sakib (7 months ago)
love u sara
Md Sakib (7 months ago)
Hey Lara I love ur Talk..... So u r beautiful.....
İdiothelly (7 months ago)
Anlamıyorum ama izlemek hoşuma gitti
Rojit Husen (8 months ago)
I love Turkey girl Provide me a one girlfriend Or a Facebook I'd plz
jupiterloverful (8 months ago)
I don't know many girls but girls tend to dream about going to France, Especially Paris while Lara here wants Japan, this imply how special this girl is (and yes I am flirting) I am a selfish guy and I was glad to know that she likes her chin, it's fine. @6:08 Muslim men can only marry a muslim girl or girl from "people of the book" as the Holy Qura'an describes Chrestians and Jews, any other religion is out of the question.
MrShane Thomas (8 months ago)
Canada, dry meat, and first nations. What do they think of us over there? Lol
Pratik Potdar (9 months ago)
hey Lara i am an Indian(24) i have a question for you, i met a turkish girl(20) online and we have been talking daily since 7 months and i really like her(Don't know from her side)[Though i expressed my feeling to her, she asked me why and didn't say anything]. In conversation, she sometime says me love you to me. Now, my question is 'is telling people Love you casual in turkey ?' I am planning to visit her in july this year. Help please.
united4orlife (9 months ago)
happy birthday! =)
Zeynep __ (9 months ago)
Türkçe altyazı neden yok
omiiid (9 months ago)
Lara, can we go on a date next time Im in Turkey?? Im really serious, u can show me around in Istanbul and maby do a Vlog abt it ; )
omiiid (9 months ago)
Im Afghan and I freaking love Turkish ppl, and specially the beautiful Turkish girls. I been there just once, they were so nice and they showed so much love for Afghans it actually touched my heart, didnt know turkish ppl are so lovely. I would love to date a turkish girl, I think we have very similar cultures. And I freaking love the language too, sound so damn sexy when the beautiful girls speaks it ; )
Sally Newville (9 months ago)
Is Lara a common name in Turkey?
Sally Newville (7 months ago)
Thank you Yesil, you're English is good I understood you :)
T S (9 months ago)
Japanese stole you huh.
abdullah m (9 months ago)
ağzını yaymadan konuşur musun ?"baaaııtté" ve do u like trabzonian boızzss?
Mike Murray (9 months ago)
I love your videos! I get happy when I watch them because it reminds me of when I visited Istanbul with my girlfriend and her sister. We stayed in different apartments with different family members. Babaanne for 1 week, then teyze, then hala...It is a beautiful city :) Thank you for your videos!
Manish Sharma (9 months ago)
Well happy birthday,lol you said that the majority of people in istanbul don't know English so my suggestion for you add Turkish subtitles so they can understand you
Joe Blow (9 months ago)
In 1991 I was in Istanbul and fell in love with a Turkish girl. Things did not work out and I lost contact with her. Sometimes I still think of what could have been. Now, you are the same age as my oldest daughter. You are a very pretty young lady. I enjoyed you're video's a lot. All Americans that I know who have visited Istanbul loved it. It truly is a special place.  Love from the USA.
Turkish FactsbyLara (9 months ago)
Hello thanks a lot for your kind words :) In Turkey we believe in destiny but back in the days social media was non existed so i guess it was so easy to lost contact with people esspecially if you live in different countries , sounds like a really sad story anyway , thank you so much for your support sir :) I wish health wealth and happiness to you and your family :)
Iqbal Rather (9 months ago)
Thanks for sharing information about TURKEY.
David Meara (9 months ago)
Your videos make me want to visit Turkey and ask you to go to lunch and do some sight seeing. You are so pretty without knowing or seeming to care which makes you all the more beautiful.
Yusra Shaikh (9 months ago)
Hi Lara! Lol you're so pretty! Btw my cousins went to go visit Turkey! How exciting!! Anyways please make more videos!
Mike Nazareno (9 months ago)
Great video , how is the wheather in febuary ? wishing to learn more about Turkish culture and about you too Lara :)
savaş türk (9 months ago)
Rüyamda seninle birlikte bir kitabın 2. serisini arıyorduk
Turkish FactsbyLara (9 months ago)
+savaş türk hayırdır inşallah 😂
g sarıcan (10 months ago)
arkadaşınla beraber mutlaka bir video gelmeli bence :)
Suvendu Das (10 months ago)
Pls pls pls i love yr video, but i ask one thing can u tell me Hande Ercel why why dont speak in English in press conference??? Cz am a Diheard fan from India
billel metidji (10 months ago)
do you can tell me hi jast hi hahahahahahahah
Mike Mazzella (10 months ago)
You're beautiful.
anonim (10 months ago)
Neden aynı yaşta olmamıza rağmen benden büyük duruyorsun 😭
Saqib S (10 months ago)
Subscribed From India
Hazrat Shah (10 months ago)
are you maried?
