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2$ Deck of Cards vs 200$ Deck of Cards!!

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Learn My Voodoo Card Trick here: https://sellfy.com/p/OiqQ Blindfolded, I honestly barely knew the difference... Many people get caught up in the whole playing card hype but ask yourself what you're buying them for. If it's quality, you can find that in almost every deck made by USPCC. BUT if its rarity.. well you're screwed! jk, check out the limited ones. KS has a bunch. Ellusionist.com etc.. CHECK OUT THE VIRTS HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd3QjsY2nngpBYCoUihX7HA For more high quality playing cards: http://www.ellusionist.com/playing-cards Ordinary playing cards: http://amzn.to/2mMnQ1A THIS IS THE WINNER!!: The Prophets Magic Don't forget to hit the Notification button so you never miss a video! Where I get ALL My MUSIC: https://goo.gl/IZraEL What I shoot with: My Main Camera: http://amzn.to/2l20aJs Main Lens: http://amzn.to/2lzpIeB My Favorite LENS: http://amzn.to/2kQAJZm VLOG CAMERA : http://amzn.to/2kQQwqK The Mic I use: http://amzn.to/2kB3QBn Lighting: http://amzn.to/2m16e3t Editing: Final Cut // Color Finale Follow Me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisramsay52 Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/deceivingisbelieving Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chrisramsay52 Website: https://www.chris-ramsay.com PO Box: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0
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Text Comments (2835)
Chris Ramsay (2 years ago)
Oh, My Birthday is Tomorrow BTW!! Address in Description if you wanna send me something... jk..not really tho. It's there. #mailtime
Radha Mittal (2 months ago)
Happy birthday
TheDudeJudeInAGoodMood (2 months ago)
Noooooo way that’s my birfday
Dee ana (3 months ago)
Chris Ramsay .happy birthday
The Saint (4 months ago)
U and 420 are my favorite things about Canada. Yall need to get rid of that pussy that runs ur country. Happy bday cousin
KING OF MAGIC (4 months ago)
Chris Ramsay u should look at the arch angel deck and the steam punk deck...they are really cool
Drazen sagarino (1 day ago)
What is the name of the flourish he just did?
Naytron 9000 (3 days ago)
i traded my super saiyan goku card for a ps1 and mgs. i was like 6... toughest decision ive ever made
PeeHawk (3 days ago)
i’ll easily spend 198 on cards just for a softer finish GREAT DEAL
deathgamer pubg (4 days ago)
In india bicycle cards are of 10$
jack ripper (4 days ago)
Are you Canadian
Rohan Singh (4 days ago)
Would have been nice to see what the face/KQJ and joker cards look like in that fancy deck
Dishonored Gaming (5 days ago)
You mean $2 deck vs $12 deck
Skitt3n_ YT (5 days ago)
Rejected by a deck of cards 😭
Rulies (6 days ago)
The Bicycle deck also has a lot of interesting history behind it too. Its my favorite! Thanks for the great video.
wasim akram (6 days ago)
Fuck u bullshitt... No sense
Alex (7 days ago)
You can feel the graphic on the back of the bicycle deck. like brail. easy day
CJOLGames Mister E. (8 days ago)
Well.. it's a $200 deck for sentimental/collector value.. but it's really a $12 deck. $10 bucks more for better quality is a good deal.. but not a whooping $188+ more. Then again, I bought a comic book as a kid that's now valued at over 5k to collectors.. but you can always purchase a reprint of the comic book for $3, so who am I to talk?
John Taylor-Cox (9 days ago)
Still doesn’t account for the massive price difference.
Patricia Schneider (9 days ago)
Who else loves Bicycle playing cards?
Ajant Smith (2 days ago)
Only poor people will agree with you.
Squishy Face Lover (4 days ago)
Leon Anderson (10 days ago)
4:41 Is that Robert Plant I hear?
