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Abandoned - Atlantic City [Kult America]

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Over the past years Atlantic City, New Jersey, has been slowly turning into a ghost city. Once one of the most popular gambling destinations, now it’s dotted with enormous abandoned hotels with little to see and little to eat. What was the reason for this decay? And what Donald Trump has to do with all of that? On today’s episode of Kult America we will find the answers to these questions. ★★★ CONTACT ★★★ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSocash Email: [email protected]
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Text Comments (106)
You should update this Video...Lots of new things have happened since this video was made...The Revel,Taj Mahal Reopened with new owners and new names..Including the Hard Rock Casino...As well as lots of new places to eat and things to do...You can visit any city in the world and find bad things and crime but its important to show the good things too.Good People trying to make the place better then ever,it will take time but you can see it changing already.
lil big bro 123 123 (12 days ago)
Ac looks crazy cool abandoned city
rich b (16 days ago)
The taxpayers got fucked good.
Psytrance Love (17 days ago)
ghost town empty streets now:/
Matthew Martin (19 days ago)
Ok, I know where I sure the hell ain't going for vacation.
James Newsome (1 month ago)
Peace&love.i wish the casinos never came.atlantic city early 1970's we had amusement parks.rides penny casino4kids.it still made money.we had international resort4lodging so we were good with that.once the shadow government took over.corruption in politics.corruptions in law enforcement.racism in the job force.it was so bad.my children either went2pennsyvania schools.&I sent some of my kids2virginia4there education.i still love my city.but it needs a make over.peace&love
Tony McCraw (1 month ago)
Atlantic City was doomed as soon as Bonespur set his sights on it. Everything he touches turns to ... Wake up America, he will do for the nation what he did for Atlantic City.
LAFOLLETTER (2 months ago)
Gambling, like finance, insurance, and real estate, creates no value. It sucks value out of the working class. East coast growth is limited by the volume of blood it can suck from working class hosts.
Edward Russo (2 months ago)
Need to update this video
XtremeConditions (3 months ago)
Very enjoyable and high-quality video. Went to AC with my family last year after not going for about 4-5 years. Even in that amount of time, things have definitely dropped off...
Joe Ike (3 months ago)
Okay it's been a year now since this video was put out & the Hard Rock is open and the rebels now the Ocean Resort and I like how you never mentioned the Tanger shops or playground in front of Caesars. Good luck in Poland.
Derek V (3 months ago)
Atlantic City needs to get rid of all it's adult nightclubs and make the city more attractive to the younger crowd and families like Las Vegas or Mt Pocono everytime these casino's succeed they always fall back into bankruptcy because they've failed to come up with new attractions and manage their casino's the Trump Plaza was a dump that wasn't renovated since the 90's. Hurricane Sandy also had an impact on many local restaurants and bars in the area.
Bobby Krepek (3 months ago)
I think the fact that Atlantic City is a ripoff scheme is why it's dying. I think if Atlantic City advertised itself as budget luxury for those in NJ it'd do better because I love those casinos, it's just not worth the money
pierusa123 (5 months ago)
The first time I visited AC was early 80s, I went to the Playboy Casino. A place that one could find bunny waitress. AC was just beautiful and romantic in my memory.
Zhongyan Lin (5 months ago)
Criminals destroyed everything. Why not just convert it to a big jail?
sapher2020 (8 months ago)
I once saw two bums fighting on the boardwalk over territory...shame!!
jps8080 (8 months ago)
Counterparty on, Wayne. Counterparty on, Garth.
Not Kris (8 months ago)
Sad to see my city like this
18mindless (9 months ago)
I dont think casinos are responsible for AC down fall. I think hurricane Sandy and the heroin epidemic.
Rnl Hech (10 months ago)
1853 First hotel ever built in A.C. Wow. Seriously
Lom Tac (10 months ago)
Next time your in Jersey or NYC do a meet up!
FX (1 year ago)
What camera do You use ?
Commentator541 (1 year ago)
I think your unemployment rate refers to the State of New Jersey.
Commentator541 (1 year ago)
It's a town, with population of 36K it's hardly a "city".
Max MT (1 year ago)
Atlantic city was hopin over this summer so i dont know what your talking about. Theres plenty of places to eat on boardwalk other then casinos. I bet when you did this documentary that was the only tine you went to AC. I go every other weekend.
Adventures With Faith (2 months ago)
Max MT your right
XtremeConditions (3 months ago)
I think it's important to note that you're going when the city actually does business. Remember, Kult America is comparing Atlantic City NOW, to how it was when he was a kid. Just like me. And things have definitely changed for the worse. It's not just a question of how it's doing now, but to compare it to how it was in its former glory.