Hazrat Shah (10 months ago)
are you maried?
Hazrat Shah (10 months ago)
are you maried?
Hazrat Shah (10 months ago)
are you maried?
Hazrat Shah (10 months ago)
are you maried?
Ceren Belayaskala (9 months ago)
no she's not
Rik P (10 months ago)
Ciao Lara! Yesss! Come to Italy and learn italian, please! The curious fact is that I'm studying japanese and I definitely want to visit Japan, too 😁 But I'd like to visit Turkey, as well, and in particular Istanbul, it must be an amazing city! As regards your chin, have you tried with a teeth brace? Nevertheless, you are definitely gorgeous
Enver Yucel (10 months ago)
Walla ne yalan söylüyüm seni izledikten sonra İngilizce geliştirmeye başladım.
Anamika Sarkar (10 months ago)
FRIENDS... Me too.. 😍
Leme Geton (10 months ago)
Arayı soğutmayalım lütfeen :D
caroline smile (10 months ago)
U look younger than 20 😀 sweet lara😇
Sancho O'Dell (10 months ago)
Lara. You shouldn't be doing a video now. Wait till after you had your meal. Your sushi is getting cold!
matheoIRL (10 months ago)
Merhaba , Dilara im a french guy who's very curious about discovering Turkey cause i just love your language , which is the second most beautifull language , (after french of course eheh) . I think in the future i will travel there and try to know people better ( i have already two turkish friends) , and i have a question : i'd like to know if ever i would be meeting a turkish girl and if the things start to be serious between me and her , do you think it's possible to build something with her ; regarding that she might be a Muslim and me im an Atheist ? Cause few years ago , i met a cok güzel Turkish girl who liked me and she told me taht if i would like to be her boyfriend , i will have to convert to Islam ... and its not my belief , so i refused to convert . And i considered taht if she loves me as much i love her , she has to accept me for what im , in despite of our differences about beliefs and religion , like i must accept the fact she believe in another religion ...Could you please tell me what you think of taht and give me a clue ? By the way , i do love your videos , specially about language cause it's help me to learn about Turkey . thx Matheo
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
Thank you please contact me from instagram so i can give you an accurate explanation for that , the reason why i dont answer these kinda questions here is that haters do hate it a lot and sometimes they try to start an argument
Abu Mujaahid as-Sunni (10 months ago)
Keyfe Değer (10 months ago)
1080 p 240 p den iyidir miyoptum 240 p de iyicene kör olmuştum
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
hahahah bende miyopum :D
Jess M. (10 months ago)
Even though I wanna learn Turkish, watching your videos are helpful to practice my English! :D I'm really into Turkish music, would you recommend me some?
Jess M. (10 months ago)
Thank youu! I'm really into Mehmet Erdem and some guy called Tugkan.
virgie (10 months ago)
Jess M. I am American and I can recommend some! Try Sertab Erener :D Yanarım, Bi Çaresi Bulunur, Zor Kadın, and İyileşiyorum are very amazingly good songs by her :DDD
She's so beautiful = Ella es tan hermosa 😊 I love Turkey Greetings from Venezuela :) I wanna learn Turkish ... Anyone can help me? Please 😇
M waqas I'd like to do that when I can
M waqas (6 months ago)
would you kindly tell us .how to find a Turkish girl for marriage?
jupiterloverful I'm going to add you right now
jupiterloverful (8 months ago)
jose gregorio espinel guerrero add me to your contacts, whatsapp it is. +963935930575
jupiterloverful of course yes ... Let me know! now How? I have WhatsApp ...and you?
Prafulla Bhat (10 months ago)
Hello nice to see you again after a long time Lara..If possible upload next time video about Turkish foods😊
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
sure why not :))
Furkan Çakmak (10 months ago)
I really wonder how you speak such a fluent and perfect English. I am waiting an informative video about this if you have time. Meanwhile, you are representing our country very well. Thank you a lot for your effort . Hi from Ankara.
jupiterloverful (8 months ago)
Furkan Çakmak She is not perfect at English, she is JUST OK.
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Furkan Çakmak thank you very much i ll try to shoot that video very soon
atrum (10 months ago)
FRIENDS reference?
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
yes sir :)
balayo mah (10 months ago)
Ayy new video😍😍
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Ikran Abdi heyyy 😊
AAMIR ABBASI (10 months ago)
sllam ......Love from Pakistan
Bedirhan Aydın (10 months ago)
Smells quality
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Bedirhan Aydın i know 😊😊😄
Serkan (10 months ago)
Video başlığındaki friens göndermesi güzel olmuş :D how you doin?
