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Myths and Facts about Turkish Culture

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Hello Guys This is my first video and i ll talk about Turkish Culture and Turkey at this channel.In this video i ve talked about common myths i ll add turkish subtitle for my turkish followers soon. If you d like to discover more about me : ===== instagram : @turkishfactsbylara =====snapchat:@dilarakrbb
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Javed Malik (3 days ago)
I want to marry with beautiful Turkish lady.. Plz contact on WhatsApp. +923129090300
sujan manandhar (4 days ago)
Kayra Guner (5 days ago)
Çok iyi video olmuş ilk videon olmasina rağmen çok güzel içerik devamini yap Nerelisin sen benzemiyorsun Türke çok güzelsin.
Hasibe Candan (5 days ago)
Şirinliğini konuşturmuş bebeğim senden bekliyordum bu tarz bir şey tebrik ederim harika bir video olmuş, sabırsızlıkla diğer videoları bekliyorum <3
Turkish FactsbyLara (5 days ago)
Çok teşekkür ederim, canım arkadaşım 😊 çok tatlısın ❤
Michael Jordan (8 days ago)
I thought Turkey was a type of bird, that people eat! What is she on about?
Katie F (9 days ago)
Most of the things she said is not true
Katie F (3 days ago)
+Selam Dünyalı well fucking do your research
Selam Dünyalı (3 days ago)
Islam hasn't fucking sign or flag lmao. Crescent and moon nothing to do with islam. Saudi arabia and iran has sharia law and their flag is different, but we haven't sharia law.
Katie F (6 days ago)
+ajaja anaja so why the fuck does the flag have a moon and star which represents Islam because turkeys national religion is Islam but there is other a really population of other religions
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
All the things said are true. What is not true?
Muazam Hameed (10 days ago)
No matter how hard turkey try to turn into a secular country by picking western lifestyle like drinking etc and also by not using Islamic laws in its constitution, European Union will never let turkey to be part of it. A polarized country with western part claiming to be Europeans and eastern part Muslims.
Selam Dünyalı (3 days ago)
You guys can't understand Turkish society most Turks today don't want be part of eu.
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
We stopped wanting to be in europe like 10 years ago mate.
Ben Hemsley (15 days ago)
I like you...keep doing these...you get total respect.
Saleh Alasadi (21 days ago)
Your are wrong turkey is a Muslim country
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
Is not the ottoman was a muslim country turkey is a secular country m.
Maraz Ali (22 days ago)
Türk mutfagnda sadece kebab ya da döner yoktur onu da deseydin
Creat ivity (24 days ago)
This whole video is mostly lies
I P (24 days ago)
I have lots of questions about Turkey. As an African American female is Turkey a place where I would be accepted or would it be difficult for me to live there.
Girl you have crossbite. Check a dentist.
Mustafa Ercümen (1 month ago)
Why are you talking about? If we are Islamic country, no Gayrimüslim live with us? This is ridiculous
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
Oda aynisini diyor mal
imran awan (1 month ago)
fouzia Chaudhary (1 month ago)
Lol Turkey is Muslim country obviously because it has majority of Muslims lol its like any other country like pakistan they have christen, Hindus but majority Muslims which makes it muslim country.
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
Is a secular country.
love n respect 4m INDIA 🇮🇳
Mergo Mergo (1 month ago)
Adını neden aksanlı söylüyorsun ?? :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (1 month ago)
Sen sor diye :)
Baharti are dogs (1 month ago)
i watch Turkish epic drama series the DIRILIS and i love it i love turkey and its peoples simple and full stop LOVE FROM PAKISTAN
Admiral (1 month ago)
Australiadan selam
Priyanka Chakraborty (1 month ago)
I'm from india, and I wanna visit Istanbul . I LOVE YOUR VIDEO. You are so cute ❤️
Colorful Mind (1 month ago)
O kadar güzel anlatmışsın ki.. Ne eksik ne fazla..
leena gangurde (1 month ago)
Hello im from India and i love Turkish song and my dream city is Istanbul. When ever i get time i search for Turkish culture. I want to know some things abt turky 1) about clothes of women in general 2) can people show love in public places And 3) how to learn Turkish language
Naeem eusapxai (1 month ago)
i have three and looking for a forth one,what you think,i mean would you like to be the fourth one,,,,looking forward for your proposal ,,,,,
crazy sarah (1 month ago)
I would want a friend for english conversation xD 💙turk
Abdulaziz Holaibi (1 month ago)
Turkey is Muslim country ! you do have arabic in you language as well as farsi dont just deny
AdomEnAltas (1 month ago)
Anyone please give any link to subtitle .srt files for Ask Laftan Anlamaz Im stuck at episode 15 cant find any .srt file after it
Dawn Hooper (2 months ago)
Thank you Lara for sharing your video.
