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How it looks inside Crude Oil Tanker - On board Video Tour

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The Sea Lad (4 months ago)
🔥 Visit our site for free gifts: www.thesealad.com 🔥 Watch more maritime videos on our channel: https://goo.gl/O7dM4Z Ships in storm videos: https://goo.gl/xs1r9b Fail / Crash / Launch videos: https://goo.gl/mHcrQd Documentaries: https://goo.gl/5wkRNB Inside the ship tours: https://goo.gl/Al8Da2 Time Lapse videos: https://goo.gl/zE989s Ship Simulator Games: https://goo.gl/V2K3YY
bill sedman (4 days ago)
best shot when put cam on table the rest looks like s t
Robert (7 days ago)
Good music
swaggos (2 months ago)
How many tons this ship is?
blakespower (3 months ago)
should that guy be smoking on a ship full of oil? 2:27
Abg Cute (4 months ago)
A pool in the ocean lol
ALFREDO ESPIRITU (4 months ago)
Spotless engine room...great video
Isaac Lewan (5 months ago)
Are they hiring?
12345fowler (6 months ago)
Where do they find those ridiculous ship name ?
Mack Mate . Com (6 months ago)
Love these videos
syarif hidayat (6 months ago)
wooow they have swimming pool
Mehran Pagarkar (6 months ago)
Salute to the people who works on ship's / merchant navy 🚢🚢
David Farmer (6 months ago)
I thought the captain stood in front of a wooden steering wheel with a throttle in front of him...... .....wrong....
Melanie David (7 months ago)
Im the captain now!!!!
Bryan Orea (7 months ago)
5 years of training to be a Deck Cadet. And now nobody wants venezuelan cadets. I want to know what is like to be onboard a ship. Beautiful tanker and excellent video!
Bhatt Hole (8 months ago)
Great music! So fresh!
zoheb buksh (8 months ago)
What is the name of this shipping company
nova grav (8 months ago)
i hope the camera is intrinsically safe :p
Nio Antonio (8 months ago)
is this vessel more than 150.000 tons dwt ?
Gaurav Dhar (9 months ago)
Big size engine..!!
George Bisacre (9 months ago)
During my time on tankers in 1969 and 1973 we were aloud to smoke in the accommodation except when we were filling the cargo tanks (gas belched out) Then if we wanted a smoke we had to go aft of the funnel.
George Bisacre (9 months ago)
In 1969 I spent seven months as a Deck Cadet on a 90000 tonne crude oil tanker.She was big but this is enormous!
W W W. Where We Went (9 months ago)
Do you fish when bored?
Mohideen rafeek (9 months ago)
Fantastic video
caligula minus (10 months ago)
Poor semenship
Brett D (10 months ago)
I wonder how much these workers make annually??
DB Cooper (10 months ago)
I have wondered for a long time how food can be prepared in very bad weather can some body tell me
burymedeep 2093 (10 months ago)
Damn a pool. A few females would be nice you know to help with the laundry and stuff
Mike Greer (10 months ago)
Everyone has got to take his turn in the barrel lol.party on Friday night,bring astro glide hahaha
Sunny Kumar (10 months ago)
Gian Anthoni (11 months ago)
Ever good ship I see in the world, how to work there as wiper hehehe
sarthak raul (11 months ago)
Hope i get this type of vessel ....smoking in the galey ...n pool too
Scott Lincoln (11 months ago)
The ship is spotless - the captain runs a tight ship..!
getl0st (11 months ago)
Smoking, on a Crude Oil Tanker, are these people stupid?!?!?
Bradley Bergsma (7 months ago)
colin jones those are constant drilling with dangerous gases being released.. not the same thing. And ive had many friends work on oil rigs, and they do smoke on them fyi.
Prince N Thomas (8 months ago)
There are places for smoking. and there are a lot of places where we will find fire(like kitchen)
colin jones (9 months ago)
That's not the point. They don't smoke on off shore oil rigs for no reason.
Mohamad Redzuan (9 months ago)
Mark middleton Massey..even LNG vessel also there are dedicated smoking rooms or dedicated smoking area. Inside accomodation are safe from hazerdous gasses
robert retka (10 months ago)
Really, place some motor oil in a bowl then drop a match in and watch nothing happen.
Hotrod Hog (11 months ago)
WAIT!...You can smoke AND you have a pool?! Can women work here? Count me in!
Jan Hollon (1 year ago)
Guess it would be frowned upon to whip out a smoke and ask someone for a light!
Charles Torruella (5 months ago)
Jan Hollon in the smoking areas you can
Flatcap007 (11 months ago)
Guys was in the restroom!
TRPG pilot (1 year ago)
Incredible . . .
murph murph (1 year ago)
Pretty Crude. Lol
daddysgotcha (1 year ago)
That one guy smoking at the dinner table inside. Id be pissed
idontcare9797 (7 months ago)
There was a sign on the door that said smoking room
Random Stuffs (9 months ago)
Well, it's one of those situations you'd just have to deal with it. There's more people smoking on these boats than not, so you and your little anger will be the minority. Nobody lives forever and if you don't die from one thing, it'll be another. Stop acting like you're such the perfect person. People are pathetic
Flatcap007 (11 months ago)
me too
Cheryl Thyme (1 year ago)
Thank You, this was very interesting to watch.
Jerry Adams (1 year ago)
Thanks. 😎👍👍
Steve Hellmann (1 year ago)
I enjoyed this film!
Markus Baldauf (1 year ago)
Damn good Video! Great Job! Thx Dude
J Sangeet Sagar (1 year ago)
Superb video.
D Heyes (1 year ago)
I expected a larger mess hall. Smoking is allowed? Seems rather dangerous.
INF1NI73 (1 year ago)
D Heyes Seems Russian.
sin sin (1 year ago)
I thought it is forbidden to have smoke inside ULCC
FlamerSmasherMBXCar (1 year ago)
All it needs is Dennis Hopper and this oil tanker is complete.
Mack Mate . Com (1 year ago)
Good video the pool suprised me
Arjit Boro (1 year ago)
wow great
Ivan (1 year ago)
Angele Sophie (1 year ago)
Very beautiful !! Best regaeds !
SNT Prod (1 year ago)
So you have a pool on board ? Nice
Frits (1 year ago)
Oh man if i only could get an intern ship onboard here
RoyalZ (1 year ago)
Vishnu Nair (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great video..
Thala Deva (1 year ago)
looking good

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