BercikKKS (1 year ago)
Byłem tam w zeszłym tygodniu ;) fajnie zrealizowany filmik
tommy hauck (1 year ago)
this reminds me of lancaster county, pa low wage jobs, outlets, a city with crime, a city falling apart, very expensive and very tacky........if you like traffic and being robbed........go to lancaster, co , pa. they also have a terrible newspaper called LNP............ ONLY GOOD FOR STARTING A BONFIRE.
jehkjshrfk (1 year ago)
tommy hauck I never considered the amish to be that brutal
EricJMontreal ! (1 year ago)
I visit Atlantic city NJ this year and I enjoyed my time there. I got to see shows, walking on the beach and counting to visit it again next year. You can see my Vlog of my visit to Atlantic city NJ on my channel.
amber lopez (1 year ago)
Atlantic City is a third world tourist area. Yes, it's disgusting!
eriesurfer10 (1 year ago)
70s  was my favorite times. wish it would be like ocean city no casinos no bars
Serge Stelmack (1 year ago)
The Casino Workers Union says Trump sucked the money out of his own property and took it elsewhere. I wonder why a businessman would do that... perhaps because a greedy, hardball union was keeping him from making any profit perhaps? The LAST people who should be criticizing ANYONE for fleeing Atlantic City is some grease ball union leader.
Natalie (1 year ago)
I'm in Atlantic City right now and it's anything but abandoned. Yet again, it is the fourth of July weekend.
Ashton Malone (1 year ago)
I have bin in Atlantic City and I love it
Francis Harshaw (1 year ago)
Pure Fiction, the rest is BULLSHIT. Leaves out facts like Morgan Stanley BRAINCHILD  involvement and cancellation, writing off it's $1.2's BILLION investment in Revel; LBJ's Corrupt Model Cities' Program with Pauline Hill creating Pauline's Prarie and the White Flight; ConstantCorruption of Local and State Politicians in use of Land for Gambling; Closing of Catholic and Private Schools and closing of Whole Parishes, Churches and Synagogues,  Manufacturers and light industry abandonment of the city due to corruption, taxes, general safety for it's employees and inability to find qualified employees because it was no longer safe for employees to venture into the city. There are MANY other reasons but THIS MORON leaves out ALL THE FACTS.  This should be flushed down the toilet. As far as COMPETITION is concerned there were almost 300 Casinos around the country in states that did not have them that includes Delaware, NY PA CT and many other states. AC built AARON'S GOLDEN CALF and NOW people like this MORON will WONDER AND DIE IN THEIR OWN SELF MADE DESERT.
dan fedeli (1 year ago)
Some what , but ........not all true ............Trump should of been listened too .......and to Steve Wynn when he was there ...I spent 65 years there on that island .....its still 2.5 billion economy ----and two new casino to open
Itanium153 (1 year ago)
I Don't give a crap in ac from 1999 to 2008 was never like this. Now 2017 AC is dyeing because of our current governor. And now is the time???? Now is the best time of our lives>>>
Szymon Lachowski (1 year ago)
Totalna Upadłóść ,a czykolwiek lubie filmy o upadłych miastach
smallpicture (1 year ago)
Great video! I think that the former Trump Taj Mahal is going to become a Hard Rock Cafe casino? Thanks!
Big long Meat (1 year ago)
Good video but fuck man I love AC I been going every year since I was 5. Really hope they fix it up . They need to add activities similar to seaside heights and wildwood
Adventures With Faith (2 months ago)
He made it look empty by going early in the morning
Adventures With Faith (2 months ago)
They been fixed it up
Idk. Dude. (3 months ago)
Big long Meat me too I still love it cause of the memories I have there. It makes me sad to see it so empty now
Patrick Martin (1 year ago)
I used to live in AC, now I live and work in Miami. funny, perhaps I am going to Poland to marry my girl, like the one who created this video. AC always in my heart, God bless it.
Chef HENRI (1 year ago)
I really like the subjects of your videos but unfortunately your dramatic style make them unwatchable. Sorry I will nor be subbing!
Beth G. (1 year ago)
I lot of people would argue that it's his style that makes them enjoyable. Oh well. To each his own.
manbeastx69 (1 year ago)
Blame the state of New Jersey,local government and unions for the destruction of Atlantic City.
manbeastx69 (1 year ago)
I agree whole heartily.
snesie 717 (1 year ago)
manbeastx69 fuck that commi state
Sun Rabbit (1 year ago)
If AC is going down because of the gambling industry then so be it. It's not an honest industry and only serves to make dishonest rich people even richer while making stupid poor people even poorer. Who would think that in 2017 we'd still have this "industry" around like some vestige from the dark ages? AC should re-invent itself and become like Wildwood, with lunaparks, water slides and attractions for kids. It's closer to NYC than Wildwood, so that's doable, and you don't need some old-fashioned and outdated thing like gambling there.
