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Building Hanging After Landslide Collapses in Istanbul

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The earth underneath a building in Istanbul's Beyoğlu district was washed away early Tuesday as the retaining wall of a nearby construction site collapsed amid heavy rainfall, leaving the building hanging on a cliff. Police and firefighter units evacuated the four-story building and two adjacent buildings in Sütlüce neighborhood and cordoned off the area. The building collapsed on mid-Tuesday before a large crowd of onlookers, officials and television crews, which broadcast live the moment of collapse. Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan told reporters that the building was built illegally in 1994 and it had no construction license or occupancy permit and had problems with its foundation. It is unclear why authorities did not take action on the building to this date, but such instances are common in Istanbul and other cities throughout Turkey. Locals told several newspapers that they have warned construction officials of cracks in their buildings. Meanwhile, Turkish media outlets reported that the nearby construction site of a hotel belongs to renowned Turkish international footballer Arda Turan and his brother. Turan reportedly bought the land adjacent to the collapsed building for $4 million in 2017 in the area overlooking the Golden Horn, which has experienced rapid development in the last decade.
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mike lomidze (1 month ago)
Падали и будуть упадать с такими херовыми фундаментами
Purplemonkeyspank (2 months ago)
Of course it's the Turks. Of course.
Gil Mikalian (2 months ago)
The govt denied this ever happened as well.
Frank K (2 months ago)
Why? Seems like bad planning on the construction company's part. The residents were evacuated.
Kal El (3 months ago)
How the fuck is this building build without underground foundation?
Turkic Federation (1 month ago)
It is an illegal building most likely
Rafał Tasak (4 months ago)
first part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy7rHJ2dYR0
Michael Randolf (4 months ago)
Not a "Land Slide" in the sense of RAIN erosion.... BUT FROM from CONSTRUCTION!... & A $127k excavator sitting in the bottom of that hole https://old.reddit.com/r/CatastrophicFailure/comments/aic2ri/retaining_wall_failure_in_turkey/.
Luke Eaton (4 months ago)
It was such a good joke it brought the house down.
Mal Uminse (4 months ago)
Good lord. I hope they got their ps4 out.
Mauro Molinero (4 months ago)
lmao. i hope they got their shrek 2 dvd out.
Jon Valente (4 months ago)
Has anyone seen the remote for my TV?
Joey A (4 months ago)
It's up your ass.
Joseph Thomas (4 months ago)
Newspaper ad said 'For Rent 1 Bd room, 1 bath, nice view overlooking cliff, no pets, non-refundable sec. dep'
Gigi Cunha (4 months ago)
Meu Deus.
Gigi Cunha (4 months ago)
Tiago Oliveira (4 months ago)
Quem chegou aqui pelo comentário na vídeo do desabamento da primeira parede?
Crazy Monkeys (4 months ago)
Well there's one huge mess to clean up
Niina Gu (6 months ago)
Meu Deus
Burnzy Raps (8 months ago)
Kebabs anyone?
Batman (8 months ago)
Burnzy Raps This is build with kebabs.
Johnson Rumnong (8 months ago)
flop engineer
phani kumar muppidi (8 months ago)
Rubenaxo000 (8 months ago)
No wonder why many buildings collapse during moderate earthquakes in Turkey :/
Isaac Housley (4 months ago)
This is actually the 2nd video from the site. Originally there was a retaining wall/foundation/something similar at the site that was poor quality and poorly reinforced. After some rain, the foundation and its reinforcement give out and collapsed, leaving this building on the unstable edge of the hole.
Batman (8 months ago)
Rubenaxo000 You got the picture.
OrdinaryWorld (9 months ago)
This collapse was NOT the result of a simple landslide. There is another video showing what happened prior to this but the original FB post seems to have been removed. I did manage to find a copy here:.https://rumble.com/v62aup-construction-retaining-wall-collapses-in-beyoglu-istanbul.html
Bytom (9 months ago)
Can you gibe me link to first video with big wall??
Rodrigo Mirra (9 months ago)
Construction Retaining Wall Collapses in Beyoglu
Komplexity (9 months ago)
This isn't a landslide. Some idiots took down the building next to it and the foundation collapsed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fl6xY86_60I
SonicBroom (9 months ago)
Look at that cloud of asbestos. Wouldn't catch me near it.
Polikarpov Mosca (9 months ago)
That' s how a bad day looks like
Joey A (4 months ago)
It was a good day for me. I enjoyed this.
Batman (8 months ago)
Polikarpov Mosca No that is how bad building looks like.
