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Gorgeous Kiana Tom on playboy magazine cover page

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Gorgeous Kiana Tom on playboy magazine cover page
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Rastom Barlow (10 months ago)
She is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best cock teaser of all time. Now I need to jerk off to this gorgeous photo of her. I would prefer to show her personally how appreciative of her work I really am!
richard sager (1 year ago)
Rastom Barlow (1 year ago)
Talking of semen - it occurred to me while reading these comments that I have been jerking off to Kiana for 30 years. So if you take the average amount of ejaculate to be .75 of a teaspoon and at a rate of one shot per week, that would total just over 12 pints so far and still going strong. Truth be told, my girlfriend has measured how much I shoot and it's more like a tablespoon. So at the same frequency (and I can attest to the fact that I've jerked off to Kiana up to four times in a row) and making a strictly conservative estimate - Kiana has been responsible for me losing 3.5 gallons of cum over the past 30 years. Now extrapolate that to 50,000 guys doing the same thing - 175,000 gallons for the same period. That's what makes America great!
Maximus Dickus (1 year ago)
I remember at the time my girlfriend remarking how hard I was after paging through Kiana's pictorial. And like my friend below, I seemed to be constantly aroused and brimming with body fluids.
allgood11756 (2 years ago)
A tsunami of semen
Eric Kort (2 years ago)
I wish I still had that issue
vitoduval (2 years ago)
imho she looked better when she was a raiderette
allgood11756 (2 years ago)
I sprayed so much semen on my first copy that I had to buy a second.
Rastom Barlow (3 years ago)
She was magnificent in this issue. I used to jerk off to every episode of Body Shaping and Flex Appeal, sometimes twice per show, so you can imagine the effect of seeing her completely naked tits and nicely trimmed bush for the first time. As the ad line states - I got hard in 6 seconds but I think I stayed hard for 6 weeks!
Mike Morgan (3 years ago)
she is hot
unfortunatebeam (4 years ago)
Kiana Tom is so hot! Playboy should put more fitness/muscle girls on its covers! Then maybe I might buy one lol.

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