Sun Rabbit (1 year ago)
Gambling is the STUPIDEST human activity. It's self-theft. The grand total of my lifetime gambling losses is exactly 5 Czech Crowns (about 0.20 EUR) only because I was leaving a bar in 1994 with my friend, then he got into a big conversation with someone he knew but I didn't, and out of sheer boredom I popped that one coin into the machine.
Marg SR (1 year ago)
gambling is fun, like internet, like other entertainment. If you have some problenms with yourself go to the doctor
Sun Rabbit (1 year ago)
You're right! I just did the math and, had I invested that 5 Crowns into a money market account in 1994 I'd have 28 Crowns today because interest rates were so high in the 90s. But hey, at least I admitted my mistake.
Marg SR (1 year ago)
the stupidest comment I ve ever read
Akko Twierdza (1 year ago)
Zamiast rozwijać się jako kurort gdzie żyje się zdrowo to poszli w szemrany interes z kasynami . Typowy przykład co się dzieje jak zapomni się lub zignoruje swoje korzenie . Przecież to miasto było założone jako kurort i gdyby tego się trzymali włodarze to było by rozwijającym się miastem . Kasyna (parę sztuk ) i tym podobne budowle to powinien być dodatek a nie główne źródło dochodu jak to zrobiono .Jednym słowem miasto miało pech że trafiło na burmistrzów którzy byli w mojej ocenie skrajnie niekompetentni .
CichyThePlayer PL (1 year ago)
czemu nie mówisz po polsku?
Eryk (1 year ago)
Bo nie jest polakiem i uderza raczej w zagraniczne community.
matim (1 year ago)
Super film ;)
space ghost (1 year ago)
atlantic city is my home , always . i hate to see it so dark with less light of the hope of it.
Jakub Chętnik (1 year ago)
Jesteś niesamowity
Coś, jak nasza Łódź, hehehe.
Jakub Chętnik (1 year ago)
Rudolf Brzęczyszczykiewicz ah te piękne nazwisko :)
Nafis Hasnian (1 year ago)
Such a high quality and informative video!
Francis Harshaw (1 year ago)
It is BULLSHIT. READ detail statement above.
Christopher Macias (1 year ago)
I remember Atlantic City in 2000. Lots of peoples. Waiter from Czech Republic. I was in the ID check age. Wooow... I did't know. Whole city ends up like supermarkets this days.
Mommad Poppad (1 year ago)
The demographics of Atlantic City tell you everything you need to know about why AC is the way it is.
bartekj81 (1 year ago)
It is simply hard to believe that people can screw up such place. Well, impossible is nothing - as we say in Poland. cheers
Really sad what happened to AC after the hurricane when i was there 5 times it was great but not really a safe city to stay at night
Maciej Bogdan Stepien (1 year ago)
That is a really interesting, compact and well-informed documentary, with a delicate personal note. Well done. Bardzo fajny filmik. Na poziomie, naprawdę. Gratulacje! Pls keep them coming.
Rocky Dans (1 year ago)
I loved this. I wanted info on AC, just interested as a Brit and i got all from this video. Great work.
Sławomir Krajewski (1 year ago)
Ciekawy film, dzięki. Nie byłem nigdy w Atlantic City, jednak coś mi się skojarzyło. Noszę na przegubie ręki mechaniczny zegarek "Atlantic". Taki stary model z czerwoną końcówką strzałki/końcówki sekundnika - taki klasyk, kto zna dobre, męskie zegarki na rękę, ten wie. To mój ulubiony zegarek na co dzień. Pozdrawiam Cię, Ryan
Stacieod Stacieod (1 year ago)
My understanding is that Atlantic City redounding it self! To me that what makes the U.S. We never stop moving for would we may be down at times. However we pike our self and do what is need to make us better!!
When are you going back to Polska?
Andrzej Bryndza (1 year ago)
Gambling in my opinion is the most idiotic thing humans ever invented. It's the ultimete form of money worshiping.
Dom Francisco (1 month ago)
I bet Max MT is a compulsive gambler. lol
LAFOLLETTER (2 months ago)
Fullcollapse1 (3 months ago)
People lose money gambling so it's basically throwing it away which is even stupider....
Max MT (1 year ago)
Andrzej Bryndza there are plenty of other things that humans invented that are idiotic. Everything we do costs money anyway. You should think before you talk.
Tom Dockery (1 year ago)
It's because you're too lazy to spend the 20-30 years necessary for success at this,the most demanding of all disciplines.Brain surgery and rocket sciencetry is child's play compared to gambling.
