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Incredibly Dangerous Toys From the Past You’ll Be Left Speechless

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Children's toys are supposed to be fun, entertaining, and, most importantly, safe. Maintaining a child's well-being is perhaps the most important part of toy design, and it must not get overlooked. Otherwise, lawsuits will be filed against the companies who create dangerous toys. *********************************************************************** -Music: Kevin MacLeod - Lightless Dawn -Music Download Link: https://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100655
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Text Comments (18068)
LSDO Gaming (20 minutes ago)
Why would you turn the water to max on the water wiggle??
LSDO Gaming (23 minutes ago)
The swing wing got me XDDDDDDD
Ed Ford (13 hours ago)
We had most of these toys, nobody ever got hurt, if it's hot don't touch it..... We also had BB guns and nobody ever shot their eye out. I also had a Metal mini wood shop with a table saw wood lathe jigsaw and sander never had any problems
Purple Cat (16 hours ago)
wham-o had some serious issues
AmericanChoirboy (1 day ago)
"They've taken the fun out of everything just to save a few thousand lives!" - George Carlin
Hilter einsweinensneu (3 days ago)
Why would you buy an air blaster, if you can buy a real gun at age 7 ?
Mina Nes65 (3 days ago)
I had that super elastic bubble plastic. It was crap. You had to have the lungs of an elephant to get it to even begin to inflate and it smelt like a meltdown in a chemical factory.
Sopharin Tat (4 days ago)
Yay easy bake oven for 4 year old but is safe
Sopharin Tat (4 days ago)
Wham o
Richard Mills (4 days ago)
I didn't have any friends 30 years ago that couldn't hear because someone shot them in the ear with compressed air. Oh and we rode wheelies without wheelie bars. Yup. Cause most of us didn't die if we wrecked. Oh and that weak ass 🔫. If you think that's dangerous. Watch out while I throw a handful of rocks. My mom had a six finger in her room but I wasn't allowed to play with that?
Bobbie Mayfield (4 days ago)
lmfao.. I came her just for the comments and y'all did not disappoint. And I soooo agree... I had a few of these toys and yep, I am still alive. Can you guess what happens when you raise your kids in a little bubble... You get millennials who think everything is a danger. Well why don't we just give kids a Q-tip and a blanket to play with?? Oh no we can't do that the cotton on the Q-tip is racist and you could put your eye out with the stick and a blanket oh my God what was I thinking a child could smother to death!!!
Dean 0'wal (5 days ago)
Is it Six Finger or Sex Finger?
R Pena (6 days ago)
Yea so if we teach our kids COMMON SENSE SAFETY USING A GUN maybe they will know NOT to point it at other people! How dumb people gotta be that they cant figure out how to teach their kids common sense.
R Pena (6 days ago)
All are fantastic fun toys
R Pena (6 days ago)
All these toys were the best. What great memories I have.
No Thankyou (7 days ago)
I had almost everything shown. I'm still here.
Yours Truly (8 days ago)
(1:03) Feeed?
Calista Almira Krogh (9 days ago)
Wow. Whammo really doesn't know what toys are.
Calista Almira Krogh (9 days ago)
0:12 Those eyes staring at you...
I want a wheelie bar for my scooter
boblithegamer (9 days ago)
is this youtuber a parent normal thing a kid would say (I DON"T CARE I LIKE IT)
Silly lil' Bung (11 days ago)
LOL! @1:58 The mother ruined her child's card tower with the airblaster!!!
Norris Nastac (12 days ago)
What about if a black kid gets six finger HMMMMMMMM
Foofoo Park Jimin (13 days ago)
I suprised how many of these were made from Wham-o.
lugoyvonne (14 days ago)
I wish you had cite your sources
Wesplp (14 days ago)
WHAM-O was out here wildn out lmaoooo
Cake Walk 315 (14 days ago)
What about comic books and water guns they could choke on the paper or die from inhailing the water .