Peadar O'Reilly (9 months ago)
Polikarpov Mosca jjg4tgdfw☺🙂🙂😗😘😍😋☺
Sean F (9 months ago)
Part I in case you missed it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy7rHJ2dYR0
Alex Spa (9 months ago)
can someone please translate what they are talking about when the building collapsed?
Batman (8 months ago)
Alex Spa More steel more cement please .
RUX70N (8 months ago)
"You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off"
Alex Spa (9 months ago)
you made my day guys!
sjonhigh (9 months ago)
"OMFG", "sweet Jesus", "Oh no" and offcourse, not to forget, "let me get a selfie".
Wes Webber (9 months ago)
"BRO did you see that? holy shit I think the fucking building is gonna fall" 'BRO good call I bet the building is gonna fall!' "HOLY SHIT THE BUILDING FELL"
Rrr Ggg (9 months ago)
Watch this first: "Retaining wall collapse - Istanbul" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy7rHJ2dYR0
shades2 (9 months ago)
Not often you get to see a building's foundation while it's still standing... it's going to be an interesting insurance claim...
hebneh (6 months ago)
And as can easily be seen, there wasn't much to this particular foundation.
shades2 (8 months ago)
Apparently what happened is, they didn't quite dig under the wall, but heavy rainfall under-mined it's footings. Their mistake was not anticipating that, and having any proper drainage setup or temporary support structures. The collapse of that huge wall led to the further collapse of the unstable hillside,and the set of flats with the exposed foundation just followed. Most of these structures don't appear to have been built to a decent code requirement, and the entire job was poorly planned and handled. A geological survey might have indicated that the flats needed piles put in for stability in that terrible soil, not 1m deep footings.
Batman (8 months ago)
shades2 If the proper engineer inspects this collapse no money at all.
chris carman (9 months ago)
I don’t know if you had a chance to look at the video in the link below. This video shows what started this whole fiasco. https://youtu.be/0q1tnJjSNxU
Billy (9 months ago)
Hey Building what are you doing? Not much, just hanging.
Al fred (9 months ago)
Batman (8 months ago)
Al fred Didn't help much.
Andy ME (9 months ago)
Really, couldn’t save that one !
sothathappened (9 months ago)
excellent job on camera
C Brooks (9 months ago)
The video says Istanbul, but I'm pretty sure this happened in Constantinople
ocd000 (2 months ago)
Ox AO (2 months ago)
+David Payne Constantinople is occupied land. Invaders call it Istanbul. It's the same place.
hatso79 (2 months ago)
Samir Khan shut up u filthy fuk, go take a shower!!! I see by your picture your a dirtbag...u and your wanna be gangsta pose!!! Fukin clown!!!!
SyncOut 226 (4 months ago)
Ok then lets start to call London, Londinium instead since that's what the Romans called it first
zachariah liles (4 months ago)
+shotgunahmo no, it's not. They were legit referencing a song by "they might be giants" called "constantinople".
Downtime (9 months ago)
dumb ass Turks
sendfromSPACE (9 months ago)
That building represents Turkey. IMMIGRATE!!
TDS (9 months ago)
kh103 (9 months ago)
OK moving there now, thanx.
tremorist (9 months ago)
Turkey in a nutshell.
Palmiye (2 months ago)
i agree from Turkey 🤣
Zyzz (3 months ago)
you mad cause a lot of them are in germany?
Да уж, покажите мне точку опоры..
Vladimir Gutsalyuk (9 months ago)
Она свалилась в этом видео: https://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/92c18l/catastrophic_retaining_wall_failure/
David Aguirre (9 months ago)
porque no se le ven zapatas al edificio?
Elmo Fraga (9 months ago)
Ele tem uma fundaçao em radier.
Rodrigo Castillo (9 months ago)
Ahí dice que ese edificio fue construido sin permiso de edificación. Ahora mi análisis. Creo, aunque hubiera tenido buenas fundaciones, éste se hubiera caído igual, ya que el suelo debajo de éste, se había deslizado producto de que al lado del sitio había una excavación muy profunda y que los muros de contención de esta excavación, eran bastante débiles, por lo que pude apreciar en otro video en Linkedin, de la construcción de un nuevo hotel. La verdad es que acá culpan a las lluvias, pero mirando el otro video (yo vi primero el otro video y quise saber qué había ocurrido con este edificio que había quedado colgando producto del derrumbe del muro de contención de juguete). Los muros estaban afirmados con unos tubos de unas 8 a 10 pulgadas de diámetro que se torcieron como pajitas de bebida con el peso que estaban soportando. También en esta noticia culpan a las intensas lluvias, pero en otro video que es anterior, el suelo se ve bastante seco y sin muestras de "intensas lluvias"
Auto Prueba (9 months ago)
Creo que la respuesta está en la descripción en inglés...

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