[SSQ]Harley Quinn (1 year ago)
Hi Ryan I am from TR and i really like your videos. I think you can make some videos about Turkeys history , because you have been to Turkey and you should learned something about that. Do you know the reason for the Statue of Liberty being made and who has gaved it to you? People are dont know about anything about old EU they should learn. You can make something about Ottomans or GökTürks if u need some help you can contact with me from this channel. :D
Kult America (1 year ago)
Thanks so much, I will be back in Turkey this spring for sure! Look forward to it:)
bu ne olum (1 year ago)
I guess he doesn't need you or anything else to learn turkish history. he can learn through the internet or contact with oha diyorum channel's employees :P
Czarek L (1 year ago)
Really Good documentary Ryan. Color grading is also great. Good production. Brawo, coraz lepiej. Tak trzymaj ! Pozdrawiam :)
Kacper Woźniak (1 year ago)
Miałem nadzieje ze wspomniesz przy tej okazji cos o serialu Boardwalk Empire
pbutter237 (1 year ago)
Great video Ryan! Two thumbs up!
Tom McDonald (1 year ago)
The civic leaders and the business first never planned any contingencies for the long term competition back in the 1980's. Even when the CT casinos opened they failed to recognize that they needed long term diverse business models to face the disruptive innovation in the entertainment and gaming business that both Las Vegas and the Connecticut Casinos were implementing. While Trump and the casino interests in AC were taking the short term cash. The Wynn's, the Las Vegas Gaming Interests and the Pequots and Mohican's were planning for the long term. That is why AC is suffering.
Rafal Swiatkowski (1 year ago)
Sunnyblue69 (1 year ago)
Nagraj materiał o Detroit:P
Akcja XD (1 year ago)
Byłoby super gdybyś odwiedził kiedyś Detroit. Miasto, które wygląda prawie jak z gry Fallout. :)
UnnTHPS (1 year ago)
Well, with the Trump name on the building, I very much doubt it will ever return to it's former glory.
Michał Wicher (1 year ago)
@4:24. I'm wondering, how can you revitalize anything using cold steel modern architecture, with no human scale, with no sense of place. In my opinion this was the biggest catalyst for the destruction of our (all-over-the-world) cities, in this case Atlantic City. Because after the Second World War, speculators were given a very convenient tool to drain local economies, local environmental resources, and use the community as a cheap labor force - the modern architecture. You know, virtual (modern) art, where artist blow idea out of proportion to justify coincidental ugly box solution, for virtual developer who beguiles virtual visions, for virtual profits which never come. This is a recipe for a catastrophe. The reality has said "I call", and it will do so for any such overscaled investment: P.S. Back to economy, I read about fifteen yrs. ago that Las Vegas wanted to invest in high tech cutting edge science. So they avoided to be economic monoculture.
vesogry (1 year ago)
Bob McDevitt - "Trump basically sucked the life and money and fortune out of this property. He didn't invest. He took the money and went elsewhere" - You should quote mentally retarded people.
Jack Burton (1 year ago)
Man "Nucky" rolling in a grave right now
Kamilaa21 (1 year ago)
wyszło super! widać że włożyłeś w to dużo pracy <3
Miki (1 year ago)
Łeee tam! Myślałem, że to będzie coś w rodzaju Prypeci, tylko bez radiacji! Eee tam! XD
Vladimir Jebievdenko (1 year ago)
Niesamowity materiał Kult, oby tak dalej!
Lechosław (1 year ago)
This is of the money kult capital i.e. anticulture - Let's hope it'l never get revitalized. Kult of money is a disgrace, shame of mankind. Nothig personal, I understand your childhood nostalgia. Stolica kultu pieniądza czyli antykultury. Kult pieniądza to hańba ludzkości. Miejmy nadzieję, że nigdy się nie odrodzi. To nie jest aluzja osobista, ja rozumiem nostalgię za obrazami z dzieciństwa.
Siyah (1 year ago)
I like your channel 👍
#hnzl U. (1 year ago)
ses çok kötü çıkmış. bu arada artık turkce altyazı koy be yavrum söylemekten dilimde tüy bitti
#hnzl U. (1 year ago)
Yusuf Karaca aferdersiniz de size ne? bu kanalda kaç tane türk var haberin var mi?ve kanal gayet güzel ve faydalı.daha önce turkce altyazı koyuyorlardi.birisiyle anlassa tekrar turkce altyazı koyabilir.mesela sanırım sen ıngilizce anlıyorsun sen altyazı eklesene !? insanlara faydan olur
Yusuf Karaca (1 year ago)
Hanzala Umayr adam Türkçe biliyor sanki. Bu kanalda ne isin var?
Cesc 4F (1 year ago)
Rób to co robisz bo robisz to zajebiscie ! ostatnio Cię odkryłem i akurat wczoraj skończyłem ogladać ostatni odcinek . Pozdrawiam
Roi Seven (1 year ago)
This is why I love your videos! You never focus on one thing, this is just great!
Tansel Malak (1 year ago)
İlk yorum.

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