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"Hamilton" actresses on how Broadway show empowers

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Powerful women are making a name for themselves in "Hamilton," just like the women they play. Broadway's biggest hit goes into Sunday's Tony Awards with a record 16 nominations. They include nods for two of the three actresses who play the Schuyler sisters. Jamie Wax spoke with Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo and Jasmine Cephas Jones about working on the groundbreaking show.
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Sara Lehman (1 day ago)
Adrienne Sophie (11 days ago)
I'm really sad because I'm not in that wonderful cast 😭
Sorelle Berger (14 days ago)
xanx iety (14 days ago)
“I wanna see it again” Me: I wanna see it too😭
xanx iety (14 days ago)
(t) W E R K
Aniyah Burton (22 days ago)
I wish I can see Hamilton but for 3 people it’s 3,000 dollars but when I grow up I will...and when I’m older I will name my kids Angelica Eliza and Peggy if I forget Phillip Jasmine and Rènne sorry if I spell it wrong
Summer denslaw (25 days ago)
Poor peggy in only one song known for only two words
Puffi Paff (1 month ago)
And Peggy... bruh she has a tired face xdd
PotterToTheTøp (1 month ago)
I am young and I cry when I listen to Hamilton! I have never seen it, which makes me cry even more, because I really want to see it. I am listening to Hamilton rn, too! Lol Hamilton is my life...
*I'm a Potato* (1 month ago)
1:05 that’s the Peggy I know and love
Aniyah Burton (1 month ago)
I have something to say for Eliza in burn we can hear her sadness in her eyes
unspecial snowflake (1 month ago)
Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive at the same time of these AMAZING PEOPLE
ItsTonee Forrest (1 month ago)
3:57 I see Janthony (I think) in the background
Alexandra TT (2 months ago)
Las amo son tan divas
Fluffy The Bunny (2 months ago)
Seen Hamilton? No? You poor thing. That's literally how I talk to everyone who has never heard of it. I then treat them like dirt because like if you don't know Hamilton you mean nothing to me.
AND PEGGY (2 months ago)
0:53 am i the only one that loves when they made those peace signs?
Hannah Vance (2 months ago)
love renee, phillipa and jasmine
I am a NHL Fan (2 months ago)
Slushdog 101 (2 months ago)
Peggy is in the middle for once
moon lite. (2 months ago)
The fact that Jasmine Cephas Jones is PEGGY AND MARIA is damn good-
Miranda Raine Thomas (2 months ago)
1:25 Why the heck would someone tell them that it sounds like a terrible idea to be in a broadway show...?
dance taps (2 months ago)
Phillipa sounds so much different when talking i stg
Ellie'sbananasXX (3 months ago)
Phillipa is my spirit animal
Party Poison (3 months ago)
1:03 *PURE BEAN*
RENEH NANDA (3 months ago)
Omg I love them so much
Moniya Gee (3 months ago)
little did jasmine know she getting married
Pastel Speed Builds (3 months ago)
Peggy: *Steals all awards* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
fifichu (3 months ago)
1:04 *AND PEGGY* = *OOooOoh YEAaaH!*
Yandere Sister (3 months ago)
“Balling their eyes out” *Sounds like me when I hear the notes to Laurens Interlude & Stay Alive Reprise*
Am I the only one who can’t stop crying because I’m in Texas and the OG cast is in Puerto Rico? Yeah? Oh ok..
Yumi Rei (3 months ago)
i just want to see it once.. That would be enough..
Caoimhe Doyle (3 months ago)
3:10 You must have been "blown away"was that deliberate
Nola Hood (3 months ago)
I can’t believe Renee is 47 she looks amazing
Mandatory Cereal (4 months ago)
Angelica Eliza •and maria
Mikaela Lockwood (4 months ago)
When he said"Legacy"my Hamilton brain which always has musicals in it and has fandoms and memes 24/7 and whenever someone mentions something that resembles a word from Hamilton I automatically have to sing and this is what happened my brain did this"Legacy what is a legacy it's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see" The song that my brain thought of was the Hamilton and Burr duel
Arlene Buaron (4 months ago)
Hamilton started to blow up in 2016, still is in 2018!!!!!
Adolf Stalin (4 months ago)
I saw Hamilton at dpac in NC amazing
Ana garcia (4 months ago)
Aangeeliica♥️♥️♥️ Eliiizaaa♥️♥️♥️ and Peggy♥️♥️♥️♥️
Rillaine De arutche (4 months ago)
*renee MY LoRd ANd SAivor*
Caitlin Bruce (4 months ago)
love how pippa is wearing blue tho...... coincidence, i think not
Dorks try to do things (4 months ago)
Good grief Jas literally has no eyebrows. But love all three of the Schuyler Sisters anyway
Hailey A (4 months ago)
Molly B (4 months ago)
Lucybean123 Jskjd (4 months ago)
Wait hold on....
Shahira Omar (4 months ago)
Cat YT (5 months ago)
I loved Peggy AnD pEgGy
Ariana M (5 months ago)
is it just me that wanted her to shut up at the beginning so i could listen to the absolute bop that is the Schuyler Sisters
Clorox Bleach (5 months ago)
123 456 (5 months ago)
Jasmine looks so triggered
Kermit the Frog (5 months ago)
Hermione Lightwood (5 months ago)
*AnD pEgGy*
harry potter lover (5 months ago)
The statue should've shown Alex pointing his gun at the sky
Keisha Ortega (5 months ago)
I found out the soundtrack was released on my birthday 3 three years ago (25th September) and now I’m here just thinking ”THAT WOULD’VE BEEN THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT (apart from meeting J.K. Rowling) WHY DID I NOT GET INTO THIS SOONER
Bulldog Girl (5 months ago)
How can I apply to be a Skyer sister!?