Kimberly Moxley (2 months ago)
Thank you for your video. It was very informative and your English is very good.
Manish Chauthani (2 months ago)
Hi Lara, I need to visit Ankara due to a project work. It is nice to know about some of the myths which you have explained about Turkey.
Ivy Childers-Nuelle (2 months ago)
Than you for this video im studying turkey and its very helpful!
Christopher Di Paolo (2 months ago)
Can I marry you please :D
i 6tir (2 months ago)
Çiftetelli aman aman.
sarah quinn (2 months ago)
You are so beautiful 😍
Sarah Scates (2 months ago)
I'm half Turkish.
Awsome Videos Xd (2 months ago)
Is turkish people eat pork?
Sorgulayan Birey (1 month ago)
Stan Torren (2 months ago)
Just their culture okay
Awsome Videos Xd (2 months ago)
+Stan Torren oh great, I thought if turkish muslims can drink alcohol in ramdan month then they can also eat pork meat....because of influence of European countries...but my question why Turkish muslim people drink alcoholic beverages...
Stan Torren (2 months ago)
No Muslim is allowed to eat pork and Turkish Muslims do not pork
Awsome Videos Xd (2 months ago)
+Stan Torren My question was do turkish muslim people eat pork meat ? Please simplify your answer
Awsome Videos Xd (2 months ago)
Forgetting Quran is Sin ....and Muslims can't drink Alcohol...
hidayet memmedov (2 months ago)
Çok salaksın
La Porta D (3 months ago)
Why would you need more than one Turkish wife!!? What kind of man can handle all of that feminine perfection?? No one! That's who.
Stan Torren (2 months ago)
My family only has 1 wife or husband but divorce’s do happen
Sıtkı Evrenkaya (3 months ago)
Kemal Sarıgül (3 months ago)
Teşekkürler güzel kızımız ...
behlen A. wifi (3 months ago)
I have heard that Turkish people are all light skinned is it true but I don't think that because everyone is different.
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
We are mixed
Deepak Dixit (3 months ago)
Hello i m from india and really want a turkish girlfriend how can i get one like asli from pyar lafzo me kha ...🤗
K F (3 months ago)
why turkish female is so buetiful TmT
fuzail kareem (3 months ago)
Good nice video you are good they drink Ramadan oh my God !! Bad very very bad.
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
If they want too then yes not one could jugde them.
Aykut Gökçe (3 months ago)
Lara supersiiin bu ve bunun gibi bircok yanlis bilinen konulari ifade etmek insanlarin en azindan Turk vatandaslarina yurt disinda veya buraya tatile geldiginde tanimadan on yargilarla yaklasmasini engelleyecektir ve taniyarak iliskilerini yonlendirecektir emegine saglik guzellik
Prenses Ela (3 months ago)
My mum turkish but doesn’t wearing head cover usually they are not wearing
Ankit Bisht (3 months ago)
Must Say You Are Very Good In Pronouncing Those English Words Very Beautifully
Rounak Debnath (3 months ago)
this girl's so cute that i couldn't even concentrate on a single word
USMAN BHATTI (3 months ago)
I love Turkey people
SloYo Row (3 months ago)
I wish I had a Turkish girlfriend like you.. 😍 You’re very smart and direct.. I’m glad I can go to Turkey with more knowledge now. Thank you👍👌✌️😉
USMAN BHATTI (3 months ago)
Me Pakistan
USMAN BHATTI (3 months ago)
Mahmudur Rahman (3 months ago)
Yes, Bangladesh is also a muslim majority secular country!
Cagatay Ocal (3 months ago)
When you think about it Turks are adopters of other cultures especially middle eastern which strived in our cravings for it, we are theifs in a good way
JM C (3 months ago)
You wanna bang
tashi wangyal (3 months ago)
Please mam Reply I have a question and Its really important and urgent please mam
west A (4 months ago)
Are your ancestors Mongoliian
D.K. Songs (4 months ago)
We'll, where are you from ?
Mentalbros (4 months ago)
O şive acı verici lütfen düzelt
Oliver Locke (4 months ago)
This video is very interesting & I didn’t know Turkey was not a Muslim country or that Istanbul was not the capital of Turkey, and also by the way your English is brilliant! 😊👍, I love Turkey and the Turkish people and the culture and the food and also the cheap prices 😆🙌
Nut Crack (4 months ago)
Drinking Alcohol is said to be Haraam in Islam .And its true .And Ramadan is a pure month how can somebody drink in Ramadan
Nut Crack (4 months ago)
but in islam Allah (SWT) has given permission for
Nut Crack (4 months ago)
it is called muslim country because majority 98% population is Muslim 🍛
İlayda Odabatmaz (4 months ago)
you r so beautiful omg
Dave RACHMAN Kennardi (4 months ago)
Please dont go to turkish if you are chinese...
