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Myths and Facts about Turkish Culture

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Hello Guys This is my first video and i ll talk about Turkish Culture and Turkey at this channel.In this video i ve talked about common myths i ll add turkish subtitle for my turkish followers soon. If you d like to discover more about me : ===== instagram : @turkishfactsbylara =====snapchat:@dilarakrbb
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mark ledesma (5 hours ago)
Netflix'i izlemeyi severim, bazı sabunları gösterirler, türkiye'den insanlar, sevgiyle insanları gördüğünüz her kültürde çok benzerdir. Programınız için teşekkür ederim Umarım bize yaşam tarzınızı göstermeye devam edersiniz, Tanrı sizi korusun.
Cevair Zufer (3 days ago)
First thing to start with. Lara is not Turkish.
Nesreen Raed (4 days ago)
Thnx for the info; however, I have to admit that I dislike the way u want to sound positively modern to the extent that u r talking about drinking in "Ramdan" as if it's fine. It's a negative thing, and if muslims dont drink, it doesnt mean tgat tourists or foreigners cannot drink. So u dont have to prove it by drinking. And another thing, saying that u pray in arabic without understanding is totally something against u. I bet u have a turkish version that at least explains what it's written and what u r saying during praying.
okan dürüstt (6 days ago)
kasıntı aksan
And One (8 days ago)
Mongols are the ancestors of Turks and they just steal culture. That's why Turks are so "lovely" and never aggressive muahaha
ashok karamunge (16 days ago)
Love ur long Bob haircut so much👌👌🌹🌹🔥😱
ashok karamunge (16 days ago)
Wow baby ur looking so sweet darling 🔥🔥💋👌👌🌹nice video love you
Gary dela Rosa (22 days ago)
You familiar with Mudurnu? Or I think it's called Bolu, Mudurnu.
Gary dela Rosa (22 days ago)
Love it! Thanks!
tilo ttoma (24 days ago)
Present day Turkey is quiet different that Ataturk Turkey. Presently Islam is dominating Turkish life more rapidly.
qwerty 100 (27 days ago)
Dumb when they say Muslim country it means that the people are Muslim. I.e the Turks are Muslim. You talk a lot of crap and belittle Turks.
Sachin kumar (28 days ago)
Nice video
Khanjan Gadhavi (1 month ago)
When is come about drinking,! she's just like oh my God who told you that people🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
N Reddy (1 month ago)
You have the cutest accent
NOMADPROSTORY (1 month ago)
You interested for me
Z jewel (1 month ago)
Afganistán Uzbek Iran all have similar cultures with turkey
RESİM DÜNYAM (1 month ago)
Merhaba ben bir türküm hakaret etmiyorsun ama giden senin gibi olmayan insanlar var sen iyisin❤❤❤❤🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Hidayat Afridi (1 month ago)
Feel very sorry it left the islamic culture
Damith Priyadarshana (1 month ago)
Dhruvil Limbachiya (1 month ago)
someone Says right Turkish Girls Are the Most Beautiful Girl
ROMANA KHANAM (1 month ago)
I'm a Bangladeshi, I live in Turkish, I want to marry Turkish
surraiya siddiqui (1 month ago)
What Turkish people eat in their daily meals?
gohar rehman (1 month ago)
I want to chat with you on face book if you like
هلا هلا (1 month ago)
Secularism is not beneficial at all girl .Revise yourself before it is too late. I think you have exceeded some limits of fact exaggeration. If you drink, it doesn't mean that all people drink. If you don't recognize Turkey as a Muslim country ,millions do. Don't generalize.
