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Trans Model - Chanel Santini | TS Beauty

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Chanel Santini is a TS Adult Film Star, Online model, and transgender activist. She has been featured in companies like Evil Angel, Trans 500, Devil's films and many more. You can check out her solo site at chanelsantini.com .She is spanish, from Sandia Peaks of New Mexico which gives her that sexy exotic look. Here are some informations about her: AKA: CC Santini, Cici Santini, Chantel Santini Name: Chanel Santini Gender: Trans (M to F) Country: US Zodiac: Capricorn Country: United States Place of Birth: Albuquerque, New Mexico Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Black Ethnicity: Latina
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Text Comments (169)
Benjamin Brown (2 days ago)
That pose at 0:50 was vein-and-vapid cold-and-cruel but still a cute-and-adorable young trans-babe😍😍😍
Sherlock Smith (3 days ago)
Wow, work it girl
reesie lover (11 days ago)
Simply put, Chanel Santini is one of the most beautiful women in the world.....and I mean ALL women. The extra Chenel has makes her even more fabulous.
Antonio Martinez (14 days ago)
Alika Maisuradze (17 days ago)
J'aime beaucoup cette jeune beauté transsexuels, elle me fait rêver
Daniel Megge (21 days ago)
She is so sexy, I am sure any mam or woman would love to be with her
jonathan king (23 days ago)
I'm not gay but I want her in bed
James Senik (30 days ago)
Jaime Olvera (1 month ago)
jonathan king (1 month ago)
I'm not gay but I will only for her
Kanon M. (1 month ago)
Too sexy too beauty
Samuel Aquino (1 month ago)
Rondinele Silva (1 month ago)
A great actress of movie
Rondinele Silva (1 month ago)
Very beautiful and enchanting and wonderful A great princess pretty
Vander Santos (2 months ago)
Top delicia
Marc Anthony Coronado (2 months ago)
Ay dios mio baby
Jamie Nielsen (2 months ago)
Thank you so much for taking my call you make me feel so wonderful that you actually took time out of your busy schedule and read my Tweet I would love to tweet with you some more I really would
Rondinele Silva (2 months ago)
Very sexy
Rondinele Silva (2 months ago)
face of Doll Very pretty
Rondinele Silva (2 months ago)
face Very beautiful and of Doll
Rondinele Silva (2 months ago)
Chibik Chiburek (2 months ago)
Angel face love you
To Day (2 months ago)
I love transsexuals 😍😍😍
Paul Walker (2 months ago)
Jesus Checador (2 months ago)
Qué horrible ,hombres que se creen mujeres pues se ven bien pero quitenles el maquillaje y su ropa de mujer y ooooh ... Sorpresa haber que ven , que asco.
fabio medina (2 months ago)
Me le como ese culo
Jamie Nielsen (2 months ago)
Some of the most beautiful people in the world have beautiful secrets to let the world know who they really are doesn't matter what body you're in it's your heart my soul that makes you the person that you are all you can say is wow what a person
Darius Rekasius (24 days ago)
my dream to be a real girl with big boobs and pussy
Darius Rekasius (24 days ago)
iHi every one i like dressing up like a woman every day and every night
Jamie Nielsen (2 months ago)
I would just love to sit and talk with you cuz I am confused but maybe you could straighten my mind out for me thank you for running my retweet
Jamie Nielsen (2 months ago)
Thank you I'd love to get to meet you and talk maybe you can explain his lifestyle tonight I am very interested in it they are some of the world's beautifulest people but yet they get treated so unkindly not fair
olivia transit (2 months ago)
She's NOT.
James Senik (2 months ago)
U look very lovely in your videos
Jamie Nielsen (2 months ago)
Wow that's all you can say
BJ Bailey (2 months ago)
Yeah I've seen her before one fine A$$!
Frank Conrad (3 months ago)
You gotta be fucking kidding me...... *YOU GOTTA BE JOKING!* This isnt real. I call bullshit...
let there by rock (3 months ago)
Quelle beauté divine
Vander Santos (3 months ago)
Chris White (3 months ago)
There aren't any words to describe this beautiful person..!!
dom bet (3 months ago)
Bellissima,da sogno
Felipe Santos (1 month ago)
Gostei dela muito linda gostei miliga
imaginamevolar (3 months ago)
Perfect doll
Tommy G (4 months ago)
So wait..thats a dude?? Don't know s#*t about any of the alternative lifestyles. Adamantly heterosexual male..but yea,I did throb a little. Cool beans bro 😨😅😅😅
olivia transit (2 months ago)
Tommy G, used to be . . .
chantal Chantal (4 months ago)
Magnifique j'adore la vrai beauté féminine Transsexuelle
chantal Chantal (4 months ago)
Une transsexuelle = divinité
Kevin Strauch (4 months ago)
She's smoking hot
Alika Maisuradze (4 months ago)
789tundra (4 months ago)
So beautiful!
James Senik (4 months ago)
Аж жутко становится. Так на бабу похож, это жесть. Не напороться бы...
Dark Phoenix (5 months ago)
Better looking than most natal girls.
Dark Phoenix (2 months ago)
Olivia---Agreed but you have to be born with good genes too and realistic expectations. Some mtf are just too manly to transition.
olivia transit (2 months ago)
Ariel Phoenix, Right, the reason: we become women by choice ! born worn women are used to be . and take it for granted. We have to work at IT.