Korkmayın, batıya "BİZ SİZDEN FARKLIYIZ, ÇOOOK FARKLIYIZ" deyin.. gerçek bu.. yoksa batı gibi olursanız farkınız olmazsa kıymetiniz de olmaz :)))))) saflık yapmayın.. içinizde ki bir gayri müslimin tüyoları bunlar..
:)))) bu bilgileri vererek batının Türk korkusundan kurtulmasını amaçladın sanırım.. "Bir Türk vatandaşı batılı" olarak size ancak acıyorum.. neden kendi kültürünüzü inkar ediyorsunuz. bakın bizde sizdeniz diye niye dötünüzü yırtıyorsunuz :))) acınacak hale geleceksiniz benden söylemesi. bir topluluk ancak kendi kültürüne sahip çıkarak ayakta kalır. eğer bize benzemeye kalkarsanız biz sizi içimizde YOK EDERİZ. bu topraklarda bir gün bile yaşatmazlar sizleri benden size tüyo. isteyen alır.. 1000 yıl önce batının malını gaspettiğiniz inancı ie yaşıyor batılılar.. siz hale onlara şirinlik peşindesiniz.. safsınız :))))
Selam Dünyalı (1 month ago)
Gel de bunu bizim sözümona liboş/seküler/kemalist tayfaya anlat.
King Blade (4 months ago)
Hey, are you single?
Kerangka Di Langit (4 months ago)
Are you sucking dick Lara. Look your mouth
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
Ask your mum first.
Oguzhan Yigit (4 months ago)
Wow really nice enlightening video! And just fyi, imho your English is great! Have you been abroad?
Rh Jee (4 months ago)
I want Turkish visa plz help me
Ali Fuat (4 months ago)
Bu ne komplekslilik yaw. Biz arap değiliz içkide iceriz oruç da tutmayız vs.. iki tane gavura şirin görünmek için. Aferin sana
Şevval ERKAN (4 months ago)
Türk müsün? Are you Turkish?
Atheer Sabih (4 months ago)
Your English is astonishing. I wish I knew Turkish. I need to learn it.
Atheer Sabih (4 months ago)
We Iraqie people drink just as much tea. I think Turkish people are more Arab than they wanna believe.
Lana Lana Lana (4 months ago)
Atheer Sabih fuck you arab
David R Mellor (4 months ago)
dont go to Konya awful and anti western
Lana Lana Lana (4 months ago)
yeah and people are so damn weird.They are one of the worst Turks.They're not open-minded and they are just like arabs.I've been to konya a few times to visit museums and Rumi's tomb but I hate konya because of people.By the way how was you trip in Turkey? Would you like to tell me about your experiences?I'd be glad
David R Mellor (4 months ago)
compared to ankara and istanbul it is almost medieval
Lana Lana Lana (4 months ago)
David R Mellor as i turk i dont like konya
Sean McGahee (4 months ago)
Good job making your very first video (at the time)! Please read this and try to help me if you can on my trip in 7 days... -----> I am a converted Muslim American (15yrs ago) and I am leaving to go to Ankara Turkey in 7 days. I will be staying there for 3 months (90 days) and I was curious if you guys could feed me any info or recommendations for my trip. Can you live/tourist comfortably on 6000 lira a month? Are there any places I should not miss while there? Do you know any friends that might be willing to give me a tour? I am an Army Veteran and I have been engaged to a wonderful woman for the past 3 years...this trip was suposed to be for us to complete her K1 fieance visa to bring her back here to be married...but her family pitched a huge fit and guilt trip on her and now our whole plans are stuck in limbo at this moment as of yesterday. She is so worried her father is going to break down emotionally and have a heart attack...so I have no idea where anything stands right now. I do not speak Turkish and am quite nervous that I will be stuck there for 3 months with too much time on my hands...but am hoping in the chance that things do go poorly that I can turn lemons into lemonade...any advice or connection to anyone that could show me around would be so awesome. Thanks for your time and also if any of this channels viewers have any feedback or info to share please hit that reply button below and say hello ;) . Peace and positive vibes to you all. Inshallah everything shall work itself out!
Samantha Ramghulam (4 months ago)
In Turkey at the moment n so disappointing!!!! Ppl are so rude and arrogant Famous Istanbul !!!! Non of the restaurant serves fresh food everything is pre-made and microwaved!!!! What a shame
ajaja anaja (7 days ago)
What a lie.