This Is JesseJ (12 days ago)
How do the 2$ cards look better than the "200"$ cards?? Lmfao same with the louis vuitton cards they look not really good tho
Y. Delgado (14 days ago)
Or $800 lol
Damian Kojak Miszewski (15 days ago)
POLISH!!! <3
Mathieu Chagnon (15 days ago)
Crazy how he look like Ragnar !!
Joey Barcenas (18 days ago)
Can you do a video of plastic and paper cards to see which one is better and what thier disadvantages are??
Lulu Orona (23 days ago)
I bought these Virtuoso cards and it was only $18
20euros no te pases
MAD (24 days ago)
i have brick of virt spring/summer 2016
Ultras SORRENTINO 998 (24 days ago)
Ma sei italiano o inglese?
KrispyDave (24 days ago)
rrp was $12 to do a $200 comparison it would have to worth $200 from launch.
Car Life (25 days ago)
Guess you could say 2$ is good for a deck of cards
DynamicDecru (26 days ago)
Confusion 100
Gunsik93 (1 month ago)
I have like 5-6 of these if anyone is interested. lol I bought them when they first came out thinking they were cool, but haven't been back into Cardistry since. email me if you intrested: [email protected]
Ann Cabras (1 month ago)
Why is it in German?
generic username :v (1 month ago)
that 2 dollar deck is 20 dollars where i live south america sucks
Aaron D (1 month ago)
Who the hell would $200 for a deck of playing cards??? That’s ridiculous 😂 sucker born every minute
M B (1 month ago)
BirdBox Magic
Brytan Ralph (1 month ago)
You rote the dollar sighs in the wrong place
Oscar coomber (1 month ago)
i have the 20 dollar cards XD
Oscar coomber (1 month ago)
oops i mean 2 dollar cards
Vertuso is 14$?
Adolfo Vera Osorio (1 month ago)
Emeraldsheep (1 month ago)
Wolliwops !!! (1 month ago)
All he had to do is smell the broke
Callaway Grainer (1 month ago)
The dollar sign is supposed to go before the number...
gamingwithEthan _4life (1 month ago)
sure they are better but you are paying 4 bucks a card while you would pay half that for a whole deck
Sandro Tavares (1 month ago)
Bird box
Shmurda (1 month ago)
Birdbox?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Godless Mistake (1 month ago)
I get that it's for the title, but the bicycles are not 2 dollars and you can miss me with that bullshit. 5 Dollars, 4 if you're lucky. Maybe if you bought em off Amazon in bulk
vitor 3D (2 months ago)
Pq o título tá em português?
ᴇɴᴅʏ ღ (1 month ago)
Tbm num sei brodi
Golden (2 months ago)
So it’s more like a 2 dollar deck vs like a 15 dollar deck?
Gabriele 04 THE GAMER (2 months ago)
Are you italian??
jaystus (2 months ago)
So really $12 vs. $2.
Boi Official (2 months ago)
*BirdBox Be Like **2:46*
handicapitation (2 months ago)
9:02 I'm not a magician or even a good card shuffler and I watched to the end. Thanks for the shout out. To be honest, I don't even know how I got here. lmao
Ola HHK (2 months ago)
Just letting you guys know, I have 14 decks of Virts launch-edition. Hit me up if you’re serious about buying! ;)
TheBaconMan YT (2 months ago)
The birdbox
Radha Mittal (2 months ago)
Can you do a virtsouso card giveaway
Joshsticko (2 months ago)
3:03 birdbox
Andres Sama (2 months ago)
The 200$ deck better let me do david blaine shit
Andreas SP (2 months ago)
is paper or plastic cards best? a im new to this and realy curius . I am from norway so its just a lot of shit cards in the stores with pictres on them like kows and mountians and stuff XD
LuckyShark BS (2 months ago)
Voitko antaa normaali deckin korttipakka eli bicycle
桜道 (2 months ago)
in japan, the second playing cards are about 20$
Sarcastic Duck (2 months ago)
Before the cringe- "oh the $200 ones are so much better, no comparison!" After the cringe fail- "yeah they both handle really well, the $200 ones are better looking ones made for visually pleasing tricks" And then proceeds to try and sell us the $200 ones so they don't look bad in comparison to the $2 ones Love your videos, man but this one was a huge fail haha
John SuperDude (2 months ago)
Thank god Buzzfeed didn’t cover this
Sergeant fish face _ (2 months ago)
Are virtuoso cards water proof
Han_Some Solo (2 months ago)
2:50 when there are creatures that can make you kill yourself by just looking at them
Arjun Karmarkar (2 months ago)
I dont give a fuck... cards are cards😂😂😂
Mr. Gamezone (2 months ago)
GAMING Z0BIE (2 months ago)
How in the fuckkk did I get here????😐
Kevin Cantley (2 months ago)
I appreciate these kinda of videos
Nick 882 (2 months ago)
It was so unsatisfying when he put the one card the wrong way
kenpraxis bern (2 months ago)
Thank you Chris you are great
Reklaw (2 months ago)
I’m ready for my daily dose of cancer
Gravehill (2 months ago)
Nothing wins bicycle
RGXT (3 months ago)
Umm swenglish varför?