Turkland (1 month ago)
i used to work at a travel agency in sultanahmet for like 3 years as a tour operator and i met lots of people all around the world.. But in this 3 years i saw only one ppl who was expecting me to take her hotel by a camel.. Only one. And yea, she was so excited and wore a headscarf before going out. i was like ! "Mum, calm down please, you are truly safe" i just couldnt understand, didnt she google before she come.. Maybe accidently bought the ticket or maybe a promotion that she wanted to use. What i mean is, it is also a wrong information you got that people think we live in a desert. We got bomb attacks in sultanahmet and than some media organizations like fox tv serviced that news as a daily routin in Turkey. Many agencies closed like mine.. Than i opened a cafeteria and no bullshit guys ! Believe or not, i met some turkish ppl who were drinking 50 glasses of tea in a day.. Tea men !
onoa mindorensis (1 month ago)
congratulations in your first video. i love everything about turkey since i visited there several times already. i wish i can work there as a Filipino.
Sossa Montana (1 month ago)
Lara you are not real Muslim 😉
Nomaan mehdi (1 month ago)
U r athiest pls Don't call ur self muslim we don't need u
Nomaan mehdi (1 month ago)
Only muslim from turkey kemalist go to greece and Macedonia from where their father pig kemal was born
Polydopamine (1 month ago)
It's Constantinople and it's not turkish. You will find out the hard way within your lifetime.
Costas Patralis (1 month ago)
Myth 3 - Wrong, Turkey IS a Muslim/Islamic country.... Just look at your sultan erdogan. No longer are you considered a secular society all thanks to the current dictatorship.
Ashikur Rahman SADI (1 month ago)
Lara you are very nice.☺☺☺☺☺😍😘
We drink tea, I don't know why hahahaha, because you used to feed the fire with it
Rosa Antonucci (2 months ago)
well, that was helpful, thank you!
Lara Uzun (2 months ago)
im lara toooo!!!
greatonco (2 months ago)
u are trying so hard to appeal to the western culture, and no muslims are not allowed to drink but there is some who do anyway , and in my opinion now more than ever the western culture is failing and ppl who use there minds will see what islam was teaching is nothing but peace..
APNA TIME AAYEGA (2 months ago)
exactly dear where are you from in turkey.
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
Like she is going to tell some troll, lol. She may not even be Turk or in Turkey
I'mfromashithole fuck (2 months ago)
The word you should have used is "secular" which is also a turkish word.
"Chaghdash" (çağdaş)is the turkic word for secularism.
Dostlarvlogs (2 months ago)
ty abla bunu projecta kullanicam
zeeshan khan (2 months ago)
Love love love Turkey...visited Istanbul last year now planning a grand trip again..I m a traveler from California.. Please follow me on my Instagram @zee_travelblogs i wanna know more about Turkey:)
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
If you are from cali you should check out stick figure - above the storm
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
Yo man bring some flower and carts with you and let's do it up
Sanjaya Jayalath (2 months ago)
she is beautiful !!!
anatoliy8212 (2 months ago)
My grand grand father was soldier in Romania against Ottomans and bring beautiful Turkish girl as his wife back to Russia now all my cousins and me looks like Turkish. I check my DNA I have 10.5 % Balkans which means "Europe Turkish".
송성욱 (2 months ago)
hi im korean i know that korean grammar and turkish grammar is similar ( subject + object + verb) "I eat apple" in english but in korea and turkey "i apple eat" for koreans learning english is very hard because korean grammar is different to english grammar. From the same point of view, the Turkish people will also have difficulty in English. But you are good at english , I want to know that how did you learn english
MIND TRAVELLER (5 days ago)
Same with Indian grammar...main apple khati hu...i.e I apple eat
Satyam Roy (2 months ago)
I’ve a girlfriend from ankara,turkish❤️ and i love her!
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
How the heck did you pull that off. Surely you are not living in Turkey. And if she has any single friends back home who like foreigner looking guys who speak English hook a bro up
Justin Mackay (2 months ago)
Awesome! I've been staying in Eskişehir for a month now and it's soooooooooo chilled here. Too chilled!
Justin Mackay (1 month ago)
The Foreigner of course not
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
+Justin Mackay graffiti art? Sounds more like vandalism. I hope you don't partake in that activity broski.