Jimbo Jones (5 months ago)
Simply amazing! 👉👸👍👍
Brownies 001 (5 months ago)
Raul Gonzales (5 months ago)
O.M.G you're superbeautiful WOW!!!💞🌷💋🌹💕
Kristian Winchester (5 months ago)
Hot beauti ♥
Edmundo Jarufe (5 months ago)
me casaria contigo te amo ven
mikael brodin (5 months ago)
hot and pretty lady
Just Ray Carson (5 months ago)
Mauro Del Bianco (5 months ago)
Kevin Strauch (5 months ago)
Wow what a beautiful lady love her
Uwe Mörtl (5 months ago)
Wow!!!!! This BABE is The Reason Why God Made SHEMALES!!!😍😍😍 I love her !!!!😘😘 She looks like an Angel 😍😍😍
Uwe Mörtl (5 months ago)
Ballet Sissy Ich dachte wir wollten mal miteinander ficken??? Ich möchte deinen geilen Arsch lecken und ficken!!! Zeig mir mal deinen Schwanz und deine Eier, Ich möchte Dich gerne mal nackt sehen und deinen geilen Body streicheln 😍😍😍😘😘 warum meldest du dich nicht mehr???
Uwe Mörtl (5 months ago)
Ballet Sissy Hey Sissy Baby, Why dont you awnser me ?? Have I do somthing wrong with you??? If it is, be Sure it was not my opinion!!!😘 Come on baby Boy and Show me yourself Please 😍
Don Mcduff (5 months ago)
Whos 100% straight and would smash?
Antonio Martinez (5 months ago)
aek 21 corfu (5 months ago)
🎶💞💔💝💖 sexy 👍
Fernando Rodrigues (3 months ago)
aek 21 corfu adeus Cruise 😂❤💖💞
Tim Gallegos (5 months ago)
too many give aways, A Man, man
olivia transit (2 months ago)
Ballet Sissy, this is what happens when you mouth Off, you have no idea what you say. there's not left to suck. . . .
Tim Gallegos (5 months ago)
Ballet Sissy confused.
Divine Cringe (5 months ago)
I love her confidence
Andy Rober Carcia (5 months ago)
Toall psy
Jeff Baldonado (6 months ago)
Hello Chanel text me 15056036566 I live in new Mexico also
Top the top sexy
Chris Santana (6 months ago)
Don't get fucked up leading on the wrong dude......
Jose Martinez (6 months ago)
eres muy bella besos
Rafael Camilo (6 months ago)
yeah still with a big thick dick
Dakota Blessing (6 months ago)
So Beautiful Yummmy
Steve Thomas (6 months ago)
I don’t think there’s a word in the English language that describes your beauty. I’m simply speechless 😶
Shemale Wallpapers (6 months ago)
She is the best
Mario Britton (6 months ago)
brian langlois (7 months ago)
Marlon Rodriguez (7 months ago)
haermosa trangender
Nick (7 months ago)
She is incredibly beautiful.
daytona black (7 months ago)
a breathtaking woman
Alexander Santana (7 months ago)
I love to see you walk in sexy heels. You are red hot. Great curves and a pretty face.
Matthew Brooks (8 months ago)
Very attractive person or picture or video of a very attractive person.
TeddyBear4TGirl (8 months ago)
She's amazing.  She came out of nowhere recently and has suddenly become one of the biggest stars in the industry!
Christmas Trees (5 months ago)
which industry?
Brandon Humbert (8 months ago)
She is absolutely beautiful!
John (8 months ago)
helen clapton (9 months ago)
Wow beatiful love you 😘
Bria Kitty (10 months ago)
so so gorgeous
James Woods (10 months ago)
Can I take u out to dinner something fancy and cuddle up to a movie
borromeo50 (7 months ago)
cuddle up, oh yeah and would i 'play' with that body until she tells me to stop....
Bobby Cooper (10 months ago)
I am a very huge fan of hers and I would actually love to meet her someday she's terrific
Durr Mexico (10 months ago)
OMG super biutyfull 😘
Pepebotellas Jaja (10 months ago)
Súper beautyt tranny
Gary Strohl (11 months ago)
Your very beautiful 😘😘
John (11 months ago)
I saw Chanel in a bridal gown. She was absolutely stunning. I would love for her to be my wife.
olivia transit (2 months ago)
Christmas Trees, You deserve a proper answer . . who says she still has one ? If a person "Transitions" you no longer have male genitals . . . they're 'converted' into a vagina , like a born woman. all together it takes about 1 year to do.
Christmas Trees (5 months ago)
I believe it too but doesnt the penis bother you at all?
Wolfgang548 (8 months ago)
I believe it.
Joe Cooper (11 months ago)
One of the most beautiful T-girls out there.
fifth dentist (6 months ago)
One of the most beautiful girls, period. More accurately, woman.
John (11 months ago)
David Weller (11 months ago)
WOW! I could fall for her!
Kristal Satin (1 year ago)
Not so sure that was a boy but ok, I'll play along it's a win win either way
Nick Taylor (7 days ago)
I've seen her work She's a TS porn star
olivia transit (2 months ago)
Kristal Satin, she 'used to be' a boy but now is a real woman
E S (8 months ago)
Kristal Satin Yeah. She's hot
leonard sexton (10 months ago)
Kristal Satin (1 year ago)
Even better, lol
Mal Burns (1 year ago)
You're hot
Scott Fox (1 year ago)
Beautiful woman. I wish was my wife.
Jacques Paré (1 year ago)
Bobby Cooper (1 year ago)
I would love to meet her. Amazingly pretty. I could be her sponsor
la mas hermosa trans que aya visto y sus videos ufff

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