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The Lucid State - Part One - Dream Recall

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A guide for those who want to start Lucid Dreaming. Don't be fooled by tongue and cheek style,these are real tips that'll improve how well you remember dreams, the important first step of your adventure into the world of lucid dreaming. Visit dream-guide.tumblr.com for more tips and information! Look out for our upcoming book "Oneironautics: A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming". ~ The Dream Team If you want the text version of the tips covered in the video please visit: http://dream-guide.tumblr.com/quicktips
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Text Comments (11)
Name (1 year ago)
Horrible. Cigarettes are horrible. Even if it was just for effect, it is a horrible message. I consider it complete garbage even if you don't actually smoke, and it was only for effect. If you do smoke, you have a long way to go before you can really lucid dream. Quitting smoking comes before lucid dreaming. Get the cigarettes out. The advice was nothing special so just leave it to non smokers.
G D (6 years ago)
this video was interesting and well made. good work!
Andreas Klostermann (7 years ago)
Great video, good work!
JamesHaskin (7 years ago)
While I appreciate your throwback to The Twilight Zone, I value the information more. I think a themed intro would have been sufficient and would recommend re-editing/narrating this video to cut down on time.
Gabriel Michael (7 years ago)
@GizEdwards Yes, that too.
Giz Edwards (7 years ago)
@EmpathicGabriel or it could be that your sleeping pattern is bad. diet is bad, lack of exersice, alcohol usage. I dont think that your toothpaste has much to do with it....
Gabriel Michael (7 years ago)
Can't recall dreams? It is the melatonin production deficiency caused by calcified pinneal gland and by radio waves from electronic devices. Don't use fluoride toothpaste or any fluoride products, fluoride calcifies the pinneal gland and at night shut down all electronic devices near you, even the cell phone or any other wireless devices.
Quinn Comendant (7 years ago)
Great video. Lose the cigarette though.
rucodemente (7 years ago)
I agree with @ZebraNamedPhil, DO NOT force your voice, it's way too obvious and distracting.
Dylan Tuccillo (7 years ago)
@ZebraNamedPhil: Sorry it's driving you crazy, if you'd rather read the tips in text form feel free to go to: dream-guide.tumblr.com and click on "quick tips". Our upcoming book will also explain everything in detail.
Sean's Lawn (7 years ago)
Yes! This is amazing

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