Justin Mackay (1 month ago)
The Foreigner I wouldn’t know. Honestly haven’t met many girls as attractive as her here in Turkey so I’m guessing she’s a rich student with a lot of time and a lot of attention. Most girls here refuse to really speak English unless they have to.
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
+Justin Mackay I understand that feeling bro I'm just saying her accent is a little strange it's almost like she learned English in Australia or something. Most Turks that I know who speak English they don't sound like this girl
C. Bahij (3 months ago)
Fansa Kr (3 months ago)
omg u r so gorgeous :)
Noor Afridi (3 months ago)
Love u😘
ammay arsatay (3 months ago)
Ok ... So I wanna real appreciate this girl for her efforts and I'm not disliking her efforts but many things which she told is true but many wrong also and it's fine pretty girl for not knowing much English its really ok 1. So first thing which is Turkey is really not a Muslim country but majority is Muslim yes that's true and weather you go to Muslim country even you can find people of other religion so as in Turkey also . 2. Many people do speak Arabic also but she said no not many but that's not true it's like upto your interest some have so they learn and some don't but but there are people not in few but not in majority but they do speak and understand Arabic language also . 3. Hijab ,yes hijab is not wear but every women its upto you if you want to now you can but if don't than don't wear no one will force you to wear hijab... it's in our religion but girls don't wear so its upto your choice but women do wear not in majority but also not in minority . 4. Turkish people drink alcohol and many Muslim of the world do drink alcohol although they know that its forbid in Islam ... yeah islam don't allow to drink alcohol it's one of the greatest sin . 5. Turks are not Arab they are Turks but many of there practicing are related to European culture we can say this. Yes that's it and one more thing I'm not saying that she is wrong I'm right she is also right is her view and I'm also may be there would be some other person who has different so these are the things which you can get there knowledge properly when you live in Turkey it's something not easy to explain THANKEW ❤
Ali Askari (3 months ago)
Wearing hijab is not conservative I can see from this video that Turkish ppl are ashamed of there culture and religion
tugce Ceylan (3 months ago)
keşke arap olmadığımizida söyleseydin
V-0 (3 months ago)
Another fact: The reason why Turkey is 98% Muslim is because after your birth, you are automatically registered as Muslim. It's on your passport, but that doesn't mean they are religious or whatever. A large population is Atheist but their passport says they are Muslim. Bunu da söylemek iyi olurdu bence. Güzel vidyo olmuş :D
Omri 🚀 (3 months ago)
Can we drink alcohol at street road ?
Meryem (3 months ago)
Hey sen türk müsün?
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
Arabs who trying selling Islam to us learn one Turkey fact also .. most of Turks still disgusting Lawrence's Arabs.. And yes Turks fought generaly against europeans but we more respect to them and Iran even Israel then Arabs We never forget WW 1 and traitor Arabs, millions of Ottoman Turks who fought victory of Islam and caliph of Islam died because of you.. After WW I Turks continued fought against Europa at leadership of ATATÜRK while u r being most richest peoples of the World with oil and infidels's! money.. now u r crying because of Israel and America, In facts Saudi's and others are still same before Lawrance now Yankees.. After 100 years Arabs fleeing my secular country.. Arabs there is an Israel and Usa in middle east today because of you.. Now u r still bleming Turkey with being infidels ?? Only fuck you.. we are disgusting much of you.. There is a Turk proverb about Arabs "İçmişim şarabı sikmişim arabı" translate it
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
Helal kız sana milyontane diplomatın profun yapmayı beceremediğini yapmışsın
Dragonier (3 months ago)
I'd take you out if I come to Turkey..
Hammad Saeed (3 months ago)
You have very charming eyes ..tell me whats the best way to go from istanbul to cappadocia.