Cake Walk 315 (14 days ago)
I want them all
Cake Walk 315 (14 days ago)
They still have the rubber bubble stuff i have some
Blanco Blader (15 days ago)
Ugh the comment section is full of old heads
Sopharin Tat (15 days ago)
Yay easy bake oven is safe for 4 year old
schizoidboy (15 days ago)
Be careful when buying something from a company called "Wham-O" Not the right spelling but you get the idea. :)
CharlyneEichner (15 days ago)
I lived through that time. Never got hurt by those toys. But, I did break my collarbone running down a hill. lol
William Nelson (17 days ago)
I had one of head shinker Kits...was lots of fun....what's the big deal???? Had the thing maker too...very cool...they also made an edible syrup so u could eat the bugs u made ...really tasty too. I saw this whole video and there is not a dangerous toy in any of it.
Hagen Mcmoran (18 days ago)
Toys aren't as good as they used to be
Hagen Mcmoran (18 days ago)
I want the Johny seven oma and six finger
Hagen Mcmoran (18 days ago)
But I think that's dumb that the only reason they stopped making Johny sevens is because they shot them at each other but kids do the same thing with airsoft guns and airsoft guns are still around
VintageOnlije YT (21 days ago)
Whys all the dangreous shit is made by Wham-o Oh yeah its made from *RUSSIA*
It's Joe Da Noob! (21 days ago)
I wonder why nerf gun is a safe toy when its very painful when you shoot someone with it..
Beshko Official (21 days ago)
Apart, these toys are used in presence of a adult...
Beshko Official (21 days ago)
The box of creepy crawlers says "non-toxic" xD
OCSJC :. (21 days ago)
Lol this was a wack ass video
OCSJC :. (21 days ago)
Um ok yes thr first one the shrunken heads were "odd" but thsts it they were just weird how were they dangerous??
PurpleThe Hunter (22 days ago)
Wham-O are probably for hardcores
Dalia Rota (23 days ago)
I got the easy bake for Christmas when I was eight. I loved it!!!! My mom told me to be careful with it cause it got hot. Never got burnt. Parents were trusting and children more independent. Were they safe? Maybe not but boy did I have fun.
sandramorrison99 (24 days ago)
This PISSED me off! The creapy cralwly one WAS AWESOME! & once, you accidentally hit your side of your finger on a plate, YA LEARNED! Fof Fucks Sake! It was a learning tool! And, the easy- bake-oven , once the packets of cake mix are gone- your fucked Anyhows! That Johnny7 thing, GREAT DEAL! 7 toys in one! That are so weak that the projectile cannot even penetrate PAPER! Some parents, RUIN CHILDHOOD , for us! I was born in 1963, alot of WERE MY TOYS! Fuck OVERPROTECTIVE PARENTS! YOU are gonna have fat, STUPID kids, if you dont KNOCK IT OFF!! MY eldest son was riding a 2 wheeled bike without training wheels, @ 2 years old. He is a GREEN BERET, in the US ARMY. My youngest son, i did even BETTER WITH the 2 wheel bike. He hed the training wheels taken off when he was 16 mos. old. (tbh- I just asked the first kid to loosen them) oh, well, he was riding like a fucking BOSS! MY heart was in my stomach- scared to death- but, HE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!
metafis (26 days ago)
10:38 rapping in the fifties?
Svetoslav Savov (26 days ago)
every liberal, vegan, antyvacseen, i want to speak with the manager mom nightmere toys
Carlos the Nazi (28 days ago)
Natural selection. A kid would have to be pretty darn stupid to harm themselves with many of these toys. Edit: 9:06 also this... wtf?
Devon Rona (28 days ago)
Sorry, but that Johnny Seven gun is fucking badass. I wish I had that as a kid, don't even care.