Lyla Flor Remo (3 months ago)
Bycicle cards are 150 pesos in the philippinesits stupid expensive
Nesley Heiney (3 months ago)
Never spend $200 on a deck, but give me that $1000 puzzle. Lol
The real engineer (3 months ago)
4:28 ween you done goofed up and your now dead inside
Raky channel (3 months ago)
ma perché scrive il titolo in italiano se parla inglese, e i sottotitoli in spagnolo?
YOUR EVERYDAY SONNY (3 months ago)
It's not fucking 200$ u dumb ass
Kevin Barnes (3 months ago)
Who tha hell wants to buy a deck of cards for $200
nandan parigi (3 months ago)
It's technically 1 dollar to 200 dollar I mean 12 dollar .
StarlightKim (3 months ago)
wow a normal card for 2$ ? in my country its only 99 cents
Jason Thornton (3 months ago)
would NOT pay 200$ for cards unless they were gold
Johnnythepillpopper (3 months ago)
I always use common cards, because I want people to see things they are used to seeing. I once performed a card trick using a professional, cardistry deck after the trick was done people started questioning the cards. I said never again for performing card trick Hoyle are my personal favorites. I also believe that the cheaper the cards ,the higher the skill.
AlexFox 08 (3 months ago)
Bycicle is the best
Robo_dog 20 (3 months ago)
I have a 1000$ deck I made it myself...
Richard Hopkins (3 months ago)
I was about to say.. The real trick here is how they talked you into paying $200 for a deck of cards. But you didn't .. Lol
Dev magician (3 months ago)
Good bro i love it #devmagician
111sienna (3 months ago)
cards used at Gardena club are plastic and better than both....my opinion
İNCE MİZAH (3 months ago)
I sm türk
ben prastitis (3 months ago)
Kinda depressing.
Mark Price (3 months ago)
My deck cost a lot more. And I can have friends over for dinner and drinks...on my deck.
Ted Canfield (3 months ago)
So much placebo effect.
Ted Canfield (3 months ago)
This is why you shouldn't buy expensive decks.
Ahzerno (3 months ago)
the thing about the 200$ deck because it looks really good on Cardistry
Meron Handsome (3 months ago)
If you (an expert) could barely tell the difference, then it's not worth it
MrMartyn1212 (3 months ago)
$198 that's the difference 🤔
Malt (3 months ago)
du er dansker
Random Guy (3 months ago)
Man, even blindfolded, your good at card tricks.
Paige Hlivka (3 months ago)
how do you do that hand spread ting?
KNO_ JaKu (3 months ago)
Perche il titolo é in italiano e il video in inglese
MAGICturtle MAGIC (3 months ago)
I’m look up to you I think your great and I’m trying my best to do magic just like you
Sunday funday (3 months ago)
Which is better blue or red
Savate Dragon (4 months ago)
Great video!👍👏👏

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