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Serkan 😂 hahah teşekkür ederim
selin yildirir (10 months ago)
Ingilizceni nadil gelistirdigin hakkinda bir video ceker misin bizler icin? Ben 4 aydir amerikadayim ama hala ogrenemedim ingilizceyi ve 14 yasindayim. Guvenim kiriliyor. Yardim eder misin?
selin yildirir (10 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara tessekkurler 😄
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
Tabiki sonraki video onunla ilgili :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Aylin Nevra tabiki 😊 bi turkce video cekecegim bununla ilgili
Yusra Shaikh (10 months ago)
@Turkish FactsbyLara what religion do you believe in?
Ashad khan (10 months ago)
Salam from pakistan My Grandfathers Father was also From Turkey! This is why i have a lot of love for Turkey and turks
Asr paris (10 months ago)
Hi dear nice video good luck 🌷
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Asr paris thank you
Caleb Lovell (10 months ago)
just so you know, "put out" is a way to say "have sex" in slang. LOL
MethodMobile (9 months ago)
virgie - I think you mean "put off"
Caleb Lovell (10 months ago)
No worries! That is not a common expression, not to mention a rather ugly/rude/sexist one. @Virgie that is a VERY rare expression... I had to google it to even remind me that it was real haha. I have heard people say it, but hardly ever... where do you live that people use that? :O
virgie (10 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara wait actually "put out" can also mean feeling pissed off. It has different meanings in different places.
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Caleb Lovell 😵 i am not good with slang words
Al Henders (10 months ago)
hey Lara great to hear from you again wow!! I hope you would like to hope you would like to visit the usa also its not too bad like to hear lots about your thoughts on the u.s.a
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Al Henders i ll try to make a video on that also 😊😊
Mathilda Flower (10 months ago)
Hello Lara :-) I really loved this video, love from England ❤️
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Mathilda Flower hey thank you so much 😍😊
Sören M. (10 months ago)
Europeans don't use inches either, just the British.
Danny Rashid-Dara (4 days ago)
Yeah that's true. We actually use both imperial and metric units.
Mr Ibbra98 (10 months ago)
Happy to have you back Lara :) since you are turkish i Wonder IF you can help me translate this video for me :) https://youtu.be/Fga6lm4O36M
Malachi Watson (10 months ago)
Keep posting videos when you can they are good!
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Malachi Watson thank you so much for your support 😊😊😊
Bay BilimseL (10 months ago)
Lara şu yorumumu Ingilizce yorumlarmısın Lütfen O kadar güzelsin ki kuş koysunlar yoluna :)
Reşat Akgün (10 months ago)
Tansel Tanoğlu ya kanka güzel kız aynen de ingilizcemi kıskananlar oluyor işte naparsın...
Bay BilimseL (10 months ago)
Reşat Akgün arkadaşlar uzatmayın kız güzel işte:)
Reşat Akgün (10 months ago)
Ali Emir tamam kanka o zaman you are beautiful , the bird put roads al işte ...
Ali Emir (10 months ago)
Reşat Akgün the ekinin nasıl kullanacagini biliyor musun ?? Soyliyim put koymak demek çeviri diye bir şey var
Ali Emir (10 months ago)
Reşat Akgün o oyle söylenmez baya sallamissin amk ilk olarak are you denmez soru sormuyorsun sen you are denir ikinci olarak koymak fiili nerde aq
Comrade Kalashnikov (10 months ago)
why did you deletr the other one my comment was gone! damnit. anyway, say Hi to Mert. He is mert right? anyway. only americans canadians and some old time Englishmen use the old imperial units, ie. feets and inches. almost everyone else, including whole of europe, use the metric system instead. that said, you would be 5 feet 5 inches. an inch is a 2.54~cm or so, and a feet is 12 inches. Take care now AND PLEASE DON'T DELETE THE VIDEO.
Ahmet ÇAKIR (10 months ago)
Bir sorun mu var aynı vidyoyu yükledin.
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Ahmet ÇAKIR çözünürlügu yukselttim
Ahmet ÇAKIR (10 months ago)
Turkish Girl anladım pek de gerek yoktu da neyse.
jean seban (10 months ago)
I F (10 months ago)
Come to kibris❤️❤️
G D (4 months ago)
Kuzey kıbrıs türk cumhuriyeti of course
I F (10 months ago)
Turkish FactsbyLara would loveee to meet you! Let me know if you do plan
Turkish FactsbyLara (10 months ago)
+Isra Fatima i can try to 😊😊
Ahmet ÇAKIR (10 months ago)
Isra Fatima which one?

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