Elizabeth Rivera (28 days ago)
Danm they popped wheelies on it
foundyet (28 days ago)
Ya'll take the fun out of everything! I played with some of these toys and didn't get hurt. Like the bug maker, you knew enough not to stick your hand on it. I was also building models and using an exacto knife to trim the parts of sprue and not cutting the shit outta myself!
batgrayson 65 (29 days ago)
Phuque2 (29 days ago)
I grew up with ALL of these toys. Amazingly, several of us from the 'play outside until after dark generation' actually survived to invent ALL of the wonders of technology that you pussyfied millennials all live with today!!! Go back into your Mom's basement and eat a tide pod, you immature little douchebags.
curlywolfone (29 days ago)
Back in those days there were no Safe Spaces where Children could run to to hide, Suck their thumbs and hug their knees in complete terror, nor did kids or adults worry about evil toys that could blast out the eyes, ears, nose or throat; they went out and had fun till Liberal trial lawyers came along and used the small number of injuries resulting from these toys to make themselves rich.
Ernest Van Tent (29 days ago)
natural selection weeded out the weak
Jennifur68 (29 days ago)
As children we were made of sterner stuff...and a few of us survived our toys that maimed and crippled billions. Oh and then we had kids and coddled them way too much.
roadbelow (29 days ago)
We took away WHAM-O and gave them prescriptions...and now we reap the rewards. Kids that wear and change their gender like a t-shirt, games where "EVERYBODY WINS!" (just like real life ??), kids on psychotropic medicines going on killing sprees, gender neutral bathrooms (a haven for perverts)... I guess big pharma can defend against/settle lawsuits better than toy manufacturers.
I played with 95% of the toys listed here. They were a lot of fun back then! When supervision was needed my mom was right there. Nowadays kids don't have common sense like we used to when we were young!
Jeff Feudner (29 days ago)
Fun is now regulated thanks to the gov.
MuzzleLoadedPencil (29 days ago)
why the ominous asian girl for the profile picture?
Hasim Verty (1 month ago)
"....Safely and accurately." Pfft. Safely, huh? Well if it's *so* safe, why did it make it on this list, Wham-O?
Hm... Okay, maybe I'm not really done *yet* .... Btw I know a sensitive area! N-Ne-Nero... ...........l T [] T
**sigh** You know what? I've had enough, I'm done.
More *death and injuries* from Wham-O!
Maddogames (1 month ago)
Kids are much safer nowadays, watching codys lab and learning how to make explosives and thermite from household chemicals.
Gigi TheGiraffeQueen (1 month ago)
Basically anything from wham-o 😂
Carlos Ramos (1 month ago)
WHAM-O did the toys huh
Slade (1 month ago)
who ever put this together... is living in a cement womb.. needs to get a life
Nick S. (1 month ago)
Maybe if kids today had these toys they wouldn't be such pussies
mia Aguilar (1 month ago)
I saw BTS use something similiar to the swing wing .
Paul Maxin (1 month ago)
you forgot the best one lawn darts.
TheBabs1984 (1 month ago)
Wham-o Hates children ? 😂
Photoguy64 (1 month ago)
I had that 6 Finger toy. I remember the jingle: 6 finger 6 finger man alive how'd I ever get along with 5!  Never harmed anyone with it as I was taught not to point sharp objects at other kids.
Boruto Uzumaki (1 month ago)
The Air Blaster is kinda annoying now
adam fremer (1 month ago)
I knew there was something missing from my childhood, I never got to shrink some heads
90% of these are the consumers fault
iiseve (1 month ago)
“This toy kit from the 1960’s included all kinds of toxic chemicals and plastics that would supposedly ‘shrink heads’” What a weird sentence... it sounds like you’re saying the chemicals they got with the kit shrunk the children’s heads
Chip Manly (1 month ago)
The swing wing would make bank at metal concerts
caleb rogers (1 month ago)
Most of the toys had no problems at all. Literally anything can hurt you if misused. That doesn't make the object dangerous. I could rip open a Coke can and cut your throat with it. That doesn't make it a dangerous drink.
9:10 LMFAO WTFFFF 😂 😂🤔
laxy 31 (1 month ago)
Nerf Jonny 7 anyone?
BurntBacon (1 month ago)
8:50 it's simple, just don't touch the bulb, you wouldn't stick a fucking hand into a regular oven would you?
Dennis Shadix (1 month ago)
All kids play with now are their tablet, cell phones, ect. When we were kids, we had enough common sense to not get hurt. I had most of these or knew someone who had the ones I didn't. None of us ever got hurt.
You (1 month ago)
Well shit ive played the plastic bubble shit before
knownchild (1 month ago)
knownchild (1 month ago)
jd7680? z (1 month ago)
Only dangerous if you are stupid it was natural selection.
swahilimaster (1 month ago)
The swing wing is some of the stupidest shit I've ever seen, wish they would bring it back so I'd have something to laugh at. Make a fidget spinner version and pretty soon they'd be everywhere
Demetre1213 (1 month ago)
For the next unfortunate soul that happens upon this video, don't waste your time... Some of these I understand, like the toxic chemicals in the plastic balloon and headshrinker kit. But the easy bake oven because of a light bulb? The 7 in 1 toy gun that supposedly injured kids? Come on. Might as well throw a sandbox on the list because they harbor bacteria and the kids could choke if they eat the sand.
Jim Harper (1 month ago)
I had a creepy crawler set and never got burned. We have this thing called reason. We had parents that actually were invested in us. Between them telling us how it worked and us reasoning that a hot plate was actually hot, a surprisingly large percentage of kids who played with it did so without going to the burn unit.
mtssvnsn (1 month ago)
Great for a snack, and fits on your back.... From BLAMMO!!!
Frost Roxie (1 month ago)
Protective Gear.... kid are to soft these days!!! All we had was “Mommy’s Spit”... it fix and cured all!!!!!
Hayrullah Ceylan (1 month ago)
9:10 WTF
Hayrullah Ceylan (1 month ago)
How can this even make fun?
9maximuspondal0 (1 month ago)
If the air blaster was pulled off, then why not put something into their ears to protect it?
Raymond Phillips (1 month ago)
I don't see these toys being really dangerous,but hey! When's the last time you actually seen kids playing these days?
OG Snowbone (1 month ago)
i had an easy bake oven, never got hurt bc if you weren’t autistic you knew what happens when you touch something hot, and even then most autistic people knew that. I had creepy crawlers and it only made a mess occasionally. We still got six finger, its called a dart gun. You can find them at the prize stand at almost any arcade, and they can pack a punch. I grew up in 2000s where everything in sight was made in china, plastic and could easy/have choked kids. If you really have idiot kids teach them safety or buy them bubble wrap. Legos are a choking hazard, same w bakugan, army men and any other piece of land fill fodder Ive seen in my childhood. Shit I had airsoft, bb guns, knives, firecrackers, matches and Ive never been hurt by any of those. Im more likely to hurt myself stubbing my toe or sitting on my nuts than to be a crack kid getting hurt by inanimate objects.
Wark Hadow (1 month ago)
"You’ll Be Left Speechless" yeah that's what you'll be after i tell you about just how speechless i am you queer.
Whoever (1 month ago)
and still we 60s children all survived! :-)
heywood jablome (1 month ago)
what about the vacuform machine?
heywood jablome (1 month ago)
im not speechless i used to play with these toys
Judah Juarez (1 month ago)
If anything I'm FULL of speech!!
Ken Waterman (1 month ago)
Wow, unbelievable, all those children using chemistry, playing outside, getting exercise. What were we thinking? I bet they even drank out of a hose and walked around barefoot. How did the population continue to exist after all these horrible toys? I'll tell you how, we weren't pansies. We played street football... in the street, we jumped our bikes over ramps. We got hurt, ran home to mom, she kiss the boo-boo and we went back outside 10 minutes later.
Nowadays everyone must sacrifice their own happiness for the good of the less responsible or the less fortunate. Kids can't have swings in parks in case a non-supervised child climbs up the chain and accidentally hangs himself while his mother is chatting on her cell phone.

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