Eclipse Studios (6 months ago)
Yeah, Renee Elise Goldsberry inspired me alot... i know its kinda far fetched, but if Hamilton is still around by the time im 25 then i call dibs for Angelica Schuyler!
Michael Miller (6 months ago)
1:10 Eliza and Peggy look like they’re taking Angelica prisoner.
Olukemi Akingbade (6 months ago)
Hailey Thompson (6 months ago)
Who else was singing satisfied with her
Meerkat (6 months ago)
Angelica can rap just as fast as Lafayette.
Teagan Puppymountain (6 months ago)
Still can't say no to this
xXbrownie_bearXx (6 months ago)
If I could ask Philipa Soo one question, this would be it: *Was it scary holding a burning paper?*
MoonlightBaby (6 months ago)
its amazing like...what art can do
Nana Montes (6 months ago)
Peggy is just irrelevant
Fandom It’s crazy (6 months ago)
I have listened to all the songs and whenever I’m lost my friends scream Give it up for America’s favorite fighting French men and I scream Lafayette!!
jynx rocks (6 months ago)
*eliza is wearing vans* yessss 😂💛
Lana Draws (6 months ago)
Me:*Sees this in my recommended* Me: *I CAME AS SOON AS I HEARD!* (H:Angelica... T:ALL THE WAY FRIM LONDON?DAMN!)
Lana Draws (6 months ago)
"I wanna see it again!" Me:*inhales* *BOI!*
Elsa Garcia (6 months ago)
I love Hamilton 😍😍😍
Jacey N (6 months ago)
When I went to see Hamilton I got the other group of people.
Josie Rockhold (6 months ago)
I want to play a Schuyler sister more now
learninglist (7 months ago)
The women in the play were mainly just love interests. That's fine, but it doesn't seem like that's particularly empowering. Once in a while they said something like, "I'm going to tell Thomas Jefferson to let women vote," (because apparently Hamilton was already pushing for women's votes? What?) but other than that it didn't seem to me like they did much that was significant regarding the revolution...I mean, in the play. I know women were involved in the real Revolution, but it didn't seem the play captured that much.
Elizabeth Schuyler _ (7 months ago)
*”Sugar. Spice. And everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls-“*
Stephanie Toth (7 months ago)
"He just wrote" Much like Alexander Hamilton
Jen Santspree (7 months ago)
I really want too be in Hamilton one day phillpa u are one of my 2 favorite actors FYI Lin is my other favorite!!!!😊😁😀😂😀
Jen Santspree (7 months ago)
Go Miss Maria Reynolds walked into his life!!!!!!!😜
WolfPlays UNLTD (7 months ago)
Lin writes like he’s *running out of time*
ruby mckennon (8 months ago)
I started singing to the beginning then I ended up singing the whole rest of the song...
eliza gacha studio (8 months ago)
I need to stop watching Hamilton vids lol
Ari B (8 months ago)
I'm glad I got to see it!!
My name My last name (8 months ago)
Wow, even Angelica and Eliza get the spotlight in the modern world
FilmNerd (8 months ago)
gm gm (8 months ago)
Even fans from Africa! Hello♥
Thanos Shoe (8 months ago)
I can’t believe Phillipa Soo is wearing Vans I am SHOOK😂😂😂
Lonkinella (8 months ago)
2:15 "Seen 'Hamilton'? No? You Poor Thing." xDD
kayla _ (8 months ago)
“But none of you grew up with a sister” *”Oh yeah..”* I love Jasmine
Sidra Neitge (9 months ago)
Ugh Schuyler sisters and burn are my favorite ever
AnD pEgGy (9 months ago)
Do you know what I mean
Woodard Family (9 months ago)
Y’all I have a game I wanna play with people Try to spell Hamilton with your eyes closed I’ll go first Ha,ilyoh That was horrendous. -_- I have spelt this soo (see what I did there?) many times. *shakes head in shame*
Lil Cupcake (9 months ago)
I want to be the woman who plays Angelica Schuyler
maggie_nickel 22 (9 months ago)
3:37 I have that app
ElementalWolf (9 months ago)
I wanna go see it again. *inhale* BIT-
Michael Eichberg (9 months ago)
Dang woman
Haylee Grange (9 months ago)
I want it to at least come to my country, #nobodyevercomestonewzealand
Datteroo0oo _ (9 months ago)
Raise your hand if you wished you had the intelligence to write a musical about history🙋‍♀️
Sof Esskay (9 months ago)
I love how pippas like wearing no bra like she dgaf about bras lol.
Msp Life (9 months ago)
Is it weird i find it hard to sing and walk or run or dance at the same time c:
Irene Castillo (9 months ago)
38 people turned their screens upside down to like it again
Raven Castillo (9 months ago)
How lucky were are to be alive right now look around look around how lucky we are to be alive right now history is happening in Manhattan in the greatest city in the world in the greatest in the
Doot Doot (9 months ago)
Chyane Johnson (9 months ago)
Peggy is like"Why am I here?"

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