Khaled Sabandal (4 months ago)
To whom you praise? Who is your god
MVP A8N (4 months ago)
Don’t judge me hhhhh your funny . . You like defensive hhhh
Ötüken Productions (4 months ago)
Türkler hakkında Ortadoğulu, Arap tarzı algıları kırdığın bu video için sana çok teşekkür ederim. Böyle kanallar daha çok kişiye ulaşmalı ki kültürümüzü saçma sapan algılardan kurtaralım.
Ali Korkmaz (5 months ago)
Çeşke biraz kitap okusanda şu dili öğrendiğim gibi nasıl konusacagini da ogrensen. cahillere normal gelebilir onlara herşey normal zaten. Örneğin, anlamlarını bilmemize gerek yok öyle mi sen şimdi anlamını bilmedigin kelimelerimi konuşuyorsun aferin devam her cahil gibi kendinizi birşey sanıp kesin konuşmaya aferin.
Turkish FactsbyLara (4 months ago)
Keşke sen de biraz kitap okusaydın da "Keşke" yi düzgün yazabilseydin 😊
Prakash Kalwani (5 months ago)
hi mam how are you. I have heard that turkish girl are very beautiful . is it ture
Indira Lahita (5 months ago)
hi! i'm indonesian, i'm so interested and love about turkey. İ like ur video
kitty lover (5 months ago)
Omg this was uploaded on my bday!
sagasa motongo (5 months ago)
R. U. (5 months ago)
Vücut dilini çok kullanıyorsun ve bu insanları rahatdız ediyor, en azından beni etti.
brahim 9999 (5 months ago)
I am Muslim Algerian Amazigh ( berber ) I don't know much about Turkey. But I don't understand why some Turks always confirm that they are not Arabs ?? (100 % true !) , Turkish language is not Arabic language (100 % true !). But No one confirm that turks are not Europeans too ???!!!! the reality is that REAL TURKS are TURKS from central asia ( not arabs , not europeans , not persians ) and most of them are muslims alhamdullillah . Whatever beautifull people and culture . sallamu aleykum
west A (4 months ago)
Lol turks arent Europeans no chance. If anything its the Greeks that lived there for thousands of years b4 the turks arrived arre the European looking ones
EMR38NL (4 months ago)
Aleykum salam
atif omar (5 months ago)
Attaturk is over, he was puppet to US, turkey is moving fast and will soon be an Islamic country Inshallah again as it was 90 years before.
Jeffrey Miller (5 months ago)
Are you available to speak with I am traveling to Istanbul right now and I hoped to get some help
ZUBAIR HUSSAIN (5 months ago)
I am very shocked to see hijab ban in a muslim majority country yes turkey isn’t a declared islamic state but majority is Muslims maybe non practicing its like USA, USA doesn’t have a state religion but it is still considered as Christian country, If it wasn’t for muslims in turkey would have nothing all of these visitors comes from all over worlds they come to see the islamic history like mosques and palaces etc and yet Ata Turk was so ashamed he even changed the letters of his own language so it won’t match with Arabic the muslim language People like Ata Turk tried so much to be a part of Europe but failed i am so sad to see when Turkish people are ashmed to see they are muslim Thanks for sharing the video about your country you should read the Quran in Turkish to see what islam is, I have good wishes and prayers for Turkey hope to visit some day to see the beautiful islamic culture Mosque etc Love from Pakistan
jack the gamer (5 months ago)
Myth number 9 ; Turkey hasn’t got one of the worst human rights record in the history of the Planet .
Artere Laksamana (5 months ago)
Hi Lara , will you date a non moslem guy ???
Reis Sögüt (5 months ago)
Maymun amk yalan hepsi yanliş
Turkish FactsbyLara (5 months ago)
Reis Sögüt insan müsveddesi kaybol burdan
Şahin Cahit Yanık (5 months ago)
Helal kız sana. Bir de Türkler milliyetçi insanlardır bayraklarına Ata'sına aşırı düşkünlerdir sakın yanlış yapmayın deseydin !
Kristine Michelle Paro (5 months ago)
I need help...my boyfriend is turkish. I am filipina. He loves me but ask me to marry him but i need to convert to muslim... Can we just be married and not change my religion??? Will his family hate me if i dont change?
Allahbaksh Baig (5 months ago)
Hi nice video simple to understand the day to day routine of Turkish people. Want to ask what are the hamams and whirling? Thanks regards from India..
Siddhartha Sinha (5 months ago)
U r beautiful
lol lol (6 months ago)
I wanna be friends with this girl

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