Modu Chanyu (3 months ago)
These are TRUTH because we are not arabic 😂 haha! We are TURKİC** 😁 so we aren’t middle eastern. We were Central asian in past as nomads Maybe most of us eurasian nowadays but not arabic 😂 there is kurdish and syrians maybe you guys are see them and thought they are Turkish but they aren’t :)
sujan manandhar (4 months ago)
Hasibe Candan (4 months ago)
Şirinliğini konuşturmuş bebeğim senden bekliyordum bu tarz bir şey tebrik ederim harika bir video olmuş, sabırsızlıkla diğer videoları bekliyorum <3
Turkish FactsbyLara (4 months ago)
Çok teşekkür ederim, canım arkadaşım 😊 çok tatlısın ❤
Michael Jordan (4 months ago)
I thought Turkey was a type of bird, that people eat! What is she on about?
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
ı thought u r an shity pig and still ı though u r a shity pig
yazzy g (4 months ago)
Most of the things she said is not true
deniz * (3 months ago)
the flag thing you just talked about is not a fucking fact. there are so much more other theories about our flag's meaning
yazzy g (4 months ago)
+Selam Dünyalı well fucking do your research
yazzy g (4 months ago)
+aksk anaja so why the fuck does the flag have a moon and star which represents Islam because turkeys national religion is Islam but there is other a really population of other religions
aksk anaja (4 months ago)
All the things said are true. What is not true?
Muazam Hameed (4 months ago)
No matter how hard turkey try to turn into a secular country by picking western lifestyle like drinking etc and also by not using Islamic laws in its constitution, European Union will never let turkey to be part of it. A polarized country with western part claiming to be Europeans and eastern part Muslims.
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
Learn one Turkey fact also .. most of Turks disgusting Lawrence's Arabs.. And yes Turks fought generaly against europeans but we more respect to them and Iran then Arabs We didnt forget WW1 and traitor Arabs, now u r crying because of Israel and America, In facts Saudi's are still same before Lawrance now Yankees
aksk anaja (4 months ago)
We stopped wanting to be in europe like 10 years ago mate.
Ben Hemsley (4 months ago)
I like you...keep doing these...you get total respect.
Saleh Alasadi (4 months ago)
Your are wrong turkey is a Muslim country
aksk anaja (4 months ago)
Is not the ottoman was a muslim country turkey is a secular country m.
Maraz Ali (4 months ago)
Türk mutfagnda sadece kebab ya da döner yoktur onu da deseydin
Creat ivity (4 months ago)
This whole video is mostly lies
deniz * (3 months ago)
oh yeah? like what?
I P (4 months ago)
I have lots of questions about Turkey. As an African American female is Turkey a place where I would be accepted or would it be difficult for me to live there.
V-0 (3 months ago)
Turkey is full with Arabs and Kurds so we are used to them. But sadly the black population is very tiny. There are still blacks living in Turkey from Ottoman Empire. They were slaves and live now in poor areas. There are also many students as well from African countries, but you probably should search up on google about their experience in Turkey.
deniz * (3 months ago)
it really depends on where you wanna live. Like, in İstanbul there are so many other cultures so you wont have trouble. But in Ankara, İzmir, Antalya, Mersin some graceless people or children might stare at you, not in a mean way tho. just curiosity.
shesadri shekhar Bagchi (4 months ago)
Girl you have crossbite. Check a dentist.
Mustafa Ercümen (5 months ago)
Why are you talking about? If we are Islamic country, no Gayrimüslim live with us? This is ridiculous
aksk anaja (4 months ago)
Oda aynisini diyor mal
imran awan (5 months ago)
fouzia Chaudhary (5 months ago)
Lol Turkey is Muslim country obviously because it has majority of Muslims lol its like any other country like pakistan they have christen, Hindus but majority Muslims which makes it muslim country.
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
read about what mean secularism for a state
deniz * (3 months ago)
secular, hoe
aksk anaja (4 months ago)
Is a secular country.
love n respect 4m INDIA 🇮🇳
Mergo Mergo (5 months ago)
Adını neden aksanlı söylüyorsun ?? :)
Turkish FactsbyLara (5 months ago)
Sen sor diye :)
Baharti are dogs (5 months ago)
i watch Turkish epic drama series the DIRILIS and i love it i love turkey and its peoples simple and full stop LOVE FROM PAKISTAN
idmiral ibrahim (5 months ago)
Australiadan selam
Priyanka Chakraborty (5 months ago)
I'm from india, and I wanna visit Istanbul . I LOVE YOUR VIDEO. You are so cute ❤️
Colorful Mind (5 months ago)
O kadar güzel anlatmışsın ki.. Ne eksik ne fazla..
leena gangurde (5 months ago)
Hello im from India and i love Turkish song and my dream city is Istanbul. When ever i get time i search for Turkish culture. I want to know some things abt turky 1) about clothes of women in general 2) can people show love in public places And 3) how to learn Turkish language
Naeem eusapxai (5 months ago)
i have three and looking for a forth one,what you think,i mean would you like to be the fourth one,,,,looking forward for your proposal ,,,,,
crazy sarah (5 months ago)
I would want a friend for english conversation xD 💙turk
The Foreigner (1 month ago)
If you are Turk then I will talk with you
Abdulaziz Holaibi (5 months ago)
Turkey is Muslim country ! you do have arabic in you language as well as farsi dont just deny
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
+deniz * :)) ı think they confusing to state with peoples..
deniz * (3 months ago)
AdomEnAltas (5 months ago)
Anyone please give any link to subtitle .srt files for Ask Laftan Anlamaz Im stuck at episode 15 cant find any .srt file after it
Dawn Hooper (6 months ago)
Thank you Lara for sharing your video.
Kimberly Moxley (6 months ago)
Thank you for your video. It was very informative and your English is very good.
Manish Chauthani (6 months ago)
Hi Lara, I need to visit Ankara due to a project work. It is nice to know about some of the myths which you have explained about Turkey.
Ivy Childers-Nuelle (6 months ago)
Than you for this video im studying turkey and its very helpful!
Christopher Di Paolo (6 months ago)
Can I marry you please :D
i 6tir (6 months ago)
Çiftetelli aman aman.
sarah quinn (6 months ago)
You are so beautiful 😍
Sarah Scates (6 months ago)
I'm half Turkish.
Saif Ali (6 months ago)
Is turkish people eat pork?
Kut Almış (3 months ago)
Pork and alcohol both forbidden in Islam but we know that it is a little bit waird but Turks generaly dont eat pork and not important if they are muslim or not but so much muslim Turks drinks alcohol
Stan Torren (6 months ago)
Just their culture okay
Saif Ali (6 months ago)
+Stan Torren oh great, I thought if turkish muslims can drink alcohol in ramdan month then they can also eat pork meat....because of influence of European countries...but my question why Turkish muslim people drink alcoholic beverages...
Stan Torren (6 months ago)
No Muslim is allowed to eat pork and Turkish Muslims do not pork
Saif Ali (6 months ago)
+Stan Torren My question was do turkish muslim people eat pork meat ? Please simplify your answer
Saif Ali (6 months ago)
Forgetting Quran is Sin ....and Muslims can't drink Alcohol...
hidayet memmedov (6 months ago)
Çok salaksın
La Porta D (7 months ago)
Why would you need more than one Turkish wife!!? What kind of man can handle all of that feminine perfection?? No one! That's who.
Stan Torren (6 months ago)
My family only has 1 wife or husband but divorce’s do happen
Sıtkı Evrenkaya (7 months ago)
Kemal Sarıgül (7 months ago)
Teşekkürler güzel kızımız ...
behlen A. wifi (7 months ago)
I have heard that Turkish people are all light skinned is it true but I don't think that because everyone is different.
aksk anaja (4 months ago